Born and reared in the Valley of the VOLS

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IF they play, might not like playing a Tennessee team in Nov ;-)
I think this may all be moot, all depends on the 'rona.
Y'all watch some docs about the 1918 Flu that killed millions? Sadly we don't have anyone in our collective memory still alive.Not interested in arguing right now, wishing all you to "Live Long and Prosper" (and yes, we have to accept normal life on pause, subject to change.)
They would be better off not playing at Dudley Field, they could make more from opposing fans at the Pro stadium in town
That was really awful for that coach, seems like he was snakebit from the get-go at Vandy
you can download Libby app on phone for public library if you don't have a kindle (there is a phone kindle app too)
I am 100% in favor of only playing other Power 5 teams. I have zero interest in games against Troy, Ga State (!) UT Martin, etc. I know it fills up the smaller school coffers and supposedly gives the host a "gimme." Boring, people don't want to spend hard earned money for crap games.
They seem to be clicking on all cylinders right now...but will Bridgestone Arena be EMPTY for tourney due to COVID-19?
UT and UK have a long rivalry, but of all the SEC Schools, I just never would expect that coming from a UK fan.
I only RARELY root for UK in anything, but I always pull for them against UF. They FINALLY broke through and ended that streak. Careful y'all, this ain't a "meh" Bill Curry Kentucky.
The PAC 12 will be FORCED to come east to play if they want to stay relevant. I have enjoyed Tennessee's tussles over the years with UCLA, etc. I'd especially love to beat the University of Spoiled Children, too. Plus, how much advertising is being done towards travelers in the South to come to an away game. Oh, and we need to see the SEC teams ALSO travel out west. Not naming any names, but some schools have been much more reluctant in the past to play outside the SEC 'footprint.'
Thanks Herby. Now, how about you turn that trained mind on "Gym Jordan" and their wrestling program. That "dr" thing is being 'swept under the rug' (except it happened at OSU so blind-eye time for Herby.) Buckeyes should experience what Penn State did with Sandusky.
SHHHHH!!! They are still in 1980 lol Interesting talk on this issue I heard on radio, other sports don't have this, seems it's just football and basketball (in other words revenue sports)?
I liked having Bruce here as coach, and he's a good one. But, I expect at some point he'll slip up again.
Excuse me??? You have "VOL" in your name but a Duke logo???
AMEN - UT sure has its share of idiot fans, too. Banning a fan for it seems extreme, but you are a "guest" of Auburn University at a sporting event, booster or not, student or not. They have every right to eject a fan from a game if they are being overly abusive/disruptive/dangerous to the other fans in attendance. ESPECIALLY something embarrassing to the University. Agreed, we are still good with having Barnes. Seen a LOT of UT basketball over the decades, and the "one shining moment" has only felt remotely close during Pearl and Barnes eras.
Let's not forget the guy who did the HIRING with these awful "golden parachute" contracts...bad coaches don't magically appear.
Lemme remind you Bammers, you went from Dubose, to Franchione, to MIKE PRICE, to Mike Shula, to Joe Kines, before Saban arrived. Quit criticizing UT, you had quite a ride between Stallings and Saban. 1997-2007. Not saying Pruitt is the savior of UT football, but just keep things in perspective. And Dawgs, y'all had Donnan and Goof, too. Name a program in the SEC who hasn't had ANY "prizes" as Head Coach mistake, please.
Agree with that last one. Despise Botch. A real man wouldn't be sucking up that dough, he'd be out there as a head coach somewhere else.
I would probably rank Ray Good and Derek Dooley about the same...
WAY too much about Job Gruden and not NEARLY enough about why David Cutcliffe didn't come back to UT. Better research required, must do better.
Nope. FSU and Clemson belong in the ACC, but either Va TEch or WVU should have been invited into the SEC (and not Mizzou.)
I agree, don't think Gus is gonna go down with the Chad ship.