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I think UT finally FINALLY did something right by putting Fulmer in as AD. Y'all non Tennessee people say what you like, but he *IS* Tennessee, and I have complete confidence in him, unlike his predecessors. Define "complete overhaul" please. I think Butch was all "smoke and mirrors" courtesy of Dave HArt while Lame Kitten and Coach Doofus were Mike Hamilton "eggs." The facilities and money are there (despite way too many buyouts/"golden coach parachutes" but the "culture" we had before all of this horror show has returned.
LOL my mornin' chuckle thanks (and I remember that news conference too!)
We will welcome them with Southern Hospitality (and hopefully a good kick on the way outta town back to Utah would be real nice for the football season too!)
HA - tell that to Tennessee last season. Auburn at Jordan Hare was NOT what we expected. Not at ALL.
MUCH happier playing piggies than aggies, and Coach Doofus is LONG gone.
Trust me on this - if we could exchange you for Auburn in the Division lineups, I'd support it in a HEARTBEAT. UT has no long standing rivalry with you, and I miss the annual tilt vs the Plainsmentigerswareagles!
Could not agree more - I say END playing games against non Power 5 Conference schools. Sucks to be you, but if you want "butts in seats" you gotta give people something worth the effort and cost. Also - a REALLY big factor for the 'stay at home' fan viewers like me - I'm a long-time fan of the Big Orange and sat thru just about every kind of weather at Neyland. Nothing is likely to change THAT much that I want to go to the games anymore. If they want to change the formula, go back to Pay-Per-View model for the really BIG games. Otherwise, they created the problem by over-saturating the markets.
As much as I HATE/DESPISE the Commode-Doors, he's been doing a heck of a job there. Vandy has ALWAYS been seeking to "turn the corner" and get back to a place where you DID have to worry about playing them. Happy they won the Baseball title - and they once again did prove they DO belong.
I suspect if Pruitt gets it going, it'll be more like trying to hold onto him. What a GOOD problem to have, right Coach Barnes?
I gotta agree - we HAD the "smoke and mirrors" coach already, I'm ready for a non-nonsense coach who is more concerned about coaching and winning than entertaining a bunch of media folks. (Plus, considering the insanity of who is in the White House, I am always seeking escape from all of...THAT..)
So, Longtime Celtics fan...but won't he get traded a few times first? Or he is REALLY a rookie member of the Celtics?
But don't ALL the schools have attendance issues for these awful games?
Agreed - I sure don't wanna pay money to see CRAPOLA in person, plus costs. I can watch it on TV, and that is the downside of SEC Network.
I'm in favor of getting rid of these "Cakewalk" games altogether - power 5 only plays other power 5.
Cal is coming off the worst two-season stretch in program history. The Bears went 16-47 during the span, enduring a school-record, 16-game losing skid this season. Talk about a low bar!
No offense, but considering Bruce's checkered past, make sure that extension has a LOT of escape clauses for the admin. Still love Bruce, but he's not known for being that clean in the profession.
Please don't hire him. REALLY bad move, he's too toxic.
Wow. At least they didn't get stomped like Ole Mess ;-) courtesy of the Sooners
Some of the games I've seen so far, WHOA! The range some of these kids have is astounding. Those cold spells though, geez o'flip!
Careful, y'all got a less-than-honest coach in Bruce. Don't throw rocks when you live in a glass house.
Just don't underestimate Colgate. Being a 2 seed upset would look pretty bad!
Classy. He only recently sold his house here in Knoxville, certainly a "what might have been." To my knowledge, most loved coach by the fanbase to be fired, and not because the fans turned against him. Auburn took the chance and got a really good coach. However, UT now has a really good coach again, popular in the community, so its all good. Good luck to the Tigers in the Big Dance!
I dunno, he was outside the arc. Could he have sunk 3? Dunno, but they decided not to be the ones to decide the game. Looking forward to seeing the VOLS beat the wareagles for the crown today!
Speaking of nasty, hoping for a NASTY dunk by The Admiral today vs Auburn! GO VOLS!
I don't know how they can be so inconsistent. Yesterday was ridiculous, 1st half vs 2nd. Not sure trading for conference tourneys fixes anything, especially the ones prone to run to the monitor ever 42 seconds or whatever.
So if UK beat UT, they could be a #1, but UT beats UK, and hopefully Auburn, but can't get above a #2? I don't understand that BS. It's all ACC biased anyway, 3 one seeds is total BS.