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I'm gonna venture a guess you aren't REALLY a Kroger Kats fan, right?
Except Herbie is a Gen X'er, like me. Although I have "boomer" sibs.
Hit him in the butt, and he's all worked up and wants to arrest him! How ridiculous is that?
I think the jury is still out on Lame Kitten in the SEC. Sure made the wild West even WILDER...not to mention Leach! Look forward to Kiffin's visit in 2021, boy I bet I'll hear the BOO from my house 4 miles away!
I usually say that for 4-8, cause it's hard to really tell in that bunch - top 4 and bottom 4 not so hard to pick. UT really did well turning it around, and am encouraged but I won't be satisfied until we are regularly beating the teams we USUALLY beat, plus the ones we should beat, and contend with the "big boys' that are going to the playoff with regularity.
Seems to me UGA has hit a "glass ceiling" since they keep losing the title games.
They plateau'd at a high level, why are you dawgs upset over that?
Hmmm...same Ga State that actually went to a bowl game?
Hmm...Mizzou isn't looking good on the field OR the hardwood...sour grapes.
Every schools has what the late great John Ward called "Sidewalk fans." Seems to me it's easy to spot the fans with class compared to the sidewalk (or gutter in some cases.) It hurts when a legacy recruit spurns a school, but you have to accept they are young people that have to be given the room to make mistakes and learn. They are not coming into all this cloud as seasoned veterans. We don't know all the facts behind why a recruit goes wherever. I'm really glad he's coming back, But I left the state for 20 years, so I also see the desire to "get away from home." (Also, the NCAA is a broken artifact of the past, and the Power 5 need to recognize that and reorganize. But another argument for another thread.)
Well, right now I'd say Pruitt has 'turned the corner' and gotten the program on a good course. Perfect? Nope! Plus, getting to Atlanta just to get beat down by the West winner annually? Big prize, right? I'm glad LSU broke the hold Bama's had, but the conference just twisted the notch to crazier and crazier, but adding Lame Kitten and Leach. Lawd!
I'm waiting for that other shoe to drop at Auburn...loved Pearl as UT Coach, but...just have a feeling the house of cards might suddenly come tumbling down.
But we play 3 of those 4 EVERY year, so what? At least Auburn hasn't moved to SEC East - that would be MUCH tougher division. At Chokelahoma? That game is an unknown...
OOC ganes yes - more cupcakes? HAIL no! I want to eliminate those, add another conference game rotating, switch up Mizzou and Auburn in divisions...
I didn't have high hopes for the VOLS this year in hoops. However, considering what Barnes has recruited coming in, not very worried.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this the second game of the season where the other team's PAT didn't make it? A win is a win, but sure would have preferred a blowout.
Why aren't scholly papers including clause "will play ALL Games including bowl?"
We sure got their offense by re-hiring Chaney.
The problem really is that the Sugar Bowl used to be *THE* destination for the SEC. Too many bowls is still an issue, but not using the bowls with the ties correctly hurts them. Sure, LSU has a home field advantage if their playoff game had been in New Orleans, but same thing for Clemson if the Peach Bowl, etc. My $0.02 is that they have tarnished the bowls with this new setup. Playoff yes, but they could fix this to make it more palatable for viewers...
Agreed. Scared which JG shows up to play this evening. Bring it home, Bengal Tigers!
There are probably UT fans out there that wish he was still here...only coach I can think of that UT fired that the fans probably didn't want fired (but yeah, he f'd up.)