Born and reared in the Valley of the VOLS

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And it all started with George Mooney (who broadcast Vol football from 1952-67) beating the traffic from West Knoxville, until others caught on...
GORGEOUS county out there, I agree with JTF, your loss.
Best Pizza on the Strip at UT is Stefano's Chicago Style
Why, so we can create a big Power T like your rocks?
As Floyd the Barber would say, "He was a nice man.."
I can see putting UT at #22, certainly #15 is too high right now for the VOLS. No Kentucky is BS, they had a great season.
Y'all got a tough team to beat, hope we can return favor at the Tommy Bowl on the 22nd.
Congratulations, Dawgs. The Monkey is FINALLY off your backs.
Hmmm...Heupel good (so far), Harper good, Vitello good...I think Barnes is in good company
Why does it seem to take so LONG before they see the 3 isn't falling, and go inside? LET THEM FOUL you! LSU could have been in big trouble but we didn't key enough to getting more of them fouled out or sitting on the bench. Not taking anything away from LSU, they are a good team and were at home. SEC road wins are tough to get!
I have to agree, they COULD have won that game in Red Stick. Not sure what is up with Fulky, this is truly THE LAST SEASON at UT, what is he waiting for?
Oh geejus, how ridiculous. What if it had been Volfans singing "Rocky Top?" Someone REALLY jumped the gun on this one. Never liked that state anyway, I have ZERO problem not going there.
I will say it again. I will believe Georgia can beat Bama WHEN THEY DO IT. 7 straight losses, doesn't inspire much confidence. I'm not a betting man generally, but I'd put money on Bama.
Well heck, I picked an SEC Rematch! What they SHOULD have done is have Cincy vs Michigan and Bama vs UGA. The result would probably end up the same, but would have shut some mouths. UGA has to actually BEAT Bama to prove it to me. Yes, they are good, but Saban is still king of the mountain.
Well we were hummin' along with Bruce Pearl, lost him and went thru a down period, then Barnes picked it back up to where it was, and I still think Texas was stupid to lose him.
No, but think you are misreading it for UT east. Barnes has a good thing going.
I fully expect Bama to win, Georgia has to beat them to prove it to me. How many in a row has Bama beat the Dawgs?
I don't plan to watch (as I expect Bama to win again) but certainly will ignore the animosity from the NON SEC schools fans out there.
Oh Adam, seems to me you are forgetting the Vols are ALSO very good on defense. While I am head-scratching over the bricked 3's not falling, I am *VERY* far from putting Barnes on a hot seat. Or did you want us to rehire Cuonzo off your hands? J/K
Well, I learned earlier in life about the pain of betting money (lost my big jar of coins to my sister thanks to Bombay Duck in 1975 Kentucky Derby. I was like Dr Smith "Oh the pain, the pain!" Same goes for Tennessee - LOVE them fiercely, but I would NEVER bet money on them. Too often they do opposite of what I expect.
I think this kinda says it all about our Vols: "If you picked five college football games EVERY year that were the strangest/craziest games of the year —I’m convinced @Vol_Football would be in four of them." -- Colin Cowherd