Born and reared in the Valley of the VOLS

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Um, No. YOUR own school fled to the SEC to get away from them. THEY are coming to US.
I tend to agree Fuzz, this year was quite enough for all of that "extra" that is not needed to win games or titles. Confidence is great, over-confidence is very bad.
Thanks Aggies - I would have been ILL had the Golden Domers won it all
Hopefully they will have gotten that mess outta their systems. Humble pie tastes awful!
Pullin' for the hawgs this time, since they know what it feels like from last season. I hope the team/coach come back hungry next season. It was a LOT of fun, and a welcome diversion after the quick exit from the Big Dance in me, REAL long time Volfans know this feeling often enough. And SEC Brethren are all too happy to point out our shortcomings.
ONE fan also did that Tree Poisoning at Toomer's Corner. We all have those "over the line" fans. Lawd!
What about "Taunting" songs like "Rammer Jammer?" I mean, the children and all that... lol
You walked into that one, Fuzz - UF is superior to UT historically in college baseball. They do have a weather advantage.
Bittersweet. He would trade it in in a heartbeat to get a change in Omaha. Next year, I guess. It was a fun ride regardless. Pulling for the other SEC teams like Arky and AllBarn (not you, Aggies.)
Yeah, he's got the messed up CTE brain to prove how "good" he was as a player. I heard he said he discovered the New World last week.
I had to turn mine off - 3am alerts for a child in memphis that is HIGHLY unlikely to end up all the way over here 400 miles away in Knoxpatch lol
I gained a healthier respect for officers while sitting for six months on Grand Jury. Some of the things they deal with are just overwhelming emotionally. I salute them, I couldn't do that job.
Yeah cause he can afford tickets, and has the pull to get them lol
It wasn't nice lol - I don't approve of that, and Coach TV needs to remind them in the lockerroom to keep that language in the lockerroom and dugout, not on the field. Don't shoot yourself in the foot.
Eh, it hurts but one player won't cost them the series. His own fault.
Folks - keep in mind, it wasn't a blowout. VOLS battled hard to get back but fell short. Regroup and come back this afternoon and even the series.
Was it overconfidence or what? I dunno - something felt wrong from the start.
I don't think they are trying to win any popularity contests. Plus, 5 years ago they were irrelevant. Give 'em a break.
It's not incorrect to call them "referees" in a generic sense. However, don't think they performed that badly last night.
Glad I didn't say that - been a Tennessee fan much too long, and seen them choke unexpectedly. I didn't expect that series loss to Kentucky, for example. But, the moment is not lost on this team and they can win the next two and get to Omaha. But the margin is now much slimmer. Kudos to the Gold Domers, they played a good game. Hopefully their LAST one!
Disappointing loss, but it ain't over 'til it's over! GO VOLS!
Disappointed not to see Tennessee on the list - we had to outscore cause we couldn't stop people at times (although Tim Banks did great job with troops he had on hand.)