Born and reared in the Valley of the VOLS

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Wonder which game will be UGA's "boo-boo" game, like the upset to the Chickens last year.
Sadly the VOLS squandered their chance at glory a week later to the Bayou Bengals. Joy turned to bitter pain.
Helps to have a bigger stadium. 26K in stadium is still gonna cause LOTS of grumbling about who gets tickets. Talk about a SUPER Premium ticket market!
Leave politics out of it. I do agree NCAA needs single transfer waiver, regardless of school. Returning to one's own home town should not be denied. Also agree NCAA days may be numbered, as player rumblings of financial sharing won't go away.
That's kinda sad, your stadium filled up with opponent fans
Geez o'flip, y'all! This all predicated that the games actually happen.I am hoping it happens, but also realistic about it considering COVID is still the X factor. Another one is Road game vs Empty stadium, or home game in mostly empty stadium. If games have to be forfeited due to the virus how do you reschedule or anything? Yes, the silver lining is NO CUPCAKE GAMES! I hate them, and would prefer a 12 game schedule with only other FBS teams. Sucks not to play Oklahoma, but always glad to get a shot at All-Barn (that was a really good rivalry and I miss it - wish we could get that and dump MIZZOU who should be in SEC West ANYWAY!)
Looking forward to another LSU win over your boys
Based on what? No guarantee there will be open dates for any teams. They may want to play straight thru to get all games in for that matter. Still too fluid to know how they will figure it out.
Agreed. I couldn't care less about them. They can go melt down their golden dome and hock it.
You can quote a bunch of CRAP lies from Trump, too. This should not even BE political! It's a freaking public health issue and nobody is immune.
Geez o flip, who created that golden parachute contract, Mike Hamilton??
All kidding aside, it's not looking good right now. Too many won't listen to reason, and wear a mask. Laughed at the "Vandy Model" comment, but inside am just as sad/upset as others what a fiasco this has been in our country.
Don't forget Hank Lauricella, also should have won.
I'd rather quote Dr Anthony Fauci: "Wear a mask." My life is of equal value to yours, and I take all precautions because am diabetic. This whole matter has been an awful fiasco.
Frankly, I would call this BS article "clickbait." If you are going to label a team as 'disappointing' then you have to look at the big picture. EASILY Tennessee fans would say losing to LSU in the SEC Title game with a trip to the Natl Championship in the Rose Bowl is more painful than 2005. I've been a fan since Johnny's (RIP Coach Majors) and while no coach is perfect, he HAD IT MADE at Pitt and STILL came home to Tennessee. Coach Fulmer is also a Hall of Fame coach, now AD. Y'all like to sling arrows at our program, and yeah it's been hard for us to endure. Look in the mirror with a history book at your own programs. TRUE Tennessee fans will stick with the Big Orange, win or lose. And wouldn't trade up for your school for anything. GO VOLS
I'm willing to give Orgeron 8 years, but severe downturn could mean curtains for him in BR
Lame Kitten will have Ole Mess in NCAA hot water before you know it
But will Tuberville win Alabama Senate race? lol Puzzled why Pruitt would be Saban's successor?
Correction - UK has never won the SEC East. As in NEVER.
When is the last time UK won at Auburn?
It's not a good death, for anyone. It's hitting the minority population especially hard. It's a tough situation with such a broad range of sever to asymptomatic. I keep yelling out "Testing Testing Testing!" My Dad is 87, practicing self isolation, mask, etc. but he says "Son, I'm ready to go to Heaven." Meanwhile Mom says, "I'm not ready yet!" (87)