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What's fearless about THAT prediction?
I've wondered that myself...and isn't one of their goals to show all the SEC teams once during the season? Not Vandy vs Tennessee, but this could qualify...definitely wouldn't want to show the Vols getting hammered.
Totally agree - no other school has it's *OWN* broadcast outlet like Notre Dame (not even you, Texas!) CBS would be FOOLS not to take that game.
Imagine a close loss, like that one Kiffin got, the "Mount Cody" game...I'm not kidding myself, Bama is a juggernaut but would like to see a "competitive" game rather that a "frog stomp." No, it's not "moral victories" like that dumb intern said, it's respect from your opponent. Probably why I hate and despise that rude "rammer jammer" thing your fans do (and opponents love to do BACK to you!) It's just flat-out disrespectful and unsportsmanship. I'm old school, so beating Bama (prime rib) is better than beating Georgia or Florida (sirloins.) I hate Bama, but I do respect what they have built. It's like the "Kentucky" of College Football.
Poor hedges for you! Them gonna be some *MADDAWGS* ready to destroy the Kroger Kats! Thank Cocky, it's all his fault. PS: Can you bet on who has the worse point spread in a LOSS? UK vs UT this week...
OK show of many non-Mizzou fans knew they had a tradition about rocks? Mine's first up....
oh don't bother the poor dog whilst he is lying on a BAG OF ICE...
Yeah, Gamecocks didn't run around and pour roundup on the hedges...
LOL!!!!! Get their feathers ruffled over some hedge? Geez O'flip!
c'mon you think these hacks are that clever?
Oh, it would be RICH if Bama choked on the Vols while looking ahead towards LSU!
OK, can we start with AFTER UT gets beaten this Saturday. C'mon, nobody expects the Vols to pull a "Gamecock" on Bama - UGA always seems to lay one "egg" a season, South Carolina just caught them looking at themselves in the mirror.
And for the umpteenth time, "this is why you play the game." Dunno why UGA coughs one up annually they have NO BIZ LOSING on paper. I know the moon will explode before the Vols beat Bama on road this week, but it does suggest a tiny sliver of hope!
I agree, UGA needs to use all weapons to get ready for the current Big Boys, if they wanna get back to ATL to lose to Bama again.
Geez, you need to get a life if that is the best you can do! LOL
I agree, should be a good game to watch
I'd give All-Barn the game at Jordan Hare Cow Pasture, but not at the Swamp, giving the Gators the edge.
That would be great, get Botch off UT's payroll.
Not gonna be any different than when The Bear retired/died.
Which is why UT wanted Mullen before UF got him...he's a good coach.
Maybe this will be that one game of the year UGA SHOULD NOT LOST ( but they do?) and you KNOW UGA has a history of it!