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c'mon Crissy - not even Vols fans have any belief he is Heisman quality Qb! The Chickens better tuck their feathers tight, cause Neyland will be rockin' on Saturday Night!
No wonder it should be spelled M-i-s-e-r-y. What a dump!
OK I confess - also hoping for an Oregon win. Of course, The Vols ALSO needs to beat the stuffing out of the Roadrunners and get the offense clicking again. Bama will beat Ole Mess. LSU-Arky should be interesting If Auburn beats TAMU look out Jimbo!
I need a thesaurus for all the bad/negative words for that ugly loss in Gainesville. I don't think the Gators are ready to beat UGA for the East, but they sure beat up and embarassed an ugly dog of a team performance Saturday night. Now, it's over. Regroup and play out the season. The honeymood is DEFINITELY over for Heupel, that result was worthy of the bad recent coaches in Tennessee's history.
Tell me again, why did y'all hire this guy from Miss. State?
I'm sure the Krogercats are shakin' in their boots over Akron lol
Rankings prior to October are pretty useless. I honestly think the Vols are a ? this week. Any result could happen in Hawgtown. I NEVER bet on the Vols. NEVER! They can jump up and slap your team down hard, or go belly up terrible. I just have no idea where in between!
LOL!!!! Oh Poor Kirby, how sad, you got to skip a challenge for a CAKEWALK game! Progress?? PS: Almost as bad as the Vols skipping out on playing Army.
My only beef is with the prediction that the Chickins will win in Neyland. They have only won there 3 times, and this year won't be the 4th. It will be QUITE hostile. As above, 11-1 or even 9-3 yeah, but 8-4?
OMG! Start the season already!! No more filler articles!
HUGE "BOOOOOO!!!!" From Me. Sorry, but while I am a Food City shopper, I don't like re-naming ANYTHING like that for a corp. sponsor at UTK.
Big eye-roll. I find it hard to believe Vols can't beat Gators, but the Krogercats will? Pfft! Nope!
No Way should LSU have a better chance than the Vols.
Only 46% chance to beat Vols in Lexfreezer? HA! Amazed they get THAT much of a chance! Best thing about Oct 28 game is it won't be so dang cold like all those November games. PS: BRING BACK THE BEER BARREL TROPHY - UK serves beer in their stadium, don't be hypocrites!
I'd be happy to add Clemson (Auburn with a lake lol) and FSU, they add the most value to the SEC.
Picking LSU to win in Tuscaloose but not UT? I don't see the difference there? Anybody want to elaborate? Or is it still just the "Joe Milton can hit Bermuda with a football but not a receiver?" attitude?
O&W jump to B1G? Yea, go ahead and expand the SEC but add correctly - no goofy picks like Kansas! Misery was bad enough. Va Tech should definitely be an addition as the ACC implodes. UNC and NC State, FSU too. NO to the Canes (yes they suck and blow) and the others that are welcome to the Big 12 dumping ground. Goodbye CFB as we knew it.
Oregon not the best example, cause they have funky uniforms and they DO win, so there's that, right? But I get Greg - I prefer Vols wear the Traditional Orange Jerseys/white pants at home, Black alternates for Halloween ONLY. Smoky Greys are ok once in a while (looked good vs LSU on the road since LSU likes their white jersey at home) NEVER EVER again those ugly Orange helmets (whose idea was that??)
This is a good choice to start the season. I'll be most interested to see if Rattler will be "SUPAHSTAH!!!" or back to ho-hum play we saw most of last season.
I'll agree with the "Connor, you're an idiot" part. NO Tennessee players at all on 1st Team SEC? Chickins ahead of the Vols in the SEC East? C'mon dude.
The most important word about this upcoming season that ALL the "talking heads" in the sports world (and you in fandom) have to admit: Tennessee is relevant again. I'm going with 10-2 (cause Vols do NOT lose in Lexingfreezation) But I ain't saying who those two losses are to (OK Bama will be an L but everything else...ok upsetting UGA in Neyland would be same level as 2022 upset of BAMA. Relevant.