Born and reared in the Valley of the VOLS

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Sadly I think you are right. Selfish, but understandable.
I agree - UGA is a really good team, but LSU seems unstoppable this year.
Not til they beat them, alatide
Congrats War Buzzards, My fave is seeing "sad fans" when it contains Bama fans!
I too was surprised but after Urban's "health issues" retirements, I am skeptical. He's now in position to get a higher profile job if he wants, FSU would seem a good option.
Was this after the second weather delay, when game went to ALT SEC channel (which I don't get.) Totally missed it.
Enjoy seeing sad Bama fans....but no sad Vandy fans?? Or just couldn't FIND any Vandy fans?
Move Vandy to SEC West and Auburn to SEC east, and add rotating conference game. Agreed, Vandy not going anywhere.
I'm old enough to remember Majors first season after he took over from the last coach we had from Alabama (Bill Battle.) We still had to suffer through some bad ball until that first bowl win, 1981 (Garden State) and then things got better and better. Fulmer indeed took them to next level but staying there is hard. Firing him was bad move. Here's hoping this 'turning the corner' is not into a brick wall left over from Botch Jones. And Agreed - beating UK and Candy consistently is expected.
Ugh sick of hearing about him, and pretty sure College Football will move on to next star player of the moment.
My question is: Will Auburn EVER find a coach they like?? Seems since Pat Dye, they just can't find one.
A Win is all I want - doesn't matter if it's by one or 50.
Go War Buzzards, that would be delightful to see Bama fall. Don't see the backup winning at Jordan Hare (but zero idea if Auburn can handle the opportunity to pull the rug out from under a reeling Tide.)
I can't imagine CBS losing it, but the greed out there makes people crazy. If they wanna pay that much, they should require an SEC noon game as well to lead into the game of the week at 330pm.
I think you are on to something...once that carousel starts spinnin' interesting to see who ends up where. I fully expect Arky will throw down cash to get out of the awful mess they have now. Don't see BK leaving ND or Urby at FSU. I wouldn't be surprised to see Kiffin end up at FSU, oddly enough.
"half a hundo?" What journalism school did you attend, Trump University? You unable to spell "hundred?"
Meano Geno, get over it. UT Men's ALSO has a player they are unable to get cleared for this season. Every player has a story, but this smear attempt is both tacky and cowardly. Call it out, if you got something to say that is truth, otherwise you are whining. "You big Dummy!" (Fred G Sanford)