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I am like UK fan this year, more upset about Hoops start. Football team likely to get frog-stomped twice before Vandy. Just doesn’t matter.
At the point of season now, beat Vandy. Going 2-8 would be huge setback now. Don’t think they can stop the run. All kidding aside, UGA just seems snakebit. Richt and Smart are not bad coaches at all. They get quality players, etc. so why can they not get over the hump? Wishing all of you and yours a healthy safe holiday season. (Cant wait for egg bowl, should be a wild one!)
Loved Bruce as UT coach, but yeah, he can be trouble for a program.
Lose to Vandy, Pruitt possibly canned. Unless big donors pay it (total for whole staff about $20million) won’t happen. UT cash reserve 10.8 million.
Such a strange, horrible year. Not sure if its Pruitt, or the human blob (Chaney)
What is fearless about that prediction?
Blah blah blah. Until he wins a Natty, nothing changed.
Absolutely play Bailey. Play all out at this point, no point being conservative if you hope for more that 3-7.
You want a staff full of VFLs? Then go hire them - Tee and Jay are not the only ones out there that “care” about the program beyond a paycheck. Unimpressed with Ansley and Chaney.
That was why 1990 Vols stomp 45-3 felt so good. Beating Spurrier was like Prime Rib, while most are chopped steak.
Glad you addressed Pruitt. Realistically not time to dump him. Problems yes, but giving him a mulligan this year. Play Bailey as much as possible.
Honestly, after Holtz then Spurrier, you have a bar set that is kinda high. Muschimp is a better coordinator, like probably what UT has, albeit a longer track record. Its first time out for Pruitt, but Covid year will be an asterisk season. Pruitt’s seat is/will be getting warmer. Honeymoon over.
Don’t see any changes this season, so HF likely to bide his time. UT and SC seem to be most likely candidates, SC in lead. Jury still out on Pruitt, a good experienced QB grad transfer would make big diff at UT until Bailey ready.
While I think Bailey needs to be starting at this point, but a couple of points: 1. Lane Kiffin royally screwed the Vols for his dream job. I haven’t forgotten. So really not too fair to count that one against the program. Dooley was plain awful, and brickhead the used car salesman could get them here but then...? 2. Fulmer had to SCRAMBLE for a coach. Pruitt isn’t going anywhere, he HAS been part of Championship programs so indeed he knows the lay of the land. Agree with others Covid had scrambled things, and season may even be ended early. Buyout too high, I don’t see the Haslems forking out that much for that decision. Next year will be more telling.
Take the points and TAMU. Vols doubtful rest of season. Frustrating year!
As I posted previously, everybody gets a mulligan this season. At this point, simplify and play Bailey. Dunno if Chaney gets canned, who is our next David Cutcliffe (qb whisperer?)
I suspect he (and maybe others) will get a Covid “mulligan.” Economics not going to be favorable for most programs. I don’t understand why I am not seeing this “turn” proving to be real. UT is still caught in the undertow or something. Mr Potatohead’s song n dance lost it’s zing.