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This time, Notre Dame might surprise us all and jump to their natural mate, the Big Ten.
Y'all have to stop using UT as only for Texas...the ORIGINAL UT is named Tennessee. Nuff' said.
Not including Bama, other SEC teams have also won Nattys in football. I don't want to see it become that, especially since Texas was king over there and still have produced what? One title in how many years? OU has been better, but the clout of undefeated in SEC play has always been an X factor.
No offense to you SEC West fans, but frankly - So what? They wanna be part of the best conference, pretty simple. The college football we knew (and I loved) is now dead due to NIL and NCAA incompetence. I concur, I don't want to leave OSU out, but they are not asking. Neither are Va Tech, Miami, etc. As long as we shift so that Bama and Auburn come to East Div. so we don't lose our annual butt-kicking from the Tide, and I've missed the annual tussle with the "Wareagleplainsmentigers." GO VOLS
OK, keep in perspective he's 92. Wishing him an easy passing, and prayers for his family and many many friends and players that will mourn him.
I would love to renew the annual battle with AllBarn we used to have until '91
Keep politics out of it, would ya please? I come to sports sites to avoid those arguments.
I would prefer UNC and VA Tech join SEC than those two schools.
Then GO! Mizzou needs SEC much more than SEC needs Mizzou. Or at least go to west division.
Is it possible some SEC schools might want to opt out of that mega-conference? I think SEC loses more than it gains with those two.
Perhaps Bama fans don't like the idea of OU and Texas crashing their party?
Um, bet we will also have some drama between the two UTs over merchandising (Tennessee is the elder school FYI.)
my two fave games not involving UT is LSU-Auburn, and LSU-Florida.
I know Vols are gonna have a rough row to hoe this season, but stomping the Kroger Kats would make me feel better.
Big eyeroll. UT fans shouldn't expect a decent team without a couple of recruiting cycles. People don't want to hear reality at times, but while the 'potential' is there to get UT back to fighting it out with UGA and UF for the East, it's not going to happen suddenly. Focusing on the UT teams that are doing well program wise, and less interest in the ones that need to 'get it together.' 44 years a Volfan, that won't change.
Congrats to the OmaDawgs on their title. UGA has done less with more for decades, don't see any change in that either.
Disappointing outcome, but if he gets his stuff together, he can still have a great career. Go to a more progressive state that has less issue over it. Just a matter of time until it's legalized anyway (legal in 19 states now.)