Born and reared in the Valley of the VOLS

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Disappointing to see them jump ship, but wish them well.
How dirty Bama’s program is, how much they are sweeping under rug?
Yes, Manning should have a voice, as should other VFLs. No, he should be more cheerleader for UT than distraction. UT is a “laughing stock” and it is pretty painful place for the alumni and fanbase to endure. An NCAA smackdown looms. The worst thing that could happen is people quit caring. Right now, care more about our basketball teams. I have nothing but love and affection for The Hill, always will. No bandwagon fan here.
Y’all still play hoops in that gym named STANKMAN Coliseum? What a dump.
Best pay attention to your own dumpster fire.
You are correct, media members mentioned they think somebody inside wanted him gone.
So strange, seeing UK hoops such a mess. Don’t understand it, to be honest.
OK so instead of hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL yet another time, now it’s hard boot time. Fulmer wise to step down. Hoping Randy Boyd and Donde Plowman get a better outcome. All nastiness aside (you know who you are) its been a really rough 15 or so years for those of us who bleed Big Orange. Despite rivalries, having Tennessee back to powerhouse status benefits the conference. Excited for the current basketball season, hoping it becomes a special season.
Thank you!!! UT is not outta the woods yet.
You dare call yourself a Volunteers fan, yet run down our Hall of Fame coach and alumni?
16-19 after 3 years is hardly encouraging to me, even in Covid era. Investigation only complicates matters. Yes, Fulmer goofed with the extension. Doubt there were tons of schools clamoring for him to be Their coach. Hire a PROVEN head coach.
First real challenge to Bama this season, honestly. Notre LAME shouldn’t have been 4th spot
Notre Lame gets special treatment, simple as that, folks.