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Go back to putting the opponent on the other side of the field. Easy fix, don't know why they stopped it. Also, they have been throwing stuff from stands for DECADES. I was a student in mid 80's, had to watch out for flying Jim Beam bottles from the upper deck. Also, except maybe Vandy, all the schools could improve the experience for visitors. Quick to point a finger, but forget four are pointing back at you.
No, we point out inconsistencies. Same thing with the officiating in general. Pitiful.
It really IS dangerous - If you haven't been on the field after a wild win, you don't really know. It's very confusing, people do get hurt. Not excusing the behavior of fans from that side of the field (used to have a rule where opponent team was NOT in front of the students. That is the easiest way to fix it.) But I have read many times from fans AND the media, how awful the SEC officiating has become. If you don't have honest, competent referrees, you will have these issues.
Gosh, that is really asking a lot.
If it takes Lame Kitten to move the needle and sell the ole stadium out, I'm all for it! 100 Years Celebration of Neyland Stadium in 2021
Ole Miss gets to PROVE IT is better than UT on the field Saturday Night. GO VOLS!
I always listen to the Vol Network (I'm sure other fans also tune into their team's radio feed) because those dummies GET ON YOUR NERVES.
Just beware, Bama finally lost last week. Midnight eventually strikes on everybody. Including ugly dawgs in Athens. Go Krogercats!
Gosh kinda sad, until I think about the MILLIONS he's getting paid, then I don't feel so bad.
Of the three I would say UGA and UT (and that is mostly cause UK has been snakebit over the Vols for many years but that may be in the past with Stoops there.) Good luck vs UGA!
I would think all that white would make it easier to wave something in surrender.
Naw, we didn't get a Mature one, we got the brash one that needed to go fall on his face, etc.
Dear Krogercats - you are having quite a good season (wondering why Stoops hasn't jumped for a better job...yet.) Would love to see you knock off those ugly dawgs, but gonna be a tall order on the road. Good luck from Big Orange Country
Gosh - praying for this Lady Vol's health! She's a definite #VFL
TRAP GAME! Betting TAMU hungover from big win, Misery 28, Aggies 21
They are going to have a difficult task in Knocksville. Frankly, the pressure is all on THEM. They have the ranking, etc. My pick is: VOLS 45-RebelBlackBearLandsharks 42
I agree with 41-35 type outcome, but I can see either team on the winning side. I think this *might* be a tossup, but don't know if the Tenn Defense is up to the task. Who is more banged up matters, especially with UT's lack of depth.
A LONG time ago ( I was in 8th grade, now I turn the double-nickel on Monday)
Sure is a rough bunch coming up...gotta win the ones you can!
I must agree, makes more sense for a night game, but back to my original thought - I don't like alternate uniforms. Traditional schools like UT DO NOT NEED this gimmick. But "if that is what the kids want" blah blah. Just win.
Really? I've not felt this encouraged by the team in a while. I think they take care of biz vs the chickins.
Y'all still have a "boo boo" game out there, maybe it's to THE BIG ORANGE this year in Neyland!
It still chaps my behind that Kamara was riding the bench when he should have been running up and down the field.
Your chickins will be in OUR house, dude. Ain't no chickin crowin' sound!