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we were harsh critic of the offense last year BUT THIS YEAR we expect miracles to happen and this is not blind homer adams and griffith hope but real facts-------if fromm had been = to the previous years there would have been no way to lose to s. carolina -------this 2020 team is going to surprise the writer of this inane article------just the ability to gain 1 yard with a 6 ft 7 inch monster is the reason
smart is going in the right direction of recruiting a kid like tony grimes (his story is the kind of kids i would be proud to see at georgia )instead of zach evans types-----period
as one of the biggest critics of smart during the 2019 season for being stubborn this write michael wayne bratton must be living in another universe smart is a georgia alum and will never leave this program even if the nfl comes with money the admin of the university will never cut this man off unless he acts like paterno or starts taking drugs he is more likely to be in the position of head coach at georgia in the next 5 years while saban will be gone due to age sooner than that-------saban seems to be wired like woody hayes and while a great coach his stess level is going up with age smart for all his faults is a decent fellow not as pure as mark richt but still decent and a fine defensive coach can he win the big one ask coach o at lsu who created miracels which is not likely to repeat soon
as much as we critizied smart last season for the poor play calls on offense the made a major change for the better in general the head coach is who these kids play for as the assts come and go and yes some assts are really popular but they are not the boss i really wish that the writers of these blogs and especially brandon adams bless his heart would think of more creative factual statements to write about and not repeat over and over the same sentence espeically adams on his show and jon stichcomb is a knowledge guy about football but once a month is more than enough to see him in an interview there is this fellow top billin who seems to be more of an expert on the strategy of the game and i wish there were more of this type info i have zero interest in downgrading other teams so the more info we can get to understand who is on the georgia team and how they might perform is what i wish to see for instance this drob who was a 5 star with world class speed does not seem to catch the ball very well-----does anyone know why since a year ago adams was sure he was the key to the dogs chance to win the NC griffith told us a year ago the dogs were the best team in college football but has he explained what really happened after watching no advance after the 1st half against vanderbilt-------it seems someone should have known then something was missing why was the blocking not the same for swift and more interesting why was sony michel able to break long runs when the 5 star linemen were fewer than 2019
i wish that the website saturday down south would create a rule that allows only fans of the school being discussed to write comments which reflect that school and stop allowing negative comments about other schools i have nothing against florida or tennessee or any other school applauding their players and the chances they can win games but let them do so on their school section on the site for their teams i have only interest in how georgia will perform and if i was interested in another team i can read about that team without making any comments especially the nasty juvenile things that some people think important
it is time for the blind homers griffith and adams to have a chance to shine since it appears that smart is serious about changing the offense with this new coordiantor from the nfl and veneables from clemson was very clear that newman is the real deal so i hope that adams and griffith are right this time why do i believe it is possible the dogs will win unlike most i think luke is the secret to gaining one yard unlike pittman------is this is true the dogs will win the SEC
finally some smart fellow who understands luke may be a lot better than pittman in producing talent
did any of the people who read discover the defense coordianted venderables who is considered the top man in the whole world state that the new QB newman is a world beater and so did marc richt who is an expert unlike the novices who write on blogs the georgia fate is going up not down with this new direction smart finally decided on with the new fellow from the nfl
the addition of luke makes some experts think this was the missing part of not being able to run up the middle for 1 yard in the red zone too often especially the florida game of 7 times not making the end zone therefore there is only one conclusion that pittman was great recruiter but too old and fat and low energy and that luke is going to change this so that other teams now fear the run up the middle also this new leaf with smart hiring the new offensive coordiantor and demoting coley to an advisory role with no real input is just what the doctor ordered yes the loss of the left tackle hurts but jamarey slayer is ready to come into the elite space he was recruiter for---the new guys will be more mobile and good ridence to mays the turncoat ------we should not take kids whose aliengence is to other teams in the future or who wish to jump into the portal at any slight they feel ------i mean justin fields this new fellow newman may be the real deal if so the dogs will beat alabama in the 3rd game and auburn is not ready since the defense is gone and florida is really not stacked with great talent and trask is average QB lsu is going to have a hard time finding new talent to replace all those who left and did chase take money from this guy how will the opponents guard a 6 ft 8 inch real tight end over the middle -------probably not too well so maybe the dogs will bark again ---------i would like to know what jose pate thinks
fromm will one day make a great coach in college but maybe the best is to start all over with new QB and new plan since fromm would get us 10-11 wins and another missed NC chance something is very wrong when this mays kid wants to transfer so i hope cleveland gets his act correct to come back maybe this beck kid is the cats pajamas and can be dual threat if not we better find one quick
any player almost 300 lbs should never be a bully but a protector of smaller kids however in this age of media lies and made up stories this kid deserves a lawyer and a defense before he gets evicted from the georgia team
we might not agree with some of what smart did this year but he hit a home run with luke and i think this is going to result in better run blocking than pittman who was a nice fellow but too old and fat to motivate the run blocking
fromm is one of the most decent people to play for the dogs but i think his real future is as a coach-------if he goes to the nfl i doubt he will be a star and if he goes back to georgia next year he really has to ask himself if he thinks he gives the best chance to win the NC
finally fromm looks like joe burrow on the td to pickens-----why the rest of the bad throws i have no answers
no idea what is going on but when i see smart make faces when fromm overthrows the reciever it appears something very wrong again-----if the dogs get embarassed by this 2nd rate team then it is best fromm not return
hope georgia bulldogs copy all the joe brady concepts during the off season so this new fellow beck is 6feet 4 inches and looks like burrow
i do not know what to think about king negan but he made one point that is clear if pittman is such a great coach why could the highest rated offensive line in the country not get 1 yard when needed i suspect this luke will be much better on short yardage next year and i have no idea how good this new QB is but he is 2 inches taller than fromm and i hope this makes a difference in having the guts to throw over the middle like burrow the dogs now have the recievers who mirror bama in being able to take 5 yard over the middle and take it to the house burrow was great athlete but those 5 yards throws are a lot easier to complete than fromm back shoulder side lines i suspect that is one of the reasons fromm regressed in 2019 since the defense did not need to cover over the middle against the dogs
i have never replied directly to anyone who disagreed with what i write but this is the reason pittman stabbed georgia in the back he gave his word to 5 offensive lineman recruits who told him and smart the main reason they were signing with georgia was pittman made promises to them individually if he made this decision with 2-3 months to spare before early signing period with informing each prospect in advance of any notice he was going to leave georgia that would have been honorable but HE DID NOT DO THIS AND LIKE MOST HE LEFT FOR MONEY
finally smart made good decision 1. luke is younger and in better shape than pittman and likely to last longer than pittman who stabbed georgia in the back 2. now who will smart get to change the offense before it is too late
smart please have a merry xmas with your family and same to all the players and if you find a note under your tree from bobo please call him asap since this is the biggest gift you can recieve
if next year is still the same run up the middle for 2 yards will there be a fire smart web site
georgia is a good team with a good defense but lacking the one or two serious pass rushers if they had a dual threat QB they would have a chance to beat LSU but smart made the mistake of not letting fields play enough time in 2018 to keep him for 2019 if smart is smart he will look for a joe burrow transfer out there and ask fromm to move on--------we have gratitude for fromm for his effort but he does not belong on a team going for the NC neither does landers or webb or any other weak players if smart wants to win a NC------if all he wishes is the same as mark richt then continue on the same path-------mark richt would have donated half his salary if he was this bad of a play caller smart is a great recruiter so he better find some fellows like joe brady to change this team philosphy since georgia is not playing up to the talent level we should not mind losing to a team like LSU but getting skunked is not ok and this falls on smart
fromm is a decent tough fellow but his abilities as a QB are not elite the problem all along is anyone who is not a blind homer like adams and griffith knew this team lacked recievers = to elite teams and fromm was not able to make the hard throws most of the time again you see the dumb play calls running up the middle especially with cook at 185 lb back instead of running outside the defense very good but no pass rush to speak of and the coach is not saban nor dabny nor joe brady so this is 1950s football and 10-11 wins a year is the top expectation and no more smart should donate 50% of his salary to atone for the stubborn play calling
god is going to help the bulldogs win please
have any of you dogs fans not understood that smart gets us to 10-11 wins each season but not the NC why because he is too stubborn to change like the coach at LSU if the athletic director had make his salary depending on adapting to the new system we may have had a chance even saban made changes fromm is overated QB and needs to come back one more year to see if he can adapt to the NFL requirements if not he will never be an NFL QB but he tries really hard and he won 11 games for us which is better than most teams football is just a game but what bothers me is the hype of adams and griffith who made us believe georgia was going to really be in the hunt for the NC this adams told us that dROB was the secret weapon and that was all we needed griffith went on and on that georgia was the best team last year is that because they needed sponsers for their shows which frankly get boring this walker kid who just went for auburn this week maybe makes us think smart is no longer a top recruiter just a good one i was wrong thinking smart knew that fromm was better than fields and we lost the guy who would have won the NC this year and next year but life goes on
if cager is not ok then the pass offense is probably not going to be strong enough to prevent 8 in the box to stop the run that means that smart will finally have to adjust in this thinking this is not monopoly where we have a chance card that states we go back in time and have a running QB threat with fields but maybe this stetson who they claim was like baker mayfield can be used to make a difference in the way other teams fear to put 8 in the box the best hope is georgia is not longer a 8 win team in future years and this makes smart think he really needs a dual threat QB in the future since the game has changed i have always tought that blaylock is the best chance the dogs have -------can he catch over the middle slant passes ---we hope so------how we miss mecole and what he has done in the nfl
only the lord can help us beat lsu because smart does not seem to know how what happened to fromm where did the qb that beat oklahoma go awol the dogs are just not worthy of the NC i have to close my eyes when i see them run up the middle and the monsters on our offense line do not block
fromm is a nice fellow but something is very wrong maybe it is smart