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sometimes fate forces change that no one expects does this mean saban has already signed his retirement papers even if he stays another year or two this is always going to eat at him
i wrote the same ideas that bill king just put on dawg nation my idea is how to influence smart to read some ideas since we know either he or people close to him read this since when he denies he listens it is same as the government liars the idea is not to create personal insults like jump ship but hope to get smart to think out of the box that will be the last i will say since it is now or never
please go back and look at the game vs lsu in 2018 we do not want to waste another year without winning the NC so far the real experts who handicap the odds who risk real money are not confident in georgia i have never bet a dime on any sports and the only team i watch is the bulldogs and so far i see poor strategy the same kind of strategy that caused the banks to almost fail in 2008 --------not willing to look at the risk
go look at the LSU game in 2018 georgia never had a chance the reason is smart forgets this is not 3 yards and a cloud of dust from the 50s LSU is 50% better team than 2018 so smart better figure out how to win this game and the only way i see is open up against texasam to see if a new way of playing will work keep up the last few game plans and we will not beat LSU-------only those who chose to ignore the real story will believe the impossible
please pay attention coach smart we want to win the NC but we need a new game plan to try out vs texasam the whole 4th quarter our offense gained TWO YARDS if we do this against LSU there will be no mercy you must open up against texasam evan at the risk of losing there is nothing to lose now since georgia will still get in the playoff if they best LSU this is our best chance to find out if fromm can = burrow or the turncoast fields if we get that far---this is our fingers crossed because we need a lot of luck for georgia tech do not play the 1st team do not take risk of injury--------saban may have signed his retirement letter with the stupid decision to let tua continue in a game won in the 1st quarter lets see if the backups can beat tech by 3 TDS none of the committee will care as long as we beat LSU stop running cook up the middle stop throwing to landers or simmons they cannot catch at least let fromm make a threat to run on rop did you watch plumlee last night by the way why did we not recruit plumlee seriously as to recruit you must get one of these giant tight ends so the defense will not smother the small recievers blaylock may be the secret weapon to = plumlee there is no one else so think clearly do we have a real chance to score at least 40 points vs LSU because if less i doubt burrow will fade or fail---did you watch him vs mississippi last night last of all ask someone advice who won one of these things maybe saban will tell you what he missed this year
jake fromm quote "we have to get better on offense" 3 out of 15 3rd down conversions this is reality not fantasy something has to change before lsu
for all true dogs fans who do not live in the clouds we need to win the NC but we must face reality quote from kirby smart the coach not the poster "he was wide open they gave us a gift on 4th down" that means georgia was lucky you cannot depend on luck every game you have to have the treat of a running QB if not they stack the box
my great wish is for the dogs to finally win the NC but the play calling must adapt to the new way teams win today-------this kid plumlee is killing lsu ------it shows that dual treat QB is the future and i think fields was a disloyal person to quit the dogs since with him we could have won the NC---i used to share an office with a fellow who played with namath in the super bowl and he told me the jets were not more talented but the play calling was the difference they knew unitas was not up to the change needed even though he was a great QB---the conservative will not win the NC
it is about time to state reality about our dogs-----they got really lucky tonite -------neither the play calling again running up cook in the middle against monsters 2 times his size and throws to landers are wasted plays--------but the worst is smart was not ready for on sides kick-------my 10 year old in pop warner would know this------fromm is a really decent person but an average QB at best------yes i get it the rest of the east sec is worse than georgia but i will have to close my eyes when they play lsu or osu or even clemson------ we must have a dual threat QB in the modern era or once again miss the NC-----even herschel would not win the NC today----the game has changed-----my dad was a sportwriter in 1930 and he always made excuses for wally butts and now who will make excuses for smart-------smart needs to go to a coaching clinic where they teach offense or hire this man away from lsu who coached burrow--------there must be someone in the nfl he can find because this cooney is a bust------when the game was 10 minutes to go he still had swift running up the middle for 1 yard when the game could have been iced-----did he forget the toss sweep where swift almost got free for a really long gain---did he not tell fromm not to throw the ball when the reciever was not just covered but the defense man was on top of the reciever----did they forget the screen pass-------this smart is dumb and dumber BUT VERY LUCKY--my great fear is he is great recruiter but never gets the players up to potential like mark richt bless his soul
if georgia loses this game it is because smart is dumb and dubmer
so far my dogs are lucky but jake has to get better quick before burrow----we are praying for him
stop throwing to matt landers he cannot catch
please stop running up the middel with swift this is not smart
sabans time is up and i think he knows it better to go out a legend than wait till old age catches up think bobby bowden or george halas
if anyone will go back and watch the play at 2:52 left in the 1st quarter------ask if tua or burrow would have thrown the ball away since there was time maybe not a lot but is coley not letting fromm take the chance or is fromm not seeing there was reciever right before his eyes-------yes there was pressure but i watched burrow deliver over and over with same pressure-----we need to know now if the dogs will have a chance against lsu which depends on decision to take all risks not try not to lose ala mark richt bless his soul
smart is not getting the team to play up to the class of lsu or bama or any elite team--------stop throwing to landers and guys like him --they cannot catch and stop using small people as running back up the middle is not working-----find a QB like tua or burrow since jake is nice fellow but is not up to the standard to win a NC----wait till next year is getting a little stale coach smart so why is this such a drag to reinvent the play calling like lsu did
smart is not getting the team to play up to the class of lsu or bama or any elite team--------stop throwing to simmons, landers they cannot catch and stop using cook as a running back-----find a QB like tua or burrow since jake is nice fellow but is not up to the standard to win a NC----wait till next year is getting a little stale coach smart so why is this such a drag to reinvent the play calling like lsu did
we have waited 40 years and if the dogs play like they did vs missouri we will be waiting till next year and the years after that since no matter how nice a fellow like fromm is this is not tua or burrow and there is no way georgia will be able to score 40 pts or more to beat lsu , alabama, osu, this is a good team without any real direction and we blame this on smart since the smoke about beating florida was a mirage ---- very sad that he will not see the real map to be elite---- also stop throwing to simmons he cannot catch and cook is not big enough to be a running back
the play calling was no great no matter that the dogs won ---------run up the middle over and over for 1 or 2 yards is not great play calls -----did they forget how to run outside or toss sweep since every time they did swift or herrien make great gains
jake fromm is a wonderful person and an above average QB but he needs to be able to complete those short swing passes he missed 2 in a row to swift and blylock before we can call him johnny unitas--------i personally think given time in the pocket he may be better than fields who abandoned our team instead of waiting one year to take over------but this burrow kid is better QB forget tua who does not often overthrow the recievers deep as fromm seems to do too often-----there is no way he is = the former georgia QB with the lions as a passer but stafford did not win the NC while jake may have a chance if the kid with the turf toe campbell can play again since the wilson and webb cannot guard fast big recievers------i still am not convinced this play calling is so good since running up the middle is just dumb and dumber when it is so obvious that both swift and herrien can beat the defense to the outside any time they like -------especially on the toss sweep-----i do not understand why fromm does not at least 2 times a game run to the open side and wait till the last second to toss the ball ------if he did this the defense would swallow their tongues and gasp for air-----the comment a previous person made about the coach decision to run swift at the end taking chance of a fumble when all was needed to take a knee and run out the clock mades me think swart did not learn his work from saban
i wish fromm the best but he really needs to be more accurate on those short swing passes if we are to win the NC
what about those clemson freshman recievers who looked like jerry rice
it was a great win for the dogs thanks to the heavens but before smart gets too far out in front of the reality the game could have gone very differntly if joe burrow or tua was the opponent ----------this wilson kid is a liability covering a big tight end and the fellows not covering the swain kid was almost a disaster-----the other problem is the dogs were great until getting down to the red zone and not able to make tds and had to settle for 3 pts--------what i did not understand was the 15 times or so that swift or herrien were stopped running up the middle for nothing or 2 yards-------when they ran outside the green grass was open for them --------so is this offensive guru now going to claim he will handle the same way against auburn ----much less the sec champ game or what about the monster at ohio state ----the offensive line was good tonite and deserve some credit but if they face this guy at ohio state will they hold up--------remember dog fans we need to win the NC if not we are back to remembering 1980
dogs lost arik due to his perception of smart play calling in the last 2 games -------we hope they pickup the other one from vegas -------something must change soon
1. i hope that georgia figures out what the real problems are now since we have been noting that the pass defense over the middle starting with notre dame was in serious problems and finally now smart admits that the defense was atrocious 2. we also believe that smart must earn the 7 million dollars and no matter what some fans think this is far too much money to pay for any coach and we are not fans of elizabeth warren 3. we think fromm is a nice fellow but not a great qb since he seems not to be able to elevate the game to tua or burrows and maybe fields was better prospect but he did not perform last year like this year at osu 4. fromm must learn to throw over the middle since fla, auburn even missouri will not let him have enought time to throw bad shoulder passes 5. smart better wake up that runs up the middle are not working and stop wasting time with woerner, drob, simmons who do not seem to understand how to catch the ball 6. if ga wins the toss do not take the ball hope that the defense makes trask make a mistake 7. do not let any player run a kickoff back since the only one who did something positive was simmons and yet he fumbles too often and cook is not big enought to run back kickoffs 8. finally the secret weapon is blaylock smart must figure out how to use him 9. we need the corners to tackle and stop making penalties have lots of doubts about this david wilson , daniel, mcghee
one other item no one seems to admit the bowden kid had guts and threw long passes that would have been completed if the recievers at kentuck could catch the ball --------so why is fromm saying you cannot throw long in the rain---perhaps smart refused to let him throw long-------fromm is a great kid and smart wants to win but what is causing them to not recognize reality and avoid the truth-----this team must open it up or lose for sure vs fla since MULLET IS great playcaller not much of a nice person but he is paid to win games and so far he is earning his money--------smart is not
tim tebow is ONE INCH taller than fromm-----maybe you missed it but he jumped when needed to throw over the middle--------the game has changed more than most want to admit even in the past 7 weeks----no one would have ever believed that joe burrow was going to win the hiesman because MOST OF THE THROWS THAT GO FOR TDS are over the MIDDLE