Played football, baseball, basketball, and track all through school. I was born in Denver, CO in 1982 and raised in Colorado as well, moved to Texas in 2000. My Dad was born and raised in Memphis, TN so I was raised with orange in my veins. My Dad and I watched every game ever played and when I was 9 years old he and my Mom took me to Disney Land in California, while there we went to the Pigskin Classic game and watch Tennessee tie the Colorado Buffalo's which went on to tie Georgia Tech for the National Championship, I had the pleasure of watching Heath Schuler and Kordell Stewart, Rashaan Salaam (Heisman winner) and Ray Ruth. Joined the Army as an 11Bravo Infantryman in 2003. Deployed to Iraq in 2004 with the 1st Calvary Division 2nd Brigade Combat Team and re-deployed for a second tour in Iraq with the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division in 2006, my 3rd and final deployment was to Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne Division in 2008 and honorably discharged in 2010. I love the Volunteers and I feel like between Lane Kiffin, Derek Dooley, and now who I thought just might have finally brought some grit and toughness and some balls back to the Big Orange however, he is too damn conservative, runs the ball too much when he has some of the nations top talent in receivers, remember Tennessee for the past several years has been Wide Receiver University, he has the QB and talent downfield, instead he wants to blow a comfortable 4th quarter lead twice this season against Oklahoma and the damn Florida Gators who have laughed at us for years now, Tennessee is a laughing stock in the NCAA Div 1, I wouldn't be surprised to see them forced out of the SEC because they are dominant anymore, how does a program rich in history as well as very wealthy continue to hire Div 2 class head coaches. Nobody wants to play for Rocky Top because they know they won't win anything. It's time to hire a top notch coach and pay him what in the hell he's asking for, it's not like the program can't afford it. I'm sad to see that they continue to lose, it hurts me personally because I love the Volunteers and my Dad passed away in 2010 knowing that his beloved team had become a complete failure and lost there respect. Please get rid of Jones and hire someone that's got the balls to put there foot on the other teams throat win they have the lead, stop trying to run the clock out by being conservative, run up the damn score, who cares destroy the other team, that is what young up and coming super star football players like to see, a high scoring bad ass football program that's always a national title contender, they don't want to play for some program that believes that running up the score is class-less, so what, other programs like Florida, LSU, TCU, Baylor, Ohio St. Michigan, etc... have no problem stomping some ass in the dirt.

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I have always been on edge when Tennessee plays Georgia regardless of at home or on the road, Georgia is one of those teams that other teams aren't happy to see on there schedules. Tennessee used to scare the hell out of teams as well, it really sucks to see the team you love not just have a few rough seasons which every program in the nation experiences from time to time but, to have your program who has a couple a couple of National Championships as well as a rich tradition of winning and being a juggernaut, contending for the SEC title and National Title year end year out just sucks. It's pretty much as being in a nightmare that you just can't seem to wake up from, and the awful decisions the Vols keep making when hiring a new coach. I wish they would beg David Cuttcliff to leave Duke and take over at Tennessee, he's an offensive genius and was around during Tennessee's glory days.
Butch Jones has got to go, Tennessee is one of the NCAA Division 1 most wealthy programs with plenty of millionaire alumni. Fire Butch "Dooley" Jones and find the best damn football coach out there, pay him more than Nick Saban, let him hire who he wants, and pay them like Alabama pays there O- coordinator/ D-coordinator and other assistants. Jones is too conservative and lacks the killer instinct that National Champion top contender coaches have. Just because you have a comfortable 4th quarter lead doesn't mean the game is over, one would think Jones would had learned his lesson after the Oklahoma lost. He's another Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley. Time to make old Butch kick rocks