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thanks darthA for noting we are not bama fans but we do think bama is a great team based on results and hope that georgia one day will be at same level as to USAGrad417 my father was the editor of the red and black in 1930 and a sportswriter in those days and we certainly knew tarkenton and the head of the alumni assosiation don leebern but this only proves too many people use the internet to slander others in writing
smart should concentrate on defense and find out why it is so bad now
fields is a great runner just like tebow and has a big arm but this game vs indiana showed he lacks some consistent management during some games at georgia he was not a great passer at times and smart thought fromm was more consistent but fromm never was able to scare the other team he was capable of keeping the ball and running for major yards which fields was and that is the reason smart lost him for not giving him more time as a running QB fromm never recovered in 2019 and it was so obvious against teams with big time QB like burrow i still see daniels not ready to run the ball and he was sacked a couple of times when he might and i say might have avoided this if he has the mobility of fields or burrow the real problem with georgia football is the offensive line this year is not great and smart continues to be so stubborn running cook up the middle zeus is good runner but not the caliber of the kid was DC or sony michel or his teammate it seems smart does not understand that the reason bama is able to run so effectively is the defense fears the WRs on bama and is afraid to stack the box mullen is a better strategy coach and i think he will be a florida for a long time so smart must make some decisions now for next year or there will be a repeat of the gators making georgia look bad the only time georgia seemed to get it about short passes turning into touchdowns was with the fellow now at the chiefs turning a 4 yard throw into TDs which florida seems able to do now and into the future smart will be a georgia for years to come since he is a great recruiter but the risk is he will be just like mark richt as the years go by------saban will be gone soon but florida will get better and what decision will smart decide to be almost great or change the strategy georgia seems to lack the use of the tight end to stop teams stacking the box for many years now the defense is good over last few years but this MSU game was an indication smart lacks what bama had for years before this one georgia will always be a elite team that never gets to the top unless smart changes his idea about playing not to lose instead of never taking the foot off the gas for dog fans at least we have no pruitt or mushchamp and usually only get embarassed once a year at bama or florida or LSU
we like smart but he really needs to stop running cook up the middle and maybe the rest of the backs----instead if they must run then around the end and is daniels able to keep the ball once or two times to stop the rush against him
at least kirby smart was not interested in hiring bobo as his offensive coordinator but it is not about won loss record but does the team give a reasonable effort at being productive having a hurt QB who came with bobo was not a great idea and finding an efficient QB is always hard which south carolina has same problem as many other teams but muschamp make a terrible decision just like smart with stetson or mathis smart will have to think hard so he does not end up like muschamp or pruitt the also rans of saban it is time to look for some coach not from the line of saban since the game has changed and saban may not be around much longer maybe replace muschamp with someone from clemson offense is the best they can hope for
SMART NEEDS TO TELL US THE REAL TRUTH stetson is nice fellow but poor QB mathis is nice fellow but terrible passer either daniels is ready now or start THE FRESHMAN qb SINCE HE CANNOT BE WORSE THAN STETSON OR MATHIS NO MORE LIES FROM SMART HE GETS PAID TOO MUCH
smart should tell us the truth about the QB situation stetson is nice fellow but really poor QB mathis is nice fellow but really terrible passer either daniels is ready to start the rest of the season of IMMEDIATELY GO WITH THE FRESHMAN qb NO MORE LIES SMART PLEASE
that analysis is probably correct while miles was a great guy and funny besides it took the cajun to find joe burrow----smart needs to start daniles now and admit he cannot win the big ones unless he has a real 5 star QB not fromm who was never a 5 star QB -------the real facts are 5 star QB are hard to recruit and sometimes never equal the stars so where did this mac at alabama come from maybe saban is a better coach than we know even thought saban is not a nice fellow like marc ***right*****
smart needs to come clean and tell us is daniels is hurt, not ready, not better QB than stetson or god forbid mathis, but if he wants to beat elite teams he better find a QB that is over 6 feet tall that has an accurate arm which is not mathis sorry for him but he needs to try out for WR and if not daniels than this freshman to get experience now for next year since i think this idea of smart trying to win the most games this year is not the objective but be ready for 2021 for the shot at the NC since that is the only interest of the fans and georgia is no longer in the days of being ok with top 10 finish only with the NC if not the recruiting will not be a plus for smart-------long time fans know georgia has 2 NCs in 80 and during the 40s and we have not really been realistic most of the last 40 years because we did not have a QB that could win by his own work like burrow or newton and that is the difference period
why did smart not give daniels the ball with 7 minutes left in the game up 44 to 21---------is this fellow not ready to play because if stetson is hurt please do not torture mathis by putting him in-----this mathis deserves at least another year before he plays QB again since it is very dicey he may never be QB material but why not give him a chance at WR
as long as cade mays stuck to his promise when he signed up for georgia i had no problem with him except it seemed he missed blocks far too often in pass protect and did reasonably well in run blocking----------it seems he has same problem at tennesse missing pass protection blocks so sorry he left the dogs but he should never had said it was because they did not treat him fairly------as to garantano he made 2 huge throws but i think this baily is the future now for tennesse since garantano is never going to be consistent-----at least fromm was usually consistent but i never thougt fromm was a great QB but just above averagein arm power
the post ballsohard is correct -----smart needs to stop making mistakes and think he can wear bama down by running up the middle------the toss sweep worked for herschel and it will work for milton or zeus or mcintosh and the end around with burton will work stop getting 1 yard up the middle-------does not make sense not to put in daniels at 7 min to go in the 4th unless he really is not ready to play and if you put mathis then lets see him run the ball just hand off does not tell us is he is legit
fromm nice fellow but average athlete at best and not a great QB and seems stetson is better fit at QB than fromm
bennet was better than from at escaping pressure-------from would have been on the ground but bennet was amazing getting out of trouble------still do not understand why they do not use the new big tight end
please smart do not embarass mathias again if he wishes to stay in the team give him a chance to play wide reciever----he is not a QB period------cook is not a RB either so look at macintosh who is a tough kid-------start using the big tight end number 0 who is a nightmare for the defense -----he will keep the linebackers occupied once they realize he is almost 6 foot 8 and cannot be tackled by one man
i just watched mathis again in the rerun of the game no matter what anyone feels for his terrible ordeal of the brain problem he is really not qualified to be a QB past high school the kid may be better trying out for wide reciever or defense back but never QB and smart should have known this long ago
smart is getting highly paid so perhaps he is not thinking----do not run james cook up the middle or even as a running back instead his only use is pass catcher like the kid who went to the chiefs-------mcintosh is better RB and stop trying to run up the middle when you can get zeus on the outside-----zeus is not yet sonny michel good so adjust------start using the huge tight end at 6 foot 7 to stop the linebackers from clogging the lane--------never again start or rely on mathis he just does not have the eye coordiantion to play QB------stetson is not going to win a NC but he is the best you have now unless this freshman from florida can step up since i think the daniels kid is weeks away from really being able to take a pounding---you can beat florida with defense but i do not see a light at the end of the tunnel for bama------sometimes the dice do not go your way but find a joe burrow before too many years go by
bulldog fan since 1951 and due to the virus have not paid attention to football but yesterday reviewed the arburn, tenn, fla, tech games it is obvious that fromm was a nice fellow but not great QB and that the system was not oriented to score a lot of points like joe burrow this newman kid may the the cats pajamas as my dad used to say so i hope this year there is some improvement in the team but frankly football has lost a lot of interest especially i will never watch nfl again it is sad to consider that the joy of sports is almost gone but one day maybe the sport will again be about sport not politics
samrt is going to have to earn the 7 million dollars now and copy the man from LSU quickly since the dogs have the talent and fromm is not a bad qb but the system needs to have him make quick decisions------these monsters in the offensive line need to earn the bread and butter they are fed every day and protect the qb for at least 3 seconds------we will see if smart has the guts to hire an offensive man like LSU before florida game
this is for mike griffith who did not answer my 2 emails warning him that the dogs were not up to par-----mike is a good analyist but he has been drinking too much coolaid and needs to face facts ga is good team with bad play calling and a coach not up to saban standards------brandoom adams in nice fellow but really is into too much gossip instead of asking smart to think outside the box like this fellow from LSU did make a 180 degree change
it is 100% fault of smart-----he is alone the reason we lost-----there is not a way in the world ga should have lost a game to this team-----we have been stating this for more than a week that ga has no pass defense -----my dad was a sportswriter when harry mehre was the coach and we have been fans for almost 89 years and this was embarassment
we go back to the 30s as georgia fans and this smart is not worth 7 million dollars
go back and read all the bronconagurski posts on the various sections of the saturday opinions and we said smart is not a great coach
smart did not wake up and now this 2nd rate team is ahead of the dogs------something has to happen soon or florida will be hard to beat
smart wake up 3 minutes to the half and S. Carolina is tied and the QB for this 2nd rate team is looking better than the dogs and jake------please wake up soon
just as i said during the week the pass defense at georgia is not great and unless smart figures out what is wrong they will once again not win the NC------this team has too much talent to let some freshman qb throw touchdown in the 1st backed up to the 7 yard line on this fantastic quick form ga punter-----smart needs to get smart quick if not we once again will be good but not great
we need q williams in the front 7 but the guys we have try hard
i have my fingers crossed hoping the elite georgia will show up in the 1st few minutes of the 1st quarter since i just watched the 1st half of the S. Carolina game last year and the dogs were lucky to come out ahead for that quarter------this poor pass defense just will not cut it against lsu or bama in the sec champ--ship ---------somehow i hope that smart has hiddent the great talent so far and that S. Carolina will have 50% less yards than they did against bama--------if so i will start to believe smart may be = saban but i still believe coachs should never get multimillion dollar deals---what texasam gave jimbo is a sin----albert einstein had a salary in todays dollars about $125,000
it seems that football today is rapidly changing so winning the toss and waiting till 2nd half to recieve the ball may not be the best option since scoring has become more important than defense------go back to LSU vs Georgia in Baton Rouge ----the dogs never stood a chance since LSU got off to such a big start and had to forgo the run game to catch up------if the dogs are going to win the NC this is not only the year it must happen since another Jake is not likely to occur -----they must take the ball 1st if they win the toss and score immediately touchdown no more field goals-----i hope that smart reads this since again he is paid 7 million dollars to win the NC not just have a great team ------and yes i pray that the dogs will win the NC but i am not sure smart is equal to saban or riley or dabo and now this cajun fellow at LSU is the new genius at scoring