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samrt is going to have to earn the 7 million dollars now and copy the man from LSU quickly since the dogs have the talent and fromm is not a bad qb but the system needs to have him make quick decisions------these monsters in the offensive line need to earn the bread and butter they are fed every day and protect the qb for at least 3 seconds------we will see if smart has the guts to hire an offensive man like LSU before florida game
this is for mike griffith who did not answer my 2 emails warning him that the dogs were not up to par-----mike is a good analyist but he has been drinking too much coolaid and needs to face facts ga is good team with bad play calling and a coach not up to saban standards------brandoom adams in nice fellow but really is into too much gossip instead of asking smart to think outside the box like this fellow from LSU did make a 180 degree change
it is 100% fault of smart-----he is alone the reason we lost-----there is not a way in the world ga should have lost a game to this team-----we have been stating this for more than a week that ga has no pass defense -----my dad was a sportswriter when harry mehre was the coach and we have been fans for almost 89 years and this was embarassment
we go back to the 30s as georgia fans and this smart is not worth 7 million dollars
go back and read all the bronconagurski posts on the various sections of the saturday opinions and we said smart is not a great coach
smart did not wake up and now this 2nd rate team is ahead of the dogs------something has to happen soon or florida will be hard to beat
smart wake up 3 minutes to the half and S. Carolina is tied and the QB for this 2nd rate team is looking better than the dogs and jake------please wake up soon
just as i said during the week the pass defense at georgia is not great and unless smart figures out what is wrong they will once again not win the NC------this team has too much talent to let some freshman qb throw touchdown in the 1st backed up to the 7 yard line on this fantastic quick form ga punter-----smart needs to get smart quick if not we once again will be good but not great
we need q williams in the front 7 but the guys we have try hard
i have my fingers crossed hoping the elite georgia will show up in the 1st few minutes of the 1st quarter since i just watched the 1st half of the S. Carolina game last year and the dogs were lucky to come out ahead for that quarter------this poor pass defense just will not cut it against lsu or bama in the sec champ--ship ---------somehow i hope that smart has hiddent the great talent so far and that S. Carolina will have 50% less yards than they did against bama--------if so i will start to believe smart may be = saban but i still believe coachs should never get multimillion dollar deals---what texasam gave jimbo is a sin----albert einstein had a salary in todays dollars about $125,000
it seems that football today is rapidly changing so winning the toss and waiting till 2nd half to recieve the ball may not be the best option since scoring has become more important than defense------go back to LSU vs Georgia in Baton Rouge ----the dogs never stood a chance since LSU got off to such a big start and had to forgo the run game to catch up------if the dogs are going to win the NC this is not only the year it must happen since another Jake is not likely to occur -----they must take the ball 1st if they win the toss and score immediately touchdown no more field goals-----i hope that smart reads this since again he is paid 7 million dollars to win the NC not just have a great team ------and yes i pray that the dogs will win the NC but i am not sure smart is equal to saban or riley or dabo and now this cajun fellow at LSU is the new genius at scoring
senor rico------this is not personal georgia is A- to A team and will win all the remaining regular season games in my opinion ------but i go back to the 1950s of watching georgia come close and i do remember in person attending the game the 1st time dooley did the lateral against bama in 1964-------the problem is smart is good coach better than mark richt but when you pay 7 million dollars you have to bring home the NC and so far the defense may not be up to the task-------some people forget that georgia almost always comes close but that only counts in horse shoes-------1980 was great but time is running out and i doubt any new QB is going to be = to jake so all dog fans must understand this fellow is going to go in the 1st round -------i for one was very dissapointed that fields did not honor his pledge since with that i figured that we now had tua and hurts combo-------you probably will not understand but we suffered with wally butts when you were probally not born so we have a reason to wish the best for georgia but do not wish to go home again 2nd best in the NC
this is the year smart must win-------there is no jake next year ---he only comes along once every 10 years--------watched the tennessee game on youtube and far too many passes completed to make smart confident he can control burrow or tua so this will take some magic
1st. either of the 2 bama or lsu will be on the schedule and at 73 years old i have no more patience or time for winning a NC---------as to the competitive market it is a disgrace to pay coachs that much or pro athletes who do not respect the flag 100 million dollars------i worked on wall street with hedge funds for years and none of them deserve the money they get either---that is why i retired to get away from the greed but my fathers best friend son was the head trustee of the athletic dept and he approved this kind of money-------i understand he and dooley no longer friends -------i knew tarkenton and he should have been coach since he did not need the money
this week is the week we will know if smart is entitled to the 7 million dollar salary----------personally i believe anyone who earns more than 1 million does not deserve this but since college football is insane for paying these coachs while regular people try to make ends meet so be it--------if smart prevents those easy passes in the middle or over the top then he will have made me think he can have a chance to stop tua or burrow(this may be the big risk since he can run also)-------and yes i graduated from ga in finance and still cannot spell or do much grammer if someone wishes to make any critical comments about why i think coachs are overpaid
i hope this is the year that bulldogs finally win the NC but from someone whose dad used to make excuses for wally butts in the 50s i will not make excuses for smart---------he makes 7 milion dollars--------this coach at LSU has a better offense and jake is nice QB but why run up the middle when you have speed speed and more speed and getting stopped for less than one yard on 4th down is not great---------the pass defense is C plus not better and there is no way the dogs will stop burrow or tua unless something changes ---------not sure i will live long enought to see another NC-----smart has to get smart
my father was the editor of the red and black in 1930 so i doubt we are bama fans-----i knew tarkenton also
good forbid bulldogs face tua or burrow unless they learn to pass defense
we need to ask smart to give back 90% of his salary until he learns how to coach like saban---------there was no pass defense and this maurer is not johnny unitas
this maurer qb for tenny must be johnny unitas come back to life because hard to believe ga pass defense is this bad ----we pay smart too much money for this disaster ------i hope we do not play joe burrow this year
ga punter 18 yards maybe his sister can help him since smart is not worth the money we pay him
smart needs to refund money if this is what he is acting like a coach with the worst tennesse team beating ga like a girl i want marc richt back
tennessee is a joke but the bulldogs are bigger joke--------what is wrong with smart------why did we pay him 7 million dollars
forget fields the problem is we paid 7 million dollars to smart and the way tennessee is starting we should have kept nice fellow marc richt
smart has to decide if he wants to be a glorified marc richt or win the NC if he does he needs to change the style of game plan now before the sec decision game with either lsu or bama because either can be a win but against clemson or osu style or play i have doubts since it takes 40 points to win the NC why run up the middle like jimmy chaney when every back can beat the defenders to the edge-------even brian herrien watch the replay at my age i do not know if i have many more years to wait for another herschel so i wish smart will do this now my dad knew trippi in his prime and i knew tarkenton and don leebern
the homer mike grffith who always overates georgia god bless him for being optimistic gave kirby smart a D+ for the game plan thank the stars that kirby is better recruiter than richt but now he has the chance to step up to saban and dabny status as a game winner not a game not to lose simmons is a great hearted player but never but never again put him in the return of kicks since he fumbled in previous game and got away with it but a decent team will make him pay like ND did and never let cook run out of the end zone again-------both of these are coach mistakes of putting wrong player up the potential best player besides swift is blaylock and they did not use him to great effect i have doubts now about the pass rush as book had hours in the pocket to think and fortunately for georgia he is not a great QB not matter what the media says georgia has the talent to play with clemson and bama and lsu but they must start a new way of thinking and give credit to the old cajun at lsu who threw away wood hays 3 yards and cloud of dust to adapt to the new way to win big games missouri is not great and i saw kelly braynt made a lot of bad throws----------florida cannot run and obviously texasam is not credible so yes smart can change a lot of the play book to get ready for either lus or bama in the sec decision but if they want to beat clemson, bama, osu they must be ready to score in the high 40s someone better tell those giants in the 0 line they need to block with their eyes open also
kirby smart best ask nick saban for some advice how to keep the pedal to the metal since georgia has the talent but not the game plan
a few other observations cook running out of the end zone to the 16 yard line was dumb who told him he could do this cook was never a factor in the jet sweep because the line did not block -------this was not the great wall of china simmons muffed punt return was preventable with 2 men back pickens so far not catching the hard ones smart must face facts if this was in ND stadium the game was a loss so if georgia is going to a playoff there will not be the fans to save this since without those false starts against ND this was not going to be a win someone better hope mcgee is not our best cover guy going forward no sacks and often no pressure on book ----he had way too much time in the pocket
my dad used to make excuses for wally butts now i have to make excuses for kirby smart --------he is not the coach saban is or dabny---------the play calling was ridiculous and he did the same mistake he did against bama in the national championship-------playing not to lose is the reason he is not YET an elite coach-------blaylock is georgia jerry juedy but he was missing most of the night--------herrien was the savior no one wishes to complement since the coach asked him to run into brick wall and the one time he was allowed to run outside make a huge play-------either the game plan has to change to LSU style or georgia will waste another year