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bama is not more than good team certainly not great and luck is something saban seems to have not deserve but it counts if the dogs play like they did vs gatech then bama has a chance but if they play like they did vs vols then bama is gone to lala land i do not see either bama or dogs winning the nc unless milroe learns how to throw short or beck somehow acts like this is the vols or rebels game again since i was not impressed dogs vs missouri
everett is a minus and he tries hard but is there anyone else
agreed that betting dogs to cover is not bright move what i do not understand about my team since the time of wally butts is why we do not have an erk russle maybe we miss dan laning more than kirby wants to admit i think dogs are better than bama but i just cannot understand how beck has gone backwards since the last 2 weeks when he seemed to be almost perfect lucky he was not intercepted 3 times so how do we beat michigan or oregon or washington or even texas fsu is sad shape so if we get lucky and stay at 1 maybe we have easy time vs fsu if they are selected but none of the rest are easy wins kirby needs to tell us the truth tech is not a good team and why were they able to run up the middle so easy
as a dog fan for almost 70 years this was the most lame coaching exhibit i can remember and i remember some bad ones from wally butts dooley would have fired glen shuman after letting a 3rd rate team like team run at will vs the great defense that the media keeps reminding us but the really sad part is they all left in 2021 number 6 everett is just awful and there is no pass rush and the play calling is not great even on the offense side beck seems lost again after making us think he was great i just do not see how we beat oregon, washington, texas, bama, michigan unless kirby gets his ducks in a row quickly
number 6 everett continues to be a negative on coverage but what amazes me more is what is glen shuman thinking since all of the sudden the dogs have no clue on defense maybe shuman is not such a hot commodity for head coach elsewhere maybe we need to go back to mushchamp to get real like junk yard dogs really are like
this quip re stetson holding off beck is probably the most astute quote is have ever read on the net re georgia football congradulations
as a dog fan since 1956 i am tired of smart making excuses for not getting the team ready to play defense
what happened to the coach that beat oregon by multiple tds what happened to the coach that beat tcu by multiple tds maybe he ran off the only defense player = to jalen carter because the dogs did not get much push on cook till the last few minutes number 6 cannot cover and humphey should be in before number 6 number 11 saved the game and he should be in every play on defense beck seemed to be off and if it was the pressure what will occur if we have to play bama or michigan defense our dog offense coordinator has to stop running edwards up the middle for 1 yard instead run outside milton actually can run up the middle and why is milton not the featured back unless he is still hurt i am tired of kirby given the fans like me a heart attack with close games josh pate opinion is the dogs would easly cover the spread but what concerns me is smart acts like teams like missouri are really great not just above average also the defense seems lost at covered in edge vs running qbs we really miss number 4 from last year
my dogs cannot tackle cannot cover receievers cannot rush the passer smart is not nick saban no matter what the fans think and bobo continues to run up the middle when the tigers cannot cover mckonly why why why
what is wrong with smart not calling time with 2 mins to go and running up the middle missouri cannot cover the recievers but beck seems lost
number 6 cannot cover pee wee herman number 12 was cheated by the refs the pass interfence called on 12 was not correct however if the offensive line cannot protect beck it will be a long game and the dogs will have to play better defense if they want to beat michigan and oregon and washington since osu seems not able to beat rutgers easily maybe dogs can beat osu this is not the team of jalen carter or anyone like him from 21 or 22
smart has not decided what the defense is geared up for or maybe it is the other coachs because georgia has too many great players to give up easy TDS i keep wondering why he does not put vandergriff in on certain plays because when we get to the reall hard games if the other teams in the playoff do not think we are risk of running the QB around the end i am not sure we can beat osu, oklahoma, michigan again much less oregon who is ready to score every time they touch the ball
danielson is a nice fella even if he makes mistakes compared to some of the others on different media at least he is traditional type person not trying to inject politics
finally this is the dogs we want to see on offense defense still makes me a little nervous
scapsinger is correct about the other teams wearing down in 4th quarter in the past with dogs depth not sure this year has same depth but the real problem is kirby smart not being flexible staying with starters who are not up to the talent of maybe some freshmen who smart should try i think they miss this lineman who went to southern call who maybe could be a jalen carter if he stayed at georgia if any one remembers he made some great plays in the natty last year i forget his name but we do not have anyone equal to him as to beck the problem is not his arm but his timing stetson really was best at timing if anyone remebers the slant to the reciever now at pittsburg making incredible catches edwards is a war horse but he is not nick chubb nor sony michele and bobo needs to stop running him up the middle so often this cash kid is faster than anyone on the team except mews and run him outside over and over also i would consider using vandergriff as a running back not a QB since he is perhaps the solution to the running back problems the reason beck has problems is other teams will not believe he can run on the outside like this turtle QB from auburn who had 61 yards around the edge so do not tell me he is faster than beck but the problem with beck is he is not allowed to run outside bobo needs to have a real talk with smart and admit they both need to change the QB run outside just to slow down the rush
until kirby can get our team to have a real defense he should donate his salary to the red cross since the starters on both lines are playing like they need this group is kentucky for real this year we will find out soon but they and georgia were both 6-0 and georgia made them look silly will that happen this year if so then maybe we get back to the natty
just to clarify i watched tucker frederickson in 1964 in person he was 1st pick in the draft and hunter is not close to being a 1st pick saban changed hurts to the freshman in the natty where georgia had it won till the miracle 26 yard pass in last few seconds this is called flexibilty and so far smart has not done this against any team this year there has to be better freshmen that some of the starters if not we will not be going very far this year
i watched a fellow named tucker frederickson run all over the dogs and ruin the season chance to advance but this years auburn team had very little talent and this hunter kid while good was not the star running back there for 20 and 21 so what occurs when we play this kentucky kid who is a possible great back and seems this may be true if 280 yards for a back tells smart he better start playing some men who can tackle soon smart may be the best recruiter we have ever had and a possible great coach but that is still not proven while i find saban a detestable figure he was willing to change horses in the middle of panic and i did not see smart willing to change this mpemba or the new fresh safety may be better to replace chamliss or johnson since it was not the beef but the speed they outplayed the dogs defense with
as a dog fan since 1954 the problem is kirby smart is somehow forgetting he is not bear bryant until he proves he can play defense vs the run he has 17 assts who should have told him to protest the pass completion where the auburn QB went pass the line of scimmage and then returned back the refs did not call it but gary danielson pointed out it was obvious this alone gave auburn the TD in the drive chamliss is a brave tough kid but so slow he should watch turtles dumas johnson is tough also but very slow what is the problem with the offense it is obvious the line is sleeping and the center is not living up to his fame beck is an average QB and has strong arm and bad timing on too many passes i thought he would be ok since he was taller than stetson but stetson was better on timing bobo is still trying to run up the middle when it is obvious the solution is the same as the oregon game wide runs and quick slants edwards is braver than brave but he is not herschel walker and unless we have one soon the kentucky back looks like herschel i keep thinking what is the problem and the problem is kirby smart needs to make wholesale changes even if the risk is playing the freshmen in run defense since the starters are not up to par at least kirby was showing his doubts in the post game interview
if smart manages to lose this game he needs to give back 90% of his salary especially when he could have protested the auburn QB pass the line when the pass was called complete and smart did nothing i have watched the dogs since 1954 and this may be the worst effort i have ever seen given the huge talent edge this dog team has vs auburn i watched tucker destroy the dogs in 1964 but auburn has talent this team does not does smart know how to get bobo to stop running up the middle over and over for 1 yard when all the outside is open beck is not a quality QB and if the dogs lose something has to change if they win it still has to change
we watched wally butts coach the dogs before vince dooley came and saved the future and now kirby is great but the team is not great the simple reason is our team lacks the super stars like jordan davis and jalen number 88 i never though kelly ringo was great but daylan everet and david daniel are a real liability and it would be interesting if kirby could play some of the freshmen to see if they could improve even if bullard comes back he cannot play every down so we need to stop this easy completions uab managed last saturday because if not there will be no victory when oregon, washington, ohio state , michigan, texas take the field the good news is brinson seems to be our version of jalen carter this year maybe he will be equal before the end of the season if not we will give up long completions because the DBs cannot guard fast WRs if we do not repeat the powers that be cannot take away those 2 NCs and as a long suffering fan from the 50s so be it
as a georgia fan it seems like the author of this site has decided to not respect the dogs although it seems ok to think they may not win the national title this year but not making the playoff seems remote washington had 3 tough games and 2 medium hard teams left texas has almost no tough games unless you count oklahoma oregon has to play washington and usc so even though georgia may not = last year the schedule only has the vols and seems like they are not close to last years vols he leaves out michigan and ohio state which means one or the other loses and the only way neither is a playoff team is both lose to penn state and the loser of michigna and ohio state lose another but does not seem likely as a fan i would rather see oregon than washington but neither has an easy path to the playoff texas seems to have the easy path and fla state almost blew boston college which is almost an ivy league school
our dogs were lucky tonite since if bear bryant was alive he would be upset at the defense lapses over and over smart has to get someone better than number 6 or 14 to cover recievers or go with just one high safety so add an extra rusher on the line as to beck he is good but not elite and unless he learns to take his time we cannot expect to beat oregon or similar qb play even rattler made us look silly at times mondon was great last year but he looks slow maybe this injury has slowed him down we cannot just keep saying we are missing 6 starters because what if we have more injured players also the same offensive line players who were starting last year is not = to last year and i mean the center and ratlege were need to get better quick and smart knows we cannot rely on luck
i hope the dogs do not have to face oregon this year because our defense is not up to the task like the rout we had vs oregon last year
locked on bulldogs just agreed with me number 5 cannot cover the recievers on defense suggest finding someone else number 14 david with 2 names is horrible and anyone is better or just go with one high safety and rush more linemen since he cannot cover this lets starks which is the best healty player take charge of the defense (bowers may be best if healthy but something is wrong with him) locked on says chamliss is a problem and i agree he has zero pass rush beck has to start looking down the field every time for 20 yard plus passes to open up the 8 man box against the run rara thomas is the best reciever now if he continues but until bowers recovers he needs to take over beck needs to actually see the field by forgeting the dink passes
smart needs to get his ducks in a row compare this to the game against oregon where the play calls were almost perfect and today it looked like our dogs were trying to lose or win a close game we are not in the close game business especially when the line was 27 points number 6 and 14 especially cannot cover recievers where is a jalen carter on the roster today since i do not see one
this is kirby smarts fault beck has strong arm and weak brain number 6, 2, 14 cannot cover the recievers the defense cannot tackle the offense cannot block get vandergriff in the game before it is lost if not smart is dumb