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barkley was a great basketball player but his opinion on georgia football is not worth the ink there is a major possible story about dan laning which this web site has not posted i dare say that mushchamp is never going to leave georgia if he is made defense head if laning leaves since i doubt he wishes to go thru the stress of being a head coach again but not only that what major university that has the chance to go to the playoffs would give mushchamp a position as head coach given his record at florida and carolina the current florida man mullin may not be a nice fellow but he produced what mushchamp never did and that was a real offense if laning wishes to leave i suggest he think how many years smart waited for the right position and kansas is not worth the risk of embarassment like les miles could not put out a respectable effort there
every year we hope for the dogs to go all the way finally a QB and a real backup QB named beck either the defense is like the famous chicago bears i forget the year but if you know football history it is clear they were the best of all time that year so if the defense is all world maybe the offensive line is adequate but they really looked lost at times of course smart will bring in a experiened corner since that is the current ones will not hold up again a devonte smith or jason waddle (thanks they went to the pros) if anyone knows if there is any equals to these two please post it quick so smart will know who he has to guard
seems the obvious is overlooked about the dogs chances for 2021 pickens is not a team player in the past and doubt he will return in 2021 even if he is ok physically the replacement is arik gilbert if he is smart unless he is got some kind of problem we do not know about maybe dawgnation knows if so lets hear them
finally some usefull info on times running on different types of surface from mountain dog ----i do not know him personally_____but it would be better to hear facts or opinions instead of calling others who post names
pickens was the difference maker and i wish dogs to win it all but without him i do not see a bright future vs clemson or bama so maybe next year once again------also i watched many games from 2019 and 2020 and the defense is not all that great--------wish they were but azzez and anderson were needed to stay together but do not blame zazzez for the money going pro
i really is not polite to critize a writer but is there some bias against smart who is not ever likely to leave georgia no matter what bama people think that he or dabo will inherit sabans postion on retirement maybe dabo but smart will never leave georgia and frankly after watching the dogs from the time of wally butts i doubt georgia will ever get 1. a more loyal coach who will not leave for more money 2. a better defensive mind and if the fans pan him for offense he still is the best of the group named named saban and think includes fisher and dabo(he is not equally great without the defense genius on his staff) 3. how the article thinks the fellow from vaderbilt will last is beyond logic and the auburn man will get huge pressure within 2 years produce or go 4. maybe you can make cash for fisher since no other university would be dumb enough to pay the costs to get him
daniels may be great but if you see those strange throws vs cincy i wonder if smart will make sure that beck and vadergriff are ready if daniels gets hurt and please put stetson on the staff instead of the field the recievers except adrian all dropped easy passes and even though pickens at times seems all world he dropped some easy ones as did number 10 who has the most guts on the team returning punts and kickoffs daniels must learn to get rid of the ball instead of taking so many sacks i assume his knees are now ready so maybe he is up to par because if not there is no NC in 2021-22
there is no question daniels has more upside than the florida QBs is he better now of course but the question i have is why smart wants stetson benett on scholarship since there are 2 potention starts on the rooster i watched the kentucky game and benett is a great story about guts and sticking it out but he is a far below average QB so if daniels gets hur smart better have vandergriff and beck ready to play and stop wasting time with benett
i try never to answer critics especially those who do not read the words written i said the auburn guy has a chance not a great chance as to kiffin the prediction is about the future not the past as to when i started watching football it was in 1954 and i knew tarkenton personally along with the fellows who make the books here in costa rica i have no interest in point spreads but it seems to me that college football is on the path to extinction due to the future decision to pay these players and one day no one will care too bad the reason i chose bronconagurski is my dad knew him and others in the old pro days when guys were paid the same as bricklayers
tennessee is going to have a bad time for many years this heupel is not a smart move harsin on the other hand at auburn has a chance maybe not a great chance but at least he is a breath of fresh air i suspect lane kiffin will one day be at the top of the heap
chris smith is starting safety for bulldogs where you get he transfered you need to explain
franks is a surprise but he has the one talent not can be coached and he is tall and big
i have been watching georgia football since wally butts was the coach and frankly i have zero interest in reading about justin fields ever again vandergriff and stockton are great talents and i hope smart gives beck a chance since stetson bennett should be thanked and given a job in the recruiting area instead of facing monster defensive ends which he cannot see around or over i think smart is a very talented coach not on the level of saban yet but maybe if he will do the one thing needed this year and that is get 2 corner backs 6 foot 3 that can run and jump and stop someone like the guy from florida pitts last year from making the defense look silly-----i just did not see campbell or stokes for that matter jumping into pitts with their back to stop him from going up since as long as they face the ball probably no penalty is called according to the so called experts georgia teachs face guarding till the last second which did not seem to work also whoever we hope smart gets in the transfer protal for cornerback it better be someone who is more than 210 lbs with muscle to stop a player like pitts i watched the heisman winner jump and catch one handed and i thought if some cornerback cannot push him around at 175 lbs ---why not instead of letting smith out jump them this ringo new fellow seems like he may be just the type -hope so as to daniels seems like a great arm talent but accuracy this is still not unitas or joe burrow (even joe namath would be impressed with burrow but college is one thing and the pros is another so maybe burrow is not going to last like rothenberger thos bit hits) i wonder about if daniesl can hold up since vandergriff seems like a hulk so i hope he and stockton will be ready in 2022
1. he was homesick and lsu was far away------did anyone check how far is gainesville from marietta 2. this kid is a prima dona besides being a great athlete but i suspect he will want to transfer from florida if the QB is not great and he doeds not get enough attention 3. if he wanted to win a NC i would think he would have picked bama or georgia 4. there is always a risk with kids whose ego is more than the team
coach orgeron may never win anothe NC but i am sure he can make a great gumbo and i doubt any other SEC coach equals that
heupel may not have remembered to say goodbye to the players at his old school but if not does it reflect on him that he is not able to look people in the eye and explain why he makes decisions i find saban cold and calculating but i wonder if he said goodbye to his players at other schools when he left and if so it tells me saban is pretty smart so i wonder when he is going to retire so georgia will one day win the NC because i am tired of almost and if dj daniel was so good in the senior bowl maybe there is more talent in the def backs that we know about
heupel is a strange fellow to trash $900,000 which could have been used for scholorships or new equipment instead of firing a proven defensive coach who at least could have been an advisor or recruiter does not seem like a rational move nor any logic because anyone who trashs $900,000 for some sort of bias is not saban no matter if you hate bama saban would not have done this nor smart
it is not polite to cast dirt on other teams but why would the administration of the university of tennessee permit the current AD and coach Huepel to eliminate a proven defensive coach who may not be the best ever but still experienced to recieve $900,000 for essentially nothing if this new coach could not find any slot to use a man for $900,000 i suspect he will be a failure going forward as i am sure saban no matter if you hate bama would not waste this money and i hope kirby would never do this also that money could have paid scholarships for walkons at least
hope this fellow ccan get lock down corner in the portal since this is the only gap in the dogs lineup however i still wonder if bama is not going to be better than the dogs in 2021 the only way i see this opening to beat bama is that this tight end is the key to always making 3rd and 1 since running up the middle is still not a guarantee unless milton is the 1st back not zeus if the corners are still not able to cover like they did not vs florida we are still 10-2 and wonder if mark richt is watching us
this farse of a explanation from the woman and fulmer about the facts is something that most are not focusing on did the so called money in bags come from the official budget of the university--if so she and fulmer should be answering that question if it came from boosters why did someone in the AD office not know this is this a violation of law in tennessee if so where are the authories or is this just a cover up from top
put the coaches under oath where did the money come from who handed it to them was it from rich fans or was it from the budget of the school seems this woman who is head of the admin and AD should answer this
kearis is almost great player so we will see what next year brings the big decision is how many georgia is over 85 limit now how can they get immediate help at CB in the transfer program make sure dogs get arik legally so the gators do not report violations like they seem to have to deal with now retire stet bennet with a medal and get the 2 young kids ready to back up daniels
shaffer is a bonus in case he ups his game or we need him as a backup in case of injury salyer needs another year if he is smart no pun intended zamir needs to go pro now since if he gets hurt again i think he is done for good----i think he cannot last more than 3 years as a back given the number of injuries now and milton is far better back maybe he is going to be much bigger like the tank playing for bama this year the one i wish had never left was otis reese sine he appears to have done ok at mississippi if adams and griffith would give real info on the 85 limit and who is not being asked to stay by smart it would help to know how we can get a junior college transfer to come in for DB since i think there is a big whole there and is ringo ready to go since his injury is not well understood give an award to stet bennet but make vandargriff and the freshman from florida who never got on the field except for one play the backups to daniels i think daniels will be more mobile next year after his confidence if improved related to the injury but does he have the touch not just the arm is what we need to see it may be a giant surprise to find out vandargriff is just as good if not better than trevor as a freshman so what does smart do ala fields and fromm the schedule is so much easier this year since if they beat clemson it seems like it is smoot ride to the SEC champ contest unless the coachs manage to lose a game to an underdog like south carolina last year last and not least please do not break the rules like it seems tennessee is facing and lsu probably also----this is about arik gilbert get him legally no extra candy ---if he comes i see NC in the cards
i hope that 2021 the brillance of smart recruiting ability shows up in his game planning please do not make same mistake with vandargriff that he did with fields once vandargriff is ready with the playbook give him at least a quarter each game to get him ready for 2022 we have hopes daniel will get elite but so far this game new years day was not either valid or not cementing his ceiling
i wonder when griffith and adams and sentel will start the conversation about if vandargriff is going to be the answer for the dogs next year since daniels does not seem to be trevor strong the media says this vandargriff can power clean big weight and i think daniels is not very strong and also vandargriff seems to be able to run like trevor at clemson we are lucky to have smart come for recruiting purposes but in this 5th year he is not saban equal what was the reason trevor was not picked over fields for the dogs if anyone knows what was in smarts mind something must get serious if we are going to beat alabama since it appears we will face them each year for some time
agreed out coached but what about this genius off coordinator where was he in this
self evaluation is correct smart should have gone for it with 3 minutes left when we had 4th and 3 to go the odds were not good we would get the ball back ask anyone who has done analetics on the odds
this is on smart not to be so stubborn in the next year stop running up the middle for one yard the toss sweep works but smart did not get the point daniels has a big arm but i wonder about his accuracy we need smart to take some lessons from saban how not to get our georgia fans heartburns and stop making mistakes georgia should have been 21 points more than cincinnati and frankly if we do not improve next year we will not be able to beat florida as bad as their coach is at making stupid remarks
win or lose georgia has most inept plan possible where is the brains of smart he must have left them in athens running white up the middle for 1 yard is exactly why smart will never be the same as saban while the dogs deserve to have a coach like saban i wonder why we do not ask smart to get on his knees and ask his old boss saban what to do to win games when you have better talent but cannot get them to use it
this writer blackmon is trying to explain why the sinking of the titanic was not so bad mullen is what he is a good planer for plays and a fellow you would not wish to deposit your life savings with trask was never a great qb and this showed us why