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I HATE saying this about UGA, but I definitely agree. CMR seems to be one of the most stand up coaches out there.
All accounts of Manziel was that he left due to illness. It was speculated on internet sites that he left because of partying; however, all statements coming from the Camp was that he was sick.
Much better analogy. Manziel should @ least be able to sign footballs or something.
This whole number 1 scoring defense ranking annoys me. Of course they do, they're a great D playing decent teams. Look what happened to the number 1 overall D (FSU) when they played UF. Idk how to rank individual units on a single team vs. other units on another team, when they play different caliber of teams, all I know is that it's annoying lil.
If ND loses next week, all hell will break out, outside the SEC... As SEC fans, we just get to sit back and enjoy the show, bcuz regardless, another trophy comes home.
Maybe I'm missing something, and it's a good bet I am, but can someone plz explain to me why it's LSU/TAMU everyone is expecting to pick up the second BCS spot for the SEC? Y not UF? BCS Bowl Games are as follows: 1. BCS Championship Game #1 vs. #2 2. Tositos Fiesta Bowl (Glendale) BCS/Big 12 #1 vs. BCS At-Large 3. Sugar Bowl (N. Orleans) BCS/SEC #1 vs. BCS At-Large 4. Orange Bowl (Miami) BCS/ACC #1 vs. BCS At-Large 5. Rose Bowl (Pasedena) BCS/Big 10 #1 vs. BCS/Pac 12 #1 Now this is a BIG IF, but if all goes as expected (SEC teams win out, with exception to UGA losing to Bama in SECCG) and UF beats FSU (I know that's a big if with how UF's been playing on Offense, but hey, we've beat better teams), that leaves only Bama and UF with 1 loss. That would have the Gators beating FOUR Top 10 BCS teams. Not Top 25, but FOUR out of the top 10, UF has won those games. So my question is, why is UF not getting any love for a BCS Bowl? Does the BCS send the teams to the bowl games by ranking, or is the just for the BCSCG? Does the Bowl Game get a say who plays in their stadium (i.e does the committee for the Sugar Bowl get to say who plays)? If the latter is the case, then I can understand why UF isn't getting any love. But if that's not the case, and the Gators beat the nasty 'Noles... then why not send them to a BCS Bowl game. I mean geographically speaking, Miami would greatly benefit monetarily from a FL team playing there. TAMU would go to Arlington for the Cotton Bowl (I know not a BCS Game but it takes TAMU out of BCS discussion, there will be the #3/4 best team in the conference, by SEC standings after the SECCG with UGA losing to Bama.) This is all dependent on KSU and Oregon winning out. If that happens, I see Bama in the Sugar Bowl, with good reason. I just don't see how a 1 loss SEC teams gets left out of a BCS At-Large bid or gets jumped by a 2 loss SEC team.
In my opinion yes. I'm not just talking about on the field stuff he does. He's been a huge success in USC's recruiting. Does lots of charity work and his known for conducting himself as a gentleman. You asked if i see any other player doing more for USC than Lattimore? I say no, he's it. Let me ask you? Top of your head, what USC player has done more.
I will say, IF Boom has his hands on the Offense that much, I'd be afraid Pease might get frustrated and leave for UK.
Offense going in the wrong direction? Bcuz of 2 games? What r we comparing this too? An offense from earlier this year? 2011? 2008? While, I'll admit our Offense isn't great, shoot barely even good, I disagree it's heading in the wrong direction. I'll agree, the past 2 games have been horrible. I really think the Missouri game was due to injuries, not setbacks on offense. Kinda hard when u play 3rd string guys bcuz u have to, not bcuz u can afford to. UF's RB isn't running just bcuz he's good; he has good help. Look at his stats, some of the best in the league. He didn't do that on his own. YOu brought up LSU and USC manhandling UF in the first halves. What about the second half? 3rd qtr vs. USC UF racked up 16 pts against a great D. And I think the last 26 of 27 plays ran against LSU were running plays, i.e. UF's O-line DOMINATED LSU for 27 plays. I think not having a stand out WR is killing us, I will agree with that. However, we do have some decent prospects in underclassmen, but they haven't had time to mature. Jeff Driskel? Really? A wrong direction from Brantley? He's a sophomore that has no real threat at WR, yet somehow's he taken pretty good care of the rock and made plays. Yes he's made mistakes, but mistakes any young QB makes. He's a sophomore, he has less than a yr as a starter and yet he has more wins against top 25 then Aaron Murray. I don't know how much Coach Boom has his hands on the offense, but Pease is in a rough spot i agree. He has a young QB, young WR/WR that hadn't panned out (cough cough Debose). Driskel isn't Kellen Moore, but I don't see y he can't be a good QB without the right weapons. I just think we're asking too much. Muschamp has taken a bare-bones football team from barely winning last year to 8-1 this year. It was beaten 3/4 top 25 teams, and has a good chance of running the table the rest of the season. All this without a good Offense. Personally, yes i am frustrated with UF's Offense, but we're 8-1 and we are moving the rock, not like we all want, but it's moving. I think UF had a horrble game vs. UGA and UGA played lights out (finally this year). Missouri, like stated before, c'mon it's hard to play 3rd string guys bcuz u have too. To say the Offense is going backwards due to 2 games, idk, it all depends on who ur comparing the offense to.
Jon, do you really think UF loses to FSU? Last year, FSU won a ridiculous game that by no means did they earn. I just don't see FSU out playing UF statistically or defensively. Nor do i see FSU win a bogus game again against UF. (by bogus i mean, FSU only had 95 total yards to UF 185. Last year UF's passing, rushing, defense and special teams out played FSU, yet, while FSU still won, I don't see them winning again to a much better UF team.)
Poor Chip Kelly, I'm actually starting to feel sorry for him (lol, yeah right). At least this year, he can sit back and relax and not worry about playing in the BCSCG, bcuz I really think K-State is going to win out. Which, if I was Kelly, I'd be rooting for. This way he doesn't have to get manhandled by another SEC team, and can B!@#$ about how they got left out of the big game. As far as Bama, I'd really be a little more worried about TAMU. When LSU revved up the tempo, it really put pressure on Bama, and TAMU runs a much faster, more rehearsed offense then LSU... still think Bama gets it though.
As far as Spurrier's comments go: who cares, Clemson isn't even in the SEC. If Jimbo Fisher were to say something like what Spurrier said, I'd say !@#$ Jimbo; HOWEVER, had Muschamp said it, I'd just smile. It's just part of the rivalry.
I'm a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, and also a Gator fan (ergo I will miss Patton like any other UF fan this year); and yet i really don't have a problem with the whole Lattimore Day/ game in honor of him. He's done more for USC than any other player in USC history. Has Patton done that? Is Patton better than Harvin, Tebow, Wuerfful, E. Smith, etc etc? Idk, but UF's had a lot of stand out players that have done a great deal. None though, in USC's history has done so much. Not only that, but he seems to be a good kid, with a good heart. You never hear any negative coming from/about this guy. It's always about how much GOOD he does for the school, the game, the community, his family; why shouldn't he get a game honored in his name? As far as there being other people more deserving of a dedicated game (i.e. military); USC dedicates a game every year to the Armed Services. At least I know they did 19Nov2011. So it's not like USC ONLY honors great athletes. I really think there are honoring a great athlete BECAUSE he's a great guy. USC lost a great player that has done a great deal of good for that whole state. As a veteran, and UF fan, I say congrats to Lattimore for everything coming his way. You go man.
Just to vent a little. CBS is killin' me. They just opted to use 6 day window to air UF-Missouri game. Which means it'll eith be @ noon or 3:30pm. WTF, can CBS plz go !@$& another team over and let the Gators play @ night once this season. Would be nice to sit in The Swamp once this season with the sun down. Thank you, rant over. Just b/c this was hilarious.
Hell yeah... or liberal professor denouncing conservative views.
Lmao... really? I spent 9.5yrs in the Army and you talk about being a military man and seeing this alot; I never saw a girl this big, this young, that was not on something... not saying it's impossible, just a serious anomaly. This is NOT something you see on a regular basis... not even in the military.
OMG... Idk even know how to respond to this! Did anyone hand them the handbook on how to conduct oneself as someone from the South. Wow.
And will now use that knowledge to destroy them ... Lol.
Congrats SEC... One thing I don't understand is how is Oregon ranked above Ark. I KINDA understand OSU (although I think Arky would beat the Cowboys, but I kinda get it given the body of work); however, Ark. lost to the top two teams in college football and had to play 6 ranked opponents, while Oregon had to play only 4. Both lost to LSU, but Ark lost to Bama, while Oregon lost to USC. So, again I ask, how is Oregon ranked above the Hogs? Makes no sense.
Meyer supposedly quit coaching for health and family reasons... Weiss supposedly came to UF bc it was a family move, and now leaves... anyone see a trend of coaches using their families as excuses to get them somewhere else.
I'm a Gator fan, been a Gator fan my whole life. But saying Meyer did right by UF is like saying Joe Pa did right by Penn State. Meyer let FL get raped of alot of real talent that went to other states and universities, because his poor esophagus hurt. We, as real SEC fans, don't give a hoot about your family or your health; we care about our teams. Sorry to say it like that, but that's the truth; and if you're man enough to take up a position like Head Coach in the SEC, you better be man enough to accept the challenges. I bet Mrs. Saban doesn't tell Nick to leave his phone in the car, and I'd love to see the look on The Ole Ball Coach's face if Marjorie ever told him that.
Bare minimum? How do you know he did the bare minimum. He reported to the athletic director something he HEARD, not witnessed, but something that could've been blown out of proportion. At the time he didn't know. Somehow, Gary Schultz, VP of Finance and Business AND head of Penn State Campus Police got involved. Whether JoePa told him or the AD told him its not clear, because there are vary reports. ESPN says JoePa told Schultz, USA Today says Cuffey (AD) told him. Either way Schultz was involved. And what happened... Sandusky's keys were removed from him. This is all a travesty, the whole mess. However, JoePa has been apart of Penn State for 61 years. Thats, more than HALF A CENTURY. Penn State, at least owed it to him to get to the bottom of this before firing him. They could've put him on administrative leave until the facts sorted themselves out. Because, what if JoePa did notify campus police? I'm not saying he could've had done more, but damn, he was reporting on something he HEARD. Of all people to drop the ball in this matter, JoePa was owed to at least gone through a thorough investigation before a firing.
Personally, I want to see Boise State either play LSU in the BCSCG, or Bama in another BCS Bowl. I HATE BOISE. I am sick and tired of hearing how they deserve to play in the big game, because they win out in a sorry conference. Although I abhor the thought of them in the big game, and wouldn't mind watching BAMA vs. LSU again, lets be honest, Bama and LSU could play a 100 times, and it'd probably go about 50/50 split. We all know that the title is going to stay in the SEC whether its with Bama or LSU (unless Arky has a miracle). This being said, I have no problem with Boise being in the title game once. That way, when they get blown all to hell, we NEVER have to listen to spout their BSU propaganda.
While I agree with the article... the statement that bothered me was that Randall can get by any corner. While I agree, no LSU reciever has had to deal with the secondary that Bama brings. ALL these guys could play NFL ball right now... don't be surprised if Bama's secondary shuts down the passing game.
It's Nov. 5th, Ware and Mathieu are suspended for the game, Bama wins by 7. LSU and Bama then go on to win out; but Bama goes to the SECCG and defeats UGA. All of America is clamoring for a rematch, because LSU was without it's 2 star players. The BCS decides to allow and all-SEC BCSCG for the rematch... Bama goes on to trounce LSU by 15. Hey, if it adds up to an all-SEC BCSCG, I'm all for it... However, if not... let them boys duke it out on the field, and then suspend them. It wouldn't be the 1st time the NCAA did something crazy **cough cough** OSU/Tressell.
I absolutely cannot wait for TR to get into the secondary against LSU and that Badger gets to hit that Mack Truck. Silly Silly badger, plz start a twitter war with TR... Plz get him pist off so he comes looking for you.
As a UF fan, for some reason I've always like the HBC. He has built up a decent program, with some really good talent. But, the last two years or so... i just do know. He has a back that has a legit shot at winning a Heisman, given the right support (which USC does have it to give) and by running the damn rock. Spurrier is a season veteran of this league. He HAD a "once in a decade" running back... My opinion, Richardson will win the Heisman, because... Saban allows his STAR player the support and the rock. Spurrier had that, but never used it. I really feel for the USC fans. Its a shame Lattimore got hurt, but you're definitely right. Lattimore had no business blocking, he should've been running.
And what really sucks about Brantley going down, was that he was moving the ball really so much better than he ever had before. It looked like Weiss really turned Brantley into an efficient passer. Not great, but he was much improved. 11/16, 190yds, and a TD against a GREAT defense. As a lifetime Gator, I've waited for a season and half for this showing from Brantley, and as soon as you see it, you get excited, poof, its gone.
Hopefully, they look at the tapes this week and realize what worked (somewhat) and can right the ship. However, there was one play when TR took the ball up the middle, and he had a whole pile on him. I'm talking like it was all around him, and they blew the whistle for forward progress. (He got like 5yrds.) Anyways, when everyone was getting off the pile... HE WAS STILL STANDING. The man-child never went down. How do you tackle like a man like this. It was incredible.