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What Timeran said. Saban wanted Brees, the Dolphins wouldn't cough up the cash, he couldn't win without a good quarterback, so he left. That simple.
If you read about Saban's sports psychology guru at Michigan State, you'll understand that "The Process" isn't just a specific set of policies, procedures, and habits, it's a way of looking at things that's rooted in Eastern philosophy: Don't worry about outcomes, worry about the "process" of getting to where you want to be, i.e. the rep in front of you, the play in front of you. Stay focused on the moment rather than the future, and the outcome will take care of itself. "Set thy heart upon thy work, but never on its reward."
Miami and FSU are playing in Miami on Saturday. FAU is playing Sunday. Georgia and South Carolina are playing Sunday in Columbia. Virginia Tech and UNC are playing Saturday. NC State and Notre Dame are playing Saturday... Yet there was just NO WAY for UF to figure out a way to save their game against LSU? None whatsoever? Laughable. Give us all a break with the lame excuses, Florida fans. What the football team does has absolutely no bearing on the safety of anyone in the state of Florida, or anywhere else. ...Except that, if safety was really the motivation, it would make more sense to move the game out of state, to free up hotel rooms and other resources for evacuees.
I doubt anybody would call the TEAM cowards. I'm sure they'd show up ready to play. The coaches and administrators, on the other hand....Yeah. They're cowards.
This is a COLLEGE FOOTBALL SITE. We talk about FOOTBALL here. Does that hurt your fee-fees? Go back to your safe space BRUH
Foley: "We have a responsibility to our team and to our coaches as well." That's all you need to know. He could give a rat's ass about the people affected by this hurricane, or about LSU, or anyone other than what's best for his athletic department, which is to see Florida get to Atlanta even if it means cheating.
What you said is too logical for people in Florida to understand.
So are Georgia and South Carolina, but you don't see us being pussies and cancelling games.
Also, evacuees are going to need places to stay. So it makes a lot of sense to NOT have LSU coming into town and taking up hotel rooms. If, you know, you're actually interested in the well-being of the people affected by the storm...
If people's lives are potentially in danger, doesn't it make more sense to get the players OUT of Florida and out of harm's way? Florida seems to be insisting on Gainesville or nothing. Which goes against the idea that it's too dangerous to play in Gainesville. So basically, Florida is just refusing to play...
Which is why you play the game somewhere other than Gainesville...
The family and friends that were supposed to have evacuated?
Spare us the theatrics. "You want them to leave their families to play a game?" So, they usually take their families WITH them to every game? They never leave them? What does these football players being there have to do with anything? Are they gonna turn the power back on? Combine forces like the Care Bears to hold back the flood waters and push the hurricane away? Gimme a break. Excuses are like buttholes... And whoever is the first to go *SOB* *SOB* THINK OF THE CHILDREN!! *SOB* *SOB* is the person who has lost the argument. Florida is scared. Everybody but you knows it.
Because they're pussies. Play the damn game.
This is from the same article that talks about how great UNC and Mitch Trubisky are. A team that the Dawgs played well against and beat. Cognitive dissonance? The two teams we just lost to have a legit shot of meeting in the Dome come December. The sky is not falling. All hope is not lost.
I'm not sure this was satire, as satire generally makes some kind of point about society. Let's see: "sat·ire noun the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices" Well, there was no humor, no irony, not really any exaggeration... I guess there was ridicule, although I'm not actually sure what stupidity or vices were being ridiculed. The SEC/Alabama allowing Maurice Smith to transfer? Maurice Smith wanting to transfer? Georgia accepting Maurice Smith's transfer? Which of those things amounts to vice or stupidity? I just don't get it. At any rate, Kevin Duffy is no Jonathan Swift, although he did succeed in luring in readers with his click-bait. And I guess that's really all that matters in today's world. smh
What an amazing list. Seriously. 6. Remember to wear pants. Pants are important. They protect your sensitive parts. 7. The Athletic Department will be providing you with stationary. Never stick pencils into your ears. Pencils are sharp, and can puncture your eardrum. 8. Just because Uga poops on the ground and licks himself does NOT mean you can do it too. 9. The nickname of the team is the Bulldogs. If fans make barking noises at you, do not call animal control. They are not real dogs, and are not angry at you. 10. Always remember: the team that scores more points will win the game. It is your job to make your team score the most. Do that, and everything will be ok. As long as you wear pants.
Did you seriously just defend Jesse Palmer?? The guy is insufferable. He never shuts up! Seriously, watch one of the games he calls. He NEVER. STOPS. TALKING. He's more interested in the sound of his own voice than in the actual game that's taking place in front of him. The freaking play-by-play guys can barely call the action half the time because Palmer's just talking over them. Him and Herbstreit can both take a flying leap.
Just a reminder: Georgia's best win of the regular season was Georgia Southern.
Considering how much Alabama usually whoops Auburn's ass, it might actually be a good omen....
"That was the major reason Richt was canned." Based on what? Did the AD actually say that, or is that the author's opinion?