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We see your point Al. After serious consultation and deliberation we have determined you should put on a hat and cover it up.
No doubt the terrible officiating was the difference in the game. It is straight up without those 14 points and either team could have won. SC was definitely playing well enough to get the upset and being at home you have to admit the odds were in our favor.
OH my Gawd ... did he actually just tell everyone to F'off. Is it just me or did he more or less say we don't care what you think or if your team losing is because of poor officiating. Trust me folks ... that is exactly what the "man" just said.
After this weekend I am sure that the majority of college football fans now view the jerks in stripes as bad cops who should never have been given a badge and a gun.
A superior SEC beating up on each other. The truth will be revealed at the end of the season with the Conference's bowl records.
OMG ... barely a tug. It is not the issue. The issue is Pruitt should have simply given him the "you're toast son" look and saved ripping him a new ahole for off camera in the locker room or later in the film room. In the heat of passion and seeing their admirable game against Bama turning into a beat down ... all you squawkers are pathetic pussies. The fact that so many of you view things the way you do is exactly what is wrong with our country. Hell, in my day the coach might have killed the kid.
You could see it coming before the wheels even came off the ground. Definitely pilot error.
The team that scores the most points will be the likely winner of this one. The only reason it is not straight up is because you can't bet on straight up.