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You do realize LSU had a crack at Smith in 2019? He only had 7 catches for 213 yards and 2 TD's. This year Smith had 8 catches for 231 yards and 3 TD's. That doesn't sound like LSU limited Smith much at all to me. As a matter of fact I'm pretty sure Stingley is still curled up in the fetal position and calling for his mother. The times Stingely went up against Smith it didn't go well for him. I realize there are other DB's but Smith pretty much has his way both years.
Put down the crack pipe and step away bubbatime. Obviously you are a Barner.
This won't last very long. Colorado will be looking for another coach in a couple of years. This is a horrible hire.
He's not worth the trouble. The kid is a train wreck. Unfortunately I'm afraid this movie will not end well.
I know you are unhappy Bama has curb stomped your Gators the last six times they've played. I get that you are a Bama hater. I would hate Bama too, but I'm a Bama fan so that prevents me from being a Bama hater. Maybe next time you can just say you hate Alabama and be done with it. Just trying to save you a little trouble. ROLL TIDE!
As Saban told a reporter in his press conference after the game who questioned if Alabama gets anything out playing teams they blow out Saban said and I quote, "Why don't you start calling around and see if you can get anybody else to play us?" He went on to Alabama will play anyone anytime and any place. Who did Georgia play yesterday? I believe it was Murray State. Saban has long been frustrated with students not staying to watch the whole game and rightly so. The team sacrifices. The team works hard, practices and trains year around to play games on Saturday. I don't think it's asking to much to expect the students to stay the entire game and support the team. Yes, it was really hot yesterday. Actually it was brutal. If they don't want to stay and watch the entire game, fine. Let's get the tickets to those who will.
So go and play for a lot less money than he could have gotten by staying another year? Had Ronnie played his cards right he would have enough money to get the other half of the Mercedes dealership. He chose otherwise. So be it.
That's why you get insurance to protect you. If he were a RB it's a different story. Had Harrison stayed his senior year he probably would have been one of the first if not the first safety taken in the draft. He would have been making much better money than he is now. It's Harrison's decision so case closed. But anyone who thinks Saban does not look out for the best interest of his players clearly knows nothing about Nick Saban. His comments hit the nail on the head about Ronnie Harrison.
Insult? It's common sense. Yeah, I'm sure that comment by Saban is really going to hurt our recruiting. The dynasty is over.
Saban was absolutely 100% correct. Haters say what you want but Harrison would have made a lot more money had he stayed for his senior year although there is certainly the risk of injury. Saban is always the first to tell a player to leave if he gets a first round grade or in the best interest of the player to leave. He's advised RB's to go to the NFL if they didn't get a first round grade. Of course the NFL has devalued the RB position in their league. Mack Wilson was absolutely delusional for not coming back for his senior year. The problem for Mack is when he's out of the NFL in three or four years he can't go play in the AAF when he's out of a job in the NFL. Maybe the CFL will take him.
Other than Quinnen Williams I felt like our defensive line took a step back this year. Maybe it's a case of Kuligowski not being a good fit. I won't lose any sleep if moves on.
Weagle is right. Being the coach that follows Saban is the only thing that will keep him leaving Clemson for Alabama. I know he's very happy at Clemson but if Alabama comes calling one day and they will, it's going to be very, very interesting. A couple of years ago I would bet on him taking the Alabama job if and when it's offered. Now I don't know. It would very difficult for him to leave Clemson but's it going to be very difficult for him to turn down Alabama and I don't think money factors into his decision. Dabo grew up about 45 minutes from Tuscaloosa. His wife is from Alabama and they have family in Alabama. Dabo played at Alabama, won a national championship at Alabama and coached at Alabama. I'm not saying Dabo will take the Alabama job. I am saying it's going to be a very, very, very difficult decision to make either way.
Meyer? Character and leadership? Unless he is giving the blue print on what NOT to do this has to be a joke!
I agree. One more national championship and I think he gives retirement some serious thought. Who knows? I don't see him sticking around any more than another four or five years at the most. At the same time it would not surprise me if he retires in another two or three years.
The arrogance of Georgia fans blows me away. One SEC Championship and it goes to their head. The school that has consistently done less with more than any team in the SEC over the last 30 years but hey, you guys have arrived now. SMH.
Delusional? Dabo is from Alabama. He's an Alabama grad. He played at Alabama and was on the '92 national championship team. He coached Alabama and still has family in Alabama. Want to talk about money and facilities? It's not bad at Clemson at all but both will be better at Alabama. Dabo would crawl over broken glass from Clemson to Tuscaloosa. Who is delusional? You might want to look in the mirror.
Unless Clemson pays better than the NFL this makes no sense at all. If you are a first round lock you leave and go to the NFL. We've seen some players in college football get significant injuries in bowl games which knocked them out of the first round. The ND linebacker and the TE from Michigan come to mind. This makes no sense at all.
When Auburn was at home they were the best team in the SEC but you can't play all your games at home.
Trend? Put the crack pipe down, Look at the trophy case in Tuscaloosa. Trend? That's funny!
Luke seems very likeable and down to earth.
I agree with BamaTime. Cristobal is a great recruiter and the players really seem to like him. Honestly I thought he was an average offensive line coach. I certainly don't feel like he came close to getting the most out of the talent he had to work with at Alabama. Great recruiter but I just don't see him as being a good hire as head coach especially at a school like Oregon.
Agreed LSUSMC. Any of these teams could easily win this playoff and it would not surprise me.
I'm not trying to stir the pot Memphis Vol, but can you blame Majors for the grudge?
If this is true and the focus is on Steele and Tee Martin then they have learned nothing from Alabama. Keep it in the family and hire a "Tennessee man." That worked for Alabama a couple of times but it certainly blew in our faces. With all due respect at this point a Tennessee man is probably the only one that would take the job at this point because every one else has turned the job down. It's no wonder Currie was fired. I would not want to be a head coach and say that I was the sixth or seventh coach to be offered the job.
Ha! Ha! That's funny GreenVol. He beat a crippled Alabama program and knew he could not continue to beat them so he crawled to the NCAA to make sure Alabama would continue to be handcuffed and crippled. The Director of the NCAA violated his own rules and penalized Alabama further and looked the other way on Tennessee but you don't want to acknowledge that. I know you are butt hurt from the last 11 years your team has been crushed by Alabama but Alabama had a history of success against the Viles before Saban ever came along. Typical Vol fan. Shouldn't you get back your date with your mother?
You nailed it Debo. I wish he would name himself as head coach. As an Alabama fan one of my favorite memories is watching Bama put a beatdown on Tennessee in 2008. It was a physically dominating performance and every time the camera went to Fat Phil it brought joy to my heart. I can't think of a bigger sleezebag in the SEC in recent memory. I despise the Fat One.
Volbeef , put down the crack pipe and step away. You are obviously under the heavy influence of drugs. Drugs are not the answer.
Florida hasn't been relevant since Urban Meyer left. Good defense but they couldn't score at a women's prison. Florida is not what they used to be.