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Maybe Tenn is a mid-level SEC team. Perhaps I'm blinded to that being a Tenn fan. However, its over. We lost. Shoulda won. But we lost. Its game 2 of a very early 15 season. We can definitely learn from this and bounce back. Perhaps come week 12 we won't be considered a mid-level SEC team anymore. But we gotta win on the field. It starts there.
PAC is and always will be nothing more than a common street thug with a gift of playing football. His physical attributes unfortunately are much better than him as a person! #whyshestillplaying
I agree. Would be nice to see Butch pull a Mike Gundy on this loss and maybe reassure this fan base that this wont happen again. PLAY TO WIN! NOT TO LOSE! We took our foot off the gas with a comfortable lead instead of building on that lead. The fans deserve better than this. I for one cannot talk today. We are dying for one of these victories. I still bleed orange and BELIEVE we have a great team with a great deal of talent but it's time to take the training wheels off and quit using the "We are Young" excuse. Fans need you right now Butch. We need to know your staff wont get outcoached again! -A disappointed VFL