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Exactly. This is the same team from last year. Same team that beat Auburn. Coaching is their only flaw. Chaney tries to formation you to death and Ansley is just over his head. This is one of Tennessee's worst defenses I have seen in a long time, included Sal Sunseri's horrible D back few years ago.
Learn to think huh? How about that o-line? Peyton Manning couldn't survive playing behind the same o-line. JG sometimes doesn't have 2 seconds to throw the ball so how can you sit back and say that crap. I am proud of JG. He has stepped his game up. Has had 3 OCs to have to deal with and learn from. JG needs a good coach to teach him reads. Look at how many times JG was sacked last year and this year. That o-line is one of the worst in college football. So why don't you think before you mouth off.
JG wasn't like that last year. How many picks did he have? He looked confidant, hung in the pocket, and was tuff as nails even as bad as the o-line was. You can tell he has gotten worse this year. I was not saying JG was an alpha dog but you need one as a QB. Pruitt belittles everyone. The man has no filter. Pruitt is the one that is responsible for coaching and getting these kids ready to play. Very few look ready or like they know their assignments. That's HIS responsibility to make sure these kids know what their doing before sticking them out there.
Well put auburndawg. Pruitt is trying to pass the buck. The guy is just an idiot who doesn't know how to talk to people not coach it seems.
That's what I keep saying. Pruitt doesn't seem to know how to talk to people.
That's Houston Nutt not Butt. Apparently my phone is a hog
Do extensive research to find out how good a coach this guy is. We found out coaches at big time colleges with 5 star talent do good when they go to another school that has 5 star talent. Tennessee has some 5 star talent but mostly 3 star talent left by Butch Jones. Find a guy like Houston Butt, that makes the most of what he has. Find a guy that can coach a guy to run thru a brick wall if necessary. I am using Butt as an example of course, but when that man was at Arkansas, he did a dang good job. The Hogs don't really recruit well, the state doesn't produce that many D1 talent but look what he did. The fans and Gus Malzahn basically got him fired. Dooley wasn't a coach, Butch Jones wasn't a coach, Pruitt for dang sure isn't one. Kiffin was the only coach we had. The man is an a$$ but can coach football and offense. Start with a good coach and then work on the rest. Don't just go out and hire a name and hope he is good.
Saban likes a challenge. The man has done everything at Bama. Who knows. But until UT opens up that pocketbook, we will never find out. I just used Saban as an example. Tennessee has the money, just keep getting an "always save" coach
Yeah don't chew his a$$ out all day on TV. Pruitt has JG reluctant to just play ball. He second guesses his throws. JG confidence is low. QB are alpha dogs. Pruitt has JG feeling like a little chiuwua with its tail between it's legs. QBs are gonna make mistakes, even Manning throws int's. Don't chew his a$$ out. Show him what he did wrong. He lost his confidence.
At this point, Finebaum is more a ball coach than Pruitt. Dang near all UT fans see Pruitt simply doesn't care. That's the point Finebaum is trying to make.
First of all, Fulmer will not be HC again. The problem with Tennessee is they go after the name not the coach. Seems like the name that is hot, they go after him. Second of all, if you don't think Tennessee will throw money at a coach and they will come, y'all are living in a different world. Money makes the world go around. One of Tennessee's main problems with coaching searches, is that they didn't want to pay over $3 million a year. Tennessee has the money. If Tennessee threw $15 million at Saban, guess who would be in Orange next week? Miami dolphins found that out. Oh I'm not going to day guess who's announce HC at Bama. Money is the cure all. But go find an actual coach not someone with a bunch of 5 star talent that he doesn't have to coach up. Talent made Pruitt look good. When he had to go coach some kids that didn't have that talent that covers up mistakes, look what happened. Number 3, Tee Martin only has a job bc of Fulmer AND his was fired at USC. I was kinda mad bc they hired his big a$$ back after he spurned UT a couple of times. He needs a job to pay for his wife and lifestyle. Only reason he is at UT. He can recruit but that's it. Coaching is subpar at best.
Fulmer went with what he thought was a safe hire in Pruitt. Little did he know, he hired door #3. This is the worst coached Tennessee team I have ever seen in my 44 years. I dont want anyone connected in anyway with Nick Saban. Every coach Tennessee has hired that came off the Saban tree has been a dud. I starting to think are these coaches really good coaches or is the 5 star talent covering up ineptness. Thing is, Tennessee always has and hopefully always will recruit good. Go hire a coach instead of a name and the rest will work itself out.
Coaching is severely lacking is what's going on. Y'all can have Pruitt back.
Would honestly like to see a practice to see WTF they are doing. Constantly in the wrong place or look confused. Pruitt and Ansley are not that good IMO. At least the players didn't give up like in the Georgia State game. Gonna be a long year.
And a new QB improves us how much? Chaney and Pruitt have JG second guessing himself on throws IMO. That's why it takes so long for him to pull the trigger. He wasn't like that last year. He is over thinking his throws instead of playing ball. There is only so many times you can run a play before the defense eventually stops it, which is what happened. Play calling was vanilla at best. Even the ESPN announcers were saying that Tennessee was predictable in the 2nd half.
At least Pruitt's kids will never have to work. Only bright spot I can see about his coaching.
JG was second guessing himself all night. You could see it. Bad coaching.
Dooley>Pruitt. Dooley just became Tennessee's 2nd worst football ever. I have never seen more ineptness. Pruitt is supposed to be some great defensive genius but I can't tell it. I'm at a loss of words. Fulmer needs to pull the plug and fire the whole crew even Tee Martin's chunky a$$. Worst coached Tennessee team EVER. And that's saying something.
Maybe me and you are different, but I don't care how little I have, I will go without so my babies don't get picked on. You know his parents knew better. Heck they probably posted this with their $1,000 new iPhone.
What I take away from it is he saying Tennessee had almost as much talent as Jawja when both coaches took over. I don't know where SB blue chip gets their numbers but go look back on ESPN on last 5 years and see how many 5 star talent Tennessee had and then how many Jawja had.
Jones had very few 5 star talent and when they did come only stayed a year or so before transferring or going to NFL.
I think Fulmer would fire him this year. Fulmer bleeds orange and is gritting his teeth right now. You can bet Pruitt got an a$$ chewing by Fulmer. You can see Pruitt doesn't care and is just here for a retirement check. I haven't seen a Tennessee team this badly coached ever, even under Dooley. I don't want any coach from now on that has any ties to Saban. Go out, get a young coach that has some spunk and go play. It can't get any worse right now. Losing to a 2-8 team badly is rock bottom. Georgia State came in and dominated Tennessee on both sides of the ball. Tennessee can always recruit because it's Tennessee and the SEC so go out and get an actual coach IMO.
40 percent 5 and 4 star talent at Tennessee when Pruitt took over? What? Please name all of the 4 and 5 star players that was still there when Pruitt took over. Butch Jones was a 3 star coach and occasionally had a 4 or 5 star kid. Then what good players they had left for the draft or transfered. Plus Tennessee had no o-line or QB. Mark Richt left Smart with alot of talent. Nick Chubb and Sony Michele saved Smart in most games. Plus y'all was loaded on defense as well.
Way to be classy Tucky. Funny thing is, no matter how bad Tennessee is, they still are able to curb stomp Tucky every year. Now even in basketball. Tell SevenT we said hi.
Glad Volnation stepped up to help this kid but here's the question. Why didn't his mom and dad buy him one before sending him to school in that? I have 2 girls and I shook my head knowing that this kid would be made fun of. You know his parents probably knew better. They probably laughed themselves until their son came home crying. People amaze me how stupid or petty they can be. You can't tell me his parents didn't have $20 or $30 to buy this kid a t-shirt.
Smart had a loaded team that he inherited. Little bit different. Let Kirby Go to a school with half the talent Jawja has and see how he does.
You hit the nail on the head. The talent is there. Being out of place, missed assigments, blown coverages, missed tackles....I could go on and on are all bad coaching. And Pruitt is supposed to be a defense guru. I dont see it.
Their QB really impressed me. Calm and composed and made the right calls and reads. Though watching Tennessee's defense any QB would of looked good. They just half a$$ed it all game except for a few players.
$3 million plus a year and a heck of a buy out. Why would he care. I think he came for a retirement check. Stop hiring these Saban assistant baffoons who clearly can't coach on their own. You figure they learned after Dooley. I don't think even Kirby Smart is that good. Jawja has as much or more talent that Bama and they still can't win a NC.