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Wait till he gets involved with those gold digging females that do that in the NFL. He better watch himself. This happened in college before he had money, now he has a target on him in the shape of a $ sign.
At one time during the 80's, I could of swore they sold alcohol at the stadium. I thought the outlawed glass bottles because fans threw them over balcony in the visitors section. Anyone else remember that?
OSU sold their soul to the devil. They are not gonna fire Meyer. They are gonna keep pushing it out until people somewhat forget about it, they say they can't find any evidence to fire him. We all know it happened. These coaches know each other like the backs of their hand, they keep stuff quite just like Penn State. Winning is cure all huh.
Every real Tennessee fan expects to win every game. What kinda fan are you? Sure we might not win but I sure as hell ain't gonna sit back and root for them to lose like you are. Pruitt has done nothing to prove otherwise. Shut up and just let them play. Go root for Vandy.
WV, ETS, Texas EP, South Carolina,Kentucky, Vandy. Anything more wins would be great. So let me get this straight, you call yourself a Tennessee fan and are pulling for them to lose? GTFOH
Stanford is a QB school. Big name QBs go there. He was injured alot in his career.
John Adams of the KNS has been a joke for 50 dang years. He is always against everything UT does. I think he is either a Bama or Florida implant. Well he did like Dooley if that tells you anything.
I see 7 wins. The 1st game should tell us alot. Pruitt seems 1000 times better of a coach than Jones was. Jones in game calls killed us. I think that's what's gonna be different.
Shoop is a total bust as a DC. Look for every team y'all play to run all over y'all for at least 400 yards. He knows how to blitz, but that's it. Better hope y'all have all sec DBs too.
Pretty well? He sucked. Talent shines thru no matter the coach. Josh Dobbs perfect example. Talent shown his 1st game as a freshman. Dobbs played by talent alone mostly. JG hasn't shown much at all other he can throw a tantrum.
Got a feeling Kirkland and his ego were told ALL positions where open. My impression of Pruitt is that he doenst cut anyone slack which is good.
Chryst has only been enrolled a few weeks and still getting to know the system. JG should have the advantage being here last year but who knows. All I know, if JG is the same as last year, he will ride the bench and transfer. If he gets pulled, my guess him and his ego will quit the team. Give Chryst time to learn offense and his receivers.
Beefeater we will come back 6 games in and talk about how great he is. Hope I am wrong, but he didnt show anything last year. Tell your brother SevenT I said hey.
As far as we know he was. Who knows what goes on in locker room. But that's the thing, at Bama even the waterboy is a 5 star. You can't get butt hurt by someone who is better than you. That's why I can't see why so many 5 star QBs go to schools loaded with QBs. At least go somewhere to show off your skills.
That's Mike "hambone" Hamilton math Dooley is going by. That is winning according to both
Yeah they gave him and his family $6 million I believe, not to mention the money he made while he was at UT. That's the biggest gift, his family wealth. Wish I could be humbled like that.
JG last year showed little to no spark at all. His dual threat capabilities are laughable to say the least. McBride showed more skills as a runner than JG which is confusing because JG received all this hype as a dual threat. Plus the GT game last year, all fans seen JG throw his pitty party the entire game. Unless he has grown up and decided to be a leader, I see Chryst starting. Actions speak louder than words and JG doesn't have a clue IMO. You can't go out and just talk a good game.
Winning is winning, they don't care who drives the bus. Jacob Eason found that out last year. When your at a school of 5 stars, don't let your head or ego get too big because there is someone always 1 play away from taking your spot.
These coaches know each other like the back of their hand. They spend 12 to 16 hours a day together. Just like JoePa at Penn State, how do you not know? Now the horror stories of Meyer are leaking out. My guess, everyone knew what a POS Meyer was but winning cures all huh? Just like Schiano under him. Stories about Schiano came out after the Tennessee debacle. Media tends to hush or not report certian things until there is blood in the water.
Meyer let Hernandez slide and looked the other way at his thug tattics at Florida. Karma coming full circle, but hell, how much is Meyer worth now? Not like that hurts him huh?
Yep gonna be a interest turn for sure. All the OSU coaches and fans so high on Schiano coming to UT, interesting how they feel if he is named interium HC. Of course, SDS and ESPN will be giving golf claps and kudos until the truth comes out about both, then slither back into their holes acting like nothing has happened.
Nope but your a SDS writer. SDS is a notorious shat stirrer that sits on fences poking at wasps nest.
Open letter to SDS. Find something actual interesting to write about, then make sure it all factual, then make sure the pictures match the article, then get someone that can read proof read it before publishing it. All UT fans bleed orange 24/7 375 days a year. We want and expect to win Everytime. For those who don't, aren't fans.
SDS is such garbage. Remember when Tennessee backed out on Schiano as HC and SDS blistered the site with articles saying how Meyer was defending his DC and what a good guy he was. Now, now it seems SDS has flopped once again calling out Meyer for being a POS. Really? How Johnny come latley huh SDS. Everyone knew Schiano was a piece and just like now, knows Meyer is a POS. Different day, different view for SDS writers.
I said this same thing 2 years ago and everyone jumped on Hurd for leaving. Any doubts, go read my past articles. Hurd is a helluva RB that deserves more than what most UY fans gave him. After finding out what a sorry POS Jones really was, I don't blame the kid for leaving.
Yeah my thoughts exactly. Give it maybe, maybe 1 week before someone either steals it and tries to. As much as that car cost, buy her a house to get her out of that environment. Then get her a decent car. Nice gesture but we are all thinking the same thing.
Career. Sorry my phone apparently likes carriers.
Yep. Knowing he will be a top 10 pick when he comes out, I would try to avoid anything dangerous in off season. Only takes 1 injury to end a carrier and monatary gains for his family.
Funny how SDS wrote about Josh Smith praising Jones during the season. After he was fired, different tune.