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I took a heck of alot of flack over bashing Jones and Debord wanting them gone, so hell yeah I am the king.Then all you supposed fans come on here and bash former players and their families calling them out. Then the truth finally comes out and everyone forgets what they said in previous posts. You asked a question why the rest of the former players didnt come out or havent yet. Well can you blame them? Go back and read SDS articles when Hurd left and see what all so called fans said. Me and maybe a couple of others was the ONLY ones who stuck up for them.
And how did fans react to Hurd and his family. Berated them and said they were lying. Now its all coming out and people are seeing what all went on. Fans took up for Jones all that time. If you seen that, would you come out and face that? When Hurd left, I knew something was up with Jones. I called it 2 years ago, go back and read my old post. It all started with Pig Howard.
I feel the same. Currie dragging his feet on everything is causing most UT fans frustration.
Hell he should of cussed Currie out. Fans here are pissed. Well most fans that give a sh!t about their beloved vols. Notice that the big time schools have no issue in pulling the trigger in firing their coach? Tennessee, Missouri, and the Hogs are in the same boat. How does Arkansas fire their AD but not HC? Still scratching my head over that one.
I didnt say anything about Mcbride getting hit in the head. IMO Mcbride hasnt had many snaps with 1st or 2nd offense since probably 1 or 2 before the Missouri game. That kid got hit alot in the Missouri game as well and kept getting up playing tough. JG has had butterfingers since his 1st game experience starting with GT. He fumbles too much, isnt accurate at all, and hasnt shown his dual threat running capabilty that all the hype was about.
Anyone seen Last chance U? Half those kids are straight thugs that cheat and dont do their school work but seemlingly pass. This is why the US is fallen so far behind. Everything is just given to kids these days so no work ethic. Plus the HC at EMCC is a d!ck that his ego and mouth get him in trouble. But those kids at that school are different than other schools. Feel sorry for next generation. They have no idea what work is.
I am sorry, but Guarantano just flat sucks. I see why Dormandy was so far ahead of him even though JG had all that hype. McBride looked so much better than him last week even though Mcbride hasnt had probably any snaps before that week. JG doesnt even seem like he can run the ball. Mcbride was behind the same o-line JG was but looked way better. He just needs snaps and game time.Hoke can talk all he wants, but after tje 1st fumble, no one even should of been back for the 2nd punt. All goes back to coaching and Tennessee's lack of it. They basically gave LSU the game. Defense looked better. Offense is just pitiful.
Looking back, it was probably Jones ego that kept him hiring from outside his circle. My guess is he jand cuffed Shoops decisions and wouldnt give him full control of the D. Going to be interesting seeing what the D does the final 2 games. I dont know if Shoop sucked or Jones held him back.
Guess you dont listen to radio here or gather what the majority of fans think.
I like coach Nutt. He made the best with what he had and most of the time won. Arkansas has never been a powerhouse recruiting, usually Bama,Auburn,Tennessee, or Ole Miss steals their top recruits. The game has changed though. Him and Malzahn butted heads but could of been what Arkansas needed if they could of worked it out.
Crist you are totally wrong on this one. Fans dont like the NFL bc the kneeling during the national anthem was the final straw. These overpaid ego maniacs dont know how lucky they are. Ordinary fans save up just to buy tickets just to watch these idiots. Most NFL players have never held a real job in their life. They either lived off uncle Sam or had everything handed to them. My job doesnt allow me to protest anything. The majority of fans that used to go to NFL games are the same ones that voted for Trump.....the middle class. Its only gonna get worse because no one in tje NFL has the nuggets to stand up for whats right.
What the hell you know about ktown? Do you even know where it is? Currie screwed up by not firing Jones midseason. Now while recruits are committing to schools, Currie will still be looking for a HC. Currie is trying to save face by calling recruits. He knows he messed up by waiting too long. All the analyst on espn and SEC network are even putting him down. For your information, folks in Knoxville was about to run both Currie and Jones out of town. But since you dont live here, you don't know that. Do us a favor and quit pretending you even know about Tennessee because you dont.
I beg everyone to go back and watch practice videos that was put out from time to time. One thing I noticed back then, was Jones berating players. Jones had his microphone screaming all the time. I knew after Jones left, that it would all come out. You cant do what Jones did, well mot in todays world. You could 30 years ago bit not now. If someone is berating you and threatening you all the time, why would you want to play for that person? Makes sense to why alot of kids transferred and left the program. Also there is a difference in what your yelling as well. I dont know a coach out there that doesnt yell, but its what he is yelling that matters.
I go back to what I said 3 years ago. Jones botched Tennessee when he buddy hired Debord. Tennessee had big names apply at the time, but no Jones screwed it up. Then all Jones and Debord kool aid kids touted stats this and stats that when it was ALL Josh Dobbs, Hurd, and Kamara. Mostly all Dobbs. Those 3 would turn broken plays into 1st downs or TDs. Then Debord finnaly left and no one wanted the position because EVERYONE knew Jones only had 1 more year left and would be fired. So he had to promote Larry Scott because no one wanted it. Bad decisions and poor coaching cost Jones. Always, always surround yourself with the best coaches which Jones hardly ever did. Gillespie was about it. I liked Azzanni but he got out of town because he knew what was coming.
I can see it. He did the same last time but UT's AD wouldnt pay. I think they know what they have to do to get Tennessee back, its just a matter of paying for it. Winning pays for itself, look at Bama. I firmly believe Gruden would put together an allstar coaching staff.
Low rated radio show jock? What? You are a complete idiot that doesn't know shat about Tennessee and apparently about Knoxville. Think we found one of Jones kool aid kids. I think Swain has a little better knowledge of UT and Knoxville than you will ever know. You just guess by what is posted on here. Since you are bashing Swain.....exactly how many former and current players at Tennessee do you talk to or come in contact with? STFU and go away with Jones!
1st thing the new coach needs to shore up is o-line. Then a QB. Jones demise started with not going to JUCO for o-line then hoping he could recruit. Which did any other fans notice that McBride looked 10 times better at QB than JG? That kid has some wheels. Tennessee has had o-line trouble since Jones arrived.
Highly rated 3 star? Those 2 do not sound right. Thought highly rated was 4 or 5 star. Jones can take all the 3 star athletes he wants.
Recruits come and go. Jones was the 3 star king. They were jumping ship already.
Great news but a year too late. Most volfans in Tennessee knew the past 3 years was due majorly to Joshua Dobbs. That kid willed UT to many wins off of effort and ability alone. Now its time to right the ship and open up that pocket book.
The recruits would see UT is trying to find a better coach so 99 precent of them wont bail.Beefeater doesnt know shat from shinola. Doesnt even have a clue whats going on in Knoxville and I doubt even knows where Knoxville is.
40-17 oooohhhhhh that still we can fix our problem. Yall are stacked and still cant do