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Munson let his daddy poke his booty
Yeah ok. Bet y'all drop out of top 5.
You getting poor reception in that mobile home boy or is the tires you have on the roof not doing their job?
At least I was alive when my team won a NC. Keeping asking old granpappy to retell those stories when Jawja actually won one.
Lol keep dreaming boy. What did Ricky Bobby say about winning......If you ain't 1st your last. Sleep tight with that boy.
Pruitt can coach unlike the previous hires. Players will come. Tennessee should of had a 10 win season but that was on Pruitt and company as well.
No but it is more equal. Jawja is gonna have new players on both sides of the ball. First year without a 5 star stud to take over as well. Well see.
Dude Tennessee never plays good at the beginning of the year, then shine at the end. Y'all are the opposite, play great at the beginning and suck it up at the end. Be worried.
All Tennessee needs is a good o-line and good QB. Then the upsets are gonna happen.
Yeah ok. New QB, dang near new o-line, new WRs, play makers gone on defense. Are you kidding or just stupid? Plus look who y'all have to play now. Lucky if y'all get 7 wins.
Yeah because y'all suck in November and Tennessee shines. It's coming boy
How did y'all fare against mighty South Carolina this year. Didn't powerfully App State beat SC? Huh....wonder how many teams best SC and which ones didn'
SDS sits on their little fence poking that sleeping dragon. Just enough to get trolls on Tennessee page. SDS doesn't have real writers, just part time idiots that still live in their parents basement. John Adams types.
Probably his grandpappies pecker in his mouth.
70 huh. He is probably old enough to remember Jawjas last Keep dreaming boy
Don't worry. I will remember you babygirl.
Frozenhawg at least we win more than 2 games a year.
Jawja wasn't the same team the 2nd half of the year. Once y'all's starters got injured the back ups couldn't produce and even Fromm was off. If Tennessee would of played Jawja the 10th game instead of early in the year, it would of been close.
Shut down the Atlanta pipeline? What? Even Derek Dooley recruited Jawja. Fulmer recruited everywhere FYI. He could go to California, Canada, or Germany and bring back winners. Problem isnt so much recruiting. Dooley facked UT by not recruiting o-line and left the cubbard bare when he was fired. Jones recruited some o-line but not enough. O-line and QB play is where Tennessee has struggled last 10 years. Dobbs was the only highlight and Jones didn't develop Dobbs good enough to make a run at the NC. Once Tennessee gets an o-line and a good QB, y'all gonna be in trouble.
Jawja has possibly more talent than anyone in the country.....yet can't win a NC. Jawja fans keep talking. Don't worry, if Tennessee beats Jawja this up coming year I am gonna troll on y'all's site 24/7. I will let y'all know how much a sucky Tennessee team beat your precious bulldogs. It's coming. Y'all know it. Fact is, Kirby Smart isn't as good a coach as y'all hoped he was. He can recruit, but so could Butch Jones. Mark Richt recruited good too but that wasn't enough. If Fromm, Eason, or Fields couldn't win y'all a one will. Fields knew he had a better chance at Ohio State that's why he transfered. Same as Cade Mays. Mays knew Jawja wasn't gonna do it. Truth hurts boys. Deny all y'all want to. Tennessee is trending up while Jawja is going down. Jawja still has 50 times the talent that Tennessee has that's what is gonna make it soooooo sweet when UT beats Jawja. Y'all keep guard on y'all's bridges after the win. Gonna be some jumpers.
Not many people give Randy Sanders enough credit. Sure Coach Cut was great, but do was coach Sanders. Sanders fell on the sword for coach Fulmer. I never really cared for Chief. Chavis's defenses were good somewhat, 3rd downs sucked. There is a reason we all called it 3rd and Chavis because no matter how many yards the opposing offense had to get, Chiefs D wouldn't stop them. He did just enough to win. Chief is really highly overrated IMO.
There are probably a few high school teams in Arkansas that could beat the Hogs right What bowl game did y'all go to? Of yeah....the we suck bowl
I said non starter which he was. How did I bash his playing ability. Maybe you need to read my post fully or get someone to read it to you. That's why he is transferring because someone else took his place.