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Oh h$ll the hurt feelings police is out again. Is this Missouri? Lol remember when Missouri's students could call the popo if their feelings were hurt. My guess ole chubs doesn't know anything about OAN other than it's connected to Trump, therefore must be evil. Bye bye 1st amendment rights because it hurts people's feelings.
I have wondered how a whole family from Hawaii can uproot and move to Alabama. You know how much money that would cost.
Fromm will do ok even if he spends his career as a back up. But heck, getting paid to hold a clipboard aint so bad. Fromm's problem was his RB's wasnt producing other than Swift. When Michele and Chubb was there, you had to defend the run and the pass. If Swift was out or was hurt, Jawja wasnt really a threat of running the football. Plus Crager was their only big time threat at WR. Tight end was a nonfactor as well, unlike previous years. Which is odd considering all the so called talent jawja has. Look at Bama. They just reload. If someone goes down, it seems the guy right behind him is just as good. Jawja with all that 5 star talent, really didnt have that. Thats why Bama and Nick the prick is so good. Ole Nicky knows how to develop and get the most out of his talent. Not so much with Kirby.
Jawja fans dont see that. Plus they had some guys transfer out. O-line is very important for Jawja. You cant just throw a new QB back there in a league he has never played in and expect 5 new guys to protect him. We will see how big they talk about that o-line after the first couple of games and see if I am right.
Fromm needs to fire or slap whoever told him to skip his senior year and enter the draft. Sure he will make great money, but not near the money Joe Burrow, Tua , or Hurts will make when they sign their contracts. Kids need to watch and learn when they want to come out early. Way too often this happens. Yall can all sit back and say yeah Brady was drafted in the 7th round, but Brady wasnt considered a top talent back then like he is today. I even doubt we have a football season this year which is really gonna suck. So really, Fromm made a terrible decision.
Yeah ok Fromm was sacked and hurried alot last year. Plus with transfers and the draft y'all are gonna be hurting. We will see.
That's 5 star although sometimes seem like 6 star.
Well Fromm was surrounded by 6 star playmakers and couldn't get it done. Maybe NFL scouts see or know something we don't. Later part of last year when injuries put his play makers on the sideline, he struggled heavily. Plus loosing 2 great RBs to the draft last year didn't help him. Maybe Smart isn't as great a coach or developer as y'all thought he was. Fromm looked as if he took 2 steps back last year. Plus Fields transferring and have a stellar year at OSU had to be looking bad for him.
Eason finally went to Indy which IMO is a good fit to learn. But proday work outs shouldn't override his career work. Look at Joe Burrow, has 1 great year and is #1. Even Tua and Hurts went higher. Big time QB recruits should take head to this. Both Eason and Fromm were top highly sought after recruits that had pretty solid careers. Both should of stayed. Yeah ok. If both Fromm and Eason haven't been drafted as good as they were......I don't think so. He was a so-so QB at Wake Forest against weaker competition. What makes him think he will be better against the toughest competition there is? Plus add to the fact he is injury prone and Jawjas o-line is their #1 concern right now. Nope,.....
What happened to Fromm? Both him and Eason haven't been drafted yet. Right decision to leave early?
Yeah she chasing that wallet. Course he will dump her and get another snowbunny. Hopefully she ain't pregnant. That would be her next move to stay out of trailer park.
Yeah ok. Knowing no white guy will want her
How about both Eason and Fromm still not drafted. Who told these kids to go ahead and come out? The way it's looking, heck they might not get drafted.
I would of thought Swift would of went 1dt Rd as well but everyone is right. RB has become an afterthought in the NFL right now it seems. Unless there is someone dominant in college that gets 200 yards a game, I don't think you will see 1st RD RBs again.
Fuzzy those numbers u brag about are bc of Josh Dobbs athletic ability. How many times did Dobbs turn a sack or blown play into a 1st down or TD? Dobbs basically played backyard FB that earned both Jones and Debord alot of money. Numbers don't mean much when you know exactly how they got the numbers...not off great plays.
Wtf fuzzy are you smoking Debord was inept and one of the worst OCs Tennessee has ever had. The man was out of college football 10 years before Tennessee hired him for a reason. Harbaugh is an idiot. The two are meant for each other. Maybe he will hire Dooley too.
Boy Saban facked Tua over as we see now by not pulling him out after the 1st half. I have heard that Tua has same hip injury that ended Bo Jackson's career. I know the we have came a long way wayu since Bo in terms of the medical field, but you can't stop to think what if. Tua is injury prone for sure. Saban kept him in to run up the score to look good for the play off committee and Bama didn't even get in it anyhow. Saban owes Tua millions IMO.
Lol well y'all are the ones paying big money for a get back guy. Next move Bama's
My thoughts exactly. Cochran doesn't call plays or coach, all he does is a high paid trainer and get back guy.
Jawja fans y'all will get y'all's chance at the beginning of the year. Bama is Bama. They just reload and keep rolling. Hate it but that's how it is.
More of a Bama hype video than anything. I'm sure Cochran played his part, but he wasn't calling plays.
Yeah dude sounds like a POS trying to save face. Dude got caught and there goes his NFL dreams. Most all teams have these guys though. Thugs are gonna thug.
Yeah he is on the smaller side. Didn't really click with the Hogs. Showed some talent but Tennessee RB room is full IMO.
I like Dan Enos and his play calling. I think he develops QBs really well too. The guy went to Miami when he was the next Bama OC. He was almost guaranteed the job at Bama. Who knows why he left but my guess, like most Saban excoaches, he was tired of Saban. Miami wasn't a good fit for him anyhow. He will bounce back.
Dobbs was a great QB, he just needed a good OC to coach him up. Mike Debord was a washed up has been that couldn't coach his way out of a paper sack. That was Dobbs problem was Debord. JG is a different animal. He can't run. Dobbs was a RB playing QB. He could run you over or out run you. JG can do neither. He was touted as a dual threat QB but I don't see it. I like JG but he is a roll of the dice. It's almost like he has to be down to play good at QB. If this Bailey kid is half as good as they make out, he maybe be starting by the 2nd game.
Not the same thing. Now if these kids say no I am staying not going to the NFL maybe, but these kids tell the truth and don't screw around 100 other people when making their decisions. Plus these kids, are not making millions while in school....that we know of. Most of these coaches are making several million a year and are set for life. These kids are trying to make a better life for their families and often are poor. All these coaches lie day in and day out to everyone. That's the whole shabang is all the lying. Just tell the truth and say yeah I am talking and may possibly leave.
Yes but I would not lie like Saban and Tucker did saying I was not going to take the job. That's why everyone is calling them out is lying.