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Ain't Druski from from Tik Tok looking for a job.....bc he doesn't give a p!ss about anything but the
Gonna be alotta bring jumpers in gumpville. Kiffin isn't going to gumpville. Welcome to mediocrity gumps.
Afan your exactly right. Something is telling me this Nico kid isn't all he is made out to be. Hope I am wrong, but if he is the stud they hyped him to be, he would of seen more playing time. Redshirting is a thing of the past. These kids won't stay the full 4-5 years anymore. With the NFL and transfer portal, it ain't gonna happen. I think coach Heup knows this and is looking for help. This Merklinger kid could be QB1 by fall.
Can take the kid out of the hood but not the hood out of the kid.
You think ole Kirby gonna polish tricky Nickys SEC CG ring for him? Roll tide
Dude I don't think Coach Heup or his millions are too concerned about your fat jokes. Roll tide btw
Ain't yall playing in the non-BCS Liberty bowl this year boy? Lol yeah yall the king all right. Roll Tide...btw
Sorry was looking at the BCS play off games. What did you say?
Good news but accident prone. Rather of hear them announcing new Defensive Coordinator. Tim Banks gotta go.
Yeah Tyler has been like that last 2 years. He is a good pass rusher but like Jeremy Banks was, was one of the most penalized vols on defense. He was bound to get at least a couple of off sides and face mask penalties every game. Grass is not always greener though. Portal has changed the game.
Someone say Alabama? Could of sworn someone said roll tide....huh
Well talent wasn't there. Kentucky usually always does the same thing. Hot at the 1st of the year, then bombs 2nd half. I mean you are comparing Stoops who usually gives yall 7 wi s a year, to Fulmer who usually had 10 wins a year, usually in the SEC CG,plus a natty. Stoops is came no where near that. I can't believe A&M took a shot at Stoops considering. I always thought Hal Mumme and Rich Brooks where better coaches than Stoops.
Tuna sandwiches dang eight t!dd!es yall going all out lol. What's going on Kentucky BTW? Other than getting fat and sassy
Hey eight t!dd!es, Vandy and SCjr called and said yalls spot in the basement still warm. Tell SevenT Daddy says hi btw........
Anyone still have the # to Missouri campus hurt feelings police phone number? Yall some soft mofos sport. What pronouns you use btw?
So you turn down a job that has tons of NIL money and talented recruits like the ones you was complaining Kentucky doesn't have, to stay without more money? Huh....A&M yall dodged a bullet on that one.
His waistline and your old ladies vajayjay has something in common then.
Lol how's that loss to lowly SCjr holding up? Tell SevenT daddy says hi babybgirl.
Tennessees problems are a QB that is inconsistent, play calling, a defense that couldn't stop a high school team, and being out coached not making changes at half time. What happened to running Joe more? What happened to Dee on offense? When Joe runs the ball, Tennessees has had success and long drives on offense. How many 3rd and short did Milton throw the go route and miss? Then we have to punt. Just dumb. Drive killers. Makes no sense.
No if Heup starts Nico now, he will lose most of the fan base that was calling for it halfway thru the season. Ride overthrow Joe all the way now. Gotta have a scapegoat
Just bc Nico signed NIL deal doesn't hold him at Tennessee. Look at Ewers with OSU and then Texas. I have said this many times, if Nico was the stud QB they made him out to be, he would already be playing. That's what scares me. Nico probably like a Gurrantano only making $8 million. Heup probably knows that. Hardly anyone drunk the Milton for Heisman Kool aid they was trying to sell before the season. We all knew.
Few overthrown? Plus how many 3rd and short did Milton try the homerun ball? Been the same all year. Could easily get the 3 yards for 1st down but no let's throw go route and miss. Tennessees while year is run it up the middle, screen pass left or right, then miss on the home run 60 yard throw.....then punt. May get lucky now and then but 3 and out then repeat. Defense looks out coached and out of place. How many dump passes over the middle did Georgia run? Again and again if I might add. Tim Banks gonna have to go. We all knew Milton was the same QB as 2 years ago. He has gotten better at throwing slants but eventually the other defense gets the clue and picks it off. And some Tennessees fans are worried about redshirting Nico. Bet he won't be here long enough to redshirt. Sad
Was thinking that same thing. Or in anybother state. Kinda odd
Cohen gone anyhow. After this season his stock went down. Ray Davis was yalls only bright spot.
Kentucky always does this every year. Wins first 5 then bombs the rest of the year. Lowly SCjr made yall look bad. Want to send a special shout out to eight ti$$ies and SevenT. Yall have a good day That basement getting crowded.
Only fan base that likes Danielson is Bama. Danielson has a man crush on Saban pure and simple. Nessler is just as bad because he gets the teams confused and calls the players the wrong names. So it's pick your poison. One always puts the other team down and the other calls the game like he has dementia.
Bama is in the west idiot. Bama gonna beat yall anyhow.