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Tennessee's o-line has sucked, but JG is tough as hell. He took hit after hit and kept getting up. The only thing I question about JG, is his running. He doesn't look like a duel threat QB. He is a pocket passer.
I wish Hurd well. Great RB or WR. The kid has heart. He was Butch Jones workhorse. I see Hurd making a bigger impact than Kamara did. He can catch the ball really well and is a bull running it. 49s got a great pick.
Holyfield was my biggest shock. I thought he was 3rd round RB for sure. He should of stayed. Crocket was not that big of surprise. He was a good back, but wasn't really a top 3 round back. Sapp at Tennessee for sure should of stayed. Good LB, but not great. Might, might make a practice squad. Pulley out of Arkansas and Smith out of Bama was in a CB heavy draft. Each of these young men was lead wrong and should of stayed. Sad really.
Gil who???? Same as Manning...yeah If coach Cut said it...maybe. But some whistle cack who probably never even played the game....huh no.
One of the best Knoxville has ever produced. Still remember the Cobb/Webb combo enstilled fear in SEC defenses. Great one out of Central high.
That's what most folks don't realize, is Knoxville has EVERYTHING. Big city with small town feel. Lakes, mountians, rivers, nightlife, history and so on. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg is about an hour away. There is anything and everything to do. You can't beat Knoxville in the fall when all the leaves start changing. Spring time is nice with all the dogwoods. Fountian city always had their dogwood trail when all the dogwoods bloomed. You have a ton of history to see around the area as well. Bristol is not far away. Just nice area to live.
Hold them accountable maybe? That's what my job does if I make a mistake.
Yeah ok. The idiot had several LSU post on his social media including him wearing a Bama jersey because Bama beat LSU. Several shots on him saying geux tigers. Sounds like SEC front office doesn't want to deal with this.
Well basketball is like football, you can call a foul of dang near every play. Difference is, key plays of the game isn't supposed to be decided on a iffy call. That's for either team. But this probably happens in most every game. A ref will be slanted towards one team. This ref is an idiot having LSU stuff posted all on his social media. How dumb is that? Your an SEC ref, supposed to have a blind eye when it comes to your team. Obviously this ref wasn't that. Look at the number of could he called against Tennessee. The main thing SEC office will have to do, is go back and see how many where in key moments. If this ref called 3 times has many versus the other refs, I think suspension should be mandated. I think all refs should be held accountable on all teams the calls they make. Hell I'm football, Nick Saban owns all SEC refs.
Chief was a darn good DC back in the day, but he is past his prime. Ask any Tennessee fan. Chief was good, except on 3rd downs. We used to call it 3rd and Chavis. No matter if the opposing team had 30 yards to get a 1st down, Chiefs defenses would allow them 31 yards. Happened all the dang time. The last 10 years he has been overrated and over payed. Hate to say that, but the man needs to retire.
You mean lower his standards in letting tutors take test for athletes? It's called cheating.
Really? Go look up the score in 2016 and tell us who won and by how much. Waiting........
So Odom thinks Tennessee is the only team doing this? Really would like to know when Odom made first contact with Kelly Bryant and see if the pot isn't calling the kettle black. This happens all the time. Feel bad for Bryant though, wasted his final year eligibility on someone who can not go to a bowl, and....and has a offensive genius like Dooley.
Pretty sure if this was an average Joe player going to an average team, he would be sitting out a year. Life isn't fair of well........
Need to add some JUCO o-line help as well. Need some players to have an immediate impact. Pruitt doesn't need help 2 or 3 years down the road, Pruitt and Tennessee needs it now.
After only a month of non football activities, how does he know? Let's wait till full practice starts and see how it goes. My guess if Fields doesn't win a starting roll, his opinion might change. New school is a new experience for him. Just like switching jobs. Let him start the work and see how he feels.
Good for him. Wish more kids chose to go to other schools that need QBs rather than sit on the bench for a year or two then transfer. Waste of 2 years.
College football is a business. You say that but you can also put a gurantee that A&M is gonna put a restriction on where he can and can't go. These coaches lie all day long to get them to sign to their school, then when they find out that coach lied.....too late. These kids make these life changing decisions way too early. They don't see the big picture. Big picture being that the same coach has 5 more 5 star players like you that he is making the same lie to. Look at all these 5 star QBs going to the same school knowing only one will start. Then once they realize that they are not as good as they thought, or will not crack starting lineup, or they should of went to another school to have a better chance to's too late. They have to sit out a year or go to a JUCO school. Why be true to your school when your school isn't true to you? They are there on a lie anyhow. How does Kirby Smart go into Justin Fields house and look him in the face and tell him he will start or play alot when he knows he is lying? Fields sits back and only gets scrub duty or scrap plays here and there. Maybe should of started because Fromm looked shaky in games. Look at Jacob Eason, big man on campus that lost his job to Fromm. Tell me Fromm wasn't shakey in games because he was looking over his shoulder thinking he was gonna be pulled for Fields to come in. The way coaches lie and put pressure on players is wrong.
Could it be that coaches are getting fed up with Nick the prick? Sure seems so. I hope y'all do hire Butch Jones.
Dude are you dumb or just stupid? So they don't want Enos, who is in high they go after Sark who has been fired how many times now? What? Is the sky blue in your world? Even the Notre Dame OC turned down the all and mighty Nick the prick. I think everyone knows Nick is on his way out and don't want to work for the arsehole. Kiffin made it clear what it was like working for him. Plus Diaz is a new coach who is going to have at least 3 to 4 years. Enos sees stability and a non ego seeking guy to work for. Money is money. What is a few thousand dollars less when your making 6 figures anyhow. Piece of mind.
Too bad EBT cards can't buy grammer. X I think your parole officer called.....
Well he called a duck a duck. Dang near ALL coaches lie their arse off to get recruits. This man hit the nail on the head. Pimp the school instead of the school pimping you. Iceburg slim 101
Lol in it looks like coach class none the less. Suits him wish I had a seat behind him so I could kick it ever 5 seconds.
Here's my 2 cents. Bama has lost coaches before. Nature of the business. But Enos made a somewhat lateral move. Word was he was to be Bama's next OC. Why go to Maimi? The Gattis goes as well. Something is up at Bama. Could be all the coaches are fed up with Nick the prick? How much are you willing to put up with? I think Saban is on a downward spiral. Tua has shown he ain't Superman and can be beat. Jalen Hurts is probably starting QB at Maryland. Gonna be interesting 2019 season for Bama. Also Jawja is interesting as well. You know they offered Eddie Gran but he turns it down? Why? Tucker is out. Jawja looked horrible versus Texas. Fromm didn't even look the same. All your playmakers are leaving for the NFL. Next year could be a down year for tha Dawgs. Finally, I don't like Chaney. He sucked it up before at Tennessee under Dooley. He wasn't much better at Arkansas. Then goes to Jawja with 5 star talent. Who can't win with 5 star talent? I was really wanting Enos or Kingsbury. Tennessee seems to love paying big money for 1 star coaches. Must be nice.
The way Richmond was playing, he probably knew he lost his starting role come spring. Between allowing sacks and false start penalties, won't be a big loss anyhow. Eli never could get consistent with his catches. He knew he lost his job last year and probably wouldn't be used much this year either.
Only kind of grand slam it is is Denny's restaurant in Knoxville gets for feeding his fat a$$. Well any kinda hope I had for Pruitt just went out the window.
Chaney stunk at UT. Stunk at Arkansas. Know Tennessee hires his fat a$$ back? Monster hire my a$$