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Chubb was hurt the year before he went pro so him saying if he needed the money he would of went pro is b.s. We all know players do get paid. Go drive thru any of the SECs football players parking and look at the cars. How do college kids without jobs afford brand new Challengers or Charger and $60,000 new trucks? I remember when former Auburn RB Michael Dyer transfered from Aubie to Arkansas State and an state trooper pulled him over in a new charger. The trooper call old Gus and got him out of trouble until the media found out about it. All these players get paid.
Well for one, most of these high profile assistant coaches that come from top schools that are loaded with 5 star players always struggle. Little easy to coach up 5 star players when you have talent all over the field. True coach can go anywhere and win. I think most of these big name assistants see that and stay put until a big time program comes open and hope they get it. Take Sam Pittman. man has coached alot of places and never given a shot at HC until last year. Having 5 star players can cover up mistakes.
You do realize one of the worst Tennessee teams in a long while beat Mizzou and old Drinky dont you?
Nope not at all. Been a Tennessee fan all my life, always have always will. Born and raised in Knoxville. Not one of these people that dont live anywhere near the south jumping on bandwagons and dont even know the schools history.
Was like that 20 years ago. Culture changed. It's all about me,me,me. First it starts with their signing day and a big show on social media. Then on from there. Social media has ruined life IMO.
Money is the name of the game. Same reason Bama doesn't get suspended or investigated. Brings NCAA and SEC a ton of money. Old tricky tested positive what 3 times for Covid 19 and majically was oked to coach the game. Not happening with anyone else. Plus they knew Bama was going to NC game. Money makes things better.
How did Tua's whole family, pack up and move the entire family to Tuscaloosa? Nah y'all don't cheat.
Anyone go drive to any SEC campus and go to the football players parking and look at the vehicles parked there. Now how can a college student with no job afford a new challenger with huge rims and wheels on it? Yeah y'all don't cheat but your boosters do. SMH
My guess White was a safe hire for the admin. They knew he wouldn't turn it down. Then White hires his coach at UCF because of the same thing. He knew he had to hire someone the first pitch. Tennessee can recruit, always has, always will. As long as he can coach, that's the key. Make something out of nothing. Houston Nutt was one of the best at this. He came close to beating one if the best teams Tennessee ever had with 2 and 3 star players when Tennessee was the Bama of the 90's.
Hate to tell you but VFL1974 is mostly right. The whole Johnny Majors sham caused alot of bad blood. UT was about to lose Fulmer to Clemson. Boosters and Admin ponied up and paid the man. Screwed Majors over, but that's the name of the game I guess. Trouble is, UT admin doesn't want to spend the cash to get a real coach for some reason. Look at how much they paid out to the last 3 clowns. This is a money business. You go throw $20 million at Saban to come to Tennessee, next day he would be in orange. Money game son. Makes the world go round they say.
And Bama doesn't pay their Yeah ok. Go ride thru U of A football facilities at these nonpaid kids cars and come back and talk.
Cade family loves Tennessee. He found out grass is not always greener on the other side. This transfer portal has ruined college football IMO. These kids are free agents more or less to the highest bidder. And yeah all of them get paid don't say Jawja doesn't do it.
Guess this thing never happens at Jawja huh. How is Justin Fields at QB working out for y'all?
College football these days is totally different from 20-30 years ago. Even 10 years ago. If things don't go right, jump ship. Kids look at this as a business, not a education. Most these kids are not thinking education, they all believe they can go to the NFL. That's the sad part. I don't know why we make such a big deal when a kid signs, the next year goes somewhere else.
Transfer portal has changed college football for the worse IMO. Tennessee's o-line wasn't that good. They hyped up this o-line last year and was maybe a little better but still none of them could pass protect to save their lives. Y'all gonna need to keep a running QB. My guess knew he would lose his starting job and jumped ship. Or wasn't getting his "McDonalds" bags anymore and needed a new employer....jab jab
Pruitt had talent yes, but couldn't take that talent and win with it. Almost as worse as Dooley. Matter of fact, I'll go ahead and say it, he is worse than Dooley. All Pruitt's talent was for themselves though. They didn't by in to team instead of showing off their own talent.
With the transfer portal now a days, old football like we knew it is a thing of the past. You need something to make them stay, just don't put it in a Mcdonald's sack like a facking idiot.
Don't think Tee will go for $35,000 a year after he is fired. Wifey needs money. Tee can recruit but no one knows who he is anymore. Lackluster coaching at USC, about to get fired at the school where he won a NC, snubbed more than a few times on previous coaching offers, then was fired and needed a job, and back to being a unemployed no one.
Go look at any SEC school and see the cars these kids are driving and ask yourself, you think this kids parents has the money to buy him this brand new Dodge Charger with 20s under it? Nope. Every school, every single one.
You watch this Gabriel kid will enter transfer portal in coming weeks.
Pruitt is a defensive minded coach. Terrible personality to go with it.
IMO this is exactly what Tennessee needs. No high expectations on Heupel right now. UTs o-line needs this. They can't pass block longer than 2 seconds apparently. They just need play makers on the edge to make 5 yard passes into 20 yard plus gains. Throw on a pretty good DC that knows how to make something out of nothing, and bam you have at least 7 wins. Pruitt make terrible choices. Bringing fat Chaney in and keeping Weinke as QB coach was terrible. Plus Derek Ansley is a great recruiter, just like Tee, but can't coach a drop. Tennessee's defense was horrible last 2 years under Ansley. I thought Pruitt would of fired him. What good is recruiting when you can coach them up. I would rather have 3 star recruits to coach up than 4 or 5 star duds that play for themselves. Tennessee had alot of "me" players on the team.
Nope money makes everything disappear. That's how the world is. Bama did that with Saban. Look at the 10 year dismal period Bama had and how many coaches y'all went thru. Saban said he wasn't gonna leave the Dolphins for Bama, checkbook came out and he was in Tuscaloosa the next day. Money didnt cause that though.
You ever looked at how much money these universities in the SEC bring in? They have more money than banks. Seriously
That's my view even Tee Martin. Tee snubbed UT a few times back when he was flying high, now that he was fired by USC, his stock is low. Recruits good but that's it.
Good riddance! Old fat Chaney was over payed like last time he was here. As far as Chris Weinke, UT had the worst QBs in the SEC and the country. Bye,......
Well go look how much money Tennessee and the Tennessee brand brings in every year.