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Don't know about this. Dismissed from one team and skipped around.
Said it before and will say it again, these top 5 programs are loaded with 5 star talent. Hell even the waterboys are 5 stars. These young med have to realize when they go to them school's, there is usually 4 or 5 other 5 star QBs to compete with. Most usually transfer within first 2 years after riding the bench with a bruised ego. Go somewhere where you have a chance to start.
Firing? For almost $500,000 a year for 4 years. That's a slow ball rub if I ever seen one. Dang I went in wrong line of business.
Karma comes full circle. Of course, she will get a 10 million dollar payout so this won't hurt too bad. Currie gets $2.5 million, Mike "hambone" Hamilton get a cool million plus free tickets for life, now Davenport is gonna get a lottery's sum for being the worst ADs and President in UT history. Kinda makes you scratch your head. To screw up that bad and win the lottery at the same time.
Kelly should of stayed. He will probably have to sign undrafted free agaent deal and prove himself at camp. Sucks because RBs don't have that long a lifepsan in NFL.
I like Pruitt's no nonsense message. Don't blow smoke up our a$$ and make us think we have a championship team when you know they are a 6 win team. Pruitt is what we need. Work hard to play or leave. Coach Jones practices was party like with all the rap music. Pruitt seems like he is hands on kinda coach. We need a coach that develops and puts the team in place to win. Grateful we didn't hear any robotic coach talk with metaphors or brick by brick B.S.
Dude he will be starter. JG is not even a good back up. McBride will be back up with JG in 3rd.
Huge get for Pruitt and UT. Only wish Kelly would of stayed. Filled a very big hole today. Chandler is a very good RB but don't know about his duribility. Kelly was a tough runner. High hopes for my Vols. With a proven QB now, alot of that talkers around the league will be eating crow in 2018.
Come on Michael. Your from Tennessee at least do a little research. Gaulden flipped Bama fans off after Bituli's pick six.
I liked coach G and thought he was a dang good recruitor but who knows what went down behind the scenes. Did they keep him on purpose until after the signing period? Sure, like Fulmer said this is a big boy game and better leave your feeling at the door. Imagine this happens all the time. As long as Tennessee wins and is a better program bc of it, I am all for it. These coaches all know what they sign up for and making half million a year they get compensated pretty dang good I would say.
Kamara and Kellys misuse was all Jones. Look at all the talent that was misused and nkt developed. I believe Kelly is better than Kamara. Faster and stronger runner. His burst is better as well. Kelly will probably go in late rounds or have tk sign a free agent deal, but mark my words he will start in the NFL.
Might as well point out Jason Garrett is a baffoon as well. He must have some dirt on Jerry Jones. All he does is clap when the other team wins. Dumb. Cowboys should of fired him years ago.
Suppose his daddy had nothing at all to do with any of that either.
No our idiot of an AD Mike "Hammy" Hamilton made another quick hire without thinking. Just bc D-d-dooley carried coach Sabans jockstrap during practice doesnt make you the same as coach Saban. Dooley was Bamas waterboy, their Bobby Bouche of Alabama. Except he forgot coach Clines Just wait till Barbara Dooley calls yalls radio show taking up for little Bobby.
Give UT a gun slinger at QB that can run just a little, and watch out.
Jones had many games to call that but the Oklahoma game that year where they came back and won in OT showed what a slouch of a coach Jones was. Kicked a dang FG on the 1 foot line after boasting all summer of the CMG run game. Hell, Jones had a chance to beat Florida 4 out of the 5 years he was here but only won once.
Your an idiot is what I think. Look at what Pruitt took over after Currie's meltdown. Recruits will come. I am on board until Pruitt shows he is not the man. Butch Jones moment was the Oklahoma game. Until then, rally around the man and stfu. If this guy can coach, he will do wonders. Jones could recruit but couldnt coach a lick.
Thats Jones montra for the whole time he was at UT. Jones could recruit but couldnt coach a lick. How good could Dobbs could of been? Kamara,Hurd, Kelly, and on and on. Look back at all the weapons Tennessee had and failed to use them. Hell look at all that transfered. Still pissed at all the so called fans that put down Hurd for leaving. Jones was a sorry SOB and all the former players are vendicating why all the players left the program.
Funny how these players dont get arrested, especially by Tuscaloosa PD while there at Bama. After they leave Bama, they do. Look at all the former Bama players recently arrested.
Feel he is wanting a fresh start. Cant blame him and wish him well. Dormandy seemed to lack confidence which under Jones we can see why. Who all knows what these young men where subjected to. Felt Dormandy was always looking over his shoulder.
Glad Pruitt offered him. Jones never did offer a big time QB if anyone remembers.
I think there needs to be a class offered by NFL teams, or in college even that gives life skills or as I call it, how not to be an idiot. This idiot is gonna risk career over a joint or small amount of marijuana. Dumb, dumb,dumb. He knows he be drug tested as soon as he gets back. All that talent and no brains. Which you ever notice how many Bama players get arrested or do stupid shat after they leave Bama? Either Saban has the police sowed up there or he doesnt care. Because you know he was smokin tjis stuff at Bama.
That NT loss still stings dont it? Cry tjem salty
Missouri yall just took over 1st place on bone head moved. We will gladly let you have the lead. Thanks.P.S. Hope Dooley buys some bright gold pants and brings his stool to
And if frogs had wings they wouldnt bump their arse. Shaking my head. Heard John L. Smith from Arkansas is looking for work
Lol roflmao!! I needed a good laugh and found it. Dooley must have signed deal with the devil. Man cant coach a lick but keeps getting high paid gigs. Missouri fans better make room for his mom Barbara as well. She takes care of her baby Missouri yall have no room to talk shat about anything now. I hear Butch Jones needs a job Dang I alomst peed my pants.
You mean on Jawja bridges after yall lost to Bama?
So that train wreck yall are making fun of still beat yall 2 years in a row before last year. Yall do rralize that dont you? How salty them tears must be after Bama beat close but so far Only way Georgia fans even get close to a NC ring is when Fulmer polishes his ring with Barbara Dooleys panties.
Couldnt believe Georgia didnt run that many jet sweeps. Jet sweeps are Bama's kryptonite. The wildcat with Chubb was an utter failure. You cant run up the middle against Bama. Georgia didnt utlilize their tight end Nauta either. Didnt look like the same Georgia team to me.
Lol anyway to make a buck. Will this not be a NCAA violation?