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Tennessee's was low. From what I saw, maybe 30 to 35,000 maybe. Heard reports of 60,000 but thats only if they was counting double. Orange/White game isnt what it used to actual game. I heard alot of fans grumble over this new style of spring game. Its not that interesting. Fans want to see a game not a quarter of a game and then basically practice stuff.
No Dede, your not like us. See we was raised with vakues and respect for others, something I like to call home training. Todays youth is all about me, me, me and what can I get for nothing. Like to call it, the Obama generation.
That game was a blowout and UT shut them totally down. Sure go throw rocks at someone about to make millions of dollars. Hope Tenn Tech doesnt play Tennessee in tbe near future. They might hamg 100 on them.
Hell hire Ron Franklin back. IMO, one of the best in college football. So what he made a sexual comment to someone, the guy could call a great football game. We are too PC these days and afraid of hirting someone feelings. Always loved him and Dr. Jerry Punch on the sidelines.....classic SEC broadcasters. Still here old Ron saying...."he has 5, has 10, give gim 20 yards..........
Great get for UT. Depth at DB has been an issue for a while.
Agree totally. SanFran, Kansas City, or maybe even Denver could use a running QB. Let Denver draft him and Elway tutor him.
Debords suck a$$ play calling and no o-line caused most of Dobbs miscues. Debord would call runs on 1st and 2nd downs, which dang near everyone knew what Tennessee was about to run, then put it all on Dobbs to make a big 3rd down play......which he usually did. I am sorry but let 11 guys chase after you and see how well you handle that. Dobbs was running for his life most of the time. The kid is tuff as nails. Jones should of got Juco help in the o-line but chose to go with freshmen and would be 3rd stringers. That killed any chance of a good passing game, coupled with shotty play calling, Dobbs did the best he could.
Allen is a good QB buts lacks 2 things.....size and speed. Dobbs is built like a NFL QB. Plus the scouts are not talking about Allen, they are talking about Dobbs and his abilities. I think your bringing in jealously or hate for a team in your decision making. If Dobbs woulf of had half the o-line Allen had at Arkansas, he would of won more games. You got to remember Tennessee had absolutely no o-line when Dobbs arrived at UT.
Destin you should at least look up things before you start spouting off. These are NFL scouts who know more than you and me about players. I have watched Dobbs all 4 years at Tennessee and believe Jaws to be right. Dobbs had an idiot at OC at Tennessee. Given the right OC and QB coach, I believe skies the limit for Dobbs. Dobbs is tuff as nails. He runs like a running back. All he needs to refine his skills. Dobbs was a 1 man show at UT so this article makes sense. Go look at SEC QB stats and rankings and tell me where Dobbs is middle of the pack. Dobbs is top 5 is dang near every category.
Looky looky looky. SevenTs b i t c h a$$ son. You have absolutely no idea. You sit back satisfied with whats going on right now. Your either a Vandy fan converted to a wannbe Tennessee or just a b i t c h. I think its the 2nd one myself. Bet you love you some Clay Travis dont you sweet
Lol sorry mrs volbeef had my junk halfway doen her throat so wasnt too worried. Bet tou play video games and watch porn in your little world dont you? Probably never had a girlfriend either. Go back to your sad world and STFU!
Sad for Tennessee family. I grew up listening to Bill Anderson and John Ward. For true Tennessee fans, listening to them felt like home. A piece of Tennessee history has just passed. Radio was alot back then. Back before pay per view or 300 cable channels, Tennessee just had maybe 5 games on TV, and that was the big times games. All other games, we were huddled around the radio listening to Bill and John paint the picture we call Tennessee football. Bill you will be missed.
One thing that killed Tennessee last year, was Shoops bonehead calls. Tennessee's D had a bunch of 3rd stringers in because of injuries. Shoop would call a double blitz, leaving that 3rd stringer on an island with a top WR and next thing you know......TD. That happened alot. Shoop should be smarter in his playcalling. Yeah you can call a double blitz when you have the talent out there, but a freshman who hasnt played SEC football, you cant do that. Plus the whole, nobody is gonna run on us thing last year was laughable. Dont run your mouth unless you know you can back it up.
John I liked it. It was as if I could see it going on in my mind. You laid the scene and story out perfectly. Not too opinionated or one sided, but just like a story teller. Too many times, reporters give one sided views thay dont really tell the whole truth. Dobbs is a helluva QB. I have been a lifelong Ut fan from Knoxville. Dobbs will ne sorely missed. I don't believe most fans realize what Dobbs brought to the program or how he saved it. Yes saved it. Dobbs has left a bigger footprint at Tennessee than Manning did IMO. Manning had everything while at UT and Dobbs didnt. Most importantly, Manning had coach Cut to mold and teach him. Dobbs had a outdated, overpaid buffoon who didnt know shat about shaniola. Dobbs willed Tennessee to a bunch of wins and was basically playing backyard football. With the right coach, Dobbs will be a star in the NFL. Best wishes to a helluva football player and young man.
99% of all coaches are like this. They make millions and that millions depends on them winning. These young thug athletes are treated like kings getting off of almost everything expect murder, only getting deffered sentence to be later dropped. Truth is half of these kids on teams are thugs. People dont want to say it but its the truth. This world is too politicaly correct and its slowly killing the values of America. Kids dont have any respect or values anymore. Its all what do I get out of it. Liberals have done America a disservice. These coaches just think of winning at all costs. Welcome to the new America.
Lol gotta love Jawga fans. And exactly what has Jawja done since the early 80's? Dont be mad that a MAC conference coach and life champion beat them Jawga Dogs 2 years in a row. How does that taste?
The defense being hurt has very little to do with Kongbo not performing. If he was overweight and not ready to play, that falls back on Kongbo as well. All Kongbo did last year was run his overhyped mouth and get pushed around. Circle of life drill doesnt mean much anyhow, the play on the field does. Kongbo soley was put in games because of his name and keep him from quiting. I haven't heard much good from Kongbo out of practice except he dropped weight and moved back to DE. Guess we will come back midseason and see whats what. I never have a problem in calling people out.
Lol please no one draft this guy! Funny if fell to 2nd or 3rd round because of his mouth. I think the Browns have had enough of A&M players running their mouths. Barnett is a better DE anyhow and put better numbers up. Barnett lets his play talk.
Isnt the same. Taylors name didnt get him on the field unlike Kongbo. Reports from practice about Taylor are always good and high, unlike Kongbo. Kongbo was a big fish in little water, now he is in big boy country. You cant push SEC linemen around like you can in Div 2. He is over rated. Taylors play in practice got him.on the field, not his name.
Hurts is not going anywhere. This Tau kid will probably transfer at the end of the season. Never understood why these talented QB go to a school where they have a entrenched QB already.
You know why he started coming on? Who did Tennessee play at the end of season. Bottom dwellers of SEC. Even then is was spotty. Kongbo is over hyped and over rated. He is a flop. Darrell Taylor will have a monster year I believe. From reports at practice, the guy will be a dang good DE. Only reason Kongbo is even on the field is his 5 star over hyped name. All fans know this just dont want to admit it. The great ones are great from day one. Look at Barnett, we didnt have to wait on him to turn it on.
I dont get these highly talented and touted QBs going to schools that already have a deeply trenched QB. Especially ones that are freshman. Fromm is SOL in any chance of starting unless Eason gets hurt. Eason is gonna be at Jawja 3 more years so my guess, Fromm will transfer after this year. Just like Tau at Bama. Hurts is the QB for the next 3 years so why waste your talent riding the bench only to transfer a year or 2 later? Bama has a roster full of 5 star QBs and most all usually transfer. This has never made any sense to me. They all want playing time and to go to the NFL. You cant so that riding the bench. There are plenty of schools in the SEC that need QBs. Why not go to one of them and show off your talent there? Even at Tucky or Vandy you will get the exposure to take you to the next level.
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Until Smith does this in an actual game.....consistantly, go blow that smoke somewhere else.
Well no, everyone was doing that to Kongbo last year. Remember videos of Mckenzie and Tuttle doing that, but not Kongbo. Only thing Kongbo pushed around was his ego.
Jones played Bama good 1 game out of 4 and beat Florida 1 time out of 4. Thats it. He lost to Vandy and SC, which is one thing as a UT head coach you can NOT do! His recruiting is slowly slipping as well. His in game decision making isnt the best. His coaching changes has cost him. His robotic coach talk make a mockery of UT football. The man is a great used carsaleman, head football coach......nope.
Hate to hear that about Garner. Helluva RB that could take it 100 in a blink of an eye. Wish we had another like him.
I bet Dobbs knows and can read back their playbooks better than the coaches can.
How many regular people do you know can do this without some "help". Maybe theu receieved a Saban scholarship.