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Wouldnt your article make sense that it was the o-line and not Chubb that made his 2016 less than stellar? Everything depends on o-line more than Chubb.
So Joe is this article about all time SEC RBs or the last 10 to 15 years? If this is all time you must be a young guy and dont remember before 2000. Heck 2 are current players and you have Marcus Lattimore as underrated.....really?
He seems electric when he touches the ball, but last 4 years our QB has only had about 2 seconds to throw the ball. Just waiting for the o-line hype video to come out.
Its not that I am bashing them, its not believing all the hype. Kongbo talked more shat that Tuttle and Mckenzie combined. Prove it on the field. Tired of all these hype videos UT keeps putting out. Darrell Taylor from reports, is 10 times the player that Kongbo is but Taylor dont have the 5 star hype. Kongbo gets the preferred treatment right now because everyone thought he was good. Fils-Ame only did good from 1 yard out. Believe he scored 2 or 3 TDs from a yard out against 3rd teamers. Go watch video of him and see if I am not correct. He tippytoes to the line like he is afraid. Kelly explodes thru the line thats why Kelly is so good. With the o-line as bad as it is right now, you cant tippytoe up there. Dont know how long you have been a Tennessee fan, but I have been one for 41 years and counting. You can always see talent. Remember watching Heath Schuler play in his first game and everyone jaw dropped at how good he was. You can tell even early who is there to play and who is there to ride the bench.
Thanks mom. Can you come and pick us up over at Eugenes moms house. We just finished running a train and apparently she wanted some dark meat. Sorry about the mess Newgene, we get wild when the the train is rolling.
New faces Kirkland and Jennings? Both have started since they were freshmen. Kongbo has flopcity writen all over him. I think Darrel Taylor is gonna be the surprise of the D. I see Dormandy starting first few series against GT but JG taking over rest of game and season. Dormandy has a good arm but cant run worth shat. Tennessee's o-line is shakey as hell. I fear is Dormandy starts, it will be Worley 2.0. Sack city in every game and Worley had some wheels on him too, well better than Dormandy. The key to whole season is QB play and WRs. New WRs stepping up and playing SEC football. Kelly is solid as hell at RB just depends who's at the #2 spot. Fils-Ame to me, just doesnt have it. Unless he grew a pair during the off season. He tippytoes to the line like he is afraid to get hit. The D is up in the air right now. Shoop needs to start earning his paycheck. Cant remember how many times last year dang 4th string Db would be put on an island with a double blitz.......then guess what happen, Other team scored TD. Gonna be interesting volfans.......buckle the fack up.
Although his punctuation is wrong, hell I am not a enlgish teacher but bigge is 100% correct. Josh Dobbs won games on athletic ability alone. Coaching just wasnt there. Dobbs looked the same throwing the ball from his freshman to his senior season. Plus Jones wasted a redshirt on Dobbs. Watching Dobbs play was like watching a backyard football game. A shat load of scrambling and making plays on his own. With a good OC worth his salt, there is no telling how great Dobbs could of been at UT. And thats going to be Jones motto while he was here at UT, what could of been. You can have a team full of 5 atar athletes but if you cant coach, what donyou get? 8-4 during regular season and 2nd place in the east
I see Darrell Taylor stepping up before Kongbo does. Kongbo doesnt really have the motor or drive from what I seen in games.
Looks like SevenT at a Kentucky-Tennessee football game. Well us the long red mark on his cheek were he was cock slapped Your my boy blue!
Heard Jennings is gonna breed ducks that specialize in pulling
Well 1st off Arky fans are still sore Monk went to Tucky. I mean, he moved from Lepanto to Bentonville which is close as hell to Fayetteville for some odd reason. Guess Arkansas thought they had him in their pocket until he chose Kentucky. Wonder what the Monk family recieved for moving to Bentonville from Arkansas boosters? This is were all the hatred is coming from.
Well Madden and sticking some beef down volbeefs mom throat. Vast amounts of knowledge of doing both. Thanks mom.
Thank you mom. Now get your a$$ back in the kitchen and get me a beer. Volbeef sure does like some Bet volbeef likes him some dar meat Good try boy.
Where you getting your info from? You must know what your talking about Idiot plain and Go back to Vandy.
JG, Buchanan, and Johnson need to have breakout years. I dont see Kongbo doing anything but running his mouth. Thats whats wrong with these young kids, prove it on the field 1st. Fils-Aime just doesnt impress me. He tippy toes to the line like he is afraid. Kelly hits the line with a burst, thats why Kelly is so good. Unless Fils-Aime grows some nuggets, he will be 3rd or 4th string.
Lol this shat is funny. Rueben should have: memo to self........dont be a dumba$$ on the day that could determine how much you make in the NFL. This dude is an idiot. I bet all NFL teams are shaking their heads. I bet his agent dang near had a heart Foster will be drafted, but I can see him only lasting a couple of years before he either gets kicked out for a domestic or drugs. This is gonna be another one of those stories of the kid blowing all his money going broke and being on a 30 for 30 for what could of been.
Dont know how this will turn out. This hiring from within kinda scares me. Would rather have a known OL coach but Jones is rolling tje dice. Guess with the pressure and people knowing this could be Jones last year, noone wants to take that chance.
For anyone old enough to remember McCleskey knows he was a beast. He was a Wes Welker x 10. Over the middle was his home and everytime he touched the ball was exciting. For as small as he was and what he did, was unbelievable. I know Tennessee was recruiting his son but never heard what school his son chose. If his son was half as good as his dad, UT missed out.
Dont mind newgene, he is a idiot who thinks he knows UT football. He is SevenTs brother I believe.