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If Pruitt wins out, going 7-5 then yeah give it to him. Giving the situation he was in and team he took over.
I was glad to see Pruitt get on Osborne for trying to lateral the ball. All he needed to do is go down if he couldnt get anymore yards. He could of fumbled the ball and given Kentucky the ball back again. You dont see Bama players doing that stuff.
Just putting the troll in her place. SevenT is never classy and always talking shat.
Don't matter who they have at OC, Wilson is a so so QB that can run a little and is speractic passing the ball. Until Tucky gets a good QB, it won't matter.
Now to finish off with 2 wins would be huge. 7-5 record would be a huge win considering what Pruitt had to work with.
JG changed his whole game this year. I can't say how impressed I am with his turn around. If that young man had a better o-line to give him time, we would of had 3 more wins.
Great win. Well any win is a great win right now although it is Tucky. Tucky got whooped in every aspect of the game. Glad to see the o-line have a good game. Only thing that I didn't like is they took their foot off the gas pedal and fumbled it twice trying to run the clock out. Just used the jet sweep a few times. Murphy did good on his. I think we need more jet swrrps to get the defense honest and keep the rush off balanced. Pretty dang good D.overall great win.
SweetT Tennessee treated Tucky like most men treat your mom....ran a train on dat a$$. Now go back under that bridge you love under and eat more hotdogs.....lol.
Dooley and Jones are still haunting Tennessee in every way. Dooley left UT with barely anyone at o-line. Jones didn't fair much better recruiting very few SEC caliber linemen. Trey Smith was his best recruit and sadly he is a bust. O-line must be Pruitts focal point in recruiting. Hit the JUCO ranks for instant players but recruit enough to get us back to where Tennessee can run the ball and give JG more than 2 seconds to pass the ball. JG has proven himself to me, but when he gets sacked 10 times a game, he would stay healthy long.
Well Pruitt needs to go out and get 12 to 14 o-linemen in recruiting. Not kidding. Get about 6 JUCO guys and there rest freshman. Build the o-line, then get playmakers. That's what wrong now. Can't run or pass.
SweetT you must be a wannabe Vol. You are always on Tennessee's page. Just like legend, X, and 30014. Oh by the way, come get you mom. We are done running a train. thanks.
Don't know. He had a shat load of 5 star talent at Bama and Jawja.
SweetT it isn't my mom's basement, it's your mom's basement I am in. You hear that banging noise in the middle of the night? Yeah that's your mom's head bouncing off my headboard taking all the meat girl.
Tennessee just looked inept at everything they was trying to do. I don't care if UT had a high school o-line, they should of be Charlotte by at least 50 points. They looked uninspired, well most of them do. One thing I worry with Pruitt is, he has always had 5 star talent everywhere on the field. Easy to coach up 5 star talent when your whole roster is full of them. Little bit different when 3 star talent has been the high for 10 years. Pruitt better put his big boy britches on.
My problem with the targeting call, is that the ref's are not consistant with it.The LSU-Bama game prime example. The targeting foul called on LSU's DB at the begining of the game, was what I thought targeting. Bama's WR was defenseless on the touchdown catch and LSU's DB made helmet to helmet contact. But that was LSU's best player on defense so they let him slide. Plus it was a big game.
I always thought it had to be ruled a fumble to be a reviewable play. We basically will start reviewing every play sooner or later. If it was reviewable, the replay crew should of buzzed the refs before the next play. Water under the bridge. They would of scored next possession the way Tennessee's D was playing.
Yep. Doesn't take the genius writers at SDS to figure this stuff out. Would imagine Tennessee leads the lead in QB sack rate on offense as well. Sorry SDS for leaking y'all's next week article. Pretty sure Tennessee has a high school o-line.
Sweet T I thought you was having your a-hole bleached again girl. Anyone who has followed Tee knows his wife drives the bus, owns the bus, and has control of the bus. Tee is in deep. Wifey cost him.
Don't know about his play calling, I think USC used him mainly as a recruiter. He better get better, his wife is out spending his money living that fast LA lifestyle. His loses his job, might be uh oh time in the Martin household. Tee turned down big money for that job.
Yeah it was a bad blown call, but every game has at least one. If we are gonna hang our hat as to thats why we lost, we fallen too far. There are a number of reasons before the fumble as to why Tennessee lost. Defense was pitiful, O-line pitiful, WRs dropping passes, and JG was off. Plus the play calling was spiratic. That 4th down play left me shaking my head. Heltons has done a fine job before now, but the SC game wasn't his best. Not much RB or tight end over the middle, they ran the jet sweep with success a couple of time and didn't use it anymore, didn't stretch the field at all. Plus penalties killed them on offense. You can pick any one thing but I am not gonna hang my hat on the botch fumble call as to why Tennessee lost.
The refs did blow that call which cost Tennessee 7 points, but the way Tennessee was playing D they would of scored again anyhow. Been highly disappointed in the D this year. I thought Pruitt would have them in shape and better off than last year. SC didn't have to throw that ran at will.
No one blames Pruitt for going for it on 4th down rather than punting or going for field go. He was playing to WIN! If he would of punted, probably would of carried into endzone and SC would of had on the 20 anyhow. Field goal was iffy. I think most volfans like the fact he went for it. Past 10 years we played not to lose. The Vols downfall is the o-line which isn't a shocker. Dooley left the Vols with no o-line and it didn't get any better under Jones. Pruitts #1 job this off-season is o-line,o-line, and o-line. JG is a good enough quarterback to beat most teams in the SEC, all he needs is time to throw.
JG is the better QB but his throws we're off tonight. Also the receivers didn't do him no favors in dropping balls as well.
That was a bad miss but come on, Tennessee D couldn't tackle anyone tonight. They couldn't cover anyone either. I don't know if this years D is as bad as last year's. I think it is. Pruitt better put his big boy britches on....it's gonna get deep.
Until Tennessee gets an o-line, expect more of the same. Pruitt should have an open call out for anyone on campus that is above 6' and over 300lbs to try out for o-line. Defense just out of position bad tonight. Too many mistakes. How can only 3 pass rushers sack JG? Did y'all watch the other 2 o-line just stand there and watch him get sacked? Pitiful.
What will you say when they beat Jawja? I think opinions gonna change when that happens. How could a lowly team that Tennessee beat, beat those Dawgs.
Keep your troll a$$ on Jawjas page how about it. Crow gonna taste good when y'all lose. Keep talking that smack. Don't worry, when y'all lose I be there to remind you.
Goes back to Mike "Hammy" Hamilton. UT paid the moron handsomely for the facking he put on UT as well. Ruined UT football and basketball. Well basketball wasn't really all that good but you get the drift.
Spot on call volzdeep. Tennessee kept it close until late 4th quarter when Jawja put Fields in. Jawjas downfall is their o-line just like Tennessee's is. Florida is gonna have a field day with Fromm. Fromm is already looking over his shoulder just like Eason did. Only time in my life I am pulling for the Gators.