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Fuzzy we won games bc other teams couldn't put up 50 points like Tennessee was doing. But in saying that,. Hooker was a very talented smart QB. All I am saying is Milton has to be more versatile instead of sitting back in pocket all the time.
Tennessee runs a high tempo spread where the QB has to make the right read and calls to run it effectively. Tennessee did this with very few 4 star guys, mostly 3 star talent. Before you go chest pumping, Georgia had 5 star talent all over the field. You give Heup some 5 stars and let see what y'all can do.
He needs to keep them ball as well some on RPOs.
His pocket presence was pretty good in the orange bowl, he moved around nicely in the pocket. I think in his mind, everyone is so impressed with his arm, that he thinks he has gotta throw it 200 mph. Defenses have to be aware of his running ability as well. Look at Arkansas QB KJ Jefferson, perfect example. They run him every 4th or 5th play just to keep the defenses honest. Milton is so big he can get 3-5 yards dragging defenders with him.
He is improving yes. Tennessee does not have the defense yet to hold up for the offense going 3 and out. Tennessee needs to move the chains, 10 yards at a time. Big explosive plays are important but until Milton can hit those big throws with some consistency,then he has to add another area to his game. Tennessee does not have a top 10 defense, not even a top 50 defense. 3 and outs must not happen. Tennessee needs to get 4-5 yards at a time, then try to long ball. Set up plays by making them guess whether it's run or pass. Being as old as Milton is, he is probably playing his best ball right now. Milton's biggest problem is everyone is so impressed with his arm he thinks he has to chunk it as hard as he can to impress people. And that's not the case. Tennessee needs him not to miss the wide open receiver that 10 yards down the field wide open or not to overthrow the wide open receiver that's wide open running a go route. He has gotten better on the go routes. For Tennessee to have a chance next year, 10 yards at a time is what we need. Then give it to your play makers and let them score.
Well Milton needs to run the ball more. He is not a pocket passer. As big as he is, reminds me of Ohio State's Carnell Jones. Heups system is all about moving the ball. Incompletions are drive killers and make it rough on the defense. 10 years at a time. Until Milton can reign in his strength and throw touch passes, he is gonna have to use his feet more. Milton is as big as linebackers so he needs to use his size. If defenses have to use an extra body to cover Milton, that just opens up someone else for a big play.
I don't know why he wasn't at least even the rotation in the orange bowl game. Seems like he caught every pass thrown to him that was catchable in the regular season and even had a few good TD catches. As down at WR as Tennessee was during the orange bowl, there has to be something the coaches are not saying about him. He might not practice well or some other issues we don't know. Coach Heup even admitted Hooker didn't practice well that's why Milton got the starting nod 2 years ago. Merril might be a gamer, alot of players do that. Lights come on and so do they. Wish him well either way. As down at WR as Tennessee is, hate to lose him.
Lets look at Jaylin Hyatts year compared to Levis. I dont like anyone that opts out. I look down on Hyatt as well. But Hyatt had a heck of a year compared to Levis. If Hyatt had been on the sideline acting a fool like Levis did I would of said the same for him. Now go cry them salty tears after Iowa beat yall down. Pitiful.......
ESPN is so fake and PC. Who else seen them pan to Peyton Manning and label him a 1998 national But heck, according to the media we all champions
Yeah both Clemson and Kstate neither showed up. When Tennessee's D coordinator blitzes, Tennessee's D usually has a great game. If they don't, 700 yards later we still might win but dang seems like high schools teams could score on us.
Well just shows the drop off from 1st to 2nd and 3rd string. Opt outs are a mofo. Used to be they would insure themselves for a million or two in case or injury but who knows anymore. Either your all in or not with us. Wouldn't let anyone that opts out travel to bowl game. Just leaves a bad taste for everyone involved.
The year he has had it would tickle me if he winds up not even drafted.yeah keep me Hopefully he does better than big blue nation did in the music city bowl.
I hate all this opt out b.s. Never liked Levis. Seem him smiling and cutting up on the sidelines while his team got took to the wood shed.I mean if Levis gets drafted anywhere near the 1st round in the draft something is horribly wrong. He made himself look bad all year, he might of done his self a favor sitting out possibly making his draft status drop even more.
I really can't tell the difference between Levi's and his back up.
I mean truth is truth. Cancel culture strikes again. Someone call Missouri's hurt feelings campus y'all remember that? When Missouri's campus police would respond to hurt feelings complaints. Hope this comes back to bite Learfield and NC state.
Great victory when it seemed half Tennessee's team opted out or was injured. 2nd and 3rd team guys showed up huge. Tennessee is one of few bright spots in SEC bowl games so far. I feared this game thinking Tennessee would be blown out bc all the opt outs and injuries but was pleasantly surprised. Knowing how Tennessee's D was, had an uneasy feeling. Great game on both sides of the ball.
Michigan gonna rip sonny a new one
That's without a doubt about the players but seems most games Banks didn't do that. Most it was zone, throw it down the field all game long with out blitzing. Just so hit and miss
SEC is so love/hate. Y'all played great against Notre Dame. Y'all had a great year.
Tim Banks might of saved his job. Great defense. Aaron Beasley showed out tonight. Defense came up more than the offense. If Tennessee kept this D though out the year, they would been in the playoff. Defense was so hit and miss. Offense was steady. Coach Heup deserves $10 million dollar raise. Go Vols!!!
Need a accurate gunslinger QB that can scramble. Milton is a good back up but has shown he still can not hit a barn door. He can chunk it a mile, but accuracy is still an issue. As far as the defense goes, until we get a defensive coordinator worth a dang, it doesn't matter who we put back there. Defense was just pitiful except for Kentucky and Vandy. Tim Banks zone defense playing the DBs 15 yards from line of scrimmage just doesn't work. Everyone threw the ball all over the field on Tennessee except Kentucky and Vandy. The SC game the defense just wasn't ready which goes back to coaching.
These snowflakes are melting. Where's the crybaby police at.....of yeah musk fired them..... lol
If you feel so strongly about racial slurs, then you should stand up against them even in a script you are reading. Don't judge everyone else then thinks it is ok if your reading a script. Pot meet kettle
So it's ok if your getting paid for it huh.... hypocrite they be the name.
Words don't hurt me. I have used them before, everyone has. Don't say you have never or joked about it. You lie. Only 1 can judge us so tell us some more lies.
Plus you never said if you have said a racial slurs or laughed at a joke..............