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SweetT you haven't felt anything back there in a while so the tip ain't gonna hurt girl. Bet you don't even have to wipe anymore. Maybe Tucky has a good chess team girl.
Any win is a great win. Someone knock Trey Smith in the nuts. He always, always has 1 dumb bonehead personal foul a game. How can you bellyflop on a player after the whistle on front of a ref?
Great win but officiating sucked. Did anyone else notice that when Warrior intercepted that pass that he stepped out at the 34 yard line and they placed the ball on the 48? They even showed the replay it was the 34 but no one said anything to stop it.
Oklahoma's D is no where as good as this year's LSU D. LSU has speed and talent in the d-line and linebackers, they will blitz more than any other time this year. All it takes is for that ankle to move the wrong way and he is out.....and Tua knows that. Happened to both ankles now. I see Tua getting sacked at least 5 or 6 times, having his worst game of the year. Bama doesn't have a stud at RB either to take over a game like in the past.
Here's the thing, no matter what anyone says, Tia will have his injury in the back of his mind. He has injured both ankles in the same way. Young man has an NFL career to look forward to. Surgery was only a couple of weeks ago. LSU's D is probably one of the best in the nation. They are gonna blitz like nobodies business. Plus Bama's D is not like previous years. LSU is gonna pass all over the place exploiting Bama's subpar secondary then start running the ball down their throat. Bama keeps it close in 1st half but I'm 2nd half LSU pulls away and leave Bama fans in years. Then that team across the plains ruins their season. Mark it down.
So Schiano was such a great coach, that OSU would retain him and no one else besides Rutgers would even consider him a shot at HC? Is that what your saying?
I can't stand Pat Forde especially listening to him call games on ESPN. It's like listening to Tony Romo.
Before the Tennessee game, I would of said Bama wipes the floor with LSU. After the Tennessee game and Tua's injury, I think LSU handles Bama and puts them in their place. Tennessee moved the ball it seemed at will against the Bama D. Most Bama fans are in denial right now. Had Tennessee's QB not pulled that bone head move and handed the ball off to the RB, lowly Tennessee would of scored and been within 8 points of taken down the #1 team in the country. LSU will have their ears pinned back if Tua plays with his injured ankle. I think LSU leaves Bama in years. LSU 32 Bama 17
It was more the competitive game against Bama that turned the fans around back on Pruitt's side. Any win is great, but to be down and have a chance against the #1 team is what did it.
Chief should of retired 10 years ago but heck when teams are throwing over a million dollars at you, why retire? Chief was great in his hayday, but even in his later years at Tennessee, folks got tired of 3rd and chavis. Seems like he would be aggressive on 1st and 2nd down, but on 3rd down play back and let them get the 1st down. I was shocked when the Hogs hired him after a less than stellar stent with A&M.
Agree Pruitt has to know and see something others don't right now. Of course watch him go to 4 or 5 stars and everyone want him now that Tennessee offered him.
I don't blame Gatewood for transferring. College football is a business these days and coaches lie all the time. Media tends to flip flop on this issue as well. Not too long ago, Tennessee's Jalen Hurd transfered mid-season only to be ridiculed by SDS staff calling him a quiter. That young man have quite a bit for UT being a work horse RB. Months later we find out the true story and what an a$$ Butch Jones was. I don't blame any player for transferring. Might not of been a good fit or in Hurds case, you might have been lied to. In any case, great job of flip flopping SDS.
Bubbatime hit the nail on the head. This generation is so weak. God forbid they get their feelings hurt. Maybe that's what's wrong with America. We are too politically correct and afraid to call a duck a duck. If they are afraid to get their feeling hurt, they should go to Mizzo where campus police will arrest them. That shat is still funny. Mizzu got the hurt feelings popo.
Normally I would put you in your place, but thanks for the classy response. Nothing like a night game at Neyland stadium. It's electric when that many people get fired up and the whole stadium shakes. Can't beat Knoxville. Leaves are changing right now and it's a beautiful city. Only thing I miss and hearing the band the whole game. Who the rack decided to be like the NFL and play rock music instead of the band. That's what makes college football so much better is the band and atmosphere.
I forgive him. But you have to listen to the coaches, they are there for a reason. Watching Jordan Rodgers diagram that play and see the whole open up for Crouch to run threw, made me sick. Crouch could of easily walked in. Bamas D bit on the QB sneak. Pruitt and Chaney had the correct play called. Who knows what would of happened when Tennessee scored but 28-20 with enough time left Tennessee had a chance for an upset. I am back on the Pruitt train. Last 3 games, Pruitt and UT have been reborn. JG was trying to be the hero but should have seen the linebackers creeping in the whole in front of him. Tough lesson.
These kids are gonna change their minds at least 3 or 4 times until signing day.
No, the 1st 2 games the coaching was awful especially the Georgia State game. This is the same team as last year basically. Same team that beat Auburn. You can only blame the players so much. Coaching was bad those 2 games.
Poppycock? Where you from? Lol I have never heard anyone in the state of Tennessee or even the south say poppycock.
Excellent observation. The prices of tickets these days are crazy and as bad as it's been, only die hard fans will spend that kind of money. Season ticket prices have gotten better but only because Tennessee has been struggling. Used to be, you had to be on a waiting list and donate a kidney.
Glad to see this. I might off jumped off the Pruitt train too fast. I liked the way he has coached past 2 games. You know, Fulmer owned the state. Especially the Memphis/Jackson/Nashville area. Ever since he left, only Kidding has recruited that area. Dooley and Jones never did. Bama recruiters, along with every other big school hit that area hard. Glad to see Pruitt take it back.
Yeah because our 3 year starter that we benched for making bonehead plays gave Bama a gift TD, take that away and it was a close game. The RB would of easily walked in if onle JG handed it to him. You feel bad bc Bama looked bad and let Tennessee keep it close and have a chance to win. 2 loses coming yalls way BTW.
DD2 maybe old Phil will let ya look at his NC ring sometime. Pathetic is having all that dang talent and still loosing to very bad SC team...that's pathetic
Well I probably will you won't. All that talent and Jawja still can't do it. Jawja has more talent than Bama yet looses to Good luck
Didn't matter much to me, although I have never seen the media that done before on any riverly game. I mean are they gonna roll roomers corner after Auburn beats Bama? As much as ESPN is laying off these days, could care less.