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There may be dumpster fires in Fayetteville and Gainseville, but in Knoxville the whole land fill is on fire.
I would say Vegas has the best hookers. Miami would be up there though, along with LA and NYC.
RednBlue, a first grader can do better than "I guess you as ignorance as a monkey or worse." That's what he was, talking about. However, he followed that up with "That's as brilliance as a Rebel." You're both dumb.
You're the one that said "sexual deviancy destroys people and nations". I'm asking you.
How exactly does it effect you or anybody else?
That's funny coming from a guy who is part of a fan base that was calling in death threats and tried ruining a guys business because they lost a basketball game.
You're right eking. I had my gall bladder removed Saturday and I'm couch bound for the next week or so. I'm bored to death.
Thank you for explaining what I already knew. I was sarcastically pointing out that he has no idea who is a "t-shirt fan" as opposed to a "real fan". It's good to know that you can tell by the way they use "there, their, they're".
You got me bro. I don't go to college. However, I did get my degree 13 years ago.
So you're saying that you can tell that someone is a "t-shirt fan" by the way they use "there, their, they're"? You have to be kidding right? There is no way that you can possibly be that dumb.
How do you know if someone did or did not attend the university that they are fans of? How do we know you or any of your family members went to aTm as you claim? You yourself could be one of these so called "t-shirt fans".
So you're implying that people that have t-shirts, hats, jerseys, etc. of their favorite team aren't real fans? How do you show your fandom?
I'm going to assume that it's somebody that likes t-shirts.
I'm trying to figure out what exactly a t-shirt fan is.
Dear, there is no such thing as "could of". I think you are trying to say "could've", which is a contraction for "could have".
Don't you know that my boy knows everything about UT football? If he says that it is going to be a bad year then you better believe him. If they would have hired him then UT would be favorites to win the national championship.
I'm just trying to support my son. He shares some great ideas with me while I help bathe him and when we have our mother/son date nights.
*That's, what's, doesn't, that's Maybe you should be hired as the running backs coach. You have vast amounts of knowledge that you could be sharing with these running backs. When I was telling UT they should consider hiring you as their savior, I told them all about your experience in Madden and they would be fools to not bring you on board.
I told the powers that be at UT that you know everything about football. I told them that if they hired you then you could serve as AD and head coach and wouldn't even need to hire a staff. I really feel that my baby boy is the savior of UT football and the university is a bunch of fools for not hiring you.
*SevenT's If Eugene is SevenT's brother that would make him you uncle.
Please excuse my son. Our family has been inbreeding for generations now and I'm afraid he is not too bright.
Please leave my son alone. He has had a rough week because we had to put the family cow down. Also, along with losing his sexual outlet, I have decided to stop cutting the crust off of his PB&J's in hopes that he might grow up a little.
Watch your mouth son. I will have your breakfast ready soon so you can come out of the basement whenever you are ready.