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He should at least be in the running for SEC player of the week.
Gpunk19, y'all need to put that ref on scholarship. He scored 2 TDs for you which won the game.
Thank you for finally acknowledging that Jake Bentley is a dumpster fire. I'll take "mediocre" at this point because I've been saying he sucked from the time he was signed. Everyone told me how great he was going to be. Nepotism got him on the team and his Division III talent demonstrated the pundits rarely know what they are talking about. You can take it to the bank, any QB that Daddy Bentley ever got ahold of puts up video game stats in high school and can't get it done in college. See Willie Korn and the previous versions of Bentley brothers before him. The scary part is there's a younger Bentley behind Jake. Hopefully Muschamp realizes the Bentleys have no place in the college game and Daddy Bentley is dismissed from the staff before he nepotizes another no talent kid onto the team.
Please stop pretending Jake Bentley is good. He's at best a dumpster fire of a quarterback in over his head. His daddy on the coaching staff is the only reason he's there and Scarnecchia proved himself to be the better QB.
I wouldn't exactly call it a whiff but more of a purposeful avoidance of Shuler Bentley. Byrnes is know for great teams, not exactly great QBs. The last big hyped QB from Byrnes was Willy Korn. Tommy Bowden effectively gave him the starting job at Clemson while he was still in his junior year in high school. Korn demonstrated what the Byrnes system is all about. The entire Byrnes offense is is predicated on a QB that can simply throw the ball far enough for the WRs to outrun the coverage. This doesn't work in college as most major D1 programs well know. That's why Willy Korn ultimately ended up at D3 North Greenville University, and his successor Chas Dodd is putting up average numbers for Rutgers right now. Bentley is a good fit for ODU, he just can't cut it in the SEC.
Too bad the players inside of them will still be the same. Michigan doesn't stand a chance, they will play like Clemson did against Carolina. Outmanned and shocked by the level of play in the SEC versus what they had in their lesser conference.