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Florida will be ticked off like a swarm of yellow jackets after the LSU debacle, but Darth Saban will have the death star tuned up. Curious to see who will cover Pitts.
I really don't care about individual accolades, but given the crazy season this year and the absolute machine like performance of this Alabama team, I hope coach Saban comes away with some sort of award. Same goes for our kicker. Will is perfect. Alabama had so many face palm moments with kicking through the years.
The receiver had it for a moment, but it was slightly underthrown. Having said that, an 8 to 1 TD to Int rating is pretty awesome. Tua will get more and more comfortable and get better and better with the fins.
Jalen does not have that born gift of being a great passer However, Jalen besides being one of the classiest and professional guys out there in football land, he is a tireless worker and a winner. If he is given a little time to develop and has a decent cast around him, I think he is capable of being a good NFL QB. I hope he does well in the NFL. The league needs character like he possesses.
Calling Mac a "game manager" is definitely a back handed compliment considering his completion percentage, yards per attempt etc. etc. However, Mac's strongest skill is actually managing the offense. He sees guys lined up wrong or not up close enough to the line of scrimmage and corrects that stuff pre-snap. He checks down when things aren't open and throws the ball away avoiding sacks. Etc. Etc. That is part of game management. He is the best Bama QB I can remember at doing those kinds of things. Mac is fantastic at making great plays, but even better at avoiding bad ones. He gives timely pump fakes, rarely makes throws without good feet technique, steps into throws even knowing he is about to get plastered and moves in the pocket like Houdini. He basically does everything well except run for a lot of yards. He is also comfortable in shotgun or behind center. Some QBs can't even take a snap from behind center. Did I mention his anticipation ? He anticipates routes fantastic especially considering he lost his #2 receiver, had the #3 guy move up to his position and worked in two different #3s in Bolden and Billingley with very little dropoff in production. I am pretty happy with Bama's "game manager."
Great to see Billingsley play so well.He is a 4.6 guy. He could be used outside once Miller heals up. Due to being a tight end, he isn't going to know all the receiver routes and nuances of that position, but I am sure Sark could find some sort of a package for a talent like that.
I probably would have had someone else back there. I think B-Rob can return punts.
It has to be Hugh at the top of the list. Another, if he were a little younger would be Gary Patterson. Gary can do a lot with a little.
Frank's has been great for the hogs. Without his veteran leadership, I don't think they would be as good. Arkansas has a lot to build upon this year as they were supposed to be the beating board of the SEC this year. That hasn't been the case. If Sam can get some good recruits in there, Arkansas can have good teams for the foreseeable future. They are tough and gritty like the Arkansas teams back when they joined the SEC.
Task really looks good. Going to be an interesting finish between Jones and Trask as who is the best SEC qb and maybe best in college football.
Yes great win for Florida. They look the part of East Champion. I don't see anyone posing a threat to Florida until what will likely be Bama vs. Florida in the SECC game. Bama's defense appears to be better than Florida's right now, but I do see the world through crimson colored glasses so take that as you will.
I couldn't put BYU at 6 right now, but I don't think they are far off. I watched parts of a couple of their games and Zach Wilson is legit. Given their strength of schedule though, I wouldn't put them in the playoffs unless there is a two loss power 5 school ahead of them.
I think it has to be Bama, ND, Ohio State and Clemson right now. Glad to see the love given to BYU though. Saw parts of a couple of games and QB Zach Wilson is a monster.
Although Bama should not go into this game over confident, I don't see LSU being able to slow down the Bama offense much. When you factor in Bama's steady improvement on defense, I think it will take an implosion on Bama's side for this game to even be competitive.
The only way I see the Florida and Bama getting in is if they both win out and Florida beats Bama in a close SEC championship game. As far as two SEC teams in the playoffs, I think Bama and Texas A&M is more likely. Clemson and ND getting in is also a strong possibility.
I have to give a little love to Will Reichard. He is perfect so far. No missed FGs or PATs. Been a while since Alabama had a solid kicking game.
When Jalen enrolled at Bama, I really didn't think about him too much. There are so many players to keep up with. However, once I did manage to pull up an extensive bio on him and noticed the young man was a coach's son, a member of the National Honor Society and looked at his HS stats and highlights, my interest was piqued. I felt like this kid could be the future of Alabama at the QB position. However, I didn't think he would be as good as he "appears" to be as quickly. To be honest, although it is rather embarrassing now, I was on the David Cornwell bandwagon because I like big quarterbacks. I was hoping for a Ben Roethlisberger type QB at Alabama. It didn't take long for me to jump on the Hurts bandwagon though. Other than "ideal" height, the kid seems to have it all. He seems to be smart, strong-armed, physically strong, athletic and emotionally mature for his age. Bama is due for a truly "great" QB (no offense to AJ who was very good) and maybe this kid is it. Bryant (yes that is my name)
I don't generally like to compare NFL and college, but I really think the Alabama defensive coaches should watch a few Pittsburgh Steeler games. I don't think there has ever been a better defensive coordinator than Pittsburgh's Dick LeBeau. Obviously Bama's "kids" can't swallow a scheme as complexed as The Steelers run, but I really like the fact that Pittsburgh puts three hard-nosed OL gobbling lineman up front. While two are "labeled" as defensive ends, all three are just tackles. What they do is get under the pads of the OL so hard that the opposing 5 OL can do nothing agaist those three. The steelers now have at least one free LB and maybe a safety or corner etc. to send into the backfield. The Alabama 3/4 defense is a 3/4 in name only when you have a LB that is in a three point stance on most plays. As I said, Bama can't over-complicate their blitzes with new players moving in and out every year, but I think putting three 300 pound... plus men that are around six foot tall on the LOS to plug the middle up and allow linebackers, safeties and corners to blitz is the way to go. One of those big fireplug DE will push the pile into the QB and get a sack every now and then as well. Bryant
I think some of what is going on is actually beyond Alabama and Auburn. As holy as "our" rivalry is in our state, I think the biggest thing about much of this is simply the media and their frenzy for negative news. If an Alabama (or Auburn for that matter) player found a wallet in a parking lot and returned it, untouched, does anyone in their right mind think it would make any news ? The press wants to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to bad news because that is what people are conditioned to hear....... and therefore want to hear. I am at the point in my life where, in general, I am going to talk about the good things Alabama does.... NOT the bad things Auburn, Tennessee, etc. etc. do. You have to take the bad with the good in life...... don't get me wrong, but I am not going to let my love of Alabama EVER be overshadowed by a hatred of anyone or anything including Auburn. Bryant
I say it is still up in the air. Each QB (judging by the spring game) has advantages and disadvantages, though they are actually more alike than not stylistically. I break them down like this...... as I said judging by the spring game, short passes - push medium passes - Simms........ his arm strength really gives him the advantage. long passes - McCarron....... Simms completed a nice long pass, but he threw a couple on a rope. He needs to get a little more air under it. Could have just been jitters. footwork in the pocket - Simms. Phillip is old school. He looks like Dan Marino with his drop back. He generates much of his velocity from his lower body and planting for the release. scrambling - Mccarron....... people will think I am nuts, but I think AJ might have gotten away from those spring game "sacks" in a real game. He isn't going to be rushing for any real long gains, but he moves MUCH better than I thought he would. The fact that Phillip has that "classic" drop also means he is not ready to take off and scramble due to the stance he has. Over-all poise - Simms...... goes back to the classic "surveying the field" drop back. durability - ??? push ???looks like Simms, being bigger would be able to take hits better, but throwing from a planted foot so often means a locked knee and more prone to knee injury. experience - Mccarron..... duh ! upside - Simms...... considering he is a class behind McCarron, I would say he has a bigger upside. The verdict........ push....Choosing a QB for 2011 may be one of the most difficult things Saban will ever have to do in his coaching career. I do not envy having that decisions to make. It is a very nice burden to have two QBs so close in skillset, but it is going to be a gut-wrenching decision to make. Bryant
Wonder if Charlie has any college eligibility left ? Looks like he might make a good DT. I am not going to make too much fun of the guy though. I know what kind of OC he was with The Pats. With the wealth of talent in Florida, he could work up quite an offense in a couple of years at Florida. Bryant