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Takeaway #6, Brandon Allen stinks. He is the Alex Smith of college football. A game manager who can't win when it counts. BA has personally lead Arkansas to a 2 - 4 record when their record with even a half way decent QB would and should be 4 - 2. Arkansas should have lost to both Texas Tech and Alabama but with a decent QB who doesn't choke inside the 20 or in the 2nd half they would have beaten Toledo and TA&M. The Hogs problem is little brother is just like big brother. I don't see Austin Allen leading this team to come from behind victories. If Rafe Peavey is not named QB1 next season, Hog fans can expect more of the same.
WOW, please see what they want to see. The same ref that jerked Beilema backwards is the same ref who threw the flag. Cam Robinson appears to turn towards Beilema as the ref is pulling him backwards. Though I cannot distinctively tell, it appears as though Cam Robinson said something to Beilema as Beilema is stumbling. If that is the case then yes the flag was appropriate. But stating Beilema faked stumbling is 100% a false statement and the reporter should be fired.
Such a sad story....... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The only thing he left out was that he was singled out because the stadium staff and the university administrators are all racist. I'm sure that will be included in his next rant.
When Jones took the job, he had only the leftovers to choose form for his first recruiting class. Thankfully many were decent players who wanted to play in the SEC. Granted he had two great recruiting classes but you do not win in the SEC with Freshman and Sophomore starters. Take your lumps like the Razorbacks are doing and reserve judgment for 2017.
Tennessee fans now know what it is like to be a razorback fan. We have been last in the West for 4 years in a row if we finish there again this year which it continues to look like we will. Hang in there and be patient. Butch Jones has been a winner everywhere he has been and he has rebuilt teams before. Jones had less to work with when he took the job than Bret Bielema did at Arkansas and we still can't get out of the cellar.
I was for hiring Rob Ryan when we got Petrino. I again stated Rob Ryan is what Arkansas needed when Jeffy hired Bielema and again I say bite the huge payout and try to hire Rob Ryan.
Hogs...... not jogs...damn fat fingers.....
A realistic look at the road ahead for the jogs is a 4 & 8 season. I see them winning against UT Martin, Auburn and Missouri. On Defense Ellis is being asked to do too much, Robb Smith is running too many Plain Jane schemes with the front 4 and the secondary is playing too soft and lacking aggression. On Offense Allen is trying to finesse the ball into the receiver's hands in the red zone too much and the vaunted front line isn't pushing anyone off the ball in the 2nd half. Ellis is playing his heart out but it isn't enough to make up for the loss of Spaight. Collins is running harder than I have ever seen him. Until the front line steps up and Smith stops showing his hand on defense before the offense is even set, 4 & 8 is questionable but possible.
People forget Ohio St had to forfeit the win over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.
There is no other conference in the nation like the SEC. It doesn't matter what team you like or dislike, when an SEC team plays a school from another Power 5 conference, less than 0.5% of the entire SEC fan base cheers for the outsiders even if the SEC team they are playing is your sworn enemy. Southerners have to stick together because the rest of the nation is just plain nuts.
I agree with your top 3 and bottom 3. Even though LSU hasn't played yet, I give them the #4 slot. Ole Miss can't be judged because they played a team most Texas high schools could beat. Arkansas's highly rated offensive line didn't show much effort and neither did TAMU's. TAMU got lucky because AzSt ran out of gas half way through the 3rd qtr. Ole Miss, Arkansas and TAMU were not very impressive for the talent they have. They all tie for 5th. SC showed more heart than any team over the weekend so I give them the #8 slot with Florida, Mizzu and Tennessee all tied for 9th.
Collins at #4? Kody walker did a better job. Collins barely averaged 5 yds a carry if you take away his last carry of the game, a 70 yard effort. Sadly, the highly touted Hog offensive line didn't manhandle UTEP's D-Line at all. The hogs should have had over 300 yards on the ground and at least 3 rushing TD's. If they don't get better, it's going to be a long season.....
Despite the loss, I still think the PAC 12 championship runs through Arizona State. UCLA will be lucky to finish 3rd in their division. ND has arguably the toughest schedule outside of the SEC West. They will finish with 2 losses and that is if they stay healthy. OSU will make it to the playoffs again only because they have no competition in the B1G.
I think the Razorback's biggest upset was Nov. 15, 2014 with a 17 - 0 shutout of #17 LSU and ending a 17 game SEC losing streak.
There was not a single one dimensional team in the SEC last year other than Arkansas. Finishing 5th in rushing when the opposing team is lining up 8 in the box 65% of the time is not a bad stat at all to have and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Now that Arkansas has more than 2 players capable of actually catching a ball, it will be fun watching them run over people because they will be facing 6 in the box at least 50% of the time.
So long as Arkansascan go 4 - 4 in conference play this year, I really don't care where they rank them.
UCLA - USC will not decide the Pac12 South. USC - Arizona St will. The rest of the games I agree with however Oregon I do not think deserves the respect they are getting.
I have said for a year now that it would be foolish for Rafe Peavey to stay at Arkansas.