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Why would you not just finish the season if you aren't gonna transfer somewhere else? This guy is a Grade A dumbass
Outside of Gainesville I don't think anyone likes Florida
Clemson has no chance with Bama. The only of those three teams I think could give Bama a game is Michigan.
How does Florida keep hanging around so high in the ranking? They have not looked good in a single game this year and they still always float from 10-20.
Can we please excommunicate this team from the SEC? They are a complete embarrassment on and off the field.
Exactly. Florida has only played one team so far this year that is even halfway decent and they lost. They have absolutely nothing to be arrogant about.
Once again Florida has not played anyone that is even halfway decent so far.
It's amazing to me that Florida is always so high in these polls. Here is who they have beaten: UMASS, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mizzou, and North Texas. All teams that are total crap. Yea they only have one loss but that's cause they have only played one team with a pulse
Auburn and Florida should be flipped
This school is an absolute embarrassment to the SEC
I agree with the placement of all the SEC teams except Florida. #12?? Seriously?? They literally have beaten no one even halfway decent.
Florida is without a doubt the most classless university in the country.
Or the fact that Florida is at 14 when they didn't even play....
LSU should not have to buyout their game and lose money just because Florida's lack of preparation and planning.
This guy maybe the biggest dumbass I have ever seen.
Florida knows they are gonna get smoked and wants the game cancelled altogether. LSU did everything to accommodate them and they still wouldn't agree to it.
This is purely the Gators trying to avoid a loss they know is coming and get the game cancelled altogether. What a bunch of cowards