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An alumna? It's alumnus. Why is it so difficult to proofread?
And how many players on your roster did you think we're gonna go 1st round in the last draft? Only one of those players (jones) could make it in the first round. Dak has way too many questions concerning passing to be a first rounder.
That's strange. 1959 Ole Miss didn't even make the top 100 on this list, yet they were #1 on Football Outsider's top teams of all time list. Outscoring opponents 350-21, and allowing 0 points among 1st and 2nd string defense all season. Pure dominance.
The amount of stupid that you just pumped into one comment is glorious. A) you very clearly don't know why Swiss accounts are so heavily sought after. But for starters, you can move large amounts of money into them and it won't matter if people know or not. B) It's really easy to tell if a local bank has been moving large amounts of money. But maybe after you finish learning to color inside lines, you can start to learn about money. God knows you need to budget that money you make from your job at the car wash.
Where the hell is video of the award presentation? You'd think that they'd at least upload video if they're not going to show it live.
Laquon? What about the 8 other starters on the team that were injured? And Ole Miss had a CB out for the whole season that is better than Golson, and they still had the #1 scoring defense.
Yes, because the writer makes the betting odds.
Agreed. Although I will say the town is slightly budding. If new businesses popping up there can find success, then you may start to see real growth there, and thus see Starkville rise on this list.
Because it's in Florida. Even the worst town in Florida is still a short drive from a beach, has a favorable climate, and is a short drive from something fun to do.
Calling Nashville a college town because Vanderbilt is there is quite a stretch. That's like saying New Orleans is a college town because Tulane is there, or Los Angeles is a college town because USC and UCLA are there. College towns are towns that are known because of the college there. Athens and Oxford and the top 2 college towns, anyone will tell you that. This list should be changed to "Best towns that are home to an SEC school" or something along those lines.
A lot of people saw MSU coming last year. State was lauded all pre-season as a team that can beat anyone this year, but most likely wouldn't because they had yet to beat any ranked teams under Mullen. Once they got over the hump, no one was surprised. And Ole Miss was missing 9 starters by the end of the season, with almost all of them being the best or 2nd best player at their position. No team could have competed at an elite level with those losses. And as for the defense and Landshark? We just received a plaque from the NCAA as an award for having the best scoring defense in the country, so I'd say that constitutes greatness. And our Landshark defense isn't 'unearned swag', it started as a hand gesture by Tony Fein, one of our former linebackers and Iraq war veteran that tragically died. His memory and honor helped boost the Landshark image to what it is today, the staple of one of the toughest defenses in the country.
He wasn't as much of a problem as his program was
Nothing worth mentioning, at least
Is it trying to say something? I can't tell
You could argue that Ole Miss' mens tennis team is better. They've won a doubles national championship, a singles national championship (with the youngest champion in college tennis history) and went to the team national championship final.
The equipment issues rule is total BS. It takes 3 seconds to tuck your shoulder pad back into your jersey. Why on earth should they have to leave the game for that?
Well he's also apparently going to be an early signee, which means he's only got just over 8 months before he signs. Here's hoping he stays, because we now have the #1 recruiting class in the nation
Me neither. Gonna be a beating. Maybe Dak will throw even more interceptions than last time.
If Corso ever leaves, I hope Lou Holtz replaces him. It'd be so much funnier