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If SC starts the season 5-0 they will be #1 in the Country. 1. Texas A&M. 2. East Carolina 3. Georgia. 4, Vanderbilt. 5. Missouri. I rest my case. Go Gamecocks. ;-) The good part is that Vanderbilt is the only road game.
Turn the radio on for play-by-play. Put the TV on mute.
If the Gamecocks start the season 5-0 WATCHOUT. :-)
Looks about right to me. Love my football but I also love my College Baseball. #11 Clemson/#3 SC Friday,Sat and Sunday. Go Gamecocks.
I would not consider Dylan Thompson a lock to start at SC. He has game time experience but SC has a lot of talent at the QB position. It would not suprise me if he loses that position by the end of August. He is a gunslinger and Spurrier likes that.
I did not know Saban was a Democrat. He sounds like "it's not fair." We need a fair playing field, Everybody gets a trophy. Somebody should tell Nicky that it is a man's game and to get his men in shape and to quit whinning Or at least learn to score more points and mabey get a field goal kicker. Go figure. It's SEC football.
The shortest distance from High School to the NFL is the SEC. Go Gamecocks. :-)
If the SEC starts looking like the Pac-12 in football I will quit watching. SEC = Defense wins championships. :-)
It's nice to have Thompson as the experienced backup QB but I don't think he comes out of Spring as the go to QB. Gamecocks have a lot of talent at the QB position. Will be interesting to see who earns the starting job. Until then....Play Ball. Opening Day Febuary 14th.
We are way overdue......According to College Football Data Warehouse, South Carolina has beaten Auburn once and that was in 1933 by a score of 16-14.
Lighten up man. It's Satire. :-) I know we have not beaten ya'll lately.
Cowherd = Bull S#*t. Gamecocks will beat Auburn @ Auburn next year. See. Anybody can make a prediction. Going to be a great year for SEC Football next year. Can't get here soon enough. The Rooster rocks. Go Gamecocks.
Who CARES!!!!! This is an SEC site. Screw the rest of them. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Go SEC. ;-)
They make me thankful for the MUTE button which I use when I have to watch a game they are calling. Same goes for Costas and Mushberger. :-)
I wonder how many AP writers played football at any level? Go figure. God Bless SDS and their efforts to present a fair and balanced opinon based on research and common sense. Go SEC. Would be nice to win all 10 bowl games. ;-)
I would never yell at you Jon. Just looking for some support. Keep up the good work.
How in God's name can Connor Shaw be left off this list. SMH Jon. No respect. You know his stats. Go Cocks. (;-
So what happens to ESPN Gameday in the SEC big games? Is there a battle brewing or have they already worked that out based on that BIG ESPN contract that was signed by the SEC a few years back. As of now I would perfer to have ESPN gameday.
Also when we lost to Ga they were a top ten team. Just saying. :-)
When SC beat Clemson they were ranked #6. After losing to SC they dropped to #13.