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I told you so. What? I was right....AGAIN? What does it feel like to be wrong? Anyone?
Playing starters into the 4th cupcake is another sign the dynasty died.
Our coach wants to expand the playoffs because that's the only way we will ever get in again.
I enjoy them. It gives us 1 more opportunity to remember what once was. And, it gives me 1 more opportunity to say I told you so.
I told you so. The dynasty is over . It's been over. Any real analyst saw it coming. The talking heads in the media are late to the party and their late recognition of facts is just more proof of the ending that has come and gone. We had a Heismann at QB and it still didn't matter. The attrition of NFL talent and players who were tired of us that we lost to the portal and the loss of #1 recruiting classes combined with the denouement of our coach had pushed us into the sunset a while ago. Our coach is too old. He's too slow. He doesn't recognize what's going on until it's already over. NIL is a good example. We aren't the only ones paying people anymore. His reaction to it is slow. Now that people don't want to play for us anymore and we lose recruiting battles regularly we are going to need a coach more congruent with our culture who can also sustain wins again year after year. It was a good run, but now it's over. Once we put our coach out to pasture we can talk about who we can get to replace him to do a better job.
I told you so. I say it. The media copies. The dynasty is dead. I told you so.
Our coach has to learn that we can’t get away with all that defensive interference anymore. If that is going to continue to make him angry, we are going to have 1 little angry elf for Chris t mas. Our coach is embarrassing us. He’s always angry. He’s also always old, bald and short. Our coach is a Marxist BLM supporter.
Those back to back to back assaults were as good a representation of our coach’s character as there is.
Our coach is a Marxist BLM supporter. He’s a well known liar. He came to our program lying about not coming here for goodness sake. Our coach knows Burton wasn’t scared because the video proves it. Our coach is a liar. Our coach knows Burton was angry because our coach was angry. Burton’s character is that way in part because our coach is that way. That’s the type of culture he has instilled.
Our coach is a THUG. Our armed drug runners missed a game/s. Why would anyone thing back to back to back assaults who were committed unarmed would get any punishment?
Man our coach is such a low-life PoS liar. Burton is on video walking slowly assualting 4 people now. We can't get rid of this immoral loser fast enough.
A big part of that was our loss highlighted on College Game Day, CBS game of the day in the 330pm slot and Twitter.
Our dynasty is dead but it's not THAT dead. We will destroy any hope LSU had of being any good for the next 3 years.
I have no idea who should replace our lying THUG low-life PoS coach. But I hail King Negan.
Our coach is a lying low-life PoS. Just wait until we start losing.
I am jealous that we haven't rushed the field in a long time. Heck, we don't even stay for the whole game. We may not have enough to be able to take down the goalpost.
I hope she doesn't press charges. You think our coach is an angry elf now, wait until that happens.
Yeah so if someone jaywalks, you have the right to murder them. You are a genius!!
Our lying coach claims to be raising young men for the future. He's a marxist who supports the communist organization Black Lives Matter. He's out of his depth at Alabama. We don't condone anti-Americanism. Our lying coach is a johnny-come-lately. Our fans were here before him and will be so after he's long gone. The THUG Burton did not push her liar. He slapped her in the upper cranium. Text book assault. I hope that poor girl files a criminal assault report that precludes our anti-American anti-decency coach from squelching this "in house" like he did with our prior armed drug runners.