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I would have been a better selection. I see many things before they happen.
Saban must be getting old. All these people leaving means we can't begin to rebuild our dynasty this year. I doubt we make it to the SEC Championship game this year.
Coaches leaving, players leaving, players trying to leave but no one will take them, players skipping games etc... All those things have in common that they are antithetical to dynasties. Facts are facts. It used to be next man up. Mix -n- Match. Hurts production hurting? Plug a Tag. Players just don't want to play for us anymore and would rather play against us. We used to portal Heismann candidates, now we can't even make the SEC Championship game. We don't even play in it. That used to not stand in our way. Wake up.
Well we obviously didn't have to have him. That said, his attitude his antithetical to dynasties. I can't blame him for his interests. My interests are with The Tide. Attitudes like this is why our dynasty is over.
Besides, everyone knows the offense would win. There is no defense for recruits not wanting to play for us anymore, and would rather play against us. There is no defense for balding and being that short.
I'm not sure this is the right time for this article. Not why we are in the mourning period for our dynasty. This isn't funny. At all.
Joe Brady rhymes with recruit shady. We did some shady recruiting before we got busted by the NCAA. Maybe it's time for us to roll the dice again.
Forget about Burrow. I'm looking forward to Saban's retirement. He's getting too bald and has always been too short.
It doesn't matter who is the best now. It ain't us anymore. Those days are long gone. We are losing recruits, coaches and games. We can't even get rid of our portal offers. We will most likely not play for an SEC title next this year.
He gets bigger and stronger while we get smaller and weaker. How does that happen? 1 hair at a time. Saban's crown isn't made of gold, it's made of hair. Hair that's leaving him in wads. The stop stool he uses to look in the mirror over the sink needs replacing. The cameras whizzing around on the zip lines over his head this year revealed a blindingly shiny spot growing like the ozone hole. We have to get a handle on this situation or our weakness will only grow.
Our penchant for losing players and coaches from one season to another makes it tough to rebuild our once proud dynasty. Someone needs to finally notice this issue and correct it. If we don't, eventually no one will want our transfers anymore. We are already seeing evidence of this.
What part of "shall not be infringed" do you now understand? Focus kid. What Tim McGraw the traitor did was inexcusable and is a clear and present danger to America. The law is the law and and an over bloviated 10 minute response formed in the shape of a skyscraper isn't going to change it. Toe the line kid or get out.
" Since Nick Saban took over in 2007, the Tide have never gone more than 3 seasons without winning a title. That would appeal to me. I’d want to leave college with a ring." Yep those some of the characteristics of a dynasty. Too bad those days are long gone. Everyone is trying to leave us. Coaches and players. Some players can't even leave and revoke the portal offer. Now I'm not saying it will take 40+ years like Georgia or anything. I'm just pointing to facts. It was a nice run. But now it's over. If only Saban wasn't so short.
What killed our dynasty the most? Was it players leaving? Coaches leaving? Injuries? Recruiting? All of the above? It was great while it lasted.
Boy, we are on the downward slope now. No one even wants our transfers anymore. Losing the recruiting rankings, losing coaches, losing players, losing games, Saban's short. If people won't take our portal offers, where does that leave us? It was a great ride but it's over now.
Because anyone with a different opinion than the United States Constitution who is a United States citizen is a traitor to that Constitution and the Country of which it governs. I know that's too intellectual for an LSU graduate. It's ok, just listen to your betters.
It's nice to finally beat Auburn. It seems so hard lately.
Agreed. Hope springs eternal. I was hoping I would see another NC for us before I die. Every year. No NC. But every spring....
Tim McGraw needs to leave America with all the other traitors.
He is concerned. He said "next year". I haven't heard one of our fans say that on film in a while. I can't help but read between the lines. He was obvious with his consternation. I keep telling everyone that we are on our way down and we are starting to see the anecdotal and real evidence pile up. Add this to the pile
Me too again. Players are leaving in droves and we are on our way down. Players don't want to play for us anymore and would rather play against us. And Saban is very short.
Making sure our dynasty is over and dead is not a job that we wanted him to finish though. Staying another year just to lose the SEC again, much less the national, is not a good life choice kid.
This poor guy posts on every post I make trying to spread the lie that I am not a bigger and better fan than him. He's getting into the area of stalker. It's kinda funny, yet creepy at the same time.
I long for the days when we didn't hang on the decision of one young man. If our recruiting wasn't drying up, it would have been next man up.
True fans like myself can see things more clearly than homer fans. That's why I was able to predict our demise before it happened. To the slow of wit, it appears as if I am not a fan, rather than a super-fan with wisdom. Remember, I was a fan before the NCAA busted us.
What everybody wants to know more is how long will it be before we can play for an SEC championship again. Relative to how often we did way back in our dynasty days, it may take a while.
You must just be angry that everything I said, came true.
Tag's Alabama arc feels like Alabama's program arc. We surprised everyone at a crucial time, became undisputed national leader and now we are down. Tag's future prospects however are much brighter than ours. Saban's bald spot isn't helping with recruiting. And with our mounting losses, prospects are now looking down on Saban figuratively now. They were always looking down on him literally.