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I don't know who these other people are, but BamaTime's other account is AlabamaArsehole. He uses it to agree with himself.
I am working on my excuses for this upcoming season. The coronavirus will figure prominently. When we lose our first game, it won't because our dynasty was over October '19. It will be because coronavirus.
It's an undeniable fact. Kid's just don't want to play for us anymore.
When it rains, it pours. We can't withstand the onslaught. Our program is on the downward slope now.
I told you so. Players don't want to play for us anymore and coaches don't want to coach for us anymore. The only reason coaches come here is to get a job somewhere else. This guy already had a job somewhere else. Seems like our coach is having a tough time with reality.
Another sign. If we don't stop this downward spiral of our program, eventually we will only be able to put kids in the XFL.
His agent has prepped him well for these NFL interviews. He's saying all the right things. The only thing that makes me believe him is his attitude as a Freshman after scoring TD's. He looked like he had been there before and he hadn't. That being said, our team is in a downward spiral. Our dynasty is over. And I was a fan before we got busted by the NCAA.
‘Oh, what am I going to do in Tuscaloosa?’ If you find a cure for male pattern baldness, Saban will start you 5 years. He will find a way. He wasn't going to leave Miami. Trust us, Saban will find a way.
"“First off, I want to thank God for giving me the ability to make this decision,..." Wow. This guy may need more than just a few tutors. Is this really what we are down to? Kids who are thankful they have enough intelligence and ability to make decisions?
We need to do something to staunch the flow of losses. We need to do something to staunch the players leaving. We need to do something to staunch coaches from leaving. We need to do something to staunch the recruits leaving. If more video boards is the answer, just do it.
I told you so. How many times have I told you so? I first called in in OCT '19. Kids just don't want to play for us anymore. Can you blame them? Have you seen how Saban talks to them? What a classless jerk. His mojo is waning. His hair is leaving. Our dynasty is gone. We sure are on the downward slop now.
We don't put guys in the NFL like we used to. And when the ones we do get in the NFL, they don't stay long. Add this to the fact that kids don't want to play for us anymore and you can see why our dynasty is over. And i was a fan before we got busted by the NCAA.
I remember when being assigned a jersey for Alabama was something. Remember, I was a fan before we got busted by the NCAA.
Saban is a shell of his former self. It's obvious he has lost a step. His hair His comments His personality We are on the downward slope now.
Look, I like coach as much as anyone. But let's remember his record. 1. He lied just to become our coach. This guy will say anything to get what he wants. That's one thing he has proven over and over in his career. 2. He has no perseverance or grit. If he did, he wouldn't have left Toledo and they would be losing their dynasty instead of us. 3. Saban is a world renown liar. Urban Meyer can't hang. Only a brazen arrogant liar would attempt to talk to kids that way and get away with it. The facts are this: 1. our dynasty has been over since October when i first announced it. 2. Saban is on a downward slop. This quote is evidence. 3. He has lost his mojo. It fades with the sands of time and hair. 4. Spurrier torpedoed South Carolina because he wouldn't leave. 5. History is what you repeat when you never learn.
Seems like Coach has chosen a new vocation. He doesn't coach Alabama so much as he is running a Coaches' brokerage service. It seems like our team has taken a back seat to Saban's newest interest.
I told you so. Kids today would rather play against us then for us. Why join a sinking ship? They are 17 yr olds kids. What would they want with a 5' 4" down-on-his-luck coach who is headed for the pasture? Kids are smart. They know our Coach is just like Spurrier. It's past time to go. I will take this time to remind you of what Spurrier did to South Carolina and what Saban could do to us.
This is all just a lot of fine points put on the news that I broke last October. If you want tomorrow's news now, check out the sage projections coming your way. And as always remember, I was a fan before we were busted by the NCAA.
They could title ours: "As The SEC Springs Forward, Alabama Falls Back."
No one wants to stay on a sinking ship. With everyone leaving us, who can blame him? Who can blame anyone else who wants to leave? Can't blame Cochran. And I was a fan before we were busted by the NCAA.
It was definitely a lack of communication. I communicated weeks before it happened, what was going on. Had Coach listened to me, we may have been better prepared. Shame on any of you like BamaTime who did not relay my concerns. If only fans were as wise as me, and I was a fan before we were busted by the NCAA.
This may be what the beginning of the end looks like.
This isn't good for us. Our Dynasty is over, everyone knows. This will make it much tougher for us to re-establish it.