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After we lose 1 or more of these look around on your wagon, lean back, stretch and enjoy the extra room. If there are no ladies near you, you may be fat. That's good. It makes the wagon look fuller. At that point, we may still have a chance at the playoff and anything can happen except you getting a girl friend.
We just have a kindly different nomenclature. I say secretary, you say, “administrative assistant”. I say used, you say, “previously owned”. I say stinky not very good, you say, “lightly recruited”.
We just have a kindly different nomenclature. I say secretary, you say, "administrative assistant". I say used, you say, "previously owned". I say stinky not very good, you say, "lightly recruited".
Trapping players is a big risk. Have you ever heard to save the wine, drink the water? We were supposed to save trapping players for when we really needed it. Did we really need to trap them now? If so, it's worse than we thought. When players listen to other players' stories of their experiences here in T-town, it will put downward pressure on our ability to attract new young suspecting kids.
"lightly recruited", mentally challenged, physically challenged, vertically challenged, pigment challenged.....these are all politically correct phrases. I think I know what you were trying to say.
Trapping players is an embarrassing fall from our recent perch. Should our coach be arrested for kidnapping?
Death Valley got clowned from the kickoff. LSU is a joke. Joke coach. Joke program. Joke stadium. Proven.
Connor might benefit from removing our former coach's member from his orifices. The longer our coach talks the faster people will realize his true character.
I told you so. Trapped player leaving program at first chance. It was fun while it lasted, but now it's over. Apparently most of our true fans are fat. My wagon is still full but, alot of these wagons are missing girls.
I support Donk and his righteous crusade to cleanse these hallowed forum lands of the vile trolls we all despise. Hail Donk and his blessed endeavor.
Maybe if we shortened the wagon it wouldn't look so empty.
Maybe if luvdarid would quit scaring off all the females we could find someone to take up all this spare space on the wagon.
It means we need to portal in wagons. Lots of them. Wagons and bands. Huge shortage in T-town at present.
I try to sell a few seats of my season tickets to fund more tickets but prices are down about 35%.
Bandwagon 35% lighter. Some fans on this site won't figure out why until September despite being spoon-fed facts all summer.
I hope there were plenty of women around for him to smack around in the event he becomes scared. Maybe even a little side hit on the blunt, as we move to the Marxist section of the crowd. Good riddance.
If we didn’t trap these players, there would be no A-Day. Our coach just dodged a s e x case in Washington. It’s almost as if our program has fallen apart since January. I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when the portal opens up.
There's only so many women you can be scared of and hit in the day. Best get started coach. There's only so many hours in the day to push your racism. Better hurry. The election will be here before you know it. Best hurry to collect those ballots from the nursing home Alzheimer's wing. Some athlete somewhere is selling drugs with the help of a gun. Best hurry coach. Your excellence is needed.
Agreed. We have to beg, lie, cover up, trap. No need to comment on it. Everyone already knows. We have no control over it. Our dynasty died. It is what it is. This is our program now.
The Alabama Standard Lose players, cry, beg, lie, trap. The Alabama Standard
The Alabama Standard Drug-runs with weapons, communists, ra cists, women beaters, cheaters and trapping players. The Alabama Standard REPLY