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As long as I've known him, he's always preferred women's extensions and hairdo. I imagine it's either horse hair or synthetics. Either way, piling it up high in a beehive may be covering a bald spot. Maybe that's what coach should try. The overhead cameras on the zipline are telling off on him.
Some people say we should focus on things more important than football like the covid-19. We should focus on things more important than covid-19 like the current state of education in Florida and especially at the Alabama State Department of Education. " I ain’t know how many was over there." Seriously? That's the best we can do? " ..I threw my Bird scooter to give me a little time to think.." Think? You sure that's a good idea? "...luckily, they didn’t take it.” Luckily? Because most bears eat Bird scooters? "I jumped on the hood of that car ..." Really? Because bears can't climb? "I see them often,” And you didn't have a plan? You had to play for time to think? Our country is in deep trouble. I know some people who look up to this kid. If you are so low that you have to look up to see this kid, you ought not leave the house. We actually graduated this child. He has a diploma from the University of Alabama. Shame be upon us. Imagine the aptitude of the high school kids we graduate. We will never live this down.
Coach knows he will be long gone by then. That's the definition of cowardice. Look at his hair in the picture. Not a cloud in the sky and it looks like he stuck his head in a washing machine. Plugs, dye, hairspray and hair-club for men is no match for the camera. The photographer must have dug a ditch to get that far below Saban's height. It would have been easier to just give Saban shoe lifts. We are on the downward slope now. The hair, the height and the age have secured it.
This is the 'bama effect. When you commit you get a bonus star. The dynasty is over. Saban is too old, too short and is getting balder by the day. He is past his peak and we are on the downward slope now. Our commits are the kids who try to show up at the cool party after everyone else has left.
How many times do I have to say I told you so? These kids can't stand us anymore. Only the dumb kids who haven't figured out it's over still want to come here. Saban needs to retire before he Spurriers us.
How many times have I told you so? These "analysts" need to pay me consulting fees. Next Finebaum will be claiming coach is angry, bald and short. ...and I'll say told you so again.
More seditious drivel from anti-American traitors. Censorship and and it's adherents are evil. You could take it seriously if they knew the difference between know and now.
Yes! Even if this kid is dumb and doesn't know the dynasty is over, we can still use him. It's be at least a year before he enters the portal, and we can get some use until that time. Negatively effecting our GPA is something we can deal with later $$$$.
Maybe. I hear they have alot of $$$$ and aren't afraid to use it though. The NCAA said they might could even put us to shame.
The 90 degree turns are mediocre. The 180 degree turns are jr. high quality. He's taking a minimum of 2 to 3 steps each time. I've seen 12 yr. olds with faster turnaround time. Actually I've seen SDS "this comment is under moderation" faster turn around time.
Someone left the door unlocked at the sanitarium.
Against us? Definitely. He knows our tendencies. He knows our weaknesses. He's smarter than our coach, and he will be playing us after our peak and let's face it, the dynasty is over.
If Saban wasn't so old, angry and bald, maybe we could recover. Maybe we could give him a raise. A step stool would work nicely.
That's good news. Now we don't look so bad comparatively.
Kids want to play anywhere but here. Saban is old, tired, angry, bald and he's always been short. I hate to say I TOLD YOU SO, but I did and I was a fan before we got busted by the NCAA.
The Dynasty is over. No one can bring it back. And I was a fan before we got busted by the NCAA.
They are leaving in droves. No one wants to play for us anymore. They would rather play against us. Saban is getting too old, too bald and he's always been short. We are on the downward slope. The dynasty is over. I hate to say it, but I TOLD YOU SO. And i was a fan before we got busted by the NCAA.
Another 5star gone. We are hemorrhaging coaches, players and recruits. Maybe if we give Saban a raise? A step stool might work.
This is just the latest sign we are on the downward slope. It's over.
Our players are leaving in droves. Once kids realized we are on the downward slope,they have been jumping ship. Coaches have been jumping ship as well. Saban is getting old, bald and he's always been short. And I was a fan before we got busted by the NCAA.
" ...if anyone becomes overtly offensive or abusive, then remove their posts or even ban them altogether." If you are too dumb to know you are wearing your hypocrisy on your sleeve, you are more dumb than we thought. You know what's worse than being dumb? Being a liar. Stay in school kids, just not one in Georgia.
We here in the state of Alabama are not known for our book smarts. I can't blame anyone who would take this opportunity to jump into the portal. Saban is creepy, balding, short and ill-tempered. The dynasty is over and we are on the downward slope now. Get while the getting is good.
" It’s one thing to moderate a comment section and selectively remove offensive posts." "I firmly believe in the freedom of speech," You are too stupid to even understand how dumb you proved yourself kid. Censorship is evil. It always leads to more censorship. This is why you should stay in school kids.
He should get a waiver. Everyone leaving our program should be given a 2nd chance considering what's happened here.
Johnny Majors was the 3rd biggest thorn in our side behind Robert Neyland and Phillip Fulmer. If it wasn't for those 3, we could have paid our way to more championships.
Kids just don't want to play for us anymore. Who can blame them not that the dynasty is over? They are leaving in droves. Coaches, players, recruits who see the writing on the wall have already left this year in unprecedented fashion, and fans will be next. Soon all the fair-weather fans will be gone and only true fans like myself will be left. You don't have to worry about me. I was a fan before we got busted by the NCAA.
Would have respected him more if he had just said, "Look, I'm getting older, I've shrunk a quarter-inch since our last game, I've lost a wad of hair. I'm very upset we are on the downward slope. I've tried to turn us around, but I'll blame it on Covid because I'm failing at that. I've become desperate and that has turned into anger. I'm thinking this could be my last year." If he would just be honest with recruits, people might forget how creepy he has been in recruiting. If I were a recruit, I would be looking out my window or asking for police protection.
I knew our coach was short. I knew our coach was bald. I knew our coach was desperate. I knew our coach was angry. I never knew our coach Saban was creepy.