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Neither will we. Saban needs a raise.
Tim McGraw does not belong in the SEC. He is a coward and a traitor to our nation. Get that anti-American, anti-Constitutionalist and anti-freedom fringe nut out of our culture and region.
I would prefer the one of the Carringtons or Colbys since our "Dynasty" is over.
Even though i've known for a long time, much longer than Finebaum, it still pains me our dynasty is over.
I know we aren't in this game. But i wanted us to be, so I'm going to comment anyway. Cowherd and Finebaum came out and finally said what my readers already knew because I told them weeks ago. We are done. It pains me, but it is true. Saban embarrassed us this year. After the dumb excuse he gave, "not fair", does anyone wonder why kids don't want to play for us anymore? This season is over and so is our dynasty. This is the first year the playoff wouldn't even let us in. The signs are everywhere. Saban is too short to properly see the field and our players sometimes are blinded by his ever-growing bald spot. It was a great run, but now it's over. Our outlook has receded like his hairline and our mistakes are ever-growing like like the wasteland on his crown. We can't even give him a raise, because the stool is already dangerously high.
We are done. It was a great run. But, now it's over.
I told you so. Our destiny has faded like Saban's hairline. We are on our way down. It's over. It was a great run.
I told you so. We are done. We are on our way down.
We can't do that. We don't have the depth of talent we used to. We don't have a Tua backing up a Hurts. I'm sorry to break it to the rest of college football but our run is done. Sure we will win some more games, but this team is running out of steam for the long haul. Too many coaches poaches and too many portals out. Kids don't want to play for us any more and it shows.
As i reflected on this quandry my mind began to think about how our season has taken a sharp downturn. I can't believe our run is over. It seems like yesterday Saban lied to America and said he wouldn't leave Miami and the next day did. Ahhh the memories. Now we are left with an ever-widening bald spot that we can't hide on national T.V anymore with those overhead cameras zipping around the stadium catch everything. Poached coaches, unhappy players Like Saban, we came up short. At least he can use shoe lifts. What can we use?
Thanks for reply. I must at this time point out that his hands are tiny.
We don't even have our destiny in our own hands this season. We are headed down. It was a great run.
Unfortunately Tua's prospects are mirroring our own. We are headed down. From the recruiting scandal a few years back where we got out of it by firing him, to the drop-off in recruiting, from our coaches getting poached, to the transfer out of players, we are headed down. The writing is on the wall, and is growing more and more apparent like the balding on Saban's head every Saturday on T.V. To motivate Saban more we could give him a raise, but if we raise him any higher, recruits will see the stool over the podium.
I've said it repeatedly, players are tired of playing for us. They would rather play against us. Even some of those that thought they wanted to play for us, really don't as evidenced by this article. They don't need us to make it to the NFL. Everyone field interview on T.V. that Saban has, I have to turn down my brightness or i will be blinded by his ever-growing ozone hole. His increased-pace balding is a metaphor for our program.
Missing class, missing hair, missing inches. We are done.
I've said it more than once. Those who pay attention understand changes before they are apparent to the masses. We are on our way down. It was a great run.
We are done. Our run was good but recruits don't want to come here anymore. They would rather play against us than with us. They don't need us to get to the NFL. Saban's hair has diminished with our hopes over the years. His baldness shown from the TV cameras above make it very apparent, and he's always been short. It was a great run.
This article highlights the feminization of America. The Greatest Generation is turning over in their graves at this "author"'s article. Grow up kid.
It looked horrendous on T.V. Some people with epilepsy turned off the game. The reason we are doing it is we need something to get recruits to want to play for us again. We need to pull out all the stops.
Those guys are tough. Tua is not tough. Stop dreaming kid.
His height inserts must have been out of place and aggravating him. I feel like they would be better off using a stool or maybe a lower podium. It seems like we could hear him better if he were taller.
If Tua doesn't come back he is done from this voting. And we are done from the Championship. The kids just don't want to play for us anymore and our luck with the refs with either run out or risk exposing some conspiracy that everyone talks about.
The facts are we and Florida were the beneficiaries of questionable calls last week. The facts are the games might have gone differently, especially the FL game. The South Carolina story was compelling and mercilessly crushed by the SEC refs. Extrapolate this to a game the Nation's attention is on. Put the white-hot spotlight on the SEC refs in that moment and lets see what everyone's opinion is then. Here we go!
The most obvious advice Saban should be giving to him (to get taller) isn't advice that Saban is qualified to give. I don't really see what we have to look forward to. No one wants to play for us anymore so it's down hill from here. It stinks.
Tua is too short. The NFL is more worried that he can see over the line. If we win this weekend without him, Saban should be given a raise. A stool should work nicely. We need to be able to hear and see him better.
We are done. No one wants to play for us anymore. Kids can go to the NFL playing for William and Mary. They don't need us. They would rather play against us. This is evidenced by our lack of depth which was obvious at the start of the season but is revealing it's self to even the most casual of 'bama fans. This list is just the latest sign. It was a good run, but now it's done.
Florida vs. South Carolina An obvious in-your-face-super-long-receiver-hold resulted in a FL TD. A missed false start resulted in another FL invalid TD, but that was not enough. On the same play, SEC refs made a FL player to grab a SC player by the EAR and RAN HIM all the way home (40 miles). We have a conference to protect.
If Tua isn't back for LSU, then we are done. It was fun.