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Except neither Bambo or LSU will end up in the peach bowl.
One and done for you bud. Your team won't get a second chance against Mayfield.
Let me clarify. Richt never was the problem at Uga-ly U. Richt is taking Miami of all teams to the final 4. The problem is you are Jawga. Its really just that simple chumps.
That's prediction fiction. Prediction fact be more like: Auburn upsets in state rival Lsu handles a&m Georgia falls to Tech Vols choke at Vanderbilt Gators chomp the Seminoles The only blow out is Louisville over Kentucky
Tennessee loses to Vandy this weekend. Book it.
I don't know where your getting your info but Georgia is not better against the run than Auburn and I don't see Georgia being able to run it very well on this Auburn D. I see this as a game where Auburn will spread the ball around more than we have all season and keep that Georgia D guessing. It is highly likely that Georgia will have to air it out to try and stay in this game. They will have some success there but they will also throw a couple of picks in the process. If we can keep from turning the ball over we cover the spread. If not this could be a nail biter. I'll take your prediction over the latter though.
I'll take Del Rio over Eason. Gators chomp the dawgs and win by 17 Tigers run game and solid d too much for the rubbles. Aubie by 6 Wildcats flop once again in the 2nd half of the season. Those other cats by 7 Vols struggle with the cocks but pull it out late. Rocky top settles it by 3
Both of these teams are very good football teams and the outcome doesn't make the loser a "pretender". After all this is the SEC West, the toughest and the best division in NCAA football. The chances for either of these teams to win the division are not favorable but either way both of these teams will end up in a bowl game. That being said, the home team wins...wink.
Auburn may not cover the spread but they handle Arky at home. Auburn wins by 7 Lsu thumps an over rated Ole Miss team at home and easily covers the spread Texas A&M knocks that other team off of their high horse. A&M by 2 Miss St. musters just enough offense to get past Kentooky. State by 3 Missery can't find a way to beat MTSU. State by 3
14 Vanderbilt 13 Kentucky 12 Missouri 11 Mississippi State 10 South Carolina 9 Florida 8 Arkansas 7 Georgia 6 Lsu 5 Auburn 4 Ole Miss 3 Alabama 2 Tennessee 1 Texas A&M
Auburn 27, Miss State 14 Texas A&M 33, Tennessee 32 Vanderbilt 17, Kentucky 14 Alabama 21, Arkansas 17 Georgia 21, South Carolina 20
So long Les and may the door swing back and hit you on the arse on your way out.
You guys are making yourself look a fool up in here.
WDE but there is NO WAY we lose to State this year that game will be a rout of epic proportions. Write that down.