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None of these canidate's could lead Arkansas to any chance at a BCS game none the less a SEC Championship. A couple maybe 3 will get them to 7-5 or 8-4 in about 3 to 4 years. The window on a new coach closes after 3rd year of recruiting his players. If he fails after 3 yrs kids will not come. So these 5 4 can't help you. kiffin best best comes with risk. If hogs would pay maybe someday they might end up n a BCS game
28 Rank nationally and a #10 in the sec gets you a Liberty Bowl invite and a next to last place finish in the west. The tradition of losing continues at Loserback U
Not really been like this for 20 years
Smart kid for reopening his recruiting only leftovers want to play for Lower back Up & a 10-22 sec record team with no chance. Congratulations
Once again the Razorbacks proved why they do not belong in bowl games. They play a Div 2 non conference schedule to quailfy. The coaching staff does not coach 4 qtrs nor do the players play 4 qtrs. A 10-22 conference record over 4 years does not equal a 4 million dollar salary ir a biwl invite
And never will. Arkansas can nit compete on the national stage by recruiting in state. They are the Alcorn St to Alabama
Not sure what game you are watching. Allen is one of the very worst qb in the sec
Saban is as usual being very kind to a school who has shown the ability to beat Div 2 schools only. As always razorbacks can not compete on the national stage. Bama in a blow out...again
Especially at a poir school like r kin saw
He definitely is making a better choice. Who wants to play 3 Div 2 schools