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A team such as Bama should bring there A game all the time. Bama’s second string plays like the majority of everyone’s first string. Injuries are not an excuse to why Bama lost against Auburn. Bama fans need to quit using that excuse. The majority of Bama’s hurt players returned for the iron Bowl. What it comes down to that people seem to have a hard time admitting is.... Auburn’s DEFENSE LINE is Power and one of the best if not the best in the country. Bama just wasn’t good enough to beat them! PERIOD!
Hahaha I like how you think! War Damn Eagle!!!
This would be a awesome hire for Tennessee if it goes through. Would definitely make the East look better and help the SEC all around.
Hahahaha Come on man! Auburn’s defense will shut down Georgia AGAIN! Who cares where they play....Look what happened to Jalen Hurd! The freshman Jake from State Farm will crap himself! What’s wrong with you....smh
You are correct on one thing. No I am not familiar with Georgia at all or the Georgia/Auburn history. I have many ties to Auburn football including season tickets (my inlaws are 100% Auburn everything). As I have watched Auburn over the years this past season (or I should say half way thru the season) they became a new team. Offense with Stidham coming in and Pettway/ Kerryon Johnson.... That's gonna be a powerhouse alone on offense! And defense well Auburn is loosing some to the Draft but Kevin Steele runs a tight ship on his defensive. To answer your question yes I do think Auburn has a great chance in overcome Georgia this year. Plus home field advantage never hurts. We shall see....
No one is giving Excuses dude. And I am not talking about the past! Why does everyone liking bringing up the freakin past??? We are talking future! And Auburn is going to be a great team next year. They are going to have one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC period period period!!!
I am incorrect, excuse me. Technically Auburn had 3 quarterbacks the Clemson game. White was not fully established as the quarterback then. White was not hurt for the Texas A&M game, u r correct. But main point being, I was saying. Auburn has GREAT POTENTIAL to be one team on top next year. I definitely see Auburn winning more games next year. Including Clemson, Texas A&M and GEORGIA!
Charles Barkley .... butt picker??? SMH....
Notice all the games Auburn lost White was Hurt including the Georgia game. I disagree with u 100 percent. Auburn is going to be a BEAST next year. They have talent as far as Offensive (especially quarterbacks) coming out of their A**!!!! They are definitely going to bring their A game next year! Gonna give Bama some competition!
Come on dude go back and read the comments. Some comments were made about Bama loosing but it was usually in response to Bama fans throwing out a freakin score....smh
PS: there is not one Bama fan on here that congratulated Clemson on their win. So didn't sit here and talk about how Auburn's fanbase is pathetic and a joke. The only people on here disrespecting another are BAMA fans??????
Bama had a great season and they have good reason to be proud of everything they accomplished this year! But come on BAMA FANS! Hello!!! Auburn AND EVERY OTHER team in the entire NCAA is celebrating right now. Auburn has more reason then probably anyone to celebrate (because of the rival). BUT grow up and quit throwing back how you beat another opponent and what the blasted score was. Take it like a pro and acknowledge that you lost and the better team won last night. Say good game and move on. No one is perfect and Bama is no exception to the rule!!!
Auburn is playing to knock off the NUMBER ONE team in the country. I would say that is playing for a whole lotta something!
Yeah it sucks 4 sure. But they also have Clemson. SC is not playing Saturday to get into a particular bowl game. They are practicing and playing a game to knock off the number 4 team in the country. Muschamp will go down in history if he beats Clemson his first year coaching SC. If the game Cocks win Clemson can kiss the playoffs GOODBYE!
He makes sense. What the article is trying to say is that the last time Alabama won 3 consecutive years in a row was 1990,1991,1992. They have yet to win three games in a row since then. Auburn is hoping history repeats itself meaning..... Alabama won the last 2 years, he is saying that Auburn will win Saturday and Bama will still fail to have three consecutive wins since 1990-1992. Then as he says history will repeat itself. History meaning from 1990 and so on.......
Breaking news: Pettway will be back and White has been practicing. We shall see! It looks like it may be an interesting game.....
I think Auburn is healthier then what people are excepting. Kevin Steele commented that the nearly all defense will be on the field (I apologize I do not know the exact quote). As far as offense I think White is the only major concern. Pettway will more then likely be back (I have seen several articles and his dad stating that he will be more then likely be ready to go). If all that is true I duno but we will find out soon enough. I think its gonna come down to White as far as how Auburn can compete with Bama. Hopefully two weeks has healed several of these guys!
Agreed! I bet Pettway is back and Healthy! White....ummm I duno. Fingers crossed that shoulder is better! Would love to see them beat Bama.
If Bama plays anything like they did Saturday against Chattanooga, I don't think Auburn will have any problems beating them. 31-3 and at Denny Stadium. I think the words used by a wise one were "Embarrassing" !!! Considering Auburn beat Bama A&M 0-55 with technically a third string quarterback. Anything is possible! Hope White is back though!
If Ohio State wins the Big ten, which means they will beat Michigan then they deserve to be in the top 4. Better resume then Washington.
Hope Pettway gets to feeling better. Poor Guy, saw the pain in his face as he tried to score a TD on Vandy. Hope he gets the rest he needs for the B
Sooner or later Bama will fall. No one is perfect, including Alabama. May Auburn take care of them in the iron bowl. Auburn seems to have their crap together.... both on Offense and defense!
I wouldn't go that far as to say those words. The only beat down I saw was Auburn and Arkansas. Auburn has just as good as chance of beating Bama as any of us did.... That is a HEALTHY Auburn. They have some resting and healing to do before the Iron Bowl that's for sure. Auburn has a killer defense and Sean White is like I have never seen him before! I have been to several Iron Bowl Games. ANYTHING GOES!
Both teams played an AWESOME game!!! We have nothing to be ashamed of by any means though.... The better team usually always finds a way to win. Hats off to Bama on a great game! You never know though, maybe the other Tigers will end Bama's winning streak..... After all Auburn is in control more then we know! Looking forward to the Iron Bowl for sure!
What's your point Bama? I am well aware we have had the same time off as Florida and that we are NOT in the top 10! We do not deserve to be as well. And your point is??????? Please do tell???????
I think we have a good chance of beating Texas A&M. I think Auburn has a great chance, perhaps better then LSU to beat Bama. Auburn has a killer defense that's for sure. Montravius Adams and Carl Lawson are the real deal!
That's what you get with poor coaching! We don't have to worry about Les Miles anymore though...
It will be a hard schedule to beat. I agree. I only see it as 2 tops teams in the top ten. Auburn deserves to be ahead of Florida by a long shot. The only reason Florida is in the top ten is because they have had 2 weeks off! LSU may not have played anybody but Florida sure as heck hasn't either!