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Young man seems to also have his head on straight. Nice to see in someone with so much talent. If he continues to learn and develop will be the force on the line moving forward.
6. Better coaching. Hill back to WR where he excels. Enlarge in at O-Line. Heupel at OC.
Fair analysis, I still thought they'd win until the last fumble...just needed a FG and UGA couldn't stop them if they held onto the ball. Impressed with Eason after a difficult half that 4th down ultimate game winner was money.
For a marathon was a very enjoyable/frustrating game throughout. Great fun watching these 2 QBs duel. Great pass to win it and a great catch...really didn't think they'd get it. Lock catching up for lost time last year, but needs to read double coverage a little bit better. Love his arm and confidence though! Mizzou D strong against run so far, nice to see some sacks, but giving up 300+ passing yards? Too much time untouched...cmon Barry, let these men go QB hunting just a little more, it will help cover your DB inexperience/talent gap.
Wolfe, I see the play in my mind you mentioned above and can't help but smile. Afton's proud son was one of my all time favorites because the man just worked hard every play and lead by example. He also is making me a Card's fan again!
Looking forward to watching that game, be my first at LSU. Hard to say if UT defense will be better than Mizzou's, but they are the flavor of the month, so the snub means nothing. They finally beat MU so which is it, they suck or they've been great just blown it in the 4th qtr the last few years?
History continues to rest itself with media...well, a broken clock is right twice a day,maybe this is the year!
Trolls troll. If you remember (probably not early Alzheimer's?) it was 45-42 early 4th quarter. Yes, they went for it on 4th down deep in their own territory rather than punting to make it look better. How have your recent trips to Atlanta gone?
Actually MU would have rolled the Buckeyes, you obviously didn't understand the potency of that offense. Maybe an insight is the dismantling of Arky in the Cotton Bowl...same team I think gave LSU the bends. MU lost to one team that year and one damn defensive coordinator, Venables. Even then it was 50-50. Tosu wouldn't have been able to match that D that year, period. As far as the BS of winning against weak teams, hey, you're the one calling the SEC weak. UF, UGA and UT couldn't match their 7-1 records (nor SC) otherwise they could've beat MU. If that's all the better you can see, ditch the bulldog and get a seeing eye dog.
Getting above .500 with what he inherited in what 3-4 years? Is this analyst his agent? If he can sustain 8 wins this season then there is something to talk about, fall back to 5 or 6 and this past year is as far as Arkansas can expect to go. Looking at what they lost 6-6 might be a realistic goal.
The talking heads have been wrong 89.13% of the time. Please, please do not even think of Mizzou rebounding...think Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man.
Yes, it will be extremely difficult to exceed last year's offensive production...I mean, that's how Mizzou typically plays.
This is the season that BJ has been building to, if he doesn't win the East and SEC in the least he may very well have reached as high as he can and that reality will crush him once the fans realize it...make the 4 game playoff, he is golden, call the sculptor.
^^^^This is best advice here and absolutely the most accurate.
Actually looking forward to it, always have heard incredible things about the crowd and venue. Hope they make it a night game, too! With the scheduling with the other division in the SEC because of forced rivalry games I may not still be alive the next time Mizzou plays there...in what 2028?
So you're saying Mizzou goes 9-3? Or just SEC? 8+ wins? Could carve it out and make it 10-2?
Mizzou is a hybrid, free ticket to paid previous season ticket holders, free with 2+ canned goods for a food pantry, otherwise nominal think it is $5.
Chris, I'm guessing you put in what, 10 minutes into this? It's fine to have an opinion that Mizzou will have another struggle on offense but worse ppg than 2016? It might help if you were aware of even the spring roster but that may have taken an extra 5 minutes.
Haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll.
Congrats Christopher on your new focus, I applaud and appreciate it!
Tony, what were the first couple of straws? It's a little early to compare donations for year over year, sounds more like a rationalization from those that didn't give anyway. By far not scientific, but haven't found a single fellow season ticket holder or TSF I've talked with that has given up their seats because of this.
You are definitely a dog with a bone that just won't let it alone. What happened to you 007 that you have so much anger about this issue?