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If the schools agree, I'm certainly for it. And I think the schools would agree.
The NCAA Academic Progress Rate for 2020 has Alabama ranked sixth in the nation.
"I think the NCAA is about to step on Tennesseeā€™s face with a hobnailed boot." I think so too. I watched UT's press conference today and it looked like that's what they're expecting. I suspect this will set the Vols' program back for years to come.
The bias here is Keith Farner's, not Gary Danielson's.
After seeing his BLM antics, this commie just isn't funny to me any more.
The only reason I can think of is recruiting, but as a resident of Alabama I have to say I'd love to see Bama play in-state schools. It would certainly solve the problem of poor attendance we're currently having with some of these games.
Florida State and Miami. No other teams even come close.