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I hope things work out well for Napier. The SEC is just a lot more fun when the real Gators are playing.
Certainly well deserved. I'm glad to see him receive this recognition.
Speaking of the non-playoff bowls, I can't remember a year with a better line-up for the SEC. Almost all of these should be good games.
If this report is true, Saban's up for a big, big raise.
I hope this doesn't mean Jim Harbaugh's going to Oklahoma.
Sooner fans can console themselves with the fact that Riley has to live in California. I feel sorry for his children.
Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. Saban never created or encouraged expectations that every game would be a blow-out. In fact, far from being an "a-hole," he has ALWAYS insisted on showing respect for opponents and their abilities.
Everyone's overlooking Florida's most obvious choice: Samford HC Chris Hatcher.
The Hogs have made an amazing turnaround under Sam Pittman. They're fun to watch again!
Just what I was thinking. I hope Bama isn't looking past the Hogs, like that RAT POISON headline suggests. This game is anything but a given.
Arkansas' turnaround is the most dramatic, but Ole Miss, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas A&M have also improved. That's the real SEC story this year, and it's been a pleasure to watch.
I think everyone can understand why some AU fans were frustrated with Nix. But I think everyone can also agree that he's a true competitor and the kind of person who's good for the game. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
Dude, if you really want to convince people, you need to throw in more caps and exclamation points.
I actually agree with you, but I do find Harsin very impressive. Whether Auburn wins out this year or not, I think he's got the program moving in a positive direction for the long term.
Yes, this is a terrible tragedy for everyone involved. I hate that Ruggs has killed an innocent person and destroyed his life, but that's exactly what he chose to do. If the circumstances reported prove to be true, he deserves ever day of his 20-year sentence.
It's great to see the Hogs playing winning football again!
Nope. Not listening to anything from CommieMaine.
It's great to see the Hogs return to their winning ways!
Wow! Ole Miss looks great! Really an exciting team for spectators.
Nope. I won't watch anything from Commie Maine.
That's exactly what it is. Personally, I threw away everything I owned that had a swoosh on it. I'll never buy another product from Nike for as long as I live.
If the schools agree, I'm certainly for it. And I think the schools would agree.
The NCAA Academic Progress Rate for 2020 has Alabama ranked sixth in the nation.