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I suffered through Croom....fire him now...now....dadgummit...heck I could do better and I ain't played ball since I went all Sam Dale. If you know what that is you're old.
I have no idea what Moorehead is thinking....this is not the low ranked ball he has coached....this is the big boy's.....we are doomed back to the years of Croom.
Arkansas has nothing to worry about....could have Moorehead as head coach.
Ok...Moorehead....whynot plan to play your best players against SEC teams???? No excuse for Auburn...should have beat them....is this Croom x 2???? At least he beat Sabin. Fire Shoops....then regroup. From a fan since 1977.
Bully has entered the transfer portal...State won't make it to a bowl this year....Moorehead is the enemy.
Haven't looked at this site since 2014.....still crap....State will win...Mullen is gone.
I looked up Mullen's conference record at State. If this is wrong blame Google not me. losing seasons 5, .500 seasons 2, winning seasons 1. So not all of us State fans were sad to see him go.
The only way State could hang with Bama is to start QB#2 and play Fitz at WR. Fitz is tall and fast and has played that position. Otherwise it's gonna be like the last 8 years. Bama will shut down the run and State has no one to throw to. It will be over by the end of the 2nd qtr.
Said I wouldn't comment here anymore but this made me throw up in my mouth a little. .....he has yet to face a SEC defense.
It's not just about pay for play. Test scores were altered to make recruits eligible ( Waynesboro High School)..... illegal benefits given on numerous occasions....Patterson's brother gets a dream job out of the blue and the list goes on. Freeze was in on the illegal recruiting of Michael Oher. Look at it like this ......Hugh Freeze never played a down of football in his life. He graduated from Southern Miss with a business degree and then coached women's high school basketball and then alla ca zam he is recruiting like Nick Sabin and beats Bama twice.....even a blind man can see something is rotten in Oxford.
Can't throw Freeze in the mix......NCAA is gonna place a Show Cause on him that would follow him to LSU.
Why....for Gods sake why???? A bar of soap in a sock would put an end to this.
This guy needs to wipe his mouth with toilet paper , cause he's dribbling sh*@ out of it.
Well he could just write it on a $100.00 bill like ole Bucky Beaver AKA( Hugh pay you to play Freeze.) Mullen might be an a$$hole but he ain't no crook. See you in the bleachers while your Black Bears sit out bowl season.
Read and comprehend......He introduced it to States 3-4.
The main that was left out is the sanctions coming down the Black Bears for the recruiting violations. Anybody been reading the news?? Can you say post season ban??
With the schedule this year Dan would have to screw up pretty bad not to go 6 & 6 but stranger things have happened. I think Dan will beat the teams he is supposed to beat and lose to the ones he usually loses to. Fitzgerald looked good last year but State has bigger issues than Q.B. play. I look to finish with 7 wins , a crappy bowl and Dan flirting with other schools and a complete rehire of coaching staff but hey that's the life of a State fan.
9 of the 13 were under Freeze and to quote S.I. ( of the most serious nature.) Nutt only had 4. So it looks like more than just losing just a few scholarships.
LMFAO.....who didn't see this coming!!!!
Well at least they didn't loose to Memphis......SMH.... pitiful just pitiful Black Bears...LMAO.
Have you lost your mind??? Ole Miss lost to Memphis and Arkansas.
This crap is just one of the many reasons I don't look to this site for true football news. State always seems to be the whipping boy for SDS. When you look at what State has done the past few years it has been a remarkable turn around from the mess Croom created. I can remember when State won the SEC West and all that was said was it was a down year. State has the misfortune of having to compete with Bama and Ole Miss for recruits , them aint good odds but they take 2&3 star players nobody else wants and develop the into decent players. Now as far as Dak goes , he is honest, stayed out of trouble , was a great leader and played his heart out. saying the wins over #8,6 and 2 teams is just bullsh@# that's what they were ranked at the time it don't matter how they finished because those losses were what dropped their rankings. How quickly you forget that State was the first SEC team to hold the #1 spot in the playoff system and held it for nine weeks. Dak and his team of misfits were supposed to finish dead last this year but won eight games. Dak's play had a lot to do with that. So if you consider all the factors that he had to overcome, less talent, playing bigger schools with more money and changing coaching staff every year I think he deserves to be all SEC. As Forest Gump would say......that's all I got to say about that.
Yep, I have to agree, Kelly plays pretty good when he's off the booze and not in jail.
Bama is in beast mode right now and in 6 seasons Dan has not figured out how to beat Nick. I look for Bama to open up a good lead in the first half because it takes Manny to long to make adjustments. Dak will have a good game but it will have to be through the air. Bama gets the win because Manny can't stop Henry.
Wolfman that was awesome ......he kinda disappeared then took off like a race horse.
Bold Prediction- Chad Kelly succumbs to the pressure of not being able to move the ball on Bama's D stabs Freeze( aka Bucky Larson ) in the heart with his mouth guard, runs to the bus grabs his ak47 , shoots Nick Sabin in the pinky toe , then is sent on a mission to save the Pigmy's and returns to start in week 4.
Mullen's entire game plan for Southern and LSU confounded me. At over 4 mill a year you should know better than to take a delay of game when you have a timeout.
Dak just isn't the same QB as he was at the end of 2013 and up to the Bama game 2014. He seems to have lost his fire. I know he is looking to the future but in the past he never would have thrown a pass across the middle into coverage when he had 40yds of green in front of him. I don't know if Mullen is trying to make a pocket passer out of him to up his draft stock but he looked more like Tyler Russel against LSU than the Dak that lit up the field last year this time. I do know that without a running back to help him he's got his hands full this year. Side note to Mullen : you do have 2 other running backs on the bench that are better than Shumpert.