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Alabama has about 4 former #1 or #2 Overall OTs from highschool on campus and tons of talent all over the line. If Neal is the best of the bunch, he'll be the top tackle in the country, not just the SEC.
Roll tide! Met him once at a grocery store in Tuscaloosa. Great gentleman and we'll deserved for what he brings to that d line.
Bama is calling all takers. Texas has had more money and resources since the beginning of intercollegiate football. And that program is still an after thought to Alabama. What people are fearing is change, but college football will still be college football. Conferences have always realigned. Bama has still managed championships in 5/6 of the past decades.
How long before Florida man gatorphill is caught on camera making out with his sister at Walmart.
Negan is a certified lunatic and everybody sees it untill he starts talking about a certain former orange president. Then everybody takes a bite from his crazy apple. You included if I'm not mistaken.
You're sadly mistaken. The lead that Bama has had on this league and this sport as a whole has not gone anywhere in the last decade plus. They've only let a few down (10+ win) seasons into the fold.
All I know is if year gonna live in our country and play our sport, you gotta learn our language. Speak American or go home
Alabama and LSU both have young 5 star qbs committed for this cycle, he'd probably have to sit at least two years at either school. My bet is that he doesn't land in the SEC.
Grass is green, America's beautiful and the tide rolleth. SSDD
That's a great question that can be solved in a way that's fair to athletes. Even if it was a shared revenue type of arrangement where regardless of power 5 school, each position gets a set amount of money, so cash wouldn't be a deciding factor in college choice. As for sports that don't tend to make a lot of money, less money should be allotted to those athletes. They obviously wouldn't need to make as much as pros, but NFL players make more than professional track stars anyway, so it would be fair to pay college track athletes less as well. This is my unprofessional opinion, but it's plausible so surely the people whose job it is to decide these things can come up with a viable solution.
Even supreme court justice Kavanaugh (appointed by president trump) has said this nonsense has to stop. In no other money making venture in the US are "benefits" a substitute for fair pay. UA brings in well over $100M dollars per year just off football. Don't fool yourself into thinking it's not about greed. That scholarship is a drop in the bucket, those players would happily trade it for their fair share. They don't have to be paid like NFL players, but they undoubtedly should be paid.
Haha yes, the things you named are the bare minimum resources so they can continue to play. No chance you honestly believe someone bringing in literally millions of dollars to the school while risking injury and sacrificing near full time working hours every week deserves the same benefits as the kids on, say a presidential (academic) scholarship.
The contacts are with the player, not the school, so I assume they would still be valid. I agree that these schools should be compensating these players directly. They're the ones who risk injury to produce the product we enjoy on Saturdays.
Go get your money young man! Doesn't change the fact that these players deserve a slice of the $100M+ pie they're bringing directly to Alabama football. They're still the only unpaid labor in the US.
You're the one complaining about yet another thing that has no affect on your life. I could not care less rather she gets the money or not.
Look at the tears flowing, I literally laughed out loud. The most overused word of a retrumplican is "snowflake" yet you cry over EVERYTHING in society. You literally even make crap up to complain about like widespread voter fraud.
Redneck is not a racial slur genius. I know black rednecks.
Obviously you're allowed to disagree. It's these antebellum notions, in this case saying women can't talk football, that makes you sound like a redneck. The funny thing is most of you probably played just as many football snaps as maria Taylor.
Wake up. It's 2021, and you're about as ignorant as they come. This is true redneck little d*** energy.
Translation: you're a hick who's done a lot of crying over this type of thing. Ironic how retrumplicans complain so much about liberals crying. The list of things y'all complain about is a mile long.
I am. He's my congressman. It's laughable the resumes people in the south will accept out of the leaders of our country.
Tommy tuberville is an absolute clown with brainless hicks that lap up everything he says even if it's to their detriment.
You're a clown. I never discounted Fouts' season, just this game and her reaction to her performance. But yeah be a typical southern hick and fly off the handle at whatever upsets you.
Bama is clearly more talented than fsu. Bad play for the first couple innings killed Alabamas chances. But yeah you might've missed the relevant portion, if not all of it. Bama slept through the first game knowing they could play fouts 2nd game if it came to that and then crapped out when she got the nod. Definitely not all on her, but certainly she dropped the ball when her number was called, then failed to lift her team from the dugout.
Good question, but I know one thing, as a bama die hard there's never been a player that's done more for this bama dynasty than Julio. I remember the day he committed, being elated bama got an elite prospect, and he did not disappoint. He's bama's no doubt and he'll never have to buy a drink in Tuscaloosa
That#8 will take you back to the days when he ravaged Patrick Peterson haha. Definitely one of the best matchups I've ever looked forward to seeing in college football