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If you told me they'd been playing with women all year I'd believe it. It would make more sense actually
I wonder how many of these people just saw "looks like trent richardson" 10k times and proceeded to type the exact same thing. No way everybody saw this play and immediately thought of a player who hasn't played in years. People are sheep.
The comments here are hilarious from the far right. I don't know if this is true but I promise you there won't be "kids falling out midplay." It's a mask, not a pillow and an arch nemesis.
I wouldn't want him to rush back too soon but it would be great to see him in a bama uniform again
This is easy to say when they couldn't play. Not to mention it was LSUs fault. If bama scrubbed them by 50 nobody would be surprised. The reason bama hasn't beaten them this year is nothing to be proud of.
Prayers for a speedy recovery. He has not been lucky with injuries but he is lucky to have his life. He'll bounce back
The only colors I see are crimson and yellow and purple. Holden shouldn't be hanging out with anybody on that virus-riddled team
Well if you're going to have a covid outbreak it's at least convenient when bama's coming for revenge and out for blood. Avoid that 50 point beat down.
I just hope people realize we may never see this level of dominance in any sport again. Enjoy it while it lasts
The amount of sensitivity in this country is astonishing. I promise you can find all the barner gear you want in Birmingham within a stone's throw of that walmart.
Bryant-Denny is the only stadium power 5 stadium that's never been stormed by it's fans. I don't think I've ever seen the swamp stormed in my lifetime either though
No there was fraud remember? Trump actually won georgia by 150 million votes in Georgia alone
No they won't. Bama will claim the lion's share of 1st place votes, osu will get a few. Notre Dame will be #3.
Kirby is a good coach and better recruiter. No need to hit the panic button yet UGA. Also does anybody else just scroll right by nottruedog without reading a word?
I don't understand why every fan base hates these guys,I personally think they do a pretty good job.
I agree that the mich player deserved it. The guy was clearly trying to walk away
Don't start with the foolish conspiracies. Take it up with the court, not fake news. The comment was funny, leave it at that.
Bama has PLENTY more starters than this list indicates. Reggie ragland and reuben foster at Lb, Jeudy, ridley, oj howard, mark ingram, landon collins, eddie jackson, too many to name really. A couple of those are hurt this week but the list goes on.
It was refreshing to see Alabama's D look like what we're used to seeing. Hopefully they can sustain it through the bye week
I agree darthA. If mullen didn't run into the field the brawl wouldn't have happened. Mullen needs to be better.
These polls are a joke at this point. It's more of a prediction of who will be a better pro than who actually has the best season.
Why is nobody also not pointing out that Mac is also outperforming lawrence in nearly every statistical category despite playing fewer games and better defenses. Heisman should be an open and shut case through this point in the season.
I don't know why so many people in the sec don't like Dabo, he would hands down be my top choice to replace saban when he hangs up his whistle
Bo nix is an overated brat, he did this against south Carolina too and argued with Seth williams all game. And that ridiculously inept coaching staff allows it