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41 tds vs 32 picks at HOWARD? If an Auburn fan will take it then I certainly will too..
Never trust a word cowherd says if he doesn’t cite his sources. Greg Byrne is still very much committed to playing USC week 1.
Haha exactly what I was thinking. He might’ve just went from having to meet Dylan Moses in his 2nd career game to having to meet him in his first. With a less talented offense no less
There is logically 0 chance he lands at any of these schools starting from South Florida on down.
I definitely agree, I thought that was a good opportunity for a subtle jab but Burrow has the heart of a champion and he’ll do great things in the nfl. It is definitely odd that they would use Russell to deliver that message though
The SEC had an all time great run 1st Round. That’s something everybody can be proud of. But don’t take what Saban is doing for granted, we are watching a living legend.
It’s also worth noting that the Bucs tried to trade Howard before Gronk was even on their radar. This isn’t necessarily a sign that Howard’s on his way out
Gronkowski may be a big name future hall of famer but his body has too much mileage. I’d rather have Howard for my franchise
They’ve always been able to have duplicate numbers, that’s not new. With Sometimes 100+ players it’d be impossible not to.
I think if Georgia won week 3, bama would carry that chip on their shoulder to the sec championship. Taking them both to the cfp. But if bama wins week 3 they would probably win by much more in the sec championship riding an undefeated season
You don’t know even what this kid is suspended for. And even if there was some kind of preferential treatment you haven’t seen much football if you think ‘old Nick Saban’ is the only one that does it.
Good news is literally any team he signs with will be an improvement over the Bengals.
I’m not even an LSU fan but I could watch an endless loop of this. It must be the quarantine
If Ryan can’t produce with this roster this year they need to move on from him. He hit his ceiling a few years ago
Thank you brother. Them liberal snowflakes ain’t got no right to chastise this man for calling a high school basketball player a meth head.
Maybe you guys can go after Aaron Feld.. still don’t know how that fell through for Bama
He needs to lighten up? That hick got what she deserved and if you think otherwise it’s unfortunate that you’re a bama fan.
If young is as good as advertised Mac will have to fight tooth and nail for the qb1 spot. Period. It won’t just be handed to him.
Honestly working under nick Saban, even in an analyst position may simply be better for his resume than being a special teams coach for UK. I doubt the UK job would land him a D coordinator job anywhere anytime soon.
Ugadawg you have no argument. Georgia hasn’t beaten Alabama in over a decade. LSU actually won the natty this year and their program still hasn’t usurped Alabama. Not by a long shot.
Exactly. Jeudy is much more of an Antonio brown style receiver. That quick twitch route running
He didn’t seem fast? He raced Ruggs and Ruggs won by a hair. It was almost indistinguishable. I’m guessing high 4.3 range
Almost all whiffs, most of the best guys came from nowhere basically. Like your heisman winner for instance.. kinda makes me skeptical of a Bryce young as a bama fan
Much like the comment boards on these sites, whoever can come up with the most outlandish claims usually get the most attention. This guy doesn’t even know how to say Tagovailoa yet his sound bite is plastered on Finebaums official twitter.