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SEC champs in football and basketball. 2020 had a diamond in the rough in Tuscaloosa. Fantastic job
Mac Jones > Trevor Lawrence. You want quick decision making and pinpoint accuracy Mac is your guy. You want long hair looks-the-part and occasional awkward scramble, go for Trevor.
My money's on Waddle, and I think Smith will be great too, don't get me wrong, but Waddle's explosiveness is undeniable, even when he limped his way to a couple 1st downs in the NC game. I'd certainly take that over an opt out, and that's no shot to LSU.
Look at the tape untill the Tennessee game. As a bama homer I promise you the best player I watched this year was Waddle. Smith emerged out of neccecity and did a fantastic job
Waddle had a Biletnikoff winner, the #1 WR taken in the draft and a Heisman winner in front of him at the same time. And he was clearly the best player on Bamas team when he got his chance. No argument but from what I've seen my money's on this kid to surprise some people.
I don't mean to sound biased here but I think Jalen Waddle will be the best receiver in this draft. The most electric player of the saban era and that's saying a lot.
My thoughts exactly! A pure scumbag. He could never coach in Alabama again and he's only gotten worse in Georgia apparently.
The crying political commentary is getting annoying. Who hates America or "whitey"? People of all races take stands against fear mongers, hate groups, criminals, and conspiracy theorists. If you're upset about that you probably fall into one of those groups. A wise woman once said "that's LDE".
Sounds like miscommunication was definitely the problem, not theft, and Prime Time just didn't want to walk back on his post game rant.
This kid needs boot camp, not football camp. It'd much better serve him. Cam shouldn't have even entertained him.
I state facts. You pull baseless insults out of thin air like calling someone you don't know uneducated. Also if there was any kids there they were watching people turn each other's brains into pudding, I'm sure his words didn't give them the nightmares they gave you. I don't speak that way in front of kids, he didn't mean to, and nothing was harmed except your feelings.
Surtain will be the first CB off the board and no chance Devonta smith is still around at 15
People are way too sensitive these days. He made a mistake but I'm sorry if his dirty words ruined your day. It's funny I thought your name implied a military background.. I thought the video was funny.
.. that this THAT bad. A mistake definitely, but if this offended you maybe try growing a pair.
Glad2bsec you clearly never played sports. You can't honestly be that sensitive to think
"The blue bloods aren't doing well this year." That's how jobs come open. Clearly if a UNC or kansas came open in a couple years it'll be tough to pass on.
My thoughts exactly. Byrne did say he was working on fundraising to make large scale renovations on Coleman. So we'll see how that goes
Nice! Oats is a great coach. Bama will keep him untill a blue blood like UNC or UCLA poaches him most likely.
I don't think mexico is the drug mecca you think it is. He's not going to be stepping out of the stadium and into a slum. Stop reading so much propaganda.
Nobody said anything about racism. You sure seem to talk about it a lot on here though.
I would have paid money to see Doyle walk into a weight room of grown men and say what he allegedly said to those kids.
None of the these clowns know. We can all speculate, and I love Mac but no chance 4 of the the first 5 are qbs.
That's exactly what I'm saying. And on paper a meritocracy shouldn't be hard to apply across the board. But Nepotism and discrimination are a lot easier to work with when you don't NEED the best candidate like you do in sports.
Malzahn is actually being paid over $21M to sit on his a$$ after being FIRED. But like Tuberville said, workers laid off due to covid don't deserve $600. Barner logic.
And the beautiful thing about those sports is they're true meritocracies. If more diverse groups were good at them, more diverse groups would be employed by them. I promise your application for running back for the chiefs was not turned down based on race.
Gehrig Dieters position on the Chiefs roster should officially be changed to "Tyreek Hill's best friend" at this point.
Their biggest body of work includes literally carrying bodies for Arron hernandez. Slightly kidding, I wish them well.
It's amazing how ignorant and weak these arguments get. Literally nobody says burning down a Wendy's or looting is a peaceful protest. 99% of BLM protests didn't have a wiff of violence. You are comparing a Wendy's building to looting and threatening the literal seat of our nation's power. Known racists and anti-semites threatening to kill lawmakers on both sides. Including the VP you probably voted for. No comparison at all.
Our "proud boys" and qanon storming the capitol ruined it for everybody. Wasn't offensive till these idiots thought they represented crusaders.