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All of your troll accounts should be blocked. Get a job. Or a girlfriend. Or a better hobby. You are what’s wrong with the internet.
Still give me chills. I imagine it feels as bad as the Auburn kick 6 for you guys though
I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Justin Fields/ Jake Fromm situation between him and Mac Jones...
It’s a pretty safe bet that he was unaware he was even a candidate for this obscure award lol. I’m sure he was gracious in accepting though
I was thinking the same thing. It’s a PR move to help his image through and through.
Heading south for some cheers and PR after that embarrassment he experienced at the Yankees game.
I’m confused about why he was asked about Gene Chizik, he hasn’t coached in years if I’m not mistaken..
Another right wing trademark, diverge from the facts of an argument. Your initial complaint was about SDS ‘pushing’ Nike products. That didn’t go your way and oh moved on to complaining about censorship. Life’s too short, stop letting everything offend you.
You disapprove of Nike because they represent human rights. It’s a sad day when pro-rights equals anti-American to some. There’s also irony in the fact that the Right is always talking about “liberal snowflakes” complaining yet you CONSTANTLY have small matters to complain about. Find another hobby, the whining has gotten old.
Hey, you don’t get any points for style. Safe at 3rd is safe at 3rd.
Not funny, it was an unfortunate equipment mistake on a good hustle play. And it drew blood. Nice effort kid.
That’s a little cocky given Alabama has gotten the #1 back every year for about 5 years straight it seems. But I can definitely respect a good Pulp Fiction reference
I'm actually with him on this one. It's tongue in cheek but he's saying 'first time moments' intentionally referencing how this freshman seems to be overexcited to show that he's doing what every other college student is doing
As a resident of Alabama you do not know how true your statement actually is. Far more attention is payed to keeping the status quo as the heart of dixie than it is to educating our future. Sadly, his kids will most likely be as ignorant as him.
I'm all for corporal punishment but when is the MAGA bandwagon going to learn a new word other than 'snowflake'.
Just so we're clear, in fairness to the kid "simple assault" does NOT involve physical contact. He likely wanted to fight another kid , and while that is nothing to simply overlook, he is a kid, and it happens. No arreat was warrented if this was the only charge.
Definitely. State had a good team they can make that number 9 next year. It's a good time to be an SEC fan I'm hoping for a strong showing at the big dance. And Roll Tide!
Wow a comment this ignorant could only come from Trump country South. I played football for 13 years through college and never once was bothered by the possibility of gay teamates. Why would they need to know? It's not like gays are raping teamates in the locker room. And for him to be asked this means it MATTERS for rather that team would draft him. Which is discrimination. Get your hick head out of your ass.
When did Trent Richardson win Heisman? I must've missed that season. He came close though.
You also have to consider that Alabama is not a very talent rich state most years, most of the guys on this list know they would've never seen the field at alabama. Just look at Alabama's roster. Most of them, especially starters are not from Alabama. Which leaves Auburn free to pluck most of the 3 and 4 star recruits from the state. The occasional 5-star alabama recruit picks Alabama 9 times out of 10.
I think they're banking on southern jean short wearers to bolster the fanbases. The same group that watches WWE basically. He's hanging his hat on players not being able to protest social issues (ie. Kneeling for awareness) which would certainly attract the flock of Trump faithful
Like v@ls1998 said, Butch was at Tennessee and although he was a joke as HC he does in fact have two former players on this list. Not sure where you were going with this one.
Is Donta Hightower left off because of injury? Because the article is SEC players on championship rosters. Last I checked he's still on New England's roster and their best defensive player arguably. His ring will be just as shiny as Brady's if they win.
Jalen doesn't throw picks because all of his passes are 5 yards or less, and he scrambles more than he has to. Tua will almost certainly throw more than Jalen's 1 pick this season, but also expect his passing numbers to completely dwarf Jalen's if he gets the job
Exactly. Hurts has done well to not lose games for bama, but he also rarely did anything to win games for them.
From what I know, had Ansley stayed he would've been Co-DC with Tosh, Tosh being the signal caller. With him gone I don't know if that leaves the job soley to Tosh or if Golding will get that CoDC title. I personally don't think either is ready to pick up where Pruitt left off.
He also said he made it clear to Saban that his employment with Bama would have zero impact on his kid's decision.. If he had've given any kind of guarentee that hiring him would bring in possibly two 5 star DBs he would be Bama's DB coach right now. At the rate Bama leads coaches to better jobs he would've been there 2-3 years tops anyway..
He has good credentials as a former player, but his resume was virtually the same last time the Bama DB coach spot was open and he wasn't even a candidate for it. Make no mistake Jr. got his dad's foot in the door.
I agree, it was rumored that the offensive schemes new to Daboll, coming from the NFL, like the read option and RPOs, were all led by Locksley this season anyway