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What multimillionaire wouldn't want to move to the great state of Mississippi to coach football?
It's not a secret, his face on national tv brings even more exposure to Alabama, and as far as him not needing the money, even rich people don't typically turn down paychecks my friend.
Still feels odd watching Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Amari Cooper all in the same game.theyre all doing well
With our luck he'll get to Tuscaloosa and start missing from 20 yds.
If he indeed opts out that is the end of his football career. No chance he even gets a free agent contract with any nfl team with his resume.
At least now when bama wins it all OSU fans can't say what if... They're overrated.
It was a knee jerk reaction to butt going overboard, he regained his composure immediately, I agree he shouldn't have been ejected
Bama definitely needs depth at db, but honestly it doesn't look like this guy can provide that.
It's cool that the most conservative school on the country can afford freeze AND all the prostitutes he brings with him. They are making right wing ideals a joke these days.
You're an idiot. Saban has no reason to apologize, he said nothing wrong. People take politics aside and BLM means "black lives matter *too*". Not "*only* black lives matter." That's all he was saying.
That kid was also maybe 5'8 140 soaking wet. I like the intensity but not impressed at all by the competition
Recognize greatness. And it's here to stay. Tuscaloosa has seemingly doubled in size since saban's been here
If Bryce young keeps working like he has, there's a cannon that can take Alabama to another level. Mac will start but he'll be on a short leash
Doesn't appear to be a game changer on film but we could use some depth at the position
Sarcasm. Too many bama "fans" feel that way and have said it.
That was sarcasm. But a real sentiment among a lot of bama fans
An*idiot. I hate both schools but neither can claim to be the brightest bulbs in the box that's for sure. They're both tier two as far as national competency goes in football in any case.
Well I ain't gonna be watching cause ole' saban is a communist who hates America and thinks "only" black lives matter because he lead a march to support his team.
Agreed. That weight thrust on your shoulders with no help, he would be lucky to sniff the playoffs on his rookie contract.
Then you both are clearly on the wrong thread. Especially lh61 since he thought this would be an article about a baseball player that died 50 years ago.
He's a troll. People need to stop responding to his threads. If Smith thinks he's capable that speaks for itself.
That is the funniest thing I've seen all year. 99% sure that's him