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What Alabama State is to Alabama, is what Louisiana State is becoming to Louisiana lmao
Georgia fans have actually never more annoying than Auburn fans. You have won nothing, and Daniels or no daniels Georgia was bound to get beat by multiple touchdowns against bama. That's not even a rivalry, UGA hasn't beaten alabama in over a decade and every year you proclaim yourselves preseason national champs.
LMAO I love how he went from being Georgia's next heisman savior to being public enemy #1 in Athens
Stating the obvious doesn't constitute knowing everything.
Dylan Moses has the talent to be the best inside linebacker in this draft. Especially as weak as the position is in this draft. It's insane nobody's even talkng about him. He'll make the most of wherever he lands. Playing through injury this year hurt his stock definitely.
Not at all. Just another try-hard thug thinking they're nick saban because they coach little league. You see these videos every year now it seems like.
Roll tide. They only aired Alabama's but it doesn't matter why guys, Y'alls teams are special in your own way. Even the shoe throwers and the winless ones.
Definitely. Trying to taper off expectations when you have saban coming at your throat is as good as telling Auburn fans you'll never be at the top
'earned' is the word I'd use. If I started making 9mmdave jerseys and sold thousands of them and got 100k+ people to pay to watch you do your job every week plus millions at home I would think you'd feel 'entitled' to some of that cash.
I didn't mean to put the kid down, but what people are agreeing with is that he probably isn't a game changer if bama has no use for him and he's in sabans back yard. Wherever he goes hopefully he'll pan out
You do have a point though, I'm almost certain that this transfer at least puts bama over the scholarship limit. That sucks for the athletes but now Alabama has the most stacked roster in the sec easily. Taking the good with the bad I guess
If Bama didn't offer him and he's right down the road in Birmingham he's not worth his weight in rice.
That's still 50k+ people. Still irresponsible to go if you arent vaccinated. As a Tuscaloosa native, for reference, that's over half our population. I wish things could be more like they were but we aren't there yet. That's over 10x the people allowed into NCAA tournament games.
You're a sad hick on the wrong side of history johnny reb. Fix that for your sake.
Georgia has a little more experience, bama has a lot more talent in that group. And smart said they struggled with redzone turnovers, Saban said Bryce took control of the scrimmage and threw 4tds on 0 turnovers when he was in. He called him explosive
He said a lot of the same things saban said about bama's first scrimmage. Bama's offense, especially at qb and the young receivers seem to be in a much better situation though
The chains at my football workout room were 45lbs, and they were a little bigger than this one. I'd guess 25lbs
And we're still laughing over the three massive L's we gave lsu in basketball, the fact that your season is done, and that clown show you called a football program this year.
I honestly don't buy it either. He didn't even leave for a better job, but he knew what he was signing up for when he came to Tuscaloosa. I'm thinking saban had to have asked him to resign for whatever reason. He seemed pumped to be here
Typical UF fan. Nothing to brag about these days so cite two catches against the best cb in the country as a win. Guess what kyle pitts couldn't get you in that game? A Win.
Imagine the damage bama can do if and when that happens. I think he'll be locked in by the round of 32
This is hardly a rant from saban. But at this point the trash like you can fire at him and still get your brains beat in the following year. Just like UGA fans.
He can't make it 3 days without being a clown. One can only imagine what Georgia let him get away with for 3 years.
Levi Wallace is one of the best stories to come out of Tuscaloosa. Get that money young man
Not if you're on the right side of the monotony. Winning never gets boring.