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Stoops was/is the perfect coach for UK - He's built a solid program. & if opponents take the Cats lightly, they'll get beat (re: UF, LSU). That being said - IMHO, he'd be foolish to leave the Blue Grass State. If he hits a dry spell & goes 7-5, 8-4 at UK, the fans & admin will be OK with that. Pull a 7-5, 8-4 in back to back seasons in the Bayou & he'd be on the Hot Seat..
As for the FAKE injuries!! The need to have the "hurt" player have to sit till the drive is over (or come up with a number of plays). This would be for the safety of the player & to quit the BS that is now "accepted".... It became in Vogue, (seemingly) when UGA punked the sissies from South Bend. They faked 11 injuries in the second 1/2, only to return the NEXT play when we were in hurry up.
Rodriguez will NOT top 75 yards Saturday - Just sayin
Proof the Hypeman is really a beauty contest & not really the BEST player: Hypeman #1: Bryce Young is the 6th best SEC player Hypeman #2: Matt Corral is the 4th best SEC player Beauty & the BEAST!! I'll take Jordan Davis!! Ask Chris Rodriguez after this Saturday's game....... Gooooo Dawgs!!
One Game at a Time!! Auburn will be a heck of a test on the Plains! Git er Dun! Gooooo Dawgs!!
Like Auburn fanzzzz clamoring how great they are after weak 1..... FL played Florida A&M!! Not Texas A&M AU played who?? & acting like they played UGA, Bama, Clemson.... Oct 30 Baby!!
Champ made the NFL HOF before the College HOF. Should've been in sooner. That's a NO BRAINER!
Came to UGA from George Mason, now in the portal? I thought there was only ONE transfer? The NCAA is fast becoming a joke. Is there a cut off for when kids can quit on their team? Oops, I mean are there dates when kids cannot 'transfer'? or can they up & quit/transfer at anytime. Like kid is in Summer camp, sees there's too much competition & quit/transfer's the third week & goes to another skool? What are the 'rules' of the portal?
That last line sez it all - "Playing football is still the best way to get better and show that you’re ready to play football for a living." NFL scouts don't give a flip about "potential" when you have proved nothing.
All excited about Hugh Freeze? Really Vol Nation? Newsflash - (aside from Vandy) there are NO Coastal Carolina's in the SEC - Just sayin
Word on the street: Warren did not have the grades. Best to him, if he can gain some gridiron brain, he might be OK at the next level
Cade Mays will get sometime at C this week & probably next week vs Arky St.