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Urine Crier should never coach anywhere. Whomever he's recruiting against will go into the kids living room & mention his 'loser in life' goings on to the recruit's momma/grand momma. He's a great football mind - But not a good father (never saw his daughter play a V-Ball game at GT, but that was his reason for leaving FU), husband (f-ing around on your wife on video) - Therefore, a LOSER in LIFE!
The name WALKER at UGA is now even MORE LEGENDARY!! Herschel (our next US Senator) Travon Quay Let the Big Dawgs Eat!!
No need to bark at all this - it's propaganda to keep us interested till "Toe Meets Leather". Just Win Baby - it'll shake itself out
We're reloading - Greene looked good at LT, Alexander is going to be a stud. The Spring game was more about creating no fall-off depth! Mims is back & will be the first OT rotating in - Dude went to FSU & saw the shoddy facilities compared to what is at UGA (Didn't even make it to UM) & got an NIL deal.
TW44 was invited - Declined. I have to say, I enjoy seeing the kids celebrate this once in a lifetime event, from their home, with the folks that have loved & supported them from elementary school. Just my $.02
If you have 3-4 productive RB's, you're a BETTER team in the long run. Fresher legs later in games with different running styles.
I agree w CDS! NIL & the Portal is destroying college football as we knew it, & it's not for the better.
Coulda Woulda Shoulda - - - - - - Both receivers went down on NON contact injuries - Might have been better conditioned? Bottom Line - Ya look like whinney brat talking ISH after getting beat... SCOREBOARD! 33 - 18
As we enter our 30th season as season ticket holders, each year my wife (the UGA alumni) & I go back & forth on purchasing season tix. What used to be around a $500. payout, including parking, is now a $4K investment. That does not include tailgating, etc. We do the Jax game yearly & that's another $2K... With a 70" flat screen & hot grub & cold beverage & clean bathrooms within 60', each year is a decision that's difficult to make. With the advent of so much 'change' so quickly (transfer portal & NIL), the college game is now the NFL. Coming up season, we've already paid our "donation" for 2022 & will do it again. But the "other option" is weighing heavier each season. Gooooo Dawgs!!
GodSpeed to ALL! Loved CMR's last line "See You In Heaven One Day, God Bless" Brought tears to my eyes - as my BFF (a UT Super Fan) was taken by complications with diabetes. He watched the Orange Bowl game with my wife & I. On Jan 2 he was admitted to the hospital, underwent 7 surgeries, to no avail. He passed away Feb. 7th. He accepted the Lord while in the hospital, I'd kept after him to open his heart & he did. Reading this & seeing CMR, brought all that back into my heart. I know there's a LOT of bantering on here. But I gotta say: Get Right with the Lord, as each & everyone of us are going to parish. & we might want to play on that Golden Gridiron Field in His Kingdom!!
Jalen Carter & Kelee Ringo will be this year's Face of the D, much like Jordan Davis & Nakobe Dean were in 2021 As for the O, it's almost always the QB
I know some of Walter Nolen's family. He has a $1M a year guaranteed, that doubles if he stays a 4th year. Making his "deal" $6M. Fact That's why he bounced between UT & TA&M seemingly for a year.
Just my $.02 The payolla should've been tied to getting a degree. Example: give the student athlete 5 years to get a 4 year degree. Once they graduate & receive their degree, they get paid..... Could be like $100K or $250K, whatever. But it should be tied to getting an education. I digress
Your "Willing co-champions" is BS.. What was the score at 0:00 January 10th? 33-18 Georgia SCOREBOARD! RollED Tide!!
The UGA D of 2021 is the Best EVER! When you take into consideration that the O's of the past 5-8 years have "opened" up. There are more points scored the past few years than ever in College Football. Dawgs Dominated! & the Cherry on Top - 33 - 18 Georgia - National Champions!
Biggie has had his AZZZZZZ kicked for so long by Bama - He's a Bama fan - The only UT fan I've ever heard say that... Rolled Tide!!
If/When that expand to 8, 12 or 32, the regular season needs to be cut back to 11 games & 9 SEC conference games. I agree, there could be 3-4 SEC teams make the playoffs... Then the remainder of the Nation will need to go back to the drawing board - LOL
This is College football not the NFL.... Much like Tebow - an incredible College talent. Never translated to the NFL...
Back away from the Crack Pipe!! MeatChicken was toast - they had the nations "BEST" OL Bunch of Big, Slow White Boys as was their "all-World" DE, One tackle, no pressure - the closest he got to Bennett was the post game hug. In the Deep South - Speed Kills
If they expand to 8, 12, 32 - Whatever.... That'd expand the possibility of 3 or 4 SEC teams making the playoff field... They'd STILL be PISSED!!
OSU was Curb Stomped by the team We Curb Stomped - Would've much of the same vs OSU or Iowa, or....... & OSU gave up almost 1/2 a 100 to a not so great Utah O.....
Pitts UF Career: 100 receptions for 1,492 yards (14.9 avg.) and 18 touchdowns Bowers FR season: 53 receptions for 856 yards (16.15 avg.) and 12 TD's Just statin facts
While its "nice" to see FU on this side of the pendulum. I am not one to boast a "Yeah, they S- - K"... There's TOO much talent in FL & the Southeast for FU to stay down long. With the "right" coach, of course
Good News Dawgs - Nix him again in the Benz - Sept '22
Chris Low is so insightful - Hell to the No Goooo Dawgs!! Just Win Baby!
True - 19 is First Team AA But not Top 10 in the SEC.... SDS is hyperbold ish
Bottom Line - SCOREBOARD!!! Hooker wanted to be standing under a light post than play another 1/4 vs UGA!!