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Kiffin to his players (for now): "Let's just all get along, it's just another game. We have so much to be thankful for. The past is passed. Kumbaya." Leach: "Remember: Execute. Execute. Execute. Nasty weather will turn out only the most rabid fans. Gonna be a scene.
Rainy AND Cold.....in this weather? It's gonna come down to who truly wants it more, and with a lower scoring outcome, defense will decide.
The observable, measurable "evidence" is how they played against Vandy. Corral will yes, play like a beast like he always does, but his team might just lay down if they're getting punched in the mouth. Offensive lineman don't block as hard when they're thinking their QB went for the $$$ instead of winning together. This ain't the pros and most will not go on to play at that level, or even get the chance.
Yep. This "assessment" was desperately cranked out overnight because Rebel Nation is worried sick about Corral's messing with the team's mind off the field with his attention seeking announcement, then yelling at them after the Vanderbilt game for THEIR actions on the field. UM players are sorely disappointed in him, if not distracted by the obvious question EVERYONE is asking, "WHY on earth didn't he wait until the season was over?" so we could finish a phenomenal season together. Sheesh. Plus, all that love for Kiffin might go right out the door if they lose to a clearly less talented MSU team on National TV.
Nobody can question Corral's competitiveness. Heisman worthy for talent and effort. But after his announcement, he lost legitimacy with the team. In their minds, he's already gone.
Corral isn't 100% physically OR psychologically.....he's already thinking about playing on Sundays....and it's left the locker room disappointed and deflated. If he'd have waited to make his announcement until after the Egg Bowl, UM would have dominated.