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Great article. My only comment is that if you invited Jordan Davis over for Thanksgiving, you should probably cook twice as much food... maybe three times...
Agreed. Kid needs to realize he put himself in this spot. Not a good look though. If I were a coach, I would want team players, not ME players.
Please stop with the Mullen bashing. The guy is amazing. SEC coach of the year. They are on the cusp of something great. I hope he gets a big extension this year.
Eh, notice to Georgia fans (and all other SEC teams but Florida): We love Dan Mullen at Florida. We want him to stay there a long time. Please talk him up to Florida fans. He's clever, witty, and an offensive genius. That is the plan. Stick to it. Also, Grantham is a genius too. We never know what he's going to do on third down.
The best solution to all of this is to bump the playoffs to eight teams and I think the consensus is that this will happen in the future. It sucks for UCF now, though.
I totally agree. They were amazing as a group. Burrows spread the ball out well.
I'm not sure it click-baitish because I was thinking after watching the game, I am much more confident about UGA's chances of beating FLA. That was a sloppy mess of a game (though fun to watch). Frank's sideline antics show a huge lack of maturity. He needs to lead by example. Even Herbstreit called him out.
Yes, how could you be covering Georgia Football and leave out Zamir White? He's not even wearing a brace and Isaiah Wilson, a beast of an offensive tackle said this about him in practice, “I feel bad for the safety that has to tackle No. 3.”