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Not even going to lie, that's huge on ANY resume'. That's quite an accomplishment and Tennessee fans should be proud.
What kind of pu$$y uses uncle Verne as an excuse to justify his sons actions. This is hurds role model? I can see where he gets his pu$$y motives from now.
What can't stand is that brick by brick BS you call a wall lol $hits mortar is made of sand
Stfu y'all niggas trash lol Georgia has way more upside and potential and all your fans agree. The funny thing is y'all said this is your year hahah guess what. You can't build brick by brick with sand as your mortar dumbass lol
That's what I keep telling everybody. Don't believe the hype. Just stay patient and quit expecting instant results. I had no expectations for this season. Next year I'd like to get 10 wins and by year three Kirby will have the players and depth he's been looking for. But damnnnnn Bama gave no f's tonight lol
Little boy know when to shut up lol we lost to Vandy. If we don't beat Tenn, UF and GT in the same year then we have no right to open our mouths. Till then please stfu lol
Tennessee is garbage but I won't lie Georgia is trash too lol
Dave Hart legit looks like a walking talking penis.
It is what it is. I knew going into the matchup that our defense would have its hands full trying to cover the intermediate and deep passes. All we can do is prepare for UT. GO DAWGS
I'm just tired of gus showing off his BMW i8. Taking little boys for joyrides. The matter with this guy. Says it's a recruiting tool. He puts the tool in recruiting tool.
Can't believe they did Dobbs like that lol
Lol that's pretty good. C'mon man! These are young men's decisions!
It makes perfect sense to give him such a large raise to keep him. S&C coaches spend more time with players, develop players talent outside of just X's and O's and he alone has transformed and molded Bama's players to look massive and resemble it's mascot. He is totally worth it and when UGA lost the battle for him I was actually more upset with that than any recruit who turned us down. Plus he's funnyaf.