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At the beginning of the year I said Mississippi State’s defense would be much improved this year, he quoted that you said that it probably wouldn’t be. How did that work out for you?
Man I guess I always get under John Crist skin, he’s always quoting me in these type of articles
I would put Prescott over McCarron because Dak did so much more for MSU then McCarron did for Bama. In 2015 the only reason MSU won half their games was because of Prescott.
“Is he really satisfied at Mississippi State?“ come on SDS, he has said several times he is.
Every one wants to talk about the four injured Alabama linebackers. But what about the four injured receivers for Mississippi State. Or all the backups we had on defense. And we still went toe to toe with Bama.
@Coach6420 Haha man you have no idea. You just making yourself look stupid on here.
Good we like it that way, we always play better when we have something to prove!
SDS has always been so anti MSU except for last week for some reason lol
Wouldn't mind to see State play GT again!
Also forgetting but Donald Gray who averaged 17.1 yards per catch last year. Fitzgerald has plenty of people to throw to. Also guess you didn't hear State picked up 3 of the to 6 juco secondary players. that is the position that hurt us last year. And I will be better this year.
Pretty fair assessment. though I can see State beating Georgia or Arkansas, if not both. We also seem to play really good against A&M. So could see us beating them, especially since they seem to be having a few problem at the QB position. But We are playing them at A&M so a L is fair. because of that I would not be surprised if State goes 10-2, but I'm predicting 8-4 with a win over Georgia or Arkansas.
The Pony is in West Point, not Starkville. Get your facts straight SDS.
Ah, good old John. Making us laugh since day one. Almost as entertaining as CNN. And for the record 99% percent of State fans really could care less about what you think. It just your opinion. We just go on in life letting our actions prove you wrong over and over again. But props to you man, you have so much confidence and seem to like to speak your mind.
Typical SDS Mississippi State hate. Yes I am a little surprised to see us in a preseason top 25, but wouldn't be surprised to see us in shortly after the season starts.
Mississippi State, needs 2 grades. Offense-B Defense-G Not sure that defensive performance is even deserving of a F!
Better go check your facts there, plenty of teams have been worse in the SEC. Big one that come to mind is the 2007 Rebels.
Who do they see State beating? From the look of it it's Arkansas, but I would see us beating Ole Miss before we eat Arkansas. Which won't happen with Chad Kelly and State terrible secondary. Let's be honest State season is over, 3 wins is all it's going to be. Any more after that is just an added bonus. But anyway Hail State!
They did a specific on just for the game
Last year he was. Not going to lie as a state fan, if it wasn't for Dak we probably wouldn't have gone to a bowl last year.
I love how Its all Ole Miss fan commenting. Just wait your turn is coming. Ole Miss is about to be in a world of hurt!
I could have told you he would go #1. without reading the article, tell me what you thought the title meant.
If that isn't an Ole Miss writer title I don't know what is! lol
Gus Walley is going to be missed, played great in the games he was in last year!
I feel the same way about LSU fans. A lot off people say they LSU fans have no class, but I have only had a problem with a select few. unlike the cocky Rebel and Tide fans!
Did I miss something, why is Dak not playing in the Belk bowl?