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Great story brings back a lot of memories from that time period 1996-1998 . I didn’t have any bills and MSU was competitive.
When will Moorhead get fired ? Who will replace him ?
Take Moorhead and we will throw in a washing machine
Anything other than taking a used washing machine for Moorhead would be greedy.
Your right lose to KY probably a losing season . I didn’t see the K-State loss coming . Close games are going to get me fired from my job. Shop owner put tv in garage so I can halfway watch games . I’m a glassblower work in CA only person that isn’t a hippie artist at my work . On helicopter play was working on 50$ piece I slammed it on table glass flew everywhere hippies are screaming it’s just a game .
I wonder if KT is going to get a chance to do what Stevens did while he was backup at Penn State. He did a little of everything would be cool if KT gets to do the same
I hope so I got a feeling he’s going to show out when he gets the chance .
He is a POS . Why is he still on the roster? It’s not a coachable moment. I’d love to know how much Moorhead knew and the reasons they let him stay .
That’s pitiful 3 days no food or water miss a couple games .
How is the qb competition going? How are the players responding to Stevens ? Whose throwing the ball better ? Whose more consistent ? Has anybody seen them practice that could shed some light on it for me I’m in CA I do not get a lot of Bulldog news . What are the best places to get info on MSU
Bulldogs are going to surprise some people this year. If QB/ WR get it together everybody better watch out. 10-2 this year .
There better than 8-4 . 8-4 is the record if they don’t find the passing attack or show up in big games . 10-2 regular season .