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You’re an absolute clown with no life. Can’t believe you’ve kept this Troll act up for so long. Bravo
You should change your logo to Southern Miss. you seem to have a pretty big chub for them. Idiot
We all knew Fitz wasn't very good, just like we all know that you're a trolling toolbag.
You seriously have no life dude. What kind of a loser Catfishes a college football site? You, that's who. Troll bag
Fitz did and had too many penalties. Everything else was on point. The Defense is nasty. Hill may be one of the best in the league this year.
Curtis Lowe, you Sir can bite me. He’s a Senior and he should be setting a better example. He needs as many reps on the field as possible. Do you know him personally? Seems immature for a Senior. Has to Make better decisions.
Not the point. Nick needs all the reps he can get. Did you see his passes last year. Ugly
Wtf Nick. I knew he wasn’t a true leader. Leaders don’t make these mistakes. Jesus
Arrested??Less than 2 grams?? geeez, Texas sucks. least here in Louisiana that's just a ticket and you can go about your way.
There aren't any Defensive standouts at Ole Miss, so I'd stick with the cover of the offense.
The kid wants a taste of Omaha. welcome aboard JT. Hailstate!
Had no idea they even had Football in Japan. Learn something new everyday. Late is an understatement for that hit.
Yawn... assuming the women had higher ratings. Too many upsets in the guys tourney. The two best teams never end up playing each other anymore.
You’re right Mike. It’s been a great two years following these girls. And yes, we prob would have lost in OT. We blew it in the 3rd quarter.
Kinda like u not knowing how to spell “Think”? Either way, your comment made u look like a Douche.
Another Classey comment by an Ole Miss prick. Y’all been playing for any titles lately? Schmuck
God, you’re a loser who I would love to meet face to face
You’re an idiot. Fitz was in the game for 5 min. It’s a blowout if he doesn’t get hurt
Alabama, Miss St, and Ole Miss all made NY6 bowls in 2014. So yeah, it's possible