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Only what's relevant. Grew up halfway between Starkville and Oxford. Spent A LOT of time in both, lived in both. Taken classes at both (far more at State). Been to a lot of games at both (never as a student at Ole Miss). Live in OK right now, can't get to too many games. Slight difference in football culture, it's big here but nothing on MS/AL level (you can't tell them that but take them to three SEC venues and back to OU or OSU hitting highschool games along the way then they might see). I am currently a worker at a sow unit, so I'm not rolling in the dough or using a degree, although I do use a little information garnered at State, how bout that. I generally root for Ole Miss when they don't play State. I am part of the friendly rivalry, not that ignorant crap that resembles UA vs AU. I love it when they beat Bama, too, which has to serve as Mullen hasn't done it yet. I root for our JUCO teams here as well, hoping to see yet another national title come back to MS (probably be another Ole Miss qb, too). Delta State is the primary smaller program I keep up with, but I love it when any of them do well. Such schools gave us Walter Peyton and Jerry Rice and USM hadn't really grown into big boy pants when Brett Favre lit them up. So, yeah, that's the last thing. I carry a crosstie on my shoulder when people who think they know what they are talking about act like MS football is nothing. But it's pretty easy when the best from your state are also the best in the game, hey, give me something hard, like was there an NFL player on my tiny team? Guess, just guess.
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My bad, it's 4 points now, I guess a few betters out there are picking us too.
The entire country outside of ESPN and the SEC seem to think that. Even Vegas has UGA a touchdown favorite, then again so was LSU.
Not necessarily knocking the video, but why is every UGA 'hype' video I see narrated? I just find it odd and counterproductive, however I may simply be odd myself.
'showdown with No. 17 Mississippi on Saturday' You just went on the list, buddy. Fix it.
WTFF? SEC morons. Nobody gives a crap about USF. 8 for 20 against Temple, 16 carries for 59 yards and he fumbled for the only td Temple scored. How is USF ranked and Vandy isn't. Vandy can beat USF. Morons.
State plays at Bama, aTm, and LSU every other year. A hostile environment is a hostile environment. Granted, very few players on this team have gone to such a stadium under circumstances when the opposing fanbase was excited for the game. Kyle Field couple years ago, maybe.
These were actually pretty funny. But State by 3 scores.
Urban Meyer managed to win national titles at UF, but even he cracked eventually. Go back to whatever Suckeye or Sooner blog you linked from.
Bamatime, you are not bright. Mullen came into a program that had losing seasons in 6 of the seven previous years. He has made us competitive again. No, we have not finished higher than fourth in the division outside of 2014 with Mullen (your use of the word never is misleading as we have played in Atlanta before). But in 2010 our 5th place finish was a team at .500 in the conference and finished 9-4. 4 teams in the division had 10 or more wins total including and undefeated national champion. I suppose you think Chizik is a better coach. Bama's day is coming. You know nothing. Hail State.
Bama hasn't beat vandy by 5 tds since 1980. Of the three times they've played the past decade, Vandy won twice.
Yall need a new heading for nonSEC stuff, as this is erroneously labeled SEC news.
Mich State, Clemson, cause the sec is the only place where Saban deciples end up.
According to every hard up and comer story set in the south, people were picking cotton in 100 degree heat (little like walking uphill both ways), so i think summers must be getting cooler, cause I don't remember too many september days of 100 degrees.
I like the original better for it, but I like Mississipi music for MSU football.
These numbers are derived from publicly disclosed financial info and several highly subjective criteria. Affects private schools numbers. Very bad math, as a school with a strong baseball or basketball program or 'competing' with pro teams is worth less, but no actual data to back it up. By the way, ekingill's numbers are way off. aTm brought in nearly 200M last year, but state brought in about 95M. Their profit margin is better.
QB's are generally to blame for delay of game, but I lay a lot of fault on the organization for the trajectory of the season. Complete failure to rebuild the line.
You might want to change 'had' to 'has'. An egg ain't a chicken, yet.
Sorry but offensive performance so far doesn't look like the ranking. Defense is pretty scary.
Fox is what, CUSA and BigXII? LMAO when and undefeated team not BAMA gets in (which I already predicted) and OU - OSU split games. CFP won't know what to do, but they'll do something stupid anyway. What about the fact that overrated AU held mighty Clemson to the wire, Bama took FSU by 20, KSU realized they shouldn't be ranked, and LSU wasn't 'overrated' a week ago? USC takes two, two overtimes to beat Texas, not a word. OSU played USA, OU played tulane, every year it's the same song, SEC don't play nobody, yet we see those same nobodies pop up in the 'tougher' schedules of little 12 and tiny 10 and ACC teams.
Whether it's his line, his defense, or just him, Lock never fails to disappoint against quality opponents, I have doubts as to whether he is better than a true freshman who has seen ONE quality opponent.
We call them experts, but what is the area of expertise?+
I don't think it's as offensive as others might. Perhaps poor taste and definitely too soon.
Is it just me or is this site really thin on written material this season?
Like I said, the UK game might be very interesting this season.