Only what's relevant. Grew up halfway between Starkville and Oxford. Spent A LOT of time in both, lived in both. Taken classes at both (far more at State). Been to a lot of games at both (never as a student at Ole Miss). Live in OK right now, can't get to too many games. Slight difference in football culture, it's big here but nothing on MS/AL level (you can't tell them that but take them to three SEC venues and back to OU or OSU hitting highschool games along the way then they might see). I am currently a worker at a sow unit, so I'm not rolling in the dough or using a degree, although I do use a little information garnered at State, how bout that. I generally root for Ole Miss when they don't play State. I am part of the friendly rivalry, not that ignorant crap that resembles UA vs AU. I love it when they beat Bama, too, which has to serve as Mullen hasn't done it yet. I root for our JUCO teams here as well, hoping to see yet another national title come back to MS (probably be another Ole Miss qb, too). Delta State is the primary smaller program I keep up with, but I love it when any of them do well. Such schools gave us Walter Peyton and Jerry Rice and USM hadn't really grown into big boy pants when Brett Favre lit them up. So, yeah, that's the last thing. I carry a crosstie on my shoulder when people who think they know what they are talking about act like MS football is nothing. But it's pretty easy when the best from your state are also the best in the game, hey, give me something hard, like was there an NFL player on my tiny team? Guess, just guess.

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Wow, the obvious aside, nevermind it has become obvious context is lost on you. There is no legitimate reason, therefore no answer to my question.
Not just that, a couple of mistakes cost us at least two easy TDs. This game had the feel of a scrimmage, which I'm ok with to a degree. But a our defense was way too lethargic at times.
I saw that. It was pretty awesome. And we have guys dropping wide open short yardage throws.
USM beat Tenn. I think we can beat UK, but aTm could be tough, but UF isn't very good. We have to shut down their ground game while covering Kirk. Should be interesting matching up against our old DL coach again, that is one of the best hires sumlin has made, damn poacher. As much as I've disparaged reporters and their blind love affair with, I am very near accepting that game might be downright embarrassing, again. Next season will be better, but 8 maybe 9 wins would definitely be satisfying in the 'told you so' area.
Worse than sooner fans. Bama drops out of playoff contention and you guys will lose your collective minds.
Absolutely nothing I've stated supports your inference about my 'logic'. Can you read this?
Dang, i mucked it up, the scenario requires lsu to beat bama and lsu to drop one more. On to the best way muck up CFP, 5 undefeated conference champions, oh the state of Washington screwed that up.
I don't know why I separate division losses, they've never done that. But I do it every season.
Wasn't asking you, not that you even got the point of the question.
People get shot in Tuscaloosa all year long, you don't tell us about it then. Why is this here?
Why do we care what Paul thinks? ESPN sucks for a lot of reasons, one of them giving this pinhead work.
Crist is such a douche. If he were a better writer, I might could stomach it. He is just terrible, though.
You bama fans are ridiculous. I don't 'hate on bama'. I just accept that this game was a superior team beating an inferior one. It is NOT indicative that Bama is the best team in the country. There are at least three teams playing better football, and one of them is in Athens. Last season, the one before, none of that means jack, why bring it up? You guys are almost as bad as sooner fans.
Hey John, why do comments keep disappearing from that retarded finebaum piece?
I disagree. To win the division, LSU needs two things. 1. Win their games in division and 2. MSU to lose at least one more division games. So, NO, LSU does NOT control their destiny. Bama probably does, barring a massive step forward by State.
Wow, just, wow. TCU did beat Ark like a drum, USC opened up a hidden can of whoopa$$ on them, and aTm laid 50 on them in what we all thought was the hot seat bowl at the time. But bama's 41-9 dismantling of an inferior team with no offensive, no defense, and an injured QB is absolute proof they are by far and away the best team in the country. LMFAO reporters are idiots.
It has improved, but still a long way to go. Still getting a lot of drops, and those passes were not as hard as he was throwing against AU. His awareness in the pocket continues to grow, but he still makes mistakes reading the coverage and sometimes tries to force it through coverage. aTm is going to be a test, but I think we can exploit UK's defense with our strengths.
Close, but what would really screw them up is AU drops one to lsu then loses to bama after the Tide drops one to MSU (relax this is not necessarily a prediction, yet). LSU pulls a mother of an upset for a second time and beats bama. AU loses to UGA, the three win the rest of their games. UGA goes undefeated. You now have a three way tie for first in the west, but AU is eliminated via their third combined conference loss. Bama's two division losses put them at third. Then there's LSU, who finishes 10-2 with only one conference loss to a division opp. That means a 10-2 MSU wins the division, finebaum's head explodes. Hold on Boys and girls, we ain't done yet. State pulls the revenge upset in Atlanta. You now have a two loss conference and a one loss uga. The only way to screw the CFP up worse in this scenario is Bama beats lsu, now you have a one loss bama, a one loss uga (who beat the con champion soundly in September), and a two loss Mississippi school who beat two top 4 opponents in a two week span to win the sec. BOOM.
1. Learn to read. 2. Unlike the uppity neighbors to our north, State has won the west. I was at the dome that December. We also tied for first the following year. 3. You'll understand about the cyclical thing next year.
If any conference gets two in it will be the tiny ten, they have been the media's darlings for nearly a century. The ACC might beat them if 'independent' ND finally gets in.
It's amazing how commentators can shape people's opinions. The hit was brutal and a fine would make sense with the head on contact, but it wasn't dirty.