Only what's relevant. Grew up halfway between Starkville and Oxford. Spent A LOT of time in both, lived in both. Taken classes at both (far more at State). Been to a lot of games at both (never as a student at Ole Miss). Live in OK right now, can't get to too many games. Slight difference in football culture, it's big here but nothing on MS/AL level (you can't tell them that but take them to three SEC venues and back to OU or OSU hitting highschool games along the way then they might see). I am currently a worker at a sow unit, so I'm not rolling in the dough or using a degree, although I do use a little information garnered at State, how bout that. I generally root for Ole Miss when they don't play State. I am part of the friendly rivalry, not that ignorant crap that resembles UA vs AU. I love it when they beat Bama, too, which has to serve as Mullen hasn't done it yet. I root for our JUCO teams here as well, hoping to see yet another national title come back to MS (probably be another Ole Miss qb, too). Delta State is the primary smaller program I keep up with, but I love it when any of them do well. Such schools gave us Walter Peyton and Jerry Rice and USM hadn't really grown into big boy pants when Brett Favre lit them up. So, yeah, that's the last thing. I carry a crosstie on my shoulder when people who think they know what they are talking about act like MS football is nothing. But it's pretty easy when the best from your state are also the best in the game, hey, give me something hard, like was there an NFL player on my tiny team? Guess, just guess.
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Softball, for the past five years, has either been won by Florida or Oklahoma, so the LSU line is bogus. LSU is the ONLY school where baseball is bigger than at State, and they are GOOD. Same thing about OU and UF goes for women's gymnastics. In fact, I think UF has won 3 of the last 5 women's titles, I don't know how many individual titles. But their women's tennis has been to 12 finals and won half of them (and they ain't been around long). I would put USC women's basketball as number 2 for them right now. 6 straight years second round or better, and the reigning champs. Seriously, I think a person could spend five minutes on the internet and do a better job.
247 has him ranked and gives a 3star rating with score of 82. He does not have a COMPOSITE ranking or rating, but if 247 scores him at 82 and ranks him as the 54th te recruit in the country, I imagine the other services will list him soon. 6'5" and 225, I'd like to see some film, but I'll have to move to a better connection to do that.
I had to break my boycott, call it my homer showing. I think Fitz is more immature and less developed than Prescott at this point, but he's bigger and more athletic with a stronger arm. If our line can keep improving and he can get his head straight and get timing down with the receivers, our offense will open up dramatically. As an aside, throw history out the window, Guice is leading the conference.
How much quicker does Allen need to make decisions? He only gets three… aw, he just got sacked. Otherwise, I follow his logic. I might would slide Harris higher up the rankings, unless questioning his durability. He produces in chunks.
Sorry, half of that was intended to be placed somewhere else.
Considering his performance against SEC teams so far, I don't think Jackson is the best QB faced by an SEC team. I'm not that impressed by 8 tds against charlotte. I'm much more taken by how he was shut down by a decent defense after throwing three picks against the wildcats. I'm still amazed he won the heisman, bunch of bull, there. And how much quicker does Allen need to make decisions? He only gets three... aw, he just got sacked.
Maybe could be anyway, had his seasons not been shortened by baseball. Made his only probowl after 9 games his fourth year. Stabler put in a decade on top of that superbowl.
Eric Moulds (MSU) and Kyle Williams (LSU) have got to be pretty close to Hull and Bennet. Manning (Archie) was hampered by godawful teams, I would have probably went with Deuce on that one. The best sec player in franchise history for the Titans was actually an oiler and went to Kentucky. I would say Charlie Conerly was as good as his fellow rebel. Pretty hard to disagree with most of them, good list, overall.
Football site people. Read the article, but take your hippie politics somewhere else. Reputable groups for these misguided causes even despise PETA. Only the media and people who believe what they are spoon fed by them give them any respect. And celebrities who have little concept of what reality is to the rest of us. Peta has the highest euthanasia rates and the lowest adoption rates in its shelters. Peta 'workers' have stolen and euthanized pets (verified). Ingrid Newkirk is worth about a $billion. Nonprofit, my eye. You never see campaigns to save endangered ticks and end the senseless slaughter of bacteria, do you?
I know we aren't favored or anything but considering last season and how close we were to 6-2 in the conference, I would have included 'whoever kicks fieldgoals for mississippi state'. Here's to hoping their last name isn't Graves.
I think you missed my point, and good for him. Doesn't change my opinion of modern recruiting or IMG. And thanks for apparently taking insult where there was none. It's not your best article, that's all I said about it. Glad you enjoy your job, but you can stow that smarmy attitude. My comments were focused on the subject matter, not YOU. Get over yourself. Have to start a new click boycott, thanks for making that easier, seriously, with the new format. Might tune in for one of yours about August. And just when I thought you were getting readable, you went and ruined it.
National Title???? IN HIGH SCHOOL??? Give me a break! IMG is glorified football training program that doesn't actually play a normal season. 7 or 8 games, that's not a season. They played 11 last year, ok, I'll give you that. Most teams have to pull off 15 games (at least public schools) to make it through a state championship. All these camps, and national allstar games, and special schools are great for kids that can do them. Some kids have to work in the summer, some take care of their siblings, and all these camps and other crap help college recruiters a lot more than players. Make their job a bit easier. These kids that come out nowhere are often great in high school, too, but they didn't get to these events, and maybe they didn't play at big school or even on a good team, so the recruiting rankers missed them and some recruiter who was doing his job right scooped them up. Question, How can a player have a ranking for next season when the season hasn't started? A lot like How can USC be a top 4 team for 2017 in Jan (thank you for that FOX)? I hope it got some attention for some of these East Ridge kids, cause these kids at IMG already have exposure. Bunch of BS as far asa that goes, and not your best article. What is a school with 2000 students doing lining up a kid like this at tackle, that's some 1a and 2a stuff, nobody play football there?
I didn't realize they were looking at changing the redshirt process. It would be better for players and coaches if they did. Especially, say if it allowed a player who was injured in his third game to use his initial redshirt, as opposed to a hardship or just losing a year of eligibility. It would allow coaches to take in game looks at a young players development before deciding sideline him without burning him. And that player is getting early reps, no matter the decision.
That reminds me, we went 7-4 in 97. NO bowl game. Things have changed.
I'd give Fitz and co. better odds than that. He managed to throw 2600 yards last season. I would like to see him and the receivers get their timing down this season, and as long as Fitz keeps developing the INTs should go down. I remember Dameyune Craig, that team was a bit of an aberration, completely unable to run the ball. As I remember, we shut them out, primarily due to that fact. Otherwise, pretty good against most defenses with that passing game.
If there is anywhere Harris can go and make maximum improvement, Larry Fedora's team is certain a candidate. Certainly the best chance for Harris, but I wouldn't scathe Miles and co. too bad if he looks great at UNC. Fedora might be a genius, though it didn't hurt having Austin Davis at USM.
The fact that they rate Mason and Stoops so low while continuing to be Gus apologists shows that collectively they don't know spit. Neither one of them has done anything brilliant, but they are consistently turning around their programs. Gus, on the flipside, had one horseshoe of a season and since then has grossly underachieved.
I wouldn't blame Graves too much. Dude was accurate as long he wasn't asked to kick long. He was recruited to do something he can't physically do. Be nice to see what this year's recruit and that 'top kicking recruit' for 18 can do. We usually have a good punter, though Bell is an NFL kicker, WTF. That was a coaching fail, there. Too bad Cook apparently doesn't kick FG. Dude has a boot. You'd probably have to go back to the 50's to find a Miss State kicker you could label great, but I would settle for someone at least as reliable as Depasquele.
Opinions are opinions, but I think Fitz is a good choice to label 'most interesting' or 'most intriguing'. He no doubt has the ability, he needs consistency and help.I liked this one, and not just wearing maroon shades, but I liked your breakdown. The last few of your articles I've read have impressed me. Keep doing that. BTW, the other area that can help him the most is the defense in general. We were a sieve last season. A little decent defense last season, we win 8 or 9, potentially including LSU. Heck, a little better use of the backfield and we would have won, anyway. Kind of frustrating realizing about 3 ppg is the difference between 5-7 and 10-2.
Jim Harbaugh just got punked by Kentucky:-)
If you guys were going to use a Miss State 'upset' photo, you should have used one. Only idiots thought OM had any fight left in them. Photo from the aTm game would have made more sense, unranked 13 point underdog soundly beats week one 4cfp #4 team. Am I right?
I give it a better than 50% chance we go into College station the favorite, at this point. But we seldom fare well at the football megaplexes.
I think the kid should be given a different judge. She obviously is unable to do her job. Or does Strong's job performance have any legal connection to this kid's case? Does she even have any business mentioning it? As it isn't​ a job, should the fact that he is football player even be noted in court? Technically it's simply one extracurricular activity available to an enrolled student, so...
Didn't look at the combine. Reminds me a lot of Evans. Great pound for pound power, great motor, but NFL olines are a different level. Granted, Barnett's frame is bigger, but Evans was even stronger than Barnett and he couldn't get past a practice squad. Barnett has more upside, and defense has changed. He has quicker hands than Evans, and I think Philly was the perfect spot for him. I think he needs to work on his lower body and his feet. He doesn't have speed, so he needs to be quicker and stronger, but I think he has more potential in the pros with his his head up half the time and put his hand to the turf to overload the weak side.
Gates is 210 maybe. Wommack's idea was put 7 dbs on the field at all times. I bet there aren't 3 lbs on the om topping 230 and not one over 240. If we are recruiting them for dl or lb, chances are that is where they belong. Unless we are recruiting them for qb, bit of a chance they should be a linebacker. Most lb recruits are still under 220, which, regardless of the exceptions, is pretty big for 16 or 17 year old.