Only what's relevant. Grew up halfway between Starkville and Oxford. Spent A LOT of time in both, lived in both. Taken classes at both (far more at State). Been to a lot of games at both (never as a student at Ole Miss). Live in OK right now, can't get to too many games. Slight difference in football culture, it's big here but nothing on MS/AL level (you can't tell them that but take them to three SEC venues and back to OU or OSU hitting highschool games along the way then they might see). I am currently a worker at a sow unit, so I'm not rolling in the dough or using a degree, although I do use a little information garnered at State, how bout that. I generally root for Ole Miss when they don't play State. I am part of the friendly rivalry, not that ignorant crap that resembles UA vs AU. I love it when they beat Bama, too, which has to serve as Mullen hasn't done it yet. I root for our JUCO teams here as well, hoping to see yet another national title come back to MS (probably be another Ole Miss qb, too). Delta State is the primary smaller program I keep up with, but I love it when any of them do well. Such schools gave us Walter Peyton and Jerry Rice and USM hadn't really grown into big boy pants when Brett Favre lit them up. So, yeah, that's the last thing. I carry a crosstie on my shoulder when people who think they know what they are talking about act like MS football is nothing. But it's pretty easy when the best from your state are also the best in the game, hey, give me something hard, like was there an NFL player on my tiny team? Guess, just guess.
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I usually disagree with everything leach says, but I've been saying this for years. NonSEC fans complain about the cupcakes sec teams play in Nov., but other teams play gimmes in september. Don't get mad at us cause we schedule smarter. For instance WSU opened with E. Wash., Boise St., and Idaho, but their Nov. schedule was all conference games including Washington. Fans and 'experts' talk about 'sec cupcakes' but that schedule is actually less than state's. We played two conference games in sept, granted the other two were umass and usa, but in Nov. we played aTm, Bama, Ark, and OM. I'm sorry but not every team is USC or ND and can get any game they want, and nobody wants to travel halfway across the country four times a year. We play LSU, UGA, and Auburn back to back to back after La Tech, a lesser school but hardly a cupcake. If you don't like us playing umass in november, go watch notre dame.
Perhaps you should reread the post, Throwboy, as my comment was obvious directed at the misguided and illiterate Bama fan. My brother lives in Louisville, and he and his wife have chosen homeschooling for a reason. I wouldn't knock any state's education system, having a few cutting edge schools doesn't really make up for all the crappy ones, no matter what usnews says. There, I was talking to you that time.
I read bits and pieces, but honestly lost interest. A note on the title, that question is like asking, 'does the fall of jimmy swaggart, jerry falwell, or insert the name of any current phony, mean the end of preachers? My brother and I, we went to church, we played football, we worked. That covers it. We are hardly unique, and then you throw in all those 'christian' families as well. Coaches have been using bibles to recruit since there has been football, lest we forget Catholic schools helped establish the sport. I don't think it is a sin for me to say Freeze has always struck me as phony, but that is just an opinion.
We put up with that moron for years, can we let him fade into obscurity now. What do we have to do to get the even bigger moron to retire?
I knew it. But I bet when his buyout draws close, he pops up at some school. I know some OSU fans that would love to have him back.
Tuberville is "one of the few coaches in the country that has experienced a win over a Nick Saban-coached Alabama team." We beat Bama that year, too, with Croom coaching. Since that season, when Bama lost six to different coaches, his teams have only lost to 8 coaches in a span of 9 seasons, and Tuberville isn't one of them. However the last game between LSU/Saban and Auburn/Tuberville, well, it was a grinder.
I'll take you up on that, and we can use Pay pal to settle it.
Can you even read? K E N T U C K Y But go ahead and compare. I wouldn't exactly call KJ Wright, Bernardrick McKinney, or Pernell McPhee dregs, granted Pernell was a DL in college. Perhaps you are the one who is clueless.
Multimillion stadiums, grounds upkeep and over the top workout facilities consistently lose money. I doesn't cost 10 million to start a wrestling program.
number of linebackers Bama currently has in the NFL: 7 number of linebackers Kentucky has in the NFL: 7
The guy does have more pure talent. He's more athletic with a stronger arm, but he's got a lot of work to do. He has more game experience now than Dak did, but I would say is less mature. He does seem to be coming around. If he can work on his decision making (competent pass-protection will help this, which I actually expect this season, and developing timing and communication with his receivers), his presence in the pocket, and just keep working, I have no doubts he could be another Heisman candidate and at his size with his arm strength, a potential NFL qb. I certainly like what mullen is saying, but it's still July.
He did, or the Whitehouse did, on at least three occasions, including one instance when congress took too long (big surprise) to finish legislation and the first family were already in Hawaii on vacation (how many vacations did that guy take). The D alone is different in every single one and there are numerous other differences, so I'm curious how this guy came to the autopen conclusion. Even the proportions of the D and P are different in every one. Might find himself in a defamation or slander suit because he got fooled by the rare use of straight lines in a signature.
Wait, all SEC programs, sanz Vandy, are in the black? 9 with over 10million in profit, aTm some 60million? How are more of these schools not competing in all 20 major sports?
If that's an autopen, the Dak stored at least 4 signatures. Not one of those is the same. I think Steve Grad might be a liar. Besides, if Obama could sign a bill into law with one, an autopen signature is still a signature.
You two are like tits on the underbelly of MS football fandom. You deserve each other.
Best 100 players in college football, they include a kicker and it's NOT Carlson? God save us from the offseason. Hurts shouldn't be on this list, or Stidham, or Pineiro. Chubb and webb should outrank Scarborough, Pettway should too. Haynes I'd take over Hand. Thompson and Watts should be in the top ten. Frank Ragnow is too low.
I wonder how much higher we'd rank if we competed in all those sports. I think we only compete in 15, and I'm not sure if all of those are even included in the 20. Stanford wins because they compete in all 20 and are REAllY good in several.
Rocky Marciano was from Massachusetts. Rocky Balboa (fictional) and Rocky Marciano (real) are NOT the same.
Leo Lewis could be a Butkus finalists, a consensus All American, both of which are slightly more likely, and he still won't win this. No POY from Miss State since Rocky Felker. If Evans couldn't get it and Dak couldn't get the other one, nobody will. Freakin Demeco Ryans, really! Put on that maroon and white and give up awards, maybe the connerly. Manziel and Mcfadden are the only two players not on a championship team to get OPOY in the past decade. Eric Berry and Shane Ray are the only two DPOY winners with that distinction in ten years, and both of them played in Atlanta so that's not entirely true. Scratch half that Berry won the year After Tenn won the east last and Clowney was a Freshmen when USC went. Still 3 out of ten, the POY apparently really needs to be on the best team, even though they might not be the best themselves.
The Espies have been a joke since that tranny won a 'courage' award. Nevertheless, if Ledecky and Phelps don't win every one they are nominated for, with a possible exception to Eaton, it will reaffirm my opinion. Ledecky is shattering records faster than Phelps did. State over UCONN is a no brainer for best upset, Clemson over Bama wasn't much of an upset and who cares about tennis. I'm not even sure the best football plays made the bracket, so I'm going with Williams buzzer beater. (that may just be my homer showing). I don't think they've ever nominated a rodeo competitor but they have an award just for jockeys, figures. Not one track and field competitor or swimmer of either gender nominated for best college athlete and there are not one, but TWO frickin lacrosse players. COME ON! It's already voted on by fans, strike one, but let's not muck it up further by a poor or just lazy nomination process.
Softball, for the past five years, has either been won by Florida or Oklahoma, so the LSU line is bogus. LSU is the ONLY school where baseball is bigger than at State, and they are GOOD. Same thing about OU and UF goes for women's gymnastics. In fact, I think UF has won 3 of the last 5 women's titles, I don't know how many individual titles. But their women's tennis has been to 12 finals and won half of them (and they ain't been around long). I would put USC women's basketball as number 2 for them right now. 6 straight years second round or better, and the reigning champs. Seriously, I think a person could spend five minutes on the internet and do a better job.
247 has him ranked and gives a 3star rating with score of 82. He does not have a COMPOSITE ranking or rating, but if 247 scores him at 82 and ranks him as the 54th te recruit in the country, I imagine the other services will list him soon. 6'5" and 225, I'd like to see some film, but I'll have to move to a better connection to do that.
I had to break my boycott, call it my homer showing. I think Fitz is more immature and less developed than Prescott at this point, but he's bigger and more athletic with a stronger arm. If our line can keep improving and he can get his head straight and get timing down with the receivers, our offense will open up dramatically. As an aside, throw history out the window, Guice is leading the conference.
How much quicker does Allen need to make decisions? He only gets three… aw, he just got sacked. Otherwise, I follow his logic. I might would slide Harris higher up the rankings, unless questioning his durability. He produces in chunks.
Sorry, half of that was intended to be placed somewhere else.
Considering his performance against SEC teams so far, I don't think Jackson is the best QB faced by an SEC team. I'm not that impressed by 8 tds against charlotte. I'm much more taken by how he was shut down by a decent defense after throwing three picks against the wildcats. I'm still amazed he won the heisman, bunch of bull, there. And how much quicker does Allen need to make decisions? He only gets three... aw, he just got sacked.