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Know what's funny? Bama would end up in the Citrus Bowl if they somehow lose to Florida
Music City Bowl?! Dream on Aubie, you're headed to Birmingham!
1. Alabama fans who are completely oblivious to anything that's not Alabama
I always thought the Little Dooey was a little overrated too until I tried THEM RIBS. Seriously, I don't know why nobody ever mentions their ribs, they're the 2nd best I've ever had in my life. Give it a shot next time yall are in Starkville. Hands down though my favorite place is Dave's dark horse tavern.
Yes, random guy on the internet, I would like to place a bet with you. I will send you my bank account information shortly.
I'm glad we're picked to finish last AGAIN. We play better as the underdogs anyway. State wins 9 games this year.