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I think it would be kinda funny if A&M started selling concession burgers with a Bevo brand stamped on them. : )
I feel really bad for JG, but he is as flat as a fritter. I think sitting him was the right call and had to be done. I'm also beginning to buy what the Dawgs have been selling about Chaney. Was hoping the Vols would give the Gators a much better game than they did today.
I wasn't able to get the entire game, but glad the Gators came out on top. Was pulling for you all the way. Can't stand those mugs in Miami. Go Gators!
My condolences and prayers go out to his family and friends. RIP young man. Your inspiration and spirit will live on in the hearts of many. God Bless!
Well, there goes my pick-em's this year. I was pulling for all the other SEC schools and couldn't wait to watch all the brethren in the bowls. Then the trouble begins.. Vandy loses, even though it was a close one. Carolina gets skunked. Mizzou goes down. The Hawkeyes handle State and I don't even know what the heck I just witnessed in the Sugar Bowl. Was that really you Georgia? That was embarrassing! My acid reflux got in a tizzy just watching that mess. I sure hope Bama doesn't let me down next week. : (
I’ve been pulling for UK all year! Y’all do us proud and give ole Jim Delaney another reason to hate us all even more. Go Wildcats!
Hope y’all flat out embarrass them! Geaux Tigers!
They need to fix that crap or not have it there. Holes and uneven surface can contribute to injuries for both teams. Imagine running full speed and stepping in a crater. Could end up with an injury like Tua’s or much worse. I wish they weren’t playing out there.
Love it! Go Gators & War Eagle for thumping the Little Ten! Too bad Vandy & Carolina didn’t take care of bidness.
Just my opinion, but of the three schools named, I think he’d probably fit in best at Okie. Seems to be a nice kid. I Maybe he can land somewhere that can continue his development and utilize all his skills. I wish him nothing but the best, whatever he decides.
It’s being reported that Auburn is preventing Malzahn from hiring Freeze. Also, FSU has been in talks with and heavily going after Freeze to be their next OC. I think it all hinges on what Saban wants to do. I like Enos myself and hope we can keep him around for a bit longer, but would be interesting to see what a Bama Freeze offense would look like.
If two SEC teams get in the playoffs again, there would be an uproar like we’ve never seen before. The Committee will put Okie in to soothe the masses, even tho Georgia is clearly the better team.
Great comment Missouri-fan. I totally agree! Make no mistake, I think Georgia is probably the most balanced we’ve faced yet and they will have the crowd on their side. I think it all hinges on the running game and who controls the trenches. If they have success running, that will open up the passing game for Fromm & company. Then look out! Little Bro Ridley could have a big day. I think Bama wins, but score will be a lot closer than what most are predicting. Just hope it doesn’t come down to FGs. We all know how that would probably go. If Bama doesn’t win, I hope the Dawgs can carry on the torch. We need to keep the trophy and the $$$ pie in the SEC. Roll Tide!
It may end up being a closer game, esp if Cotton sees much playing time. He’ll either be getting holding calls left & right or his side of the line will cave. That turf toe injury may end up costing us a lot more than we want to admit. The other teams will be taking advantage starting with Auburn. By the time we get to the SEC Ch, it isn’t going to be pretty.
Of course it will never happen BUT I think it would be amazing to set something like this up with all proceeds going to charity. Not just Bama, but pitting the best college teams in the country against some of the pro teams. Everybody thinks the college teams would automatically get smashed, but it’s entirely possible they might just surprise some folks. Draft picks and pro players don’t always pan out or perform at the highest levels. I guess we’ll never know though.
It wouldn’t surprise me if he changed his mind on Bama, because he knows he’ll be competing against Bear’s Grt Grd son, Paul Tyson Jr. Personally, I’d much rather have Taulia, as I think he’s a better QB. He’s not Tua, but he’s pretty darn good. Hate to say this and don’t mean anything personal, but I’m just not all that impressed with Paul Tyson Jr. I guess we’ll see how it all pands out
Unless my eyes have been deceiving me, it sure looked like he was limping, esp after the touchdown run. I think there’s definitely something more going on with his knee. I’m very concerned and hope he can heal quickly, not to mention the others who were hurt as well. We need everybody back at full strength for the remaining schedule and SEC CH. Roll Tide!!
Sorry Chad, meant to post this generally. Wasn’t meaning to reply specifically back to you, but somehow did.
I think Bama will win, but it won’t be a cakewalk. Tua will make some plays, but LSU’s defense will be stingy. I think it will be a lot closer than any of the other games. My hopes/prayers are that nobody is seriously hurt on either side. Would LOVE to tailgate at LSU, if the people were nice enough. The FOOD would be incredible! Just wouldn’t want to get spit on, chit on or pizz’d on in the process. Hope the rumors I heard about a lot of their fans are not true.
Really hope to see him get his chance. He’s originally from my hometown and is a great kid from a really nice family. Would love to see him take the field when the Tide comes to town. Wishing Daulton nothing but the best!
Everyone complains about the schedules, yet these are often done years in advance. We play the same Western Sec teams as everyone else in our division. We have no way to know if the programs are going to be trending up or down. What team doesn’t have cupcakes scheduled?? We can nitpick each other to death, but we’re all pretty much in the same boat, when it comes to schedules.
I’m with Kirk. Glad to see Kentucky getting some love! It’s nice to see them coming along and hope they continue to shine.
I know everything favors State in this one, but I'm just happy to see Kentucky coming along. I'll be pulling for the Wildcats. Just hope my Uncle doesn't see this. He's a huge State fan.
Stupid, mouthy, drunk idiots. No fan base is immune. Why can't everybody just chill out and have a nice glass of sweet tea.
He has had a few decent throws here and there, but is STILL missing wide open receivers! Sorry, but I just can't see that much in the way of improvement. He's a great kid and a gifted runner, but the passing instincts and ability just aren't there. He will have to change and adapt if he hopes on playing at the next level, cause we all know it won't be at QB. I wish him nothing but the best at whatever he decides to do though.
I doubt it was any current SEC coach. Remember James Franklin’s ‘Nicky Satan’ comments. If I had to guess, I’d say it was Franklin or maybe Scott Frost. Definitely a hater, whoever he is.
This is beginning to read like a bad Jerry Springer script. Maybe Zach Smith isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but I’m still finding it hard to believe he would be so stupid as to order all that crap and have it delivered to his place of employment. They were still married at the time, so who’s to say Courtney didn’t place those orders herself cause she was pissed he was having an affair. Funny how she’s got all this info she’s passed to McMurphy at the ready. I had a co-worker who’s husband cheated and left her for a 23yr. old. Her soon to be ex ended up with a brand new DS brush mower, about 50 different magazine subscriptions and all kinds of crap she ordered up to get back at him. Sorry, but I don’t trust Courtney or McMurphy any more than I do Zach Smith. They just conveniently keep dishing out more and more dirt and it’s not just Zach that’s looking dirty.