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Good for Mond! I’ve always liked this kid and thought he had a great game today. Wishing him all the best as he takes it to the next level.
Was listening to the 97.7 The Zone out of Huntsville a few nights ago and they were discussing the heisman race. One of the announcers that must have a vote said the Western voters were going for Trevor Lawrence. Finebaum also said he voted for Lawrence. I hope he didn’t get enough votes to rock the boat. Keeping my fingers crossed that Smitty brings home the award.
Kirby giving the gators some love. I'm amazed at all the coaches putting up Ohio St. some at #2! Wowser!
I don’t care who you are or what color you are. Spitting and throwing garbage on people is uncalled for. It’s disgusting and low class and there’s just no need for it. You can go to games and have fun without doing crap like that.
Both these guys should have nice careers and earn lots of $$$ at the next level. It will be fun watching them on Sundays.
And congrats to the Gators on the win! Trask looking great. The defense has improved a bit to!
Georgia is in dire need of a QB. Stetson Bennett may not be the answer, but D'Wan Mathews is terrible. He's got too much rabbit in his feet. Probably a nice kid, but he's not going to get the job done in Athens or any big time school. If Daniels can't play, Kirby needs to get somebody else. Surely some of their receivers or others played QB in high school. They can't be much worse than what he's currently fielding.
I saw a lot of concerned faces on our sideline. Wishing Jalen a speedy recovery. I wish it wasn’t season ending.
Well, things could have gotten really ugly out there. I mean, she could have started stripping off her clothes. Them crazy PETA people love to do that sort of stuff to ya know,
Good game Dawgs! Only thing wrong I can see is that Georgia needs a QB. That's all. Those picks let the air out of the tires. Stetson started crumbling and just couldn't recover, leading to frustration and even more mistakes. If Georgia finds a QB, look out! That and I think they should have run the ball more.
Dear Lord, I thought I was watching the Big 12 tonight. Where the defense??
I'm sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out where in the world all the defense has gone!? I'm sick to my stomach, watching the SEC bash each other around, while Ohio St & Clemson are just licking their chops in anticipation. They don't play anybody, so they'll all be healthy and ready to go at the end. Gee, I hope Bama doesn't come out playing flat or have an off game today. This is just strange times! Oh and I agree 100% that Bo needs to go! Something gotta give. Congrats to A & M and Mizzou on their wins today!
I can’t stand Gary Danielson!! He is one of the snarkiest, annoying commentators ever! He’s a big tenner all the way!! Y’all are nuts if you think he’s Bama biased. He’s like a little yapping dog that barks a little here and barks a little over there! Always caustic commenting. Believe me, he’s no pal to any team in the SEC! I mute him and listen to our man, Eli Gold. Lord, how I miss the good ole days with real announcers like Jackson! Gary Danielson is a clown!!
So happy for the hogs! Hoping for good things for Arky and hope this new coach keeps them going in the right direction.
Woo Pig!! Big congrats to Arky! So proud for yall on the big W!
For the love of football, I just want to see both those guys go to a better team. I hate to think of Burrows, Tua or any of the best of the best players going to the Bengals or some crap team where their talents are wasted and their potential can’t be reached. Such a shame when they end up like that.
Big congrats to LSU! What a great game! Clemson was confusing LSU there in the beginning, but LSU made the needed adjustments and got it figured out. Kudos to Joe Burrow for not giving up and continuing to take the hits. There were a few camera shots of him grimacing in pain. The kid was definitely hurting, but he fought on, which is what a true champion does. I wonder if he ended up with some cracked ribs out that nasty Skalski hit. Hope he’s alright. Way to geaux guys! Enjoy the win and thanks for representing the SEC with pride!!
Congrats on the win! Nothing like beating those whiney B1G losers!
Way to go Vols! I was getting worried there for a bit. I'm glad you pulled it off. Now all we need is for LSU to bring that trophy back home to the SEC, where it belongs!
Forget the sign malfunction. What the heck? C'mon Vols! One of the few times I'm cheering for you and you've kicked 3 stupid field goals! You're looking like you did at the beginning of the season. There's still time to get it together! The SEC is counting on you to finish us out with a win!
Good grief! You got Ohio St. whining about SEC officals helping out their 'ACC buddies' in the Semi-final and now you got Michigan complaining about Saban running up the score on them. Gee, what was Najee supposed to do.. just fall down, to keep from scoring? I don't think Saban told the boys anything. He just let them keep playing. What a bunch of B1G losers!
My heart goes out to Coach E’s family & loved ones, as well as the LSU family. Peace & prayers to all. Congrats to LSU on the win.
As much as I want to see Jalen do well, this Bama fan says Geaux Tigers! Taking down Okie is a must on the road to the championship. Keep the trophy & the $$$ in the SEC! Good luck & best wishes to LSU! I want to see all our teams win their bowls, even Allbarn & Tennessee. I’m sick of some of those media yahoos that have dissed LSU all season and propped their darling, overrated Buckeyes up. Of course when Georgia and us lost, all they wanted to talk about was how down & out the SEC was! I wish we’d win all our bowl games and shut their cake holes. I’ll be pulling for the Aggie’s tonight. Gig em!
Ditto here! I may be a Bama fan first, but I'm an SEC fan second. I want the trophy & the $$$ to stay in the SEC! We all get a little slice of the pie and it helps all our schools. Plus, I just want to see somebody smash those media darling Buckeyes!
Let the healing of the hogs begin. Hope they can make a great hire!