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I like what the man had to say. Seems like a genuine & salt of the earth kind of guy. Did he win the team over? I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and let's see what he can do. I'm still a little spooked about the lack of SEC experience though.
Several venues are reporting it's now official and it's DeBoer.
Stephen A. smoking some crack! Not no, but hell no!
Exactly what I was thinking. Some of the names floating around are ridiculous!
Lane Kiffin doesn't scare me. He might be riding enough of the crazy train to actually pull it off. If he failed to live up to expectations at Bama, he'd be fine. Could still find a HC job at another lower-tier school somewhere, until a better one came along. Dabbo is another Les Miles. He's too stubborn to change or adapt. I don't see his future at Clemson panning out much longer and I don't think he'd have much success with Bama, because of that. Kirby isn't even a realistic choice. He's not leaving home to come to Bama and I don't blame him. We can't afford Sark. Those deep pocket Texans aren't about to let him go. As for the two dudes out west.. Lanning's buyout is too much and he's a lukewarm toss-up. DeBoer is the one that really scares the heck out of me. I don't get good vibes with him. Don't think he'd be a great fit and has zero SEC experience or experience period. That wouldn't bode well at all. Bringing him here into the SEC, he'd probably end up being another Bryan Harsin. Back to Kiffin again.. he may be the best plug-in & play solution for us right now. Other than someone like Kirby or Sark, I think he's the next best choice that could be successful here. I'd rather take a chance on him than the two out west.
We all knew this day would come. Wish him & his family all the best. I hope he is able to slow down a bit and enjoy his retirement. We all know what he did in football, but the Saban's have spent so much time & money for charitable purposes, especially those concerning children's causes. They have done so many wonderful things to help the local communities. God Bless them & Roll Tide!
TBH, I'd rather have Kiffin than some of the other names floating around. I would just hate the thoughts of Pete Golding back on our sideline again. Ugh!
Hate to say it, but we can't afford Sark. Texas has the deepest pockets. They're not going to let him go and we don't have enough money to get in a bidding war with the Longhorns.
I think Kiffin has been waiting in the wings for this day. He didn't take the Auburn job. I know they are a wishy-washy bunch, but I think there was more to it than that. It wouldn't surprise me if it ends up being Kiffin.
I had a funny feeling this season, when he made a couple of comments relating something to the effect of getting older and not being physically able to keep up at his age. I can't remember his exact words, but it may have been after running out onto the field with the team, before a game. It caught my attention, as I'd never heard him say anything like that before.
You do realize that we are all basically in it together, like it or not. When one of us SEC schools brings home the bacon, everyone get's a lil slice of it, right? Our conference all shares $$$ equally. When you root against your SEC brethren, you root against your own team benefitting from another National Championship.
Honestly, would we all expect anything different from Ol’ Danny boy.
I don't have very much confidence in the committee. I hope I'm wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me if the SEC isn't left out, esp. since FSU just beat Louisville. If they want the best four teams, then Bama or UGA should be in. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.
We beat the #1 team in the nation and are the SEC Champions. We should go, but if the committee doesn't have the balls to put us in, then Georgia should go, as they shouldn't fall that far and they would be the next best 1 loss team. Cause we all know the powers that be and the other conference homers would LOVE nothing more than to have an SEC free play-off. The SEC is STILL the best conference in the land! Roll Tide!
Oh Lord yes! I'm glad Gary is heading back to the B1G. It's where he belongs. Mowins & RG3 are even worse, if that's possible.
Yep, those announcers calling the Georgia Mizzou game were pretty bad. I guess I would take Gary & Brad over those two & RGIII
Auburn played a great game. Bowers is such an amazing athlete. It's a pleasure watching that kid. Congrats to the Dawgs on the win!
As if you would ever pull for the Tide LOL! Yes, I'm pulling for the Dawgs! My prerogative. I'm a Bama fan first, but I love SEC football. I sure don't want to see Michigan or OSU, who I absolutely despise, jumping in there. Georgia is undefeated. Your team isn't! Any other questions?
Let's go Dawgs! I DO NOT want to see another team at #1, like the Wolverines! B1G is always overrated. SEC is king! Pulling for ya! Roll Tide!
Just call me Doubting Thomas, cause I really expected Ole Miss would beat us. Our D won the day! I really didn't think we could effectively shut them down like they did. The West is still wide open. Every one of us have been beat, so it'll be interesting to see how it all pans out.
Wow! It was almost as if Kiffin didn't want to beat us, yet that can't be true. When they showed him on the sidelines, he was absolutely fuming! He made little to no effort to change things up though. Didn't seem to have an answer.
The defense did look better.. but that was USF. We won't really know how much better, til Lane comes to town and 'runs the dang ball'. It will be interesting to see how many total yards they rack up on us. I figure the D will hold up for a while, but eventually tucker out from staying on the field too much. Then they'll start gashing us. Yall think Lane would run the score up, just for old time's sake?? I think he respects Saban, but you know he's itching to do what Sark did. Don't know why, but I've always had this feeling once Saban eventually retires, Lane would take the Bama job if offered, even if he says he wouldn't. It's like he's there, just waiting in the wings.
I respect Coach Saban, but I think he's wrong on this one. Ole Miss and everyone else knows, we've got a one-trick pony. They'll be coming after Milroe on every down, and our horrid O-line will not give him much, if any support. Milroe might get lucky and occasionally run a hot play, but we can't win esp., against SEC competition with this guy. He's like a spooky horse that you can never fully trust. A lot of us fans know it and the other teams know it. We'll be lucky to end up with Saban's first year record, at the end of the year. Milroe is a nice kid, there's no doubt about that. He seems down to earth and is just as humble as he can be. His teammates love & respect him, but that's not going to help the results on the field. He has talent, but he has more limitations. It's actually asking too much of him. It's expecting him to be something he's not and never will be. I can't think of any other SEC school that would even give Milroe a sniff.. Vanderbilt? Maybe, but I don't even think Vanderbilt would bite. I would have much rather given one of the youngsters a shot. They would make youthful mistakes, but at least they'd be getting in some good experience & playing time for the future. I would have rather had Simpson. Just my opinion, but the rest of the season is toast. The sad thing is our coaches should have ironed out all our problems long ago, not just the QB issues. To those who play us, enjoy beating Bama this season, cause I seriously doubt it's going to get any better. I hope I'm wrong!
This ^^^ 100%! If Milroe hasn't progressed in the years he's been here, he's not going to. Not a big caliber D1 QB. He might tuck it and run and even get away with a big play every now & again, but he is what he is. We can't win the big games with him. His QB IQ is not going to magically change. Yes, Simpson is young and will make youthful mistakes, but after he got warmed up a bit, he seemed to settle in. I would much rather take a chance with him running our O vs. Milroe or Buchner. I agree, our coaching is abysmal. Coach Saban does not have the right people around him and hasn't had in a while. Our personnel & assistants need to step it up or move on. They're not coaching up those kids properly. Everything, even the basics is just sloppy. There's no discipline. There's no stand-out team leaders pepping up the one's that need it. We need to take a deep breath and do a reset, before the whole season is down the tubes.
Milroe is a great teammate & kid, but I still don't think he's a big school D1 QB and never will be. He needs to transfer to a school like Alabama A & M, Troy or Jacksonville St. He would probably be lighting up the field were he to go to one of them. As far as Buchner goes, I think he should transfer back to ND and take Rees with him. I think we should just keep Simpson in at QB and let him work through his youthful mistakes & growing pains. He might have gotten off to a slow start, but he improved as the game went on. My vote goes to Simpson, but if not, then why not give Holstein or Lonergan a shot. What the heck is wrong with those tubs on the O line? They are sick! So much work to do before the Lane Train pays us a visit. I bet he's grinning from ear to ear. Ugh!
Wow! Go Gators! I hardly knew who to pull for in this one. I have family in Gainesville, but my Mom & her family are from TN. This was a great win for Napier and the Florida nation. And how bout that 61 yd game winning FG by Mizzou. Congrats on the wins!