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I thought proximity was supposed to play a role in the deciding factor. While I don’t mind playing LSU, I’m really going to miss not playing State every year. They are just right over the line from us. It would be crazy not having them as a permanent.
I hope you're right. Hope he has some other good candidates lined up to interview yet. This Rees guy scares me. This would be a downgrade. Heck, I'd rather have BOB back. And please, please for God's sake, don't settle on Grantham for DC either!
Tell me you didn’t see this one coming. It’s heartbreaking that two young lives were lost, but some people are just sue happy. The legal sharks are just as bad. There’s one in particular that advertises all over the south with the slogan.. “If you’re in a wreck and need a check, call me!!”
This is heartbreaking news! So young and had their whole lives ahead of them. My thoughts & prayers go out to the family & friends, as well as Bulldog nation.
It's been a few years, since I've heard his name. My heart goes out to his family & friends. RIP Ahmaad! May the Lord bless you & your loved ones.
Hey, even GOATS can make mistakes. Seriously though, Schumann's an up & coming. I'd say give him a shot. NO to Pruitt.
OMG has Ole Miss lost their minds!? I'll be glad to see the back of him for sure, but I think Lane Kiffen has lost his marbles! Pete Golding needs to be at some small, out-of-the-way place, NOT coaching in the SEC!
As a well-known saying in the dog show world, "Every dog has it's day!" What a year! Star, the English Bulldog won Best In Show & crowned National Champion in the AKC. The Georgia Bulldogs are crowned National Champions in the world of college football. Congratulations on obliterating TCU! Enjoy the win guys!!
Geaux Tigers!! Thanks for spanking those B1G butts! Loved it!
Loved the game helmet! Way to wrap up the season. Congrats on the win!
Wow! I really thought Georgia & Michigan would both pummel their opponents. How wrong I was! Great games and much respect to TCU & Ohio St. for bringing it. Will be pulling for the Dawgs in the natty! I don’t think I have to tell you, watch out for TCU!
I missed this game, but kept score checking as often as I could. Wow! I really thought Georgia would absolutely wreck Ohio State, but then again, I thought Michigan would do the same to TCU. So glad yall pulled out the win! Congrats Dawgs!
I think it's great that the SEC schools are all showing their support & respect for Coach Leach. When I was a kid, I seem to remember Alabama having little houndstooth hat stickers on their helmets after Bear passed away.
Contract or not, nobody wants him or BOB. We need to get back to old school fundamentals. Something Golding & BOB apparently don't understand. The undynamic duo have never been up to par, much less up to Alabama Football standards.
Coach Leach was innovative, unique and definitely ahead of his time. A true pioneer! My heart goes out to his family, friends & the State family. God Bless & RIP Coach Leach. You will be greatly missed!
Sigh. Nothing is going to be much different for Bama going forward, if we don't get rid of BOB & Golding. We have done nothing, but regress under those two and a few more with them. Coach needs to clean house on the staff, and get back to the basics we seem to have forgotten or not been taught.
This one's funny, but one of my all time favs is the Halloween Trick or Treating at the SEC Houses. Loved the Kentucky bottle of bourbon hand out.
Early on Hooker would have been my pick, but Stetson is more than deserving. A lot of folks wouldn't give him the benefit of the doubt. He has proven himself. Go Dawgs! Hope you obliterate the competition (unless you're playing us of course). Keep that trophy in the SEC, where it belongs!
It's just my opinion, but I don't think Bama is getting in. I think TCU will end up staying. I'm ok with it. Everyone has Bama fatigue, so it gives them all a chance to have a Bama free play-off. Hopefully, we'll be back next year. That is, if we can offload BOB and drunk Golding somewhere. I just hope Michigan & Ohio St. get spanked good. So sick of all the B1G gumflapper's bragging.
Cole's an Auburn dude and certainly entitled to his opinion. Me.. I hope Georgia gob smacks Michigan! Go Dawgs!
Holy Cow! The one Saturday I wasn't able to tune in to much football and I completely missed this! Congrats Gamecocks! Sorry Hooker was injured. Hope he will be ok!
Sloppy is spot-on! I'm glad the Iron Bowl is in Tuscaloosa. I could see Cadillac getting the Tiger's revved up and ready to go. Should be an interesting game.
Well thanks Aaron for pointing out the bleeding obvious! Apparently, still mad cause Bama had YOUR number!
^^^ This ^^^ I don't know if Saban is getting too soft as he gets older, but it seems like he just doesn't want to pull the plug or clean house. He may be in the driver's seat, but he sure is letting BOB & Golding do most of the driving. Everything is undisciplined & sloppy. I'm waiting on SEC Shorts to do a skit and have Georgia show us how to tackle.
They handled it. Dude prolly just had a lil too much to drink. Still, they should do something about storming the fields. The fines are a joke! Start taking away ‘home game’ privileges or forfeiting games. God forbid some 10yr. old or anyone for that matter gets trampled or seriously injured.
Yes, it's ultimately on Saban, but he has the wrong people around him. I don't know why he can't see that. BOB & drunk Golding are top of the list and need to go, but the problem is nobody wants them! They're highly predictable, never seem to make proper adjustments and don't have any answers, when it gets tough sledding. For the most part, they're stagnant! Bama is sloppy, undisciplined, inconsistent etc. I know all of those 4 & 5 stars are not busts. That's on coaching! Fire those clowns already! Get some good people back on board and things should start improving!