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Not so much vulgar, just really, catastrophically, apocalyptically stupid. I hope they don't let him handle weapons.
Right, CO. I was reading an article on here about the Tennessee coaching mess (and I wish Tennessee didn't suck so much because it's more fun when they're good--just like FSU), and the comments were all from either Tennessee fans (makes sense) and Georgia fans like the twat up above. You'd think with this booming economy, more of them would have jobs.
Right? He could outrun almost any DB in the country. But he had the misfortune of playing for a coach whose offensive gameplan was, "Let's give up the safety and let the defense get to work."
After that 2011 game against the Wildcats, a 48-10 thumping, I thought Driskel was going to be the second coming of Tim Tebow. Great athlete, but not the second coming of Tim Tebow. I wonder what would have happened if he hadn't played for Will Muschamp?
I live in Georgia, and I've got a lot of friends who went to UGA-- they're all solid folks; I don't know if I've personally met a douchebag Georgia grad, although I'm sure they're out there. And even here, most the UGA supporters are pretty level headed. But there's a couple who (1) have waaaaay too much time on their hands and (2) suffer from feelings of worthlessness because they actually graduated Clayton State. Even then, that'd be OK if they actually had the intellectual firepower to be funny in their trolling. But instead you've got DawgsofWar, who's like a parrot with a head injury: "Bwwak: Chump! Bwaak: Crackhead!" etc. etc. Sad!
Right? I like Florida football, but I also like other stuff. For some of these Georgia dudes, the Gators are at the absolute focal point of their existence as human beings.
I have a serious question for you, and I am asking with the utmost sincerity. What is the deal with your massive obsession with the Florida Gators? Two articles have been posted here in the past 30 minutes and you're the first to comment on both (which is generally per usual for you). Not only have I never had the urge to comment on a UGA article, I've never even visited the UGA SDS page. Setting aside the trash talk that goes back and forth here, what happened to you? Seriously. Did you get beat up by a Gator in Jacksonville or something? If something legitimately bad happened to you, please accept my apologies.
Arrowflight: you forgot "crackhead." Otherwise, spot on hilarious.
@Leghumper: I just figured it out. Our man Negan here is actually a massive fan of the Florida Gators. He's been running a false flag operation designed (brilliantly, I might add) to make Georgia fans look like a bunch of dipsh!ts. The professional wrestling analogy you see above is a next level stroke of purest grade genius. Tell me I'm wrong.
He called his sister a lump tard, and she ran him down with her motorized wheelchair. It was ugly.
Hey Jomo. I'm really sorry about the accident. Head injuries can be tough to recover from, and I hope you pull through.
Agreed. This dude has supplanted Corch as the new half-bright troll king of SDS Florida.
But he's getting a little better. His nonsensical, unreadable FULL-OF-ALL-CAPS RANTS are usually longer than the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Boom! There he is! Your mom is going to take away the wifi code if she finds out you're spending all your time here instead of looking for a job.
While it's inevitable that a Georgia fan would be the first to comment here, that's actually kind of funny. It's a nice change of pace after all of the sour Georgia buttholes who typically clog the comments section on this site's Florida page.
The unemployment rate in the state of Georgia is a scant 3.7%. I know the going can be hard when all you're armed with is a marketing degree from UGA, but persevere young man! Don't give up!
Dude, the job market is absolutely on fire right now. In May, the unemployment rate was 3.6%, and it hadn't been that low since 1969. Are you out of work because you're lazy or disabled?
Waiting for him to call somebody a "crackhead." That particular creative insult shows up almost every time he posts anything.
The high school this kid is from is a huge 7A powerhouse with more total NFL players (past and present) than any high school in the country--and he started as a sophomore. He's a stud.
Attn: UGA supporters: if a fellow Gator was embarrassing himself (and, by extension, my university) like King Negan is doing here, I would have something to say about it. Where y'all at?
I was at UF when we did a home-and-home thing (1994 and 1995). It was cool (especially because the Gators absolutely thrashed Georgia at both venues), but it wasn't nearly as cool as the Cocktail Party.
How does having the game in Jacksonville hurt recruiting? Does it eliminate one "official visit" opportunity or something? I hadn't heard about this before, but you sound like you know what you're talking about.
I am pretty sure he has a job-- cleaning dorm rooms in Gainesville. That's why he's so mad all the time.
Q: How many "hayseed crackers" root for UGA, never attended UGA, and couldn't find Athens on a map of Athens? A: Legions. But you're right-- the hayseed cracker population in North Central Florida is also quite robust.
@FlyFisherman: after all of the resolutely grim and humorless trash talk coming from most of your UGA compadres, it's nice to see a Dawg with a sense of comedy. Well done, sir.