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Agreed re: Pruitt. If it were me, I'd buy a houseboat in Amsterdam and never worry about anything again.
Inasmuch as Dan Mullen continues to refuse to reaffirm his commitment to coaching the Florida Gators, there's a team in Gainesville that needs a new coach.
Good news out of Gainesville? It's been a minute.
Negan, I get it. UF is Clown School. But imagine getting BLOWN OUT by Clown School. That's got to hurt a little bit. I feel for you, man.
As much as I'd love to relegate FSU to GT status, they did win a title in 2013 and they make me nervous generally. I hope your analogy pans out!
Marsh, where are you hearing this stuff about Stoops? I've been hearing Stoops rumors for years, and for every job except Postmaster General.
I like Dan Mullen, the pants-down spanking we gave Georgia this year was great, and we're doing especially well in comparison with FSU and UM. However, every hour goes by that he doesn't issue some statement reaffirming his commitment to coaching for Florida is an hour that has undermined our program. I can't figure out what the mindset is here.
Due to my recent unacceptable behavior, I've decided to ban myself from this year's Mr. Universe competition.
I know this kid a little bit-- he's an A.P. student, whip smart, exactly the kind of student-athlete we want at Florida.
Aside from the obvious attraction of staying close to home, it makes very little sense for any blue chip recruit to choose to attend the University of Georgia at this point. What is there to recommend UGA in 2020?
That's all well and good, but what in the world is a "former veteran"--?
The five year drought against FSU actually felt shorter than the recent three year losing streak against UGA. I guess it's because FSU actually won a title during that span, and so didn't feel the need to bring it up every six minutes... unlike our friends in Athens, for whom beating Florida is the apex of athletic accomplishment.
The QB situation is puzzling insofar as Stetson Bennett (according to Corch) is a better quarterback than Kyle Trask. Soon as Kirby finds a way to unleash Bennett's latent talents, sky's the limit.
There are dozens, and dozens of UGA fans who are totally baffled by your Oxford comma comment. It's going to keep Corch busy all evening.
Not a good look when you misspell the 5th word in an article.
I thought Florida had reached the point of institutional excellence where a down year would have us finishing right outside the top ten. Then we lost to Georgia Southern, to give just one ignominious example from recent years. It's crazy how quickly the wheels can fall off a blue chip program in college football.
Corch, can you tell me something? What is up with placing an apostrophe before turd? It's always distracted me from the otherwise enjoyable activity of hate-reading your posts.
Unbelievably, I agree with both of you guys--this whole story is a towering pile of obvious BS. The problem is that Justin Fields showed us you can gain immediate eligibility by issuing fake accusations of racism, so I would expect to see a lot more of this nonsense going forward.
Justin Fields ran squealing out of Athens on the back of a fake systemic racism accusation that tarnished the entire UGA community. You'd really welcome him back?
After the rampant systemic racism that was revealed at UGA when somebody used a slur out of Fields' hearing distance (yet still reportedly in his general vicinity), why would he subject himself to the existential agony of coming back to Athens when he can remain in the safety of Ohio--everybody knows there're no racists in Ohio.
Negan, sorry to hear that about your dad. All of this BS aside, that's really tough-- I hope he pulls through. I can't go so far as to say I hope he gets to see that Georgia Natty, but I'm sure you understand.
Come on man, it's "puppy" and "develop." We don't need our own Negan.
You know what, TDOW? I bet you'd be a pretty fairly hilarious dude to have a beer with. You've turned being a butthole into performance art, and I mean that as a compliment. Stay safe, man.
Yes, I agree. This is pretty underwhelming. Did UCONN and UNLV turn us down?
If only we had fewer police officers, this kind of thing would stop happening!
TDOW is just bitter because he had to go to Santa Fe.
Thank goodness for this message. I was just sitting here wondering how Alabama's football team feels about racism. It seems they're against it. Good to know. This could have gone either way, so I'm happy they made the right call here.
Negan! Where have you been? TDOW can't embarrass the University of Georgia all by himself, and you've had him working triple shifts lately. Nice to see you back, bro.