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How does having the game in Jacksonville hurt recruiting? Does it eliminate one "official visit" opportunity or something? I hadn't heard about this before, but you sound like you know what you're talking about.
I am pretty sure he has a job-- cleaning dorm rooms in Gainesville. That's why he's so mad all the time.
Q: How many "hayseed crackers" root for UGA, never attended UGA, and couldn't find Athens on a map of Athens? A: Legions. But you're right-- the hayseed cracker population in North Central Florida is also quite robust.
@FlyFisherman: after all of the resolutely grim and humorless trash talk coming from most of your UGA compadres, it's nice to see a Dawg with a sense of comedy. Well done, sir.
(1) If the Dawgs are so awesome, why are you so mad? (2) "Gaytor." Witty. You're a great rep for UGA, not an embarrassment at all.
I get the jubilation, and if the tables were turned I'd be at least as obnoxious as most of the commentators here. But if Mullen wins this season (a strong probability, in my opinion) this nightmare will be a distant memory. And Kirby Smart will still get his hair cut at Fantastic Sam's.
First of all, I obviously hope that Florida is the team that gets this done. But if not, I'm pulling for Alabama against all comers. Why? I think that one more NC will hasten the retirement of N. Saban, and I won't have to look at his face anymore.
Yeah, but if he's any good he probably won't be there come 2028.
Must be tough to be at Miami. Paying $65,000/year for an undergrad degree that's worth less than a Ph.D at UGA.
UGA93-- You didn't get laid in Gainesville and decided to go to Athens, where the ladies are less discerning and the academic standards are less demanding. That's fine! Get over it! It's been 25 years!
UGA93-- a couple semesters at Sante Fe aren't sufficient for one to identify as a "UF grad."
That's exactly what I thought when I read this: Kirby Smart is just like Albert Einstein.
"I take my tie off, but I leave it tied." Man, what a wild and crazy guy.
Well, Paris, here are two unsolicited thoughts (and keep in mind that I hate both of your programs, maybe even LSU a little bit more than UK). So our man here (1) improperly referred to you as a Cardinals fan, and (2) has in the past held a suspect opinion w/r/t Jimbo Fisher's employment situation. I think your response is dramatically disproportionate to the severity of these offenses. It's a bad look for you, and a bad look for the school you represent. Also, insofar as this dude is a US Marine, I have an exquisitely difficult time believing that you'd be this abusive to his face. Again, it's not a good look. Now, this is free country and you can be Mad Online as much as you want, but I think your prodigious energies are probably better directed elsewhere.
What exactly did you do to get this Paris guy's panties so apocalyptically wadded?
Who should keep their mouths the most shut? Redshirt freshmen should keep their mouths the most shut.
I know there's not much love lost between the various factions on this website: but I hope y'all can come together and pull for the Gators to thrash Miami this year in Orlando.
I was at the 2017 Homecoming game, when our offense was throttled by the LSU Tigers and Eddy Pineiro missed a PAT. I also went to the 2018 Homecoming game-- when we received a pants-down spanking by the Missouri Tigers in a half-empty stadium. It was the least enjoyable athletic event I've ever attended. I'll be at the Auburn game. Hopefully third Tigers the charm.
Chill with the friendly fire there, boss. You make some good points. It's the committing and de-committing that rubs me the wrong way. I guess we'll wait and see.
Yeah, maybe. Except if he was a five-star player, I bet you'd be paying attention. So would I. So either those star ratings mean something, or they don't. Right now, I see a kid who committed to Florida, de-committed from Florida, and is now thinking about re-committing. And he's only got three stars? Next.
Will somebody please remind me why we're going so hard after this 3-star QB? Three stars should be going hard after Florida, not vice versa.