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TDOW is just bitter because he had to go to Santa Fe.
Thank goodness for this message. I was just sitting here wondering how Alabama's football team feels about racism. It seems they're against it. Good to know. This could have gone either way, so I'm happy they made the right call here.
Negan! Where have you been? TDOW can't embarrass the University of Georgia all by himself, and you've had him working triple shifts lately. Nice to see you back, bro.
Yeah, I know all that, and that's what makes you so amusing. Intelligence, discretion, maturity, self-discipline: that's what it takes, no doubt about it. So you're either lying, or you're busy pissing away an inheritance.
Remember when TDOW claimed to be a multimillionaire? That was funny.
It's the downside of having to enforce academic standards. Corch will be here in a second, but Corch's team doesn't really have to deal with that kind of thing.
You forgot "crackhead", but he's been laying off that one for awhile. It's an nonstop source of amusement how these guys who obviously never attended UGA (Tdouche, Negan, Corch) continually & publicly embarrass the university. You almost think they might be on UF's payroll.
"When I look at our schedule every year, I assume we are (going undefeated)," Mullen said. "If I looked at it (the other) way and said, 'Hey, I don't see us winning that game,' I guess I'd tell the coaches, 'Hey, why don't you guys go home? We're not going to win this one anyway,' so this time of year you assume you go undefeated every year." Change your panties, TDOW, and relax. Every coach in the country says stuff like this.
I thought we talked about how you need to diversify your material a little bit, Darrell. Once: funny. Ten thousand times across the message boards for nearly every team on SDS: less funny.
If you tell a joke and people laugh, are you that dude who repeats the joke over and over hoping for the same effect? I think you might be that dude.
@lesstalkmorevol: you pretty much nailed it. The thing is, these two chuckleheads don't actually reflect badly on UGA, because there's absolutely nobody on this site who believes they went to school there. TDOW called somebody a "creteen" recently. Case closed.
Look at you two teaming up! And here I thought that y'all saved your turbodouche idiocy exclusively for articles about your beloved Florida Gators.
@ruff: the window unit, which is what NASA meant when he said "unit", didn't become common in Florida until the 1950s, and every single one of his points stand.
Fair enough. But if Kirby left UGA (or if he's "invited to leave") I think Gator fans would be concerned. -If you catch my drift-
Here's my unsolicited review of this conversation: TDOW repeatedly expressed his disapprobation by using the term "crackhead", but failed to misspell any words. Disappointing from an unintentional comedy standpoint-- he's usually good for misspelling one or two basic words. Maybe his mom is proofreading his posts? Corch repeatedly used the nickname "Sideshow Dan the Clown", which he desperately hopes will catch on, and which resolutely fails to catch on. Keep trying, bro! Don't ever give up! We're just missing Negan. Where is he? Remember when he went into the comments section of an article about the Gators and spent 47 paragraphs diagramming a trick play for Kirby Smart to use? That was cool. I miss Negan. TDOW and Corch: keep up the good work. Way to make your university look bad. The rest of you: great, insightful commentary (for the most part). I really enjoyed the read.
@ Wadeless: forget about Jacksonville. This dude has never been to Athens. He couldn't find Athens on a map of Athens.
"You know who did win this decade? Georgia. 6-4 on the decade." It literally says that in the article. You and TDOW (who can't post a comment without making a gay slur) are such a couple of positive representatives of the UGA community. So impressive.
For an old dude, your hashtagging skills are righteous.
Just imagine how mad he was when UGA turned down his application.
Gatorgrad 12, it's hilarious that after you took Corch out behind the woodshed like that, he just shuts up and disappears. You'd think he'd be able-- finally-- to acknowledge an error, but no way that's happening. He'll just vanish until the next Gator article arrives on SDS, rearmed with new inane comments and pointless observations. You'd think the sensible UGA fans (and there's a bunch of them here) would be embarrassed by him, and by DawgsofWar, and ESPECIALLY by Negan, but they keep quiet and continue to allow these clowns to make their university look bad. Doesn't make any sense.
I feel like it could be a tight game with either side coming out on top, or a blowout, with either side coming out on top. All I know is that it's way better when we both (1) have a shot and (2) have something to play for. Way more exciting that way. GO GATORS.
I think we'll do well out of Miami until athletes can start getting paid for promotions and stuff. After that: are you going to choose to endorse a car dealership in Coconut Grove, or, like, Archer? I bet Miami is going to start killing it on the recruiting trail in a few years. No Bueno.