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I don't know how you can write an entire article about recruiting in college football without once mentioning Negan and his instrumental role in Georgia's recent dominance on the trail.
Yeah, but Sidd Finch is still #1, clocking in at 168 mph. It was said that he could throw a tomato through the side of a locomotive.
Much as it kills me to say, you're right. Seems like Billy's trying to bring the entire ULL organization over to Gainesville, and that ain't going to cut it.
"Gitty." Did Negan lend you the services of his editor?
That's a great picture of Kirby. I'd like to see him in a turtleneck.
Great, just what we need. Another chaos agent from Athens coaching our defense. That'll turn things right around!
Props for the above-average burns, but you guys do have to admit that it's a little weird to see a not-very-interesting article about Gator unis getting slammed with Dawgs commenting. Y'all get accused of being obsessed with Florida; this is not counterevidence.
I tried to imagine clicking on an article about UGA's uniforms. I failed. Then I imagined clicking AND commenting. But I guess the job market is a little slow when all you've got is that AA degree from Atlanta Perimeter College.
That Kentucky loss was awful, and embarrassing, but I don't quite understand your bravado inasmuch as we absolutely thrashed you last year. If that happens again, you'll have to enter the witness protection program.
Bud, you might want to start breaking those pills in half.
I was there on Friday, it was great. Spurrier showed up, first time I've seen him up close in person. He was much taller than I'd expected. I wanted to talk to him, thank him for everything, but I'd had a few too many beverages at that point and I didn't want to be that guy.
It sounds like you might be kind of mad. Are you mad?
According to Twitter (so it must be true) he used the money to pay overdue parking fines. I still remember the sick feeling of seeing one of those stupid yellow envelopes on my windshield. A $15 hit usually meant a weekend ruined.
The transplant thing definitely has an impact. I am from Connecticut originally, so the Sox were always my team; the Rays were a nonentity. I also think that baseball is game you play outside on grass, which is largely impossible in a state that’s uninhabitable six months out of the year. Dome baseball is terrible.
Always seemed to me that Florida is a great place for the grapefruit league, but not so much for the MLB. The Blue Jays' stadium was right behind my elementary school, and the teachers used to open the classroom doors on spring afternoons, and we could heard the crowd cheering big plays. It was awesome. But when the (then) Devil Rays came to town, enthusiasm was minimal from day one.
Hump, you didn't hear about that? Yeah, GA was all set to fly Mullen into Athens, but then Negan got on the horn and told your AD to hire Kirby instead. The rest is history.
Odds that Darth is Trudawg: 100%. It was the second reply that blew your cover, bud. Too much. Don't they teach anything at troll school anymore?
There's trolling, and then there's quality trolling. This is quality.
No way! He's a fantastic representative of the University of Georgia.