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State looked its best when it mixed things up more during the middle of the season. This might have been out of necessity or Leach tinkering with things to evaluate them more closely. However, the results indicated a better performance. Personally, I think and perhaps hope, that Leach continues to evolve the attack more to keep defenses off-balance. If they do and don't fall into their comfort zones of just throwing it, I think they will surprise a lot of folks.
The "b"ig 10 is not driving this ship and is trying to come in from a position of strength when they've been lagging behind. Remember, this is the same conference that would've cancelled an entire football season had their idiocracy not been called out and rejected by those who really chose to lead. They're going to play along with the SEC because they realize they almost missed the boat entirely, but they know they are not going to lead.
It will be interesting as to how much time this will buy Sarkisian if things don't improve this year and next. He's hasn't shown to be an elite head coach at this point. He's an elite assistant coach for sure, but there is a difference. If things in Texas sour, Manning may not be there long.
Think he's still writing for y'all too Bayou. He's always more positive with the Tigers. I live here in the New Orleans metro. I don't see his name on much else.
Another hit piece from Les East. Dude is a chump and a hack. In this case, Les is definitely less.....
Hmmm, I wonder if Bob Stoops had those same thoughts about his Oklahoma teams? Riley is running away from competition because it damages his brand and earning potential. Smart business move perhaps when you consider the long run, but he recognizes his potential for failure is much higher in the SEC. He can not deny that.
Not a Rebel fan, but I have to say this about baseball, regardless of what team it is. If they stay in this zone and continue peaking, you won't see a bad Ole Miss team that has lost its focus. They have a good opportunity against the Mustard Buzzards.
LSU will be improved, no doubt. They have the talent, and I believe Kelly will know how to apply it. Say what you will about Notre Dame, but he had a system in place that maximized their talent, and he inherits far more at LSU. Could be rough for the rest of us.
Les East continues to downplay the Bulldogs as does others with SDS. Typical. I guess that's why he's a skeptic. It's okay though, we can live with being underestimated.
You should probably just worry about your own university since you definitely have a colorful history with your coaches We'll be fine with Leach, and if my recollections are correct, he's never been under NCAA sanctions and such.
Some interesting comments so far. I've watched Leach's system since 2003 when I lived in Lubbock. Mike Leach is a college coach, he's not an NFL coach. He has "his" job in college. He sells the college experience. Some of the detractors on here talk about the failings of his system, but how many failings do each of your systems have? There are roughly 1,700 NFL players, but there are over 71,000 college football players. Leach wants production and he gets it. He's also adapting his system to compete in the SEC, as was evident this past season. With that being said, we know that SEC defenses are generally the best to go up against. As time plays out, perhaps more credence will be given to his system with continued success in the SEC. Say what you will, but the guy wins. I'm also realistic. I don't expect to compete every year for a national championship, but at this point, being a consistent winner over the long haul is what eventually builds a championship program.
Not an Ole Miss fan, but they didn't need that chump. If they want to look down on Mississippi as a state, or whether it's with Ole Miss or MSU, they can go to hell.
After everything that young man has endured, I hope this is the happiness he deserves.
Can't say that I believe Deion is a fraud. I think he's legit. If you've followed the story at Jackson State, you'd see that he has assembled a pretty strong staff. A strong staff can make up for many shortcomings with head coaches, but strong staff's are scalable and whether or not he moves on to another job, as long as he has the right staff around him and listens to them, he stands a greater chance of success. He doesn't have to be a nuts and bolts guy, but he does have to be a leader, motivator, and evaluator of talent. He has those gifts.
Typo correction: Should've been those who wear their "feelings"..
I was still living in Lubbock when all of that mess went down, and Tech screwed the pooch with how they treated Leach when they forced him out. Those who were their "feelings" on their sleeves made the decision to get rid of him, and they're still around. There are powerful alums who'd gladly take Leach back, but the "feelers" will wail and gnash their teeth if it happens. They had their chance and there is no way he'll go back there.
The only candidates on that list I'd go after would be Kiffin or Stoops. No to the rest. All the feel good things oftentimes don't produce wins. This sport and conference are about winning. I know it's an extremely long shot, but I'd give strong consideration to Lincoln Riley. You could say, why leave Oklahoma, and I would say that there's more of a ceiling there than at LSU. If Riley had an elite defense, he would have already played for the National Championship. They can't get the defensive players in Norman, you can in Baton Rouge. Is Riley just willing to wait to recruit the SEC talent when Oklahoma joins or does he want something like that now?
Bad prediction my friend. There will be points scored, but the MSU defense will be the best the Tigers face all season, and the Tigers defense is not as good as North Carolina's. I see the Bulldogs coming in focused and determined and continuing to improve. This will be a step up in competition for the Tigers as they haven't played anyone. I like the Bulldogs in this one, but by a touchdown to ten points.
Highly likely to be more Tiger Fans in the stands there. They do travel well.
If this all came to pass, I wouldn't have an issue if we went ahead and added Baylor, Texas Tech, TCU, and one more like SMU, Memphis, Central Florida or South Florida. From there you could set up an East and West Conference, and have your champions play for the overall title.
I'm willing to bet that they turned Fowler's mic off while he ranted, because I'm quiet sure the LSU fans would've booed him off the stage for such nonsense. It's not the SEC's fault that they dominate and people want to watch quality sports.