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Momentum is real, but it is also fickle. Also, I don't think you read the article you linked, as it's writer admits that he can't prove whether momentum is real or not by the end of it. For everyone else, it's a long article and not particularly all that good so if you go to the link, trust me just skip to the end.
Don't worry, UT is gonna pull a Tennessee and lose after being ahead by 31 points.
He is also definitely a better OL coach than what we had so that’s another angle to think about. Hey come on though you guys can probably get anyone you want to replace him. Give us this one lol.
I wouldn't hate the idea of Matt Luke as the OC to Steele. He was a co oc under Freeze and Cutcliffe. Add in some head coach experience and the fact that getting a proven OC to come to UT might be hard, I think makes it a decent move especially considering his UT ties.
No apologies needed. It was meant to give people a chuckle.
So if they'll put Steele in as DC/Co DC, and LB coach, then bring in Chavis as the DL coach, maybe we can call Gruden and get him to bring Joe Brady in. Then next year we'll win a NC and get a record setting No. 1 recruiting class. Pruitt will be a hero and everyone else will eat crow. Oh wait nvm letting my dreams get out of control again...... probably just keep Pruitt while everyone calls for Freeze to be hired, without noticing how funny that is when adding the context of the Greg Shiano backlash. So with that being said I'm opening my recruitment to other fan bases so I can enjoy a team win at some point this decade. As a nice bit of news at east Will Friend is gone.
I've mentioned this before and I still stand by it, I think they should play all 3 qb's for a quarter and give the best performer the 4th quarter for experience. Do it for the last two games to give them all as many live snaps as possible and then you'll have enough reps to more accurately know who you should go with next year. I really don't care if we lose more games this season because it's a complete wash anyways. Get all the answers you can for next season at this point.
It's silly to put any coach that has a national championship behind a coach who doesn't have one, seeing as how that's the biggest accomplishment there is in college football. Then the coaches who have actually made it to one should come next. After that it should be Stoops or Mullen, maybe a tie there and then everyone else in pretty much any order.
Oh yeah and Derek Dooley did too. Before that it was Lane Kiffin. There seems to be a theme here.... Don't worry I understand I don't take it as disrespectful. I genuinely find it all pretty funny at this point.
Yeah it was pretty weird the way he was wearing his mask, but it's kinda funny. Even my fellow UT fans have to admit this stuff is just getting funny at this point. Pruitt can do some goofy head scratching things.
At this point gwhite they might as well try that imho. Alabama will very likely curb stomp us let’s just try to get something out of it.
Honestly, I don't know that you can say much about Shrout's interception. It was his first play all season and they called a fairly long pass. They SHOULD have ran the ball a few times, then did a few screens and a few check downs. He didn't have a chance to succeed. Ease him into it and build a little confidence/work any jitters out of him. I mean really what did you expect to happen to him that situation and against that D. I wouldn't write him off so soon. At any rate I say start Shrout, then for the 2nd quarter play Maurer, then in the 3rd play Bailey. In the 4th quarter play the one that played the best and start him the next week. Bring JG in only if things go south in the game after Bama since he has shown that he does well in those situations. Then fire Friend. He's getting paid too much for this o-line to be playing like this.
Tastes pretty good. I was at home relaxing with a beer. So it didn't bother me at all. Honestly, it was about what I expected. JG is our quarterback, so we weren't going to do anything special this year.
Will Friend gets paid $800,000, has 4 5 stars, some 4 stars, and enough time to coach up enough of the 3 stars to have an elite or pretty close to elite o-line. Yet they're still not that great. I think it's time to consider getting rid of him.
My personal thoughts on it are either don’t allow anyone to count NC’s from before the BCS or let everyone count every N.C. they were given by a poll. My reasoning for that is that it was such a bad system. Choosing a champion that way is silly. Some are claimed that are embarrassing like the 1940 and 1967 natty’s UT claims but someone was stupid enough to award them one and there was no championship game so no one who “won” one has any real leg to stand on in my opinion. That includes all of UT’s mind you except their BCS one. The reason I would include the BCS ones is because at least they had a championship game that was played. Being voted best is not the same playing another elite program in a N.C. game. The system we have is the best it’s been but even it should be expanded out. I also think that they should have kept the BCS and used it to decide who goes to the tournament and just work to tweak how effective it was. Remove popularity contests as much as possible. I personally don’t care if someone claims a N.C. because someone voted them as champion since so many teams were voted champion every year and that’s the only way anyone got a natty. It’s all silly and at best all you’ll ever get out of it is who has the best arguments to be natty that year and claiming the AP as the end all be all decider for the NCAA is fairly silly. No one played for one so no one truly won one imho. It is an interesting topic though. I knew UT would be on the list because both those natty’s we claim are silly. As a UT fan I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like I don’t count them though. Whatever you gotta do to eases your almost 15 year old pains is what I do.
Leaving for the NFL or to work with a former boss in the case of 3 of the vacancies is hardly running for the hills. Rocker doesn't stay anywhere very long it seems either so that's also not a big deal. All good coaches though and I hope we get good replacements.
It may also just have been your zoom. It might have accidentally got zoomed in.
I'd trade out Louisville for UNC. I think UNC will be better. They came the closest to beating Clemson (21-20) and didn't lose any games by double digits. In fact they took two games to overtime. This was only Mac's first year back. I expect them to take some bigger steps forward next year. Mac has also won a natty before so he knows what he's doing. We'll see though. Other than it's a pretty good list. I'd even swap UT for UNC as of right now.
Congrats LSU! Remember the other day when I said LSU would crush Clemson and everyone thought I was wrong because Clemson apparently? Just wanna day I told you so. Geaux Tigers! You know the real tigers ;)
Clemson was lucky to beat OSU and plays in a really incredibly weak conference overall. Like OSU was borderline cheated out of that game. Clemson shouldn’t even be in the NCG. That win against Alabama wasn’t any more impressive than the Alabama win over Clemson before that really. In the SEC Dabo would never go undefeated and he’d be lucky to make the playoff. LSU trounces Clemson and this talk is over or LSU is handed bad penalties and it goes Clemson’s way at the end. That’s the only possible scenarios. I’m not even gonna watch that game because I know Clemson will lose and probably lose badly.
I’m still confused as to what mistake Saban made? Mac Jones is really not that good so far anyways. JG plays with a broken hand that has pins in it. How many players play injured to some degree. Gia going out there is fine. Nothing wrong with that. Saban won’t catch any real heat and he won’t care if he does and it won’t change the fact he gets to choose when to retire. Do you really think his AD or anyone else is gonna say jack to him? Lay off the Saban hate. I usually like your articles Chris but wow this one is silly and kinda immature.
lol well probably as solid a gameplan as we can have. What's the difference between losing by 50 and losing by 70+ points to this Alabama team when you're this Tennessee team.
lol it's because why would anyone waste much breathe on the Vols right now. With that joke aside he hasn't said he'll play. I expect and hope he won't make any decision until after the court date and that there is some form of punishment, like at least not being allowed to start. I hope it doesn't just go real smooth for him because he did make threats and actually break a gate.
None of the witnesses said they saw him slap her. Only that he threatened. He’s also not being charged for saying he’d shoot up the school. Which he did say. She probably lied about being hit as if there was any evidence of it he be charged with that. Instead all he’s be charged for is making her fear imminent bodily injury, not for actually doing anything. Not saying he should get off Scott free but if all he did was break a metal gate and make some threats then anger management and some path back to playing is all he should get. Plenty of players on every team have done worse and got less punishment. He’s only practicing and it’s a little premature to go crazy and act like nothing is being done. At the end of the day witnesses don’t count too heavy in a case and are never used for anything other than supporting evidence these days. He still gets to go through the same process and is innocent until proven guilty just like everyone else. Last time I checked this is still the U.S A. Getting to practice isn’t a big deal and we’ll see what happens after his hearing. Guarantee he doesn’t play at least until after that. He’ll get the Juan Jennings treatment likely if he does get convicted of anything. Awfully hard to get convicted for words in America though. Freedom of speech and all that.