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Where in there did I say want. Learn to read better Weagle99. Also he was a coach in the NFL so just breaking it down as only a hs rb coach is kinda silly. Either way want has nothing to do with it. Freeze did OM dirty. They get the punishment and he gets to just get hired somewhere for at least a million? That's not right. Let's not forget that just this past offseason, or the one before can't remember it all runs together, that Greg Sankey blocked Alabama and Nick Saban from hiring Freeze. So I really don't think that he'll be coming to UT. He could be but I really doubt it. I don't see one year the SEC saying no to bama and then the next saying yes to UT.
If Helton does go else where then they’ll just promote Chris Weinke to OC. I believe that’s why Pruitt wanted the Heisman QB who had never coached running backs but had coached QB’s to be on the staff somewhere. This was always a possibility for Helton. Never thought he’d be here for more than a few years. It just made sense. I don’t want Freeze anywhere near the program and I’m not for sure Fulmer does either just yet. I love how everyone throws High’s name at every possible rumor of an OC change in the SEC. I don’t even think the SEC will let a school hire him. It’s way too soon.
UT doesn't have to worry about recruiting against Vandy. That's just silly. Any recruits that are any good will go everywhere else. Plus, the recruiting rankings are just evidence of that. That's blowing things a bit out of proportion.
Oh ok that makes a little more sense. I didn’t catch the before game part I guess. Well I’m pulling for you guys. As a Vol fan I understand having a season that terrible. Good luck to you guys.
Wait I’m confused. Did they rape or sexually assault them or were they just chatting and taking pics? Why would you suspend someone for that? Lol that just seems ridiculous. Am I missing something here? I don’t really know the situation can someone fill me in?
Oh no you can't do that SevenT. Who would get everyone's blood pressure up lol
So 3 major steaks broke, sec west losses, Auburn streak, and sec game losing streak. Is there one I’m missing? Hopefully we can build on this.
Panic is a bit of a stretch I would think. You try getting hit that hard that many times and see how decision skills are. Also if Chryst was looking better wouldn't the coaching staff had put him in? There's not a reason good enough to make the switch. It's just silly to do it. Chryst gains you nothing. At least the experience is valuable for JG and again we still haven't got a chance to actually get a good long look at JG when he is consistently protected. The dude is doing fine with what's around him. Changing the quarterback is not going to help this offense. It's pretty bad all around. Changing something for the sake of changing it rarely works. What we ahve to lose is the development of what, according to everyone in the actual profession who has seen him including QB gurus, is more than likely are highest ceiling player at that position. It's not about this year. This year's record almost doesn't really matter. It's a true building season. Don't sacrifice that to make very few fans happy. It's a bad idea. Chryst is the back up for the reason and has had enough time to take the job. He lost his job somewhere else remember. In this scenario you take a guy that has lost his job and so far in the eyes of the coaching staff has apparently not earned this job and put him in literally for the sake of seeing if he can keep you from losing by one less touchdown or field goal. That's absolutely silly.
There's nothing to gain by putting Chryst in. He's clearly not any better. He was a take care of the ball and hand it off guy at Stanford. The better option is leaving the guy in that will need the experience for next year. Why take the experience away from anyone else to give to someone that won't be here next year and likely hasn't done enough to take the job. There's not even a good enough O line to take care of Chryst. Just keep JG in there and get him the experience.
This wasn’t a big loss. He was 5’9”. He wasn’t what this staff was looking for. They had visited him once and hadn’t contacted him anymore after that. He wasn’t wiped away they didn’t want him. He’ll probably be a good player but 5’9” doesn’t typically do that well in the SEC.
That was the issue really with Jones right. He was never able to get a full product for 60 minutes in any game. Lots of individual reasons for that but it all boiled down to he just couldn’t put it all together for more than a few quarters in any game. Lots of times it was just enough to win. But lots of times it wasn’t also. It’s easy to say that we could have and maybe should have had at least 6 wind but we didn’t so what’s the point. Just support the new staff for now and hope they can do better is our only real option besides giving up.
What do you do if Kirby pulls a Gus and is mediocre for the next 2-3 years? Just pointing out that one year isn't enough to get high and mighty and has nothing to do with how bad TN is right now. Just cautioning humility. Or don't be humble and wait for one of the real proven coaches to humble ya'll again.
Fun fact, Ohio State actually has a higher average recruit ranking than UGA. Clemson isn't far behind and Alabama isn't either. Cool part about that.... All three of those schools actually have coaches who have/competed for multiple national titles. USC's average recruit ranking is actually the exact same as Georgia's. So the "record breaking class is really only relative. Yeah it had more points but the stars it brought in aren't actually a overall record.UGA is doing some cool things but don't get too far ahead of yourselves. The SEC still has at least one other coach not named Nick Saban who has won a national championship and at least one other who has competed in one. So at best UGA's savior is tied 3rd best in the conference. He still has to prove he can consistently compete for and actually win a NCG before ya'll get to hopped up on your own cool aid. Don't fall prey to the SDS hype. That's their job, to hype the new best "Bama" beater. So far they've been consistently wrong. Ask Auburn fans how quick things can change when you have a coach find big early success. Fact is you still have to get through, Saban, Dabo, Urban, and Fisher to get that trophy. Kirby hasn't actually done anything that is all that impressive yet. Gus has done it before and look at him now. Oh btw Gus has proven he can beat Kirby. Also so far Kirby has only proven he can have a mediocre season and a magical season using Richt's recruits. It's still technically not proven he can develop his own. I mean had Tua been in that game from the start, then Bama would have won by double digits, more than likely. He's still has a lot to prove. So sit back enjoy and give at least this next year maybe through 2019 before you get too high and mighty. Don't jynx it.
lol it's just Georgia.
MSU will destroy UGA. They'll win by 20+ points. Georgia is just another East team. They're not as good as people think and they'll show it against MSU. Not saying this to rip on UGA. I think all the East teams are pretty bad this year. I just think people aren't giving MSU enough credit.
Oh it's one of those deals. Ok makes more sense. Was just confused about that. Either way Key should have a good year and it would be cool to see him break a record of some kind. Always love watching records get broken.
Derrick Thomas holds the sack record with 27 I thought. pretty sure that's the NCAA official record also. So Arden Key would need 27.5 would he not?
Idk. If I was UF I'd be happy I wasn't picked to win the East. It always seems like a death sentence.
Also, sorry about any typos. Did this on a phone in a waiting room.
Wasn't it just a couple years ago that all you guys were like me and wished we could at least get to bowl games consistently and have 8-9 wins every season? He's 5 years in with 3 straight bowls appearances and wins and back to back 9 win seasons. Yeah we could have been better both in 2015 and 2016. Honestly though we beat Georgia and Florida this year. We lost to USC but Mushchamp seems to just have Butch's number. Yeah lost Vanderbilt again under Butch. That all sucks but to say we haven't made and that we stopped making progress is entirely untrue. Stop being Debbie Downers. We won't find a better head coach right now that would actually want to risk our coaching carousel and rabid fan base like you guys. We competed then fell flat but had more injuries by far than anyone else while under the first year of a new coordinator. Should we be upset that it got as bad as it did. Yes we should but honestly this is unfortunately still at as a program and firing Butch now would be stupid. He's earned the right to at least finish his contract. Hey if another atom Hermin type pops up and actually wants to risk his reputation on UT's fire first ask questions later approach then sure take him and fire Butch. That however is not going to happen. There is still progress that needs to be made and instead up being impatient and firing another coach and sending the message again that it may not be a good idea to come here if you have any decent options, we should instead let him finish it out. He'll keep bringing in good talent and that's what you want. No fan with any intelligence ever believed Butch could or would be the coach to bring us a Natty. His purpose has always been to make us attractive and competitive again. He's doing that and has done a pretty good job of that. For now he's the best we can/are going to get. Don't be stupid. Be patient. Not every coach can be Nick Sabah or even Neyland or Fulmer. Butch is actually keeping UT where it has Historically always been. The 90's and the days of Neyland are actually times UT was better than usual. We're not Bana or USC or Miami. We have 2 true Nattys out of how many years that the school has played football? He's doing as good as we can hope for and in general doesn't do a bad job. Could do better but he's what we got. So pull for him to do better and get us to where we can attract the next Tom Herman or Davi Sweeney. Stop hoping for Saban. Plus UT would never spend the money on a Saban or Meyer.
I don't see why 8 would be so special myself. That's probably too many. I"m a big fan of 6. The 5 power five champions and the best from the rest.
I always root for every SEC team to win against a non conference opponent whether it's regular season or not. Well, except Florida, no offense Florida fans, but during the regular season I just like to see Florida lose as long as it still makes a bowl game. When bowl season comes around then I pull for every team even Florida because it makes everyone in the SEC look better which helps with rankings as other people have pointed out but also in recruiting. A 7-5 SEC team doesn't look so bad if the SEC goes out and stomps all the other conferences. Then it gives the appearance that the SEC is just that good. I'm a UT fan first and an SEC fan second. I would love for the SEC to get to the point where every single team goes 4-0 in non conference play every year and then and goes and has the best bowl record.
Well, correction people would still whine about being snubbed but they wouldn't really have much of a leg to stand on. It just simplifies the whole thing. Wanna be in the playoff win your conference. If you don't win it then you don't have a right to whine really.
I think 6 teams is perfect. The conference Champ from each power 5 conference gets a bid. The sixth spot is given to some other deserving team maybe even an unbeaten or 1 loss team from a no name like Western Michigan or Boise State in the past. Not that I think that those teams would make it far but they still deserve a shot from time to time. But that 6th spot could still go to like Michigan or a 1 or 2 loss loser from one of the conference championship games. Just pull each team's rank from the AP and give the two highest ranked champs the bye weeks. It would just make sense and no one could whine about being snubbed anymore. It would be simple, when your conference and you go to the playoff even if you have 3 or 4 losses. Because their have been plenty of 3 or 4 loss SEC teams that could probably fair pretty well in the CFB in the past. I don't see 8 doing anymore for making it fair than 6 would. I mean it would be the 5 power 5 champs squaring off and that sixth team might even be a small conference champ. It would still be a battle of champions.
Truth is UT's great recruiting classes aren't really that great. It's like this year's.... Yeah sure it's a "Top 10" class but there are also 27 people in it. However like 21 of those are 3 stars. That's how all of Butch's classes have been. Big with a lot of 3 stars and 0 5 stars from the 247sports composite. There is talent but it's mostly developed. Problem is all the young guy s still need developed. There are some really good young guys but coach doesn't play them much. Injuries hurt because there wasn't much talent behind the starters. Our CB's are pretty terrible outside of Sutton. Butch has done a good job but it's time to start looking for someone else. Butch will get another year maybe even two and it's ok, because the next hire by UT needs to be a proven guy and they need to spend the money on that type of coach. If they don't we'll stay right where we are. Now with that being said UT still had enough talent to beat SC and Vandy but couldn't pull it off. Defense this bad is on a coach. I blame Butch because Shoop is proven. Butch didn't let him bring his own staff and I'm willing to bet that Butch is more like Mushamp was at UF than some of us UT fans like to admit. I bet he micro manages too much. All just my personal opinion. As fans though we might as well keep supporting what we got for now for the sake of the kids that came to play for our team. You wanna hurt the recruiting class? Keep talking about a coach needing to go. Just leave it be and it will sort itself out in a year or two. Don't hamper him from pulling in at least some talent for the next guy.