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I feel pretty good about a team for the SEC being in the final four. It's a good year to be an SEC fan in basketball. All 3 of the top teams are fun to watch and can play with anybody.
UGArmyret first off thank you for your service, secondly sorry i saw your request for shorter posts after that last post. I'll try to shorten them if I have more. My bad lol.
Ok after going through and counting up which players were still on the team for both UT and UF that were 4 or 5 stars the count is 33 and 33. So..... again how has UT out recruited florida and how did they have more 4/5 stars on their 2018 team? They literally had the same amount. Have you looked at Gardner's stats? They are about the same from one year to the next. 3 ints as a fresh, 2 as a soph, and 4 as a junior. 3 passes defended as a fresh, 7 as a soph, and 2 as a junior. 21 tackles as a fresh, 34 as a soph, and 37 as a junior. Looks like about the same to me. Add ints and pd's and it's 9 passes defended 9including ints) as a sophmore, and 6 as a junior with only 3 more total tackles as a junior. Wow big leap and how did you not know about him. I knew about him last year. Come on. I don't know enough about the other two. Also Mullen had nothing to do with the development of anyone on defense or anyone on the offensive line lol. I'll give you the quarter back, because that's what he's supposedly good with. He's only ever been a QB and WR coach, when serving as a position coach. He has nothing to do with offensive line development anymore than your average head coach really, as he probably doesn't know a lot about that. Now if he helped coach receivers as a head coach at UF this past year then please fill me in on that as I can't say one way or the other and he has done it before so presumably he's at least knows what he's doing in that regard. Now he also is not a defensive guy and again has no more to do with the development of that talent then your average non defensive minded head coach. That's basically all Todd Grantham so any of those guys don't actually count. Which is why I would never be dumb enough to count a developed wide receiver to prove Pruitt's ability. With that being said because he worked at better programs and had better talent to work with does not make him a worse developer. In fact it shows that the big programs pay big money to have him develop their talent and obviously trusted him for that. Saban trusted him twice wasn't it? So I guess you're more knowledgeable than Saban. If anything that point goes to further strengthen the idea that he is good at it and it's well known that he is. So not for sure what kind of point that was supposed to make. Now with that all being said,when did I say one was better than the other. I simply said Pruitt is a proven developer of talent. The fact those programs hired him actually does lend weight to that as they are only going to hire the best for their blue chips. Why would Saban hire him twice if he wasn't good at developing players lol. Why would Jimbo bother with him? You think he just sat around and DC'd all the time at the other stops? Why the Mullen comparison's? I didn't say anything about Mullen not being a good developer or Pruitt being better than him. I simply used facts to point out that YOUR comments about Pruitt aren't based in reality. I think they call what you got cognitive dissonance. No matter how many facts and figures are put in front of you, you're just going to ignore them and then try to change the nature of the conversation. Why resort to name calling? Are you mad? lol worst I said was that you were being silly and you still are. So please, try again with actual facts. I could break down the size and speed of all the 3 stars. I really don't want to do that though. It would go to show you how big of a difference there was. Like I said enjoy having Mullen. If you want to put that much energy into imagining Jeremy Pruitt is that bad at his job then go ahead man. You just do you. wow..... Somebody needs their binky.
You have no proof of anything lol. Do you really want me to do the leg work for you and do a crap ton of data crunching? Would that magically change your mind? No you would just have another, what you sadly think, is a quick comeback again not even remotely based in reality. BTW i did provide some recent development there for you as he spent most of his time in practices with the DB's. Do I need to go coach by coach for you? UGA's linebackers didn't benefit from Kevin Sherrer? I mean that couldn't have been why Saban was going looking at him for his next DC. Ansley wasn't contacted by Alabama either to come back to coach a second time there. Can't be very good right? Tee has done a good job with receivers everywhere he's been either I guess. David Johnson and Weinki I'll say I don't know about them for sure. Johnson did a good job with his players at Tulane and Memphis but the jury is still out for me. Chris also doesn't have enough on paper yet. Will Friend does and has done a good job everywhere he's been too. Chris Rumph, the same as is Tracey Rocker. Again you actually have no evidence that they're not. Saying because they coached at X place and that's the only reason they looked good is easy but also super lazy. Judging a staff completely off their first season on the job after taking over the worst team in program history is also pretty lazy. Give me some actual facts to argue that are just made up like you're recruiting stats. Worse record in 2017? 4-8 vs 4-7 with UF not playing a game they would have won easily which would have been 5-7. Actually look at stuff instead of glancing at it. Again you're arguments are really silly.
lol what are you talking about? Did you forget he was at UGA and FSU too? Did you forget the part where Nick Saban hired him back? I mean I guess you know better than Saban though. Showing recruiting classes rankings is nice but without breaking them down you're basically just half assing your data and references. So two wins over top 25 teams and an improvement in team record with a much harder schedule is unimporoved? lol what are you talking about? You're just silly. I mean two freshman DB's who were two of the highest rated in the country as freshman, Buchanan having his best season so far, and another freshman at safety who was doing great till he got hurt and was out basically the whole rest of the year. That alone shows he knows what he's doing. Do you actually pay any real attention to anything? You do realize the last time UT finished ahead of Florida in recruiting was 2015 right? Did you even bother looking that up? 2016 was UT's last year in the top 15 and it was built off of mostly 3 stars. Seriously man? That wasn't hard to look up. He's had 1 year with those 2016 players. What are you smoking man? Look stuff up before you try to put facts out. Almost all those 3 stars Mullen has put in the NFL had multiple years with him. There's like likely drafted 3 star players you guys have this year. All 3 were likely draft picks and god players before Mullen arrived.... Mullen can develop yes. But to say he had it as hard as Pruitt for how much development was needed for his team is just being out of touch lol. Why the Pruitt hate? Just enjoy having Mullen for now. Unimproved 2018 is pretty hilarious.
lol uh I'm pretty sure he's known as an elite db coach.... So the player development comment doesn't make sense at all.... However, any comment about how good he is as a head coach could be correct as this is just his second year. Also, Butch didn't have a good game plan he just had Dobbs, Kamara, and Barnnet. Notice how his first year without any of those guys was our worst season in program history. All those recruiting classes with 15+ 3-star players that were undersized and not really fast enough for the SEC is what he left behind and what Pruitt has to work with. He had a few good players that he left, but they were all mostly broken because they had such a crap S&C program. Pruitt's first season was better than it probably should have been. Some of that was luck, some of that was him getting some things right. It didn't end as well as we hoped and part of that is luck and part of that was him getting some things wrong. Either way, if this staff couldn't develop talent at all then they wouldn't have done better than 3-9. Almost every single coach on the staff has proven themselves in the SEC as player developers and a few have worked for Saban or were courted by Saban. The money, facilities, coaching, and recruiting ability is there. If Pruitt can't make some movement then he is truly a bad head coach.However, I've seen just enough to think he'll at least be somewhere around the Mushchamp level. Alright, but maybe he'll struggle to get his team to the next step. Not seen enough to think he'll be another Smart though. If I was a betting man I'd put him in the middle of those two somewhere though. That is speculation at this point. We'll see how things go. Lol terrible player developer though? HAHA that is factually not true. He's pretty proven in that area. nice try though.
LSU should have a very nice season next year. They'll be on point. Not sure about that UT ranking though lol. Hey, here's to hoping.
It's a little petty to pull what Odom just did. Business is business and UT is doing what everyone else is doing, except Pruitt actually needs the talent especially along the line. That said who really cares. It provides board material and flavor for the 2019 game. lol is kinda funny how easily some people let SDS get them going though.
Regardless of what Richmond was capable of doing the reality is he was a starter. Which means he probably was better than what’s behind him. Even if we land Wright then there’s no guarantee they’re better than he would be this year. If nothing else he was at least a good depth piece if we get both 5 stars and they come in and Trey Smith/Cade Mays it up. Having him might have allowed them or one of them to move inside. Again though that’s one of our better linemen since few of them are good at this point. It’s a hit to some manner of depth at best and a loss of a starter and experience at worst. Eli was undersized but again, it’s experienced depth and our second best TE gone. We have no idea if our freshman will be as good as him this year. There’s no wins in this. We don’t have the talent or depth to be losing these two.
Vol fans quit being such easy pray for the trolls. I hate having to laugh at my fellow fans. It's a good hire for anyone not in the conversation for a NC. Georgia may or may not miss him. UT did have to offer more money because UGA did want to keep him so someone there trusts him. It's a win and be happy. Don't have much to be happy about these days. Literally every program goes through a similar rough patch as this at some point so it will get better. Don't take the bait. If someone wants to try that hard to troll us then there's probably a reason why. The hate is real and we have no ammo to fire back right now. So just take it in and wait. It'll get better. Enjoy the little things like UGA still not being able to get quite where they want and then get spanked after all the smack talk. Enjoy Bama getting spanked in "just another game." because that's all we got right now folks.
Where in there did I say want. Learn to read better Weagle99. Also he was a coach in the NFL so just breaking it down as only a hs rb coach is kinda silly. Either way want has nothing to do with it. Freeze did OM dirty. They get the punishment and he gets to just get hired somewhere for at least a million? That's not right. Let's not forget that just this past offseason, or the one before can't remember it all runs together, that Greg Sankey blocked Alabama and Nick Saban from hiring Freeze. So I really don't think that he'll be coming to UT. He could be but I really doubt it. I don't see one year the SEC saying no to bama and then the next saying yes to UT.
If Helton does go else where then they’ll just promote Chris Weinke to OC. I believe that’s why Pruitt wanted the Heisman QB who had never coached running backs but had coached QB’s to be on the staff somewhere. This was always a possibility for Helton. Never thought he’d be here for more than a few years. It just made sense. I don’t want Freeze anywhere near the program and I’m not for sure Fulmer does either just yet. I love how everyone throws High’s name at every possible rumor of an OC change in the SEC. I don’t even think the SEC will let a school hire him. It’s way too soon.
UT doesn't have to worry about recruiting against Vandy. That's just silly. Any recruits that are any good will go everywhere else. Plus, the recruiting rankings are just evidence of that. That's blowing things a bit out of proportion.
Oh ok that makes a little more sense. I didn’t catch the before game part I guess. Well I’m pulling for you guys. As a Vol fan I understand having a season that terrible. Good luck to you guys.
Wait I’m confused. Did they rape or sexually assault them or were they just chatting and taking pics? Why would you suspend someone for that? Lol that just seems ridiculous. Am I missing something here? I don’t really know the situation can someone fill me in?
Oh no you can't do that SevenT. Who would get everyone's blood pressure up lol
So 3 major steaks broke, sec west losses, Auburn streak, and sec game losing streak. Is there one I’m missing? Hopefully we can build on this.
Panic is a bit of a stretch I would think. You try getting hit that hard that many times and see how decision skills are. Also if Chryst was looking better wouldn't the coaching staff had put him in? There's not a reason good enough to make the switch. It's just silly to do it. Chryst gains you nothing. At least the experience is valuable for JG and again we still haven't got a chance to actually get a good long look at JG when he is consistently protected. The dude is doing fine with what's around him. Changing the quarterback is not going to help this offense. It's pretty bad all around. Changing something for the sake of changing it rarely works. What we ahve to lose is the development of what, according to everyone in the actual profession who has seen him including QB gurus, is more than likely are highest ceiling player at that position. It's not about this year. This year's record almost doesn't really matter. It's a true building season. Don't sacrifice that to make very few fans happy. It's a bad idea. Chryst is the back up for the reason and has had enough time to take the job. He lost his job somewhere else remember. In this scenario you take a guy that has lost his job and so far in the eyes of the coaching staff has apparently not earned this job and put him in literally for the sake of seeing if he can keep you from losing by one less touchdown or field goal. That's absolutely silly.
There's nothing to gain by putting Chryst in. He's clearly not any better. He was a take care of the ball and hand it off guy at Stanford. The better option is leaving the guy in that will need the experience for next year. Why take the experience away from anyone else to give to someone that won't be here next year and likely hasn't done enough to take the job. There's not even a good enough O line to take care of Chryst. Just keep JG in there and get him the experience.
This wasn’t a big loss. He was 5’9”. He wasn’t what this staff was looking for. They had visited him once and hadn’t contacted him anymore after that. He wasn’t wiped away they didn’t want him. He’ll probably be a good player but 5’9” doesn’t typically do that well in the SEC.
That was the issue really with Jones right. He was never able to get a full product for 60 minutes in any game. Lots of individual reasons for that but it all boiled down to he just couldn’t put it all together for more than a few quarters in any game. Lots of times it was just enough to win. But lots of times it wasn’t also. It’s easy to say that we could have and maybe should have had at least 6 wind but we didn’t so what’s the point. Just support the new staff for now and hope they can do better is our only real option besides giving up.
What do you do if Kirby pulls a Gus and is mediocre for the next 2-3 years? Just pointing out that one year isn't enough to get high and mighty and has nothing to do with how bad TN is right now. Just cautioning humility. Or don't be humble and wait for one of the real proven coaches to humble ya'll again.
Fun fact, Ohio State actually has a higher average recruit ranking than UGA. Clemson isn't far behind and Alabama isn't either. Cool part about that.... All three of those schools actually have coaches who have/competed for multiple national titles. USC's average recruit ranking is actually the exact same as Georgia's. So the "record breaking class is really only relative. Yeah it had more points but the stars it brought in aren't actually a overall record.UGA is doing some cool things but don't get too far ahead of yourselves. The SEC still has at least one other coach not named Nick Saban who has won a national championship and at least one other who has competed in one. So at best UGA's savior is tied 3rd best in the conference. He still has to prove he can consistently compete for and actually win a NCG before ya'll get to hopped up on your own cool aid. Don't fall prey to the SDS hype. That's their job, to hype the new best "Bama" beater. So far they've been consistently wrong. Ask Auburn fans how quick things can change when you have a coach find big early success. Fact is you still have to get through, Saban, Dabo, Urban, and Fisher to get that trophy. Kirby hasn't actually done anything that is all that impressive yet. Gus has done it before and look at him now. Oh btw Gus has proven he can beat Kirby. Also so far Kirby has only proven he can have a mediocre season and a magical season using Richt's recruits. It's still technically not proven he can develop his own. I mean had Tua been in that game from the start, then Bama would have won by double digits, more than likely. He's still has a lot to prove. So sit back enjoy and give at least this next year maybe through 2019 before you get too high and mighty. Don't jynx it.