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Leaving for the NFL or to work with a former boss in the case of 3 of the vacancies is hardly running for the hills. Rocker doesn't stay anywhere very long it seems either so that's also not a big deal. All good coaches though and I hope we get good replacements.
It may also just have been your zoom. It might have accidentally got zoomed in.
I'd trade out Louisville for UNC. I think UNC will be better. They came the closest to beating Clemson (21-20) and didn't lose any games by double digits. In fact they took two games to overtime. This was only Mac's first year back. I expect them to take some bigger steps forward next year. Mac has also won a natty before so he knows what he's doing. We'll see though. Other than it's a pretty good list. I'd even swap UT for UNC as of right now.
Congrats LSU! Remember the other day when I said LSU would crush Clemson and everyone thought I was wrong because Clemson apparently? Just wanna day I told you so. Geaux Tigers! You know the real tigers ;)
Clemson was lucky to beat OSU and plays in a really incredibly weak conference overall. Like OSU was borderline cheated out of that game. Clemson shouldn’t even be in the NCG. That win against Alabama wasn’t any more impressive than the Alabama win over Clemson before that really. In the SEC Dabo would never go undefeated and he’d be lucky to make the playoff. LSU trounces Clemson and this talk is over or LSU is handed bad penalties and it goes Clemson’s way at the end. That’s the only possible scenarios. I’m not even gonna watch that game because I know Clemson will lose and probably lose badly.
I’m still confused as to what mistake Saban made? Mac Jones is really not that good so far anyways. JG plays with a broken hand that has pins in it. How many players play injured to some degree. Gia going out there is fine. Nothing wrong with that. Saban won’t catch any real heat and he won’t care if he does and it won’t change the fact he gets to choose when to retire. Do you really think his AD or anyone else is gonna say jack to him? Lay off the Saban hate. I usually like your articles Chris but wow this one is silly and kinda immature.
lol well probably as solid a gameplan as we can have. What's the difference between losing by 50 and losing by 70+ points to this Alabama team when you're this Tennessee team.
lol it's because why would anyone waste much breathe on the Vols right now. With that joke aside he hasn't said he'll play. I expect and hope he won't make any decision until after the court date and that there is some form of punishment, like at least not being allowed to start. I hope it doesn't just go real smooth for him because he did make threats and actually break a gate.
None of the witnesses said they saw him slap her. Only that he threatened. He’s also not being charged for saying he’d shoot up the school. Which he did say. She probably lied about being hit as if there was any evidence of it he be charged with that. Instead all he’s be charged for is making her fear imminent bodily injury, not for actually doing anything. Not saying he should get off Scott free but if all he did was break a metal gate and make some threats then anger management and some path back to playing is all he should get. Plenty of players on every team have done worse and got less punishment. He’s only practicing and it’s a little premature to go crazy and act like nothing is being done. At the end of the day witnesses don’t count too heavy in a case and are never used for anything other than supporting evidence these days. He still gets to go through the same process and is innocent until proven guilty just like everyone else. Last time I checked this is still the U.S A. Getting to practice isn’t a big deal and we’ll see what happens after his hearing. Guarantee he doesn’t play at least until after that. He’ll get the Juan Jennings treatment likely if he does get convicted of anything. Awfully hard to get convicted for words in America though. Freedom of speech and all that.
While I believe UT gets the nod, I am also a little biased, I was wondering reading these comments if anyone else felt a boat load of pride for the conference overall. This was a good read for that on it's own in my opinion. However to be honest that 2 spot is at a point where it's kinda up for grabs and I could see over the next 10 years that changing. For that matter I think this article in 10 years could even go a long way to being able to make a pretty hard to argue top 5. It was a fun read and I reminded me why I love this conference and my team especially so much. Go vols.
Sorry to hear about this guys. The guy was a legend. Roll Tide.
Adam Flacco has a super bowl ring and that's why he isn't expected to sit down and shut up. He earned that. Lock hasn't won or earned anything like that yet. If he does then he'll get to do that too.
Why does he have to old Lock's hand? Why does it matter to anyone? I don't even think Mizzou fans care that much. It's silly.
This is a big non issue. Who cares? If anyone in the NFL thought Lock was can't miss he would have been drafted sooner. I'm still confused as to SDS seems to think he's gonna be some huge NFL QB. I'm not saying necessarily that he won't be but.... not too many people seemed to want to bet the big bucks on him when it mattered. Maybe he'll be special and maybe he won't. no one can say with any amount of certainty. My money if I had to lay down though would be that he won't be all that special at all. Also, Flacco doesn't get paid to mentor young quarterbacks. Quarterback coaches get paid for that. Lock is in an adult and professional world supposedly now so why is Flacco supposed to hold his hand?
Why would Dabo want to be the guy that follows Saban and has to do what he does to be in the conversation with Saban and Bryant to be the best ever at Bama. He's already basically guaranteed all that at Clemson and he's put everything into getting it to the only school that is truly on Bama's level. UGA is kinda too but until they get a natty and actually beat Bama I'll keep them one rung below those two but still about 10,000 rungs above everyone else.
South Carolina could have a really good team and still struggle to be bowl eligible with that schedule. That sucks man. Good luck to yuns.
This isn't putting one person over another in an attempt to say which one is better necessarily. It's just showing how they graded out. Don't read too much into it.
Yeah not for sure why he "deserved" to go in the first round. Having lots of stats is nice but he didn't actually win anything that matters at any point. How many QB's that were much better than him have gone in the first round an flopped? QB's get drafted high every year and how often do they actually workout at the next level? I don't see how he's anymore guaranteed than any of the others to work out. I don't see how it's worth taking a QB in the first round all that often anyways unless there's a Peyton/Eli/Andrew Lock type. Those really don't happen too often.
Mizzou wasn't going to the SECCG or the CFP anyways so why care if bowl games don't matter? Who cares if they were trying o snipe your recruits and lol honesty and honor? In college football. What world do you pretend to live in? In the adult world this is how most things work. Quit being so naive virtualkelly. Not worth the salt or anger man. No head coach or school in general is even remotely honest. I really hope you don't believe Odum wouldn't do the same thing.
I feel pretty good about a team for the SEC being in the final four. It's a good year to be an SEC fan in basketball. All 3 of the top teams are fun to watch and can play with anybody.
UGArmyret first off thank you for your service, secondly sorry i saw your request for shorter posts after that last post. I'll try to shorten them if I have more. My bad lol.
Ok after going through and counting up which players were still on the team for both UT and UF that were 4 or 5 stars the count is 33 and 33. So..... again how has UT out recruited florida and how did they have more 4/5 stars on their 2018 team? They literally had the same amount. Have you looked at Gardner's stats? They are about the same from one year to the next. 3 ints as a fresh, 2 as a soph, and 4 as a junior. 3 passes defended as a fresh, 7 as a soph, and 2 as a junior. 21 tackles as a fresh, 34 as a soph, and 37 as a junior. Looks like about the same to me. Add ints and pd's and it's 9 passes defended 9including ints) as a sophmore, and 6 as a junior with only 3 more total tackles as a junior. Wow big leap and how did you not know about him. I knew about him last year. Come on. I don't know enough about the other two. Also Mullen had nothing to do with the development of anyone on defense or anyone on the offensive line lol. I'll give you the quarter back, because that's what he's supposedly good with. He's only ever been a QB and WR coach, when serving as a position coach. He has nothing to do with offensive line development anymore than your average head coach really, as he probably doesn't know a lot about that. Now if he helped coach receivers as a head coach at UF this past year then please fill me in on that as I can't say one way or the other and he has done it before so presumably he's at least knows what he's doing in that regard. Now he also is not a defensive guy and again has no more to do with the development of that talent then your average non defensive minded head coach. That's basically all Todd Grantham so any of those guys don't actually count. Which is why I would never be dumb enough to count a developed wide receiver to prove Pruitt's ability. With that being said because he worked at better programs and had better talent to work with does not make him a worse developer. In fact it shows that the big programs pay big money to have him develop their talent and obviously trusted him for that. Saban trusted him twice wasn't it? So I guess you're more knowledgeable than Saban. If anything that point goes to further strengthen the idea that he is good at it and it's well known that he is. So not for sure what kind of point that was supposed to make. Now with that all being said,when did I say one was better than the other. I simply said Pruitt is a proven developer of talent. The fact those programs hired him actually does lend weight to that as they are only going to hire the best for their blue chips. Why would Saban hire him twice if he wasn't good at developing players lol. Why would Jimbo bother with him? You think he just sat around and DC'd all the time at the other stops? Why the Mullen comparison's? I didn't say anything about Mullen not being a good developer or Pruitt being better than him. I simply used facts to point out that YOUR comments about Pruitt aren't based in reality. I think they call what you got cognitive dissonance. No matter how many facts and figures are put in front of you, you're just going to ignore them and then try to change the nature of the conversation. Why resort to name calling? Are you mad? lol worst I said was that you were being silly and you still are. So please, try again with actual facts. I could break down the size and speed of all the 3 stars. I really don't want to do that though. It would go to show you how big of a difference there was. Like I said enjoy having Mullen. If you want to put that much energy into imagining Jeremy Pruitt is that bad at his job then go ahead man. You just do you. wow..... Somebody needs their binky.