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LOL You really are 14 aren't you? Take your mulligan and try again. By the way, if the idea of someone being held responsible for their actions really does appeal to you as you say you should go slap your mama right in her pie-hole for not aborting you. See, thats how you do it. Now, about that mulligan,,,,,,,go your friend, Butch
Im just happy to see gatorboy14 obliged SDS and let him use his image. good stuff
here gatorboy take this orange vol doll and show me where the mean man hurt you. dont be afraid. you sound really butthurt
The QB situation at Cooter U has been a joke since Muschamp arrived. Your last great hope, Jake Bentley, saw the writing on the wall and ran from that raging dumpster fire in Columbia to Utah where he proudly exclaimed " Id much rather fight with the Utes than die with the Coots" True story, at least thats the way I heard it Your friend, Butch
Satterfield no more built the App State program (as you claim) than Al Gore built the www. Jesus, facts are facts and fake news is fake news. You claiming Satterfield built the program in Boone is the same as CNN and the Washington Post claiming Trump is responsible for global warming and the schitt-show in Oregon and most Democratic ran cities. Really You should google Mack Brown, Sparky Woods, and Jerry Moore and school yourself up on the storied program at Appalachian State. Satterfield kept things rolling at App State no doubt, but he didn't build squat. Drinkwitz kind of screwed them chasing $$$ way too soon, and it remains to see what Clark does but he barely squeeked one out last week. Marshall should be a better test of Clark. Now you know Your friend, Butch
Told ya so Hilenski Three Finger Salute......All three in the stink BoBo gets fired from Colorado after a miserable tenure and the Coot nation thinks its a good idea to bring him on as OC and snatch up some of his dregs players. Does anyone else see a pattern here? Muschamp gets fired from Florida after a miserable tenure and the Coot nation thinks its a good idea to bring him on......... If you don't learn from your mistakes you are destined to repeat them, over and over and over and over Please Mr. Tanner and all Boosters at USC if you are reading this, please oh please keep up the good work. The rest of the SEC salutes you on your outstanding decisions. Your friend, Butch
Hurd is currently busy paying his debt to karma. He's got a long way to go, you should probably google it, really. Fate is one fickle biotch, know that. your friend, Butch
Muschamp is getting ready to give Ryan the ole' three finger Hilinski salute alright,,,,,,all three straight in the stink. Go figure Evidently the Coots didn't learn a single thing with the huge mistake they made hiring Muschamp after he washed out at FLorida. He used Urban Meyers players up, couldn't recruit on his own and fell flat on his fat arse after years of failure. Same schitt at Cooter U. He used all Spurriers leftover talent up, couldnt recruit, schitty coach, and now he has washed up at USC. Enter Bo Bo. Now Muschamp and Tanner have brought in an Offensive Coordinator (the 6th I think) fresh from being schit-canned from a washed up Colorado team with all his loser baggage (..ie Collin Hill) to help run the backfield. And they expect different results. Really. You can't make this schitt up. The Gamecocks under Muschamps and Tanners lead are the absolute best thing to happen to the rest of the SEC East in years. This is fact. I hope the Coots continue to stay broke for a long time to come, at least broke enough to keep Muschamp and wasting their money erecting metal cocks in the porty potty area outside Willy Brice. Laughingstock of the SEC, better suited returning to the ACC Your friend, Butch
Lots of things were my fault, lots of things not so much. Anyway, I own what went down at Knoxville under my watch. Jalen Hurd left the reservation. He tried to take the entire team with him on his ego trip. Anyone that closely follows Tennessee football can attest to the fact that when Hurd went rogue and started a mutiny the whole program suffered. Looking back there were things I could have (perhaps should have) done to right the ship, but lets face it,,,,,,SEC is big boy play for keeps football. Fate made sure I got what I got, and fate is currently giving Jalen what he has coming too. I'll be back.....Stronger, smarter, and more determined than ever. Your friend, Butch
He'll never play a day at Cooter U. Mark it down Take it to the bank Bet the farm on it Anything too good to be true..... Count your cocks before they hatch..... Anyway, Hope and Change is still strong in Columbia it appears. LOL,,,,Muschamp has a "Shovel Ready Job" for Stockton Hope and Change, I love it
Thats your mulligan? You suk at replies almost as much as you suk at intelligent replies. The only one that's getting fooled is you sir. your friend, Butch
Take your mulligan and try again. Read it again, think, then write. Thank me later Your friend, Butch
Jesus, they should have put that money towards Muschamps buy out instead of that metal cock. Typical Coot behavior, great big trophy cases and nothing to put in them so they "erect" a metal cock just outside on the walk of shame for everyone to spit on. I cant wait
The joke, at least the sticky part, is still running down your chin. Foolish Coot
He'll never see a day at Columbia with "Muschamp and his Group", pigs will fly first. Testament? You sir are delusional.
Jesus Adam, really? I'm gonna start calling you Scoop. If you need some ideas on subjects that have a rats arse of a chance of being passed along and enjoyed give me a call. Seriously Butch
Regurgitated BS. Nothing new or newsworthy here to see that isn't already painfully obvious to anyone paying attention or repeated in every sports rag since the end of 2018.........really. Missouri noob wasting my clicks
Last year Muschump said he had the best team ever assembled at Cooter U. Now the best Offensive Line? What a joke. The Gamecocks are the laughingstock of the SEC for reasons just like this. Best Self Aggrandized fan base ever assembled in all of football. What a joke
Lane Kiffen is a Jinx everywhere he has ever been, really, look back at his body of work and you'll see. He is a Jinx now, he has been a Jinx in the past, and he will continue being the biggest Jinx in all of pigskin. Just ask Layla
Probably be lucky to get half that number to attend what with the covid and the schitty fanbase
Amen and Amen. Lane Kiffen is now, has been in the past, and will continue into the future being the biggest JINX to whatever program foolish enough to associate with him. Case in point? Everywhere he has ever been. This is fact and can hardly be debated, therefore I say again to Mr. bigorange67,,,,,Amen Your friend, Butch
Nothing to see here, move along. Just another rat running from the raging dumpster fire that is Cooter U under Muschamps watch. Sad but true. Will the last person to leave the gamecocks in shame and frustration please turn off the lights. Thanks, Butch
We had a great thing going until Jalen left the reservation. We can debate my coaching skills until the cows come home, but there can be no serious debate about Hurd deliberately sabotaging the program. Karma is a fickle biotch. Jalen had it coming and got exactly what he deserved
Yeah, you still have a little Timmy juice on your chin, might want to give it a wipe there Mr."gator bull". LOL