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I'd like to say I am sorry too. I know i screwed up, but thanks for the 9 million and all the parting gifts. Love ya,,,,,mean it.
I put it there,,,,,gonna stick it up his backside this weekend,
What an idiot you are. I've won 17 of my last 21 games, how's your team doing. You sir are a perfect example of a minute amount of knowledge being a dangerous thing. It's obvious you don't have a clue, please crawl back under your rock. Thanks, Butch
Poor Gene,,,,,at this point in his career he'll say anything to try and be relevant. Sad really, sad indeed. Not as sad as his less than .500 win average in his hole ( not a misspelling) career. Just watch Monday ol' Gene-e-boy, I gotcha double digits right here
AS I see it the best part about this game being moved is that both Jawja and the Cocks football players will finally (come hell or high water…..) get to play ball on Sunday. I need to go take care of Kevin and those steers and peers,,,,,,,but I'll be back and we can discuss Nicks upcoming arse-whippin'
AS I see it the best part about this game being moved is that both Jawja and the Cocks football players will finally (come hell or high water.....) get to play ball on Sunday.
UGA has never ever beaten Tennessee with a freshman quarterback. Really. Ever. Now thats a long time. See you boys and your new QB in a few weeks. Until then just remember, hell is riding thru Jawja in a few weeks and the devil's riding in an orange bus.
Looks like I struck a nerve. You know why stereotypes are so hurtful dont you senior elephant? Its because they are steeped in truth. Here is a bit of truth for you and the penis lover below. Both of you need a tissue as a little of nicks left-overs are still running down your chins. Aside from that truth here's a big truth for you,,,,,,this year breaks a 20 year tie between UT and the Homers. Thats right, all knotted up at 10 games each. So unless you want to go back to the days of leather helmets we currently stand toe to toe to you and your gang of feral parolled mandingos. Good Old Rocky Top
Truth is, we wen't expecting App ST to be as strong, smart, or as well coached as they were. Those Mountaineers were hungry and no one had obviously sent them the 20 point spread memo. App ST is for real. I doubt anyone else on their schedule can do the things they do, and as I said,,,,,,they do it well. When we shove it up VT's arse next weekend in Bristol, and App ST gives Miami and CMR the ol' "high hard one" the following week in Boone you'll see what I mean. Appalachian State is for real this year. So is UT
Dont worry guys, I got ém coached up really good this year. Ive got things to prove. Hell, we've got things to prove. This years game breaks a 20 year tie with Alabama. Thats right, 20 years and we are dead even. Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin were doing some scouting in the off season this year and were riding thru Florida when they happened upon a sheep with his head stuck in a fence. Well, ol Lane Kiffin being the Jinxy guy he is, slammed on the brakes and said to Nick, Ï never miss an opportunity like this" and ran out and buggered the poor sheep where he stood. When he finished he got back in the car and said ÖK Nick, now your turn". Well, dontcha know Nick grinned really big, jumped out of the car and ran over and stuck his head in the fence too. I got Nick, Jim, Kerby, and Kevin covered. Just you wait and see. Ill see you guys in Atlanta. your friend, Butch
Kiffin is a Jinx. One has only to look at his past career from the travesty at USC with Reggie Bush and him getting fired, to the utter bohica at the Raiders and him being fired, to his time at UT before being fired, to his upcoming dismal performance this coming year. Anyone paying attention can see Lane is simply a Jinx. Even ol' Nick cant stop the hex. wait and see
Just so you know, this year UT and Bama play to break a 20 year tie. Thats right , a 20 year tie. You younger fans new to the game often stick your feet in your big mouths so don't feel too bad about it. In the meantime, someone needs to get sgbaker a towel,,,,,it would appear a little of Nicks "koolaide" is dribbling down his chin.
Make no mistake about it, Wherever Kiffin goes he will bring on the Kiffin Stiffin just as he has done everywhere else in his hole (not a misspelling) career. Think about the Trojans and Reggie Bush with Kiffin, and then the Raiders, followed by his stint at UT. It can hardly be debated that Lane Kiffin is the biggest Jinx in football. Good riddance to him wherever he finally gets exposed as the jinxy sham he is.
I only hope they are back when we meet. I'm reallylooking forward to kicking CJM's arse with his full complement of feral non-swimming democrats aboard as we all know he will likely be gone in 2017
Kirby Smart @ Georgia = Derrik Dooley at UT After another disappointing 10 win season the jawja faithful will call for CKS's head as well. Idiots
Dress like a girl clown, Play like a clown. Im bringing the hammer goldielox.
Give me another year and I will have him running like I did Spurrier and Ritch.