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Bobo is not dummy, he knows he's gonna need a job by mid season next year. Really why should he be any different than the last 5 OC's under Muschamps leadership. And what better way to get Dumbo's attention in these social media crazed days? Sounds to me like ol' coach BoBo is planning his exit strategy. Probably a wise move.
Nothing to see here, just another rat fleeing the dumpster fire in Columbia. I know, its like a wreck on the side of I77 just north of Shop road,,,,,you can't not look. But really, nothing to see here we see coming. Move along. Maintain your social distance. Wash your hands. Stay off the pipe and don't forget the mid-morning courtesy wipe. Your Friend, Butch
Really? Much like the stock market right now, it appears the Coots are bumping along bottom in the world of recruiting. Big difference is the market will recover and flourish. Congratz on being in the top 10 of something concerning football and the SEC is all I can say.
I'll be watching all evening. Quality TV right there sir. Top Notch indeed. Go Big Orange
I would comment further, but alas, your name says it all. Florida Cock what a douche
clearly I typed "...should look UP occasionally as things..."
Reading the replies to this post makes me literally laugh out loud. Like actually bouncing up and down in my chair.....and who wouldn't just listening to giant lizard argue with a leghumping arse licking bulldog about who is the most ignorant and racists. Really, you cant make this stuff up. Both of you idiots should look occasionally as things are flying wayyyyy over your heads.
I wonder if he will finally learn to just keep his big mouth shut. Although his facts concerning his coaches and teams flaws were likely correct, biotching and moaning about them on social media and to the Fake News press is not what happens in pro ball. As I recall even back when he was a Coot he always had grumblings about teammates and coaches, especially Spurrier. Difference is Spurrier only had one good safety. Turns out the NFL has a plethora. Go figure.
It's a slow night, what can I say? well, except to say that I told you so. no answering to the facts, just sticks and stones type bullschitt. You give a whole different meaning to GO Cocks
Poor Pharoh, doomed to a life of mediocracy it would appear. He was on fire when I coached UT back in 2014, I think he put over 200 yards us. I was on my way out of Tennessee at that point, but so was Pharoh's coach Steve Spurrier. The following year Spurrier quit in a drunken shame leaving the Coot football program in shambles, and it remains a dumpster fire even to this very day. Pharoh talent at this point was squandered. A carousel of bad coaches and bad decisions followed. Cooter U pretty much hung him out to dry. He rode his reputation (and not much else) into the NFL where sadly the wool was pulled from our eyes and, well, like I said....Poor Pharoh, doomed to a life of mediocracy it would appear. Facts are Facts. I know the Cock nation will attack me personally and not answer to the facts as I have presented them here. Just like I called it up there in the previous paragraphs, I'm calling the personal attack and fact dodging.
Schitt, I'll be running this show any year now. Brick by Brick biotches. I'd look good in a houndstooth fedora, don't you think?
Is that darrell or his other brother darrell? either way, I think he just cant spell
How is that trolling? You consider a statement of facts as a troll job? He washed out of baseball, college football, pro football, and now pretty much is swirling around the bowl on his way down the drain, much like the head coach and entire football program at Cooter U. Most fans of the Cock have a hard time swallowing facts, so I see your displeasure facing them, but once again I would ask you......Do you consider a statement of facts to be a troll job? Your Friend, Butch
By looking at that picture it would appear the only need thats going to be filled is to another stoner Coot with a bad case of the munchies. I mean really,,,,,,
It's just too bad his talent was wasted at Cooter U, what with all the coaching changes he went thru his final years in college. Couple that with the shame of watching his NFL hopes and dreams getting flushed down the drain along with the aspirations of his alma mater at basically the same time. Sad indeed.
Nobody cares. Kiffin is now, has been in the past, and will continue into the future being a huge Jinx to every team he has ever been associated with. Most over rated coach in modern history. If not for social media he would be coaching somewhere in the OVC, probably at Western Ky, or Austin Peay. Really
If I told Nick once I told him 100 times.....Dont let Jalen get away. I told him Tua was fragile, I told him we needed quality back up, I told him the dynasty would end if we put all our QB eggs in one basket. But who listens to me?
I "offered" him the toe of my boot on the way out the door. Me and Nick got this covered, you guys just relax
One of the smartest rats to run from that dumpster fire in Columbia to date. Who could blame him? I heard he couldn't even keep up with all the new coaches names in Muschamps world of musical chairs,,,,,uh musical coaches I mean. Smart Kid, besides the Helensky kid is as fragile as Muschamps job
Well, I hope there is a UT burger on the menu, because Spurrier can't spell QUIT without UT. The ol' ball coach quit in a drunken shame before facing me back in 2015 after I gave him a sound trouncing just the year before. Most Coot fans would still let the ol' ball coach go soft in their jaws given the opportunity. Seems Odd, thats all
As far as the ole ball coach goes,,,,,well,,,you cant spell QUIT without UT. Fact is Spurrier quit just before myself and NO Shoes U put a cleat in his drunken arse. Fact