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Big fancy facility and no trophy room. LOL Most universities have a building or at least a floor devoted to trophies. Not one inch of space dedicated to crystal. Go figure But hey, there is a metal gamehen outside willy brice near the porta potties. One would think there would be spurs on the coots mascot, but I guess they went gender neutral. LOL. South Carolina is now, has been in the past, and will continue into the future as the laughingstock of the SEC you can't make this stuff up. your friend, Butch
Honestly, He was never that good. I think they just kept him around for the third quarter lighter thing when everyone would spark up the weed and pretend they gave a schitt. Me and Nick used to laugh about that one,,,,Oh how we laughed. Your friend, Butch
so, how are my predictions holding up from over a month ago?
LOL,,,,showing up when so many are opting out. Jesus, and then Billy Lard-Arse chimes in with his 2 cents worth for the chuckle of the day. As you always do,,,,, now thats some funny schitt right there.
Bobo is a joke as is the entire Gamecock nation. Mike Bobo, like Muschamp, was hired after being schitcanned from their previous coaching jobs and Ray Tanner thought it would be a good idea to bring them in to straighten the program out after Spurrier quit in a drunken rage and left the program in the dismal shape we find it in today. Trust me, it is not loss to SC. You should look up occasionally Sarge, things are flying over your head like 50 cal rounds
Bobo is the next to be fired. He has lost control of the locker room and the players have given him a big vote of no confidence by pretty much refusing to play another snap for him and the sinking ship you keep referring to as Cooter U The way I see it The Gamecocks had it coming. #lauginigstock
Covid my big old hairy arse. My sources tell me there is a rebel uprising in the Coot locker room and the players voted not to play another snap for Bobo due to the ineptness and dumpster fire he and Mushchamp have left the program in. And we thought things were bad when the sorry sot spurrier quit in shame and left the gamecock program ablaze. #laughingstock
UT had a Bowl game last year along with 8 wins in a row. They lost to Bama and Georgia, nobody expected a win from either game. Kentucky is playing great this year, and Arkansas seems to have had found their stride as well. If UT beats Auburn this weekend all bets are off. lets listen in, Butch
Better to quit in shame and run I suppose. Sot logic
It certainly won't be the last rat to jump from that sinking ship. Dumpster fire doesn't even begin to describe it.
I try, hey at least at this point all we can do is look back, laugh, and try and learn from our mistakes. God knows we have our work cut out for us. At least now we can turn the page. Your friend, Butch
Your bellyaching and moaning like a wounded biotch is what sustains me in my "latest negativity". Truth hurts, huh. Here, take this little butch doll and show me where the mean man hurt you. Cry me a river Coot, No kidding, I simply love it. Your friend, Butch
They have been saying for years that Muschamp can't carry Kerbys jockstrap, so it really would be fun to see him at Jawja toting Smart's "load" Just some random thoughts from Your frined, Butch
Hey, they hired Bobo to come in and save the program. It's still possible, right? All in agreement please stroke a check to the Boosters, God knows you are gonna need it. Just a few thoughts from Your friend, Butch
Mizzou gonna hang 50+ points on Cooter U this weekend too, making it 4 games in a row. Now theres a record you can hang your hat on. Now the measure of your offense is to see how many points you can hang on the Cocks, thats what Kiffin told me anyway Your friend, Butch
Great, here is another guy that fits perfectly into the Coot way of thinking. Lets see, after leaving Cooter U Shaw goes undrafted and after the draft signs with Cleveland on the practice squad. After Manzel and Hoyer got hurt they brought Shaw up from the practice squad for his one and only NFL game,,,,,where by the way he never scored and threw at least one Interception as I recall. But wait, theres more. After his illustrious career at Cleveland Shaw gets drafted to the Bears practice squad where he stayed on the injured list until he was fired later that year. If that weren't enough Conner then takes a job at Furman in a coaching position only to quit before the first snap of the season, again following in his hero Spurriers footsteps and leaving the Paladins in the shape they find themselves in today. (Monkey see, Monkey Do)? But anyway, thats a great fit for the Cocks, falls right in line with the mentality and environment that has become the laughingstock of the SEC Just some random thoughts from Your friend, Butch
I agree 100%. As far as the drunken sot Spurrier goes, you can't spell Butch nor Quit without UT. Fact
Nobody wants to go to Columbia, least of all Hugh Freeze. Its now a laughingstock, most pittyful program in the entire Power 5. They should have stayed in the ACC where maybe, just maybe, they'd have a snowballs chance in Cooterville in ever being relevant. #laughingstock your friend, Butch
Just another rat running from the dumpster fire, nothing to see here. Will the last person to follow Spurrier, Quit in Shame, and run away please turn off the lights. Thanks from your friend, Butch
I said, and by the way I stand by what I said, anyway.....I said "ole Corch would let the Old Ball Coach go soft in his jaw given the opportunity. Its a Cock thing I guess" The coots look up to Spurrier just like gatorboy's mama looks up at me when she's doing her "thing". Corch is no different, just look at some of the jizz that dribbles out of his mouth. So anyway, I believe Corch would let the Old Ball Coach go soft in his jaw given the opportunity. Its in his nature Hope that clears things up for you Your friend, Butch
Are you kidding me? College football is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long gridiron hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.” Who are these men of character and WTF was a difficult decision. Really, who and what? Your friend, Butch
Spurrier is a sot. He hasn't drawn a sober breath in years. Consider the source. What's funny really is that he is constantly busting on the Coots, yet they continue to hold him in such high regard. I'm pretty sure ol' Corch would let the Old Ball Coach go soft in his jaw given the opportunity. Its a Cock thing I guess Your friend, Butch
Nahhh,,,,you pretty much nailed it spot on. The Coots are pretty much the laughingstock of the SEC, anybody in their right mind would run from that dumpster inferno as fast as possible. Something tells me he won't be the last rat to jump that sinking ship. Just a few thoughts from Your friend Butch
Let's see, the last time Cooter U hired a coach that a cross conference rival had just schitcanned things worked out just grand, huh? So now the Cock nation thinks its a good idea to hire Ole Miss dregs? Makes perfect sense to me. South Carolina Gamecocks are truly the Laughingstock of the SEC you can't make this stuff up. your friend, Butch
No way. I'd bet every brick I ever stacked on that one. He was supposed to be a DC guru of sorts, but the truth is he got 150 or so points hung on him in the past 3 games. He never was good enough to be a Head Coach in the SEC, maybe in the OVC or MAC, but not in the mightiest conference in the history of football,,,,,,think about it. South Carolina got exactly what they bargained for in hiring a cross conference rivals coach that had just been fired for incompetence. And to top it off they gave him a big raise and contract extension before he wasted all the talent Spurrier gathered before he quit in shame in a drunken stupor leaving Cooter U in the shape they find themselves in today. Sad indeed, but like I said, South Carolina got exactly what they bargained for. Anyway, wonder how talks with Hugh Freeze are going? Gluttons gonna glut
Yeah, I guess thats why the Coots got almost 150 points hung on them in the past 3 games. He's not a DC, quite honestly, he's a #laughingstock
I will be needing someone to fetch mine and Nicks coffee now, but seriously, I'm sure I can find Will a position on my "staff" any time he's ready. your friend, Butch