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It's my guess that Muschamp will be working for Kerby by then anyway, you know, like m8ne and Nicks situation. I heard Sarkasian talking about it in the showers a few days ago, but for the record,,,,I didn't see a thing. Your Friend, Butch
@Crmsontide69 If anyone cares to look back at your entire body of work here at SED they would find you being an uninformed idiot with little of value to say or add to the conversation. Its just like watching my sisters kids saying over and over to each other, "No Im not, you are". Educate yourself somewhere besides facebook and CNN. What a douche
I thought he was going to say himself. Really. What a douche
So my southern heritage ( my great great great grandfather fought and died under that flag) is less important than the NCAA's misguided attempt to "make things right" with the black community? Where does it end? ISIS in Iraq and Iran and Syria also tried to destroy all the "graven images" in their attempt to change history. You cant change history, you can only learn from it. Lots of things need a more open dialogue, not too many more important than this one. Your Friend, Butch
a contrario mea absurdo amica. I fully intended Sempor FU at the jarhead.
Yeah, I already gave Ryan a Champion of Life tee-shirt and an offer to come join me and Nick down in Tuscaloosa after Muschamp gets the ax. Spurs Up Biotches
You really wouldn't believe some of the schitt ole Nick has me doing these days. Its what makes us number one. Brick by Brick Champs of Life Trash Cans & stuff
Hey Piggy, Where did I suggest that young men kill themselves? You sir are full of schitt, a fake news zealot with a penchant for the cock it would appear. For the record the only person I even remotely suggested should do us all a favor is you. I stand by that suggestion by the way. So anyway GFY? Well, Good For You too. Your Friend, Butch
yo Lexcock, It's not a joke, its the Gods honest truth. The joke is (as you stated) your performance in football. Why be mad at me for stating the obvious. and you Piggy, you should be ashamed of yourself and ashamed for your team for thinking the coots matter even a smidgen after the drunken sot Spurrier quit and left your team in purgatory for decades to come. The truth hurts. Sure you can blame me for pointing out the elephant in the room, but to show you my true feelings here is a suggestion,,,,,if you are so upset over my post hows about you do us all a favor and get yourself a handle of brown liquor and a 12 gauge and do the right thing. Your friend, Butch
It's ever wonder in the world that every Coot on the 2015 team didn't kill themselves after that miserable 3-9 season,,,,,especially with the drunken sot Spurrier making all those promises and then quitting in shame and leaving the entire program in the miserable shambles it's in to this very day. Best of Luck to Hayden, and no reflection on him, just saying its amazing to me that there's not a suicide in that locker room on a weekly basis. I for one hope Muschamp never leaves, he and the coots deserve each other. Your friend, Butch
@TimRupert Finally someone with a modicum of foresight. Breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale thread. Good work sir, carry on Butch
I got 5 bucks says he doesn't make it three seasons at Ole Miss. Kiffin is now, has been, and will continue into the future Jinxing everything he comes in contact with. Just look at all the bad luck in his wake every single place he has been. Your friend, Butch
Yeah, all that honesty and somewhere in the neighborhood of $14,000,000 will get you a cup of coffee and a new coach that is not only honest but competent at his chosen profession. Just a thought from your friend, Butch
Isn't that typical of Cooter U? I just speak the facts, hard to deny that. How about you answering to the facts instead of constantly attacking me personally? Here, take this mean ole butch doll and show me where the mean man hurt you. Help me help you. The first step is admitting you are in fact a Coprophile. Lets work on this buddy, Your friend, Butch
LOL. Send in the Clowns. Mushy with another hire from a team that just lost twice as many games last year as they won. Does anyone else see a pattern here? The Coots are doomed once again as Mushy laughs all the way to the bank. LOL,,,,,Send in the Clowns
Lane Kiffin is now, has been in the past, and will continue into the future jinxing everything he touches. Seriously, name one program that Lane has been associated with that he didn't screw over? At USC, all 2005 wins vacated while Kiffin was there. Dont even get me started with him and the Raiders. He gave it to Tennessee next, right up the #2 hole. Back at USC where he Muschamped them again, then he Jinxed Alabama right out of a consecutive National Title, heck Nick wouldn't even let his Jinxy arse on the field that day. I feel Ole Miss has fallen for the hype of the Kiffin social media train and will be the next to get stung by the Kiffin Jinx. Facts are Facts..... Kiffin is a Jinx even with a great fan base, a nice facility and grove, and all the renewed enthusiasm of every Obama Hope and Changer in Mississippi. Your Friend, Butch
Three days,,,,,nobody cares. Typical bandwagon behavior seen it many of the lesser teams in the SEC as they roll over and play dead,,,, ie. Vandy, Ole Miss, and Kentucky. Sad, but true. Please someone finally answer to the facts stated above vs attacking me personally. Make my day. I know the truth hurts, but it's the only way get to the root causes of this stereotypical behavior and turn the page. Your Friend, Butch
....echo I’ve got ten bucks that says he never sees a single down played at Cooter U. He knows Muschamp is on the way out, and three star overweight defensive tackles are a dime a dozen in the SEC. He is simply covering his bases, probably one of his current coaches that washed out of some AA program 20 years ago is giving him sound advice is my guess.
Another rat runs from the dumpster fire. Like I've been saying, nothing new to see here. Show's over. Turn off the lights. You don't have to go home, but you can't play here. Jesus, when are you people gonna learn?
A fan,,,,,I am sure there is a village missing their idiot. Please call home. Your Friend Butch
@Biggie Fake News^^^^^ Your Papaw has an idiot for his kin,,,,likely the best part of you ran down Mawmas leg. Go Big Oramge
The boy is fragile, thats hardly debatable. If I told Nick once I told him 100 times the boy is fragile. Too much canned spam, poi, and marlin sushi is my guess. We screwed up royally by letting Hurts go out west, I tried to tell Nick, but he never listens. Now look at the mess we are in. Roll TIde
(there must be an echo in here) over and over and over and over and..... Move along, nothing to see here. Just another rat running from the dumpster fire in Columbia, not the first and certainly not the last. Will the last quality player to dump Muschamp and Cooter U please turn off the lights. Thanks, Staff
Move along, nothing to see here. Just another rat running from the dumpster fire in Columbia, not the first and certainly not the last. Will the last quality player to dump Muschamp and Cooter U please turn off the lights. Thanks, Staff
It's the best I can do right now. However, I did leave an hours wages on your mom's dresser when I left yesterday, and I'd bet another $10 you'll never guess what I left on her chin. Spurs Up