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Black people are violent, impulsive, and criminal people.
One reason folks tuned out is because Bama stomped UGA in the SEC game. Everyone expected a repeat of that. Everyone (except Tide fans) are sick of Bama dominating. Georgia becoming another Bama is good for college football. We need more teams to step up. LSU and Texas A & M look to be ascending, too. That's all good news. AND Auburn beat themselves in the iron bowl or they would have won. All good news for the future of college football.
As a Vols fan let me say, "Congratulations Dawgs". As far as ratings, a lot of folks who aren't SEC fans probably didn't watch. I can't blame them. If the game had been Michigan Vs. Cincinnati I wouldn't have watched either.
Ain't it about time for Meyer to pull one of those stunts where he fakes a medical condition and goes to the hospital and takes a year off? A year of rest and he will be ready for Notre Dame. That dude they got to replace Kelley isn't gonna do anything there.
I don't like Brian Kelly because he is a sodomite, but he is a good coach and will do well at LSU.
This is great news for LSU! What a powerhouse this team will be, and soon. I'm happy for you Tiger fans.
Urban Meyer always said Notre Dame was his dream job. Things aren't going well for him in the NFL. Wouldn't surprise me to see him get the job.
Great Hire! Kelly doesn't have to worry about academics any longer. He can recruit much better players. He will retire Saban and make LSU the new dynasty. Smart move by the Tigers.
I'm concerned, but I wouldn't blame Heupel if he left for his alma mater. I didn't blame Kiffin when he bolted for USC. Kiffin made it clear to the university that if SC ever called he would go. Besides, it would be just our luck. I'm convinced we have a curse on our football program. Too much bad luck cannot be explained away as simply chance and a few bad decisions. BUT, I am grateful that we didn't get that child molester, Greg Shiano. One day the sun will shine on us again! Praise God, Go Vols, and punch Pruitt.
Don't feel bad for Mullen. He's leaving with 12 million dollars. I'd love to be fired with that kind of dough.
Happy Thanksgiving to all! GO VOLS! Heupel, please recruit some beasts, quickly.
Napier to Florida would be the next dynasty to replace Saban and Bama. If the Gators are smart, they'll do whatever it takes to get Napier. College football needs a 12 team play-off. Period.
All gators are gay it's a fact of biology. Trust the science.
The only reason GA won is because they are all gay and it is illegal to beat gays. But seriously, the Dawgs are a great team and I think they will win the Natty. But TN is on the right track. Some good recruiting and we will be kicking butt again. Next year, Georgia, you gaytards, next year...
The Vols will upset Georgia tomorrow. Georgia has a great defense, but they haven't faced an offense like this. It's going to happen. Put your money on it. The dawgs are going down tomorrow. I'll be back on here Sunday to sy, "I told you so."
Every member of the Georgia Bulldogs and their fanbase are GAY.
How do I put a picture by my name?
TN will win this game. Georgia is just too gay.
We will stomp Georgia. They are all like really super gay.
We Vols have our coach - FINALLY - We got the x's and o's, now a couple of good recruiting classes will give us our jimmy's and joe's, then it will be 1998 all over again. My condolences to the rest of the SEC.
Bring on Georgia! We want the dawgs!
As a Vols fan, I am loving the implosion in Gainesville. No sympathy here. By the way, look's like my Vols are #2 in the East, right behind Georgia. GO VOLS! and KEEP MULLEN/GRANTHAM!
Our beloved Vols were in reach in the 4th against Bama. We CAN beat Georgia. Not likely but possible.
I think Gators should re-hire McElwain. Bama should fire Saban and hire Mullen.