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That is small change in SEC money, and it doesn't even matter if he gets a new job making 250K a year. It also was the decent thing to do. This coach was one of the lowest paid and will most likely have to relocate for a new job. Nice gesture by Coach Heupel.
No, do not kid yourself. South Carolina and Arkansas are still the new kids. Missouri and Texas A&M are still outsiders to me. Texas is Texas and Missouri is not the South. Where my family comes from (Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee) it takes a generation or 2 to be from somewhere and be accepted.
We just helped our opponent save money. Alabama weakens opponents by hiring coaches receiving buyout payments and paying them a minimum wage, costing the former employees huge losses. Tennessee hires coaches receiving a buyout, lessening the opponents responsibility. But in the case of Steele it was an insurance policy in case we couldn't hire a coach this off-season.
Lane leaving sent us into a spiral downward, but we could have recovered with a good hire back then. Derek Dooley was the nails in the coffin to our present futility. As far as the bickering amongst all of us SEC fans, we are all second fiddle to Alabama in the best conference of football. Some of us remember how messed up Alabama was, especially when they ran Bill Curry one of the nicest guys in football out of town. GO VOLS!
Tennessee is in about the same situation Florida was in during the 80s. Charley Pell and Galen Hall were both ousted and the 90s brought Spurrier. If AD White makes the right moves UT can also experience succeess again.
There was a story online this week about how much the SEC schools have paid in buyouts during the Bama Saban era
Georgia native here. UHHGA fans are pretty delusional themselves. Best Coach ever in Bulldog history was Erk Russell, but yall only remember the HC Vince Dooley. Vince Dooley the great AD that brought yall Ray Goff. And GA Tech still has a more recent NC than tall. GO VOLS!
Salary cap guys are thinking...why can't all QBs punt?
Tech has a more recent NC. UGA fans are pretty arrogant themselves.
Freeze might be able to win at UT, but I wish they would hire an older respected coach to level out the program. Clean up the program and gain some respect. Eventually 8 wins a year is looking good for a few years if it leads us back to being relevant.