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That should be the definition of a good safety. "Being in the right place at the right time"
I agree. I'm seriously disappointed I UT's OL and I'm not sold on Debord at all. I'm worried about that four game stretch for sure and hope they don't choke this weekend. OL play looked horrible and won't cut it against SEC opponents.
I think Tennessee is right where they should be considering their offensive line. They look horrible! Worse than last year IMO. Way to much penetration. Defense looks good but way to many yards on the perimeter. OL is going to have to play a lot better if we're going to survive 9/24-10/15
Awesome win HOGS! I knew little brother could do it. Rootin for ya all the way WPS! (Until you play the vols again)
Our ol must improve if we are to emerge out of the four game gauntlet. All of those games are a toss up if they don't and bama's defense will kill us and I mean badly! I was happy to see some improvement but honestly I think they look worse than they did last year. Good solid win and I think #15 sounds about right until the ol gets some heart, balls and teeth. Oh and way to go hogs!
That being said I've never seen a win be treated so much like a loss.
I don't have a problem with the coach speak as long as it remains sensible, objective and consistent. I do wish he would say " hey we sucked against app state and I've gotten into my players ass and have asked them to look at themselves and examine if they even want to be here! ". Then took Debord into a room and said the same thing to him. I think the auburn players should have the same conversation with Guss cause they should have won that game.
This was a pathetic performance by the offensive line. But I still think this is a solid win because appy might be the the best non power 5 team in the country. UT sucked tonight and I hope this was the reality check I feel they needed
I know but the injuries are what created a lot of movement along the line last year and I heard on the radio they were thinking about redshirting jack jones
Their t shirts should say " I saw alabama play live! No I really did!!!"
Sweet! sincerely yours, Derrick Barnett
I wish we could drop UK and bring in Louisville so the east would be stronger. Give the rest of the SEC a few more "strength of schedule points". Can't wait to watch Candy beat your a$$
Good luck to the tier 100000000 wildcats this year. God your team sucks
"We'll see at the end of the season" Jalen Hurd
Umm you should really follow college football more before posting. UT is an obvious contender. Talent, experience, depth. Pay attention son.
We can absorb this. I heard on they were thinking of redshirting jack jones this year which tells me they're comfortable with their depth at guard
I heard they were thinking of redshirt ing jack jones this year I'll bet that's not going to happen now
Oh jealousy! SEC = NFL stepping stone league SEC= the best football played in the country, college or pro.
1) rocky top is awesome but the "third down for what" thing MUST STOP! 2)when Mark Ingram flashed his gloves together after scoring a TD in the NC game right into the camera... That was awesome 3)I love the way overtime is done...DONT TOUCH IT!
Recruiting seems to be kind of like a bass tournament, you catch your limit then cull the smaller fish for the bigger fish
Recruiting seems to be kind of like a bass tournament. You catch your limit, then cull the smaller fish for the bigger fish
Bill, my point is that the DA has said that this situation was blown out of proportion and a charge was dropped and one was reduced and will be dropped. He was never found guilty in court and taking this deal is not an admission of guilt but rather an opportunity for everyone to move on with their lives. The DA doesn't have a problem with it, the accuser doesn't have a problem with it, the student judicial panel has no problem with it. There's just nothing to see here.
Wrong again Nancy! There hasn't been a trial and there will not be once all of the charges are dropped in October.
V4LinPA after following it's title IX law suit it seems that all the complainant has to do is disagree with the way the university handles the complaint to file a lawsuit and in turn force a settlement weather there is evidence to support their claim or not. Universities are forced to prove they are operating within the parameters of title IX instead of the burden of proof falling on the complainant. It seems any university is susceptible to this whether or not an incident has occurred
He'll definitely shouldn't forget his meds
Thank for taking time away from making fun of people with terminal illnesses to contribute. Seven t bag