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"University of Alabama linebacker and special teams player Courtney Upshaw has been arrested in Tuscaloosa County on a third-degree domestic violence/harassment charge. Jail records there show his bond set at $500. Upshaw, 19, was arrested early this morning by University of Alabama police department. According to Tuscaloosa County jail records, a young woman also was arrested overnight and faced the same charge and bond." You still beating this dead horse Johnny? It was a scuffle. They were BOTH arrested and their bonds were set at $500. He didn't barge into an occupied dwelling and threaten its occupants with a handgun. Nor did he beat another student senseless and leave him in a pool of blood like Eric Smith did. Oh, and I'm not sure what kind of math they teach down on the plains, but 5 or 6 out of 5,000 does NOT equal 5 out of less than a hundred.
"Cheap shot"? How ironic considering your beloved Nick Fairley is the absolute poster boy for the cheap shot. Too bad there's going to be a lock out. I was looking forward to him getting rung up for more fines in his rookie season than James Harrison's entire career.
Johnny... you completely missed the point. I wasn't "rebuilding" the teams, but rather commenting on the depth, or lack thereof, of the teams in question. The Alabama team of 2009 was deeper and more experienced across the board than any team I've seen in recent history.
All of your pathetic denial will simply make the crash and burn that much sweeter. It's going to be bad for Auburn. Really bad. Nuclear winter bad. Enjoy!
Neyland over Bryant... Bryant over Neyland... utterly debatable. Neyland definitely suffers from a lack of respect, both in the South and nationwide. What isn't debatable is the utterly ridiculous criteria of the article. Ten years? Amazing how that number is your criteria, seeing as Nick Saban has only been a coach in the SEC for nine years. Rubs you raw that he's managed to win as many national titles as your beloved Auburn Tigers have throughout their entire history inside of a decade, doesn't it?
In case you missed it, Mosley is the Mensa who posted a picture of himself on Facebook with about ten large in hundreds, bound with casino wrappers and fanned out for the whole world - including at this point, the FBI and NCAA - to see. Then he tried to claim he was helping a friend reload ATMs, which is a bit of a problem, since ATMs everywhere - except maybe in Lee County - only spit out twenties. He's obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and now he's really stepped over the line into the realm of downright stupid. He will do prison time. Maybe not as much as the others - especially the one who waved the gun around - because he simply drove the getaway car. I'm sure his lawyer will try and say that he had no idea, but given how stupid he appears to be, I'm sure he's already said enough to incriminate himself.
Valid points, except that - if memory serves - Jamal Lewis missed most of the season with a knee injury and there were several games in which Tennessee squeaked by or were just flat out lucky. And, in all fairness, one of the BCS Bowl teams that Tennessee beat was Syracuse. They were 8-4 that year, but won the Big (L)East and played in the Orange Bowl even though they were barely ranked. Alabama's opening win over a Virginia Tech squad that finished 10-3 is much more impressive. Also, if you're going to look at strength of schedule, it should be noted that Alabama beat an undefeated, #1 ranked Florida team lead by a Heisman Trophy winner in their SEC Championship Game. Tennessee beat an 8-4 Mississippi State team that was barely ranked.
2009's Alabama Crimson Tide would win it, hands down. That team was deep on both sides of the ball, and had seniors at long snapper, punter and placekicker. That doesn't seem important until your kicker misses and you try to coach around it, or your punter shanks several that fail to take advantage of field position. Speaking of field position, if Javier Arenas wasn't scoring touchdowns, he was sure making it easier for the offense to with his ability to flip the field in the blink of an eye. The only other team on that list to go 14-0 - a monumental accomplishment - is Auburn, but if you took Cam Newton away from that team, they would have probably only barely been bowl eligible. Take Mark Ingram away from the 2009 Crimson Tide and Trent Richardson would have been there to take up the slack.