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No your right. He was a top 200 player nationally out of highschool. He didn't get to play at TOSU because they wanted him to play defensive tackle but he fancies himself a defensive end. He needs to embrace the tackle spot and put on the weight to play for the cats. Or we got him because we told him he can play as an edge rusher lol. We will see. Talented guy though.
He is an awesome player, but I'm not sure he starts at UK. C Rod will prolly be back. Although those too sharing time could preserve their bodies in the eyes of NFL teams. I would def love to have him. He is prolly wanting to go somewhere he can win a chip tho so I doubt he comes to Lex.
You picked up a lucky qb from the portal. That's the only reason you won 7 games. Its 1 year. You are not on the rise yet. You had a nice season though. We have 2 more years of Levis so I don't think you guys or Florida are much of a worry.
Dang it man. UK wouldve been 8th or 9th with a win Saturday. Oh well....GG Miss. St.....good win. Much better overall team then we are.
Well yea i would hope we could beat Michigan. They are a middle of the road B1G team. They are as bad this year as they have been any other year. Theu will finish with 8 or 9 wins but their schedule has been as week as ours. Its the only reason they are undefeated. I pray we dont play them in a bowl game because i dont think thats a good win for the majority of SEC teams. The only win against a B1G team that means much is Ohio St, and the rest are just 2 or 3 wim teams in the SEC.
We have got to atleast start attempting some 9 routes or deep post passes again. We had success early with them, and from what i can recall we havent even attempted one since the mizzu game. I really dont see with our play action why it would hurt just to waste a couple deep bombs to keep the defense honest. We might get lucky and make a play. Its something this offense is missing and we are going to have to get to 30 these next few games to win.
We will finish atleast 9-3 but yea it could def end very similar to that year. We will have 5 sec victories this year tho is why at worst the record will be a bit better. 9-3 seems like where we will end up. Not because we are bad, but because Miss St and Tenn ended up being a lot better than ppl thought. We will plummet down the polls, but the national media dont umderstand that those 2 teams could win 9 or 10 games in any other conference.
Idk brother. You guys are at home and its a night game. The odds on UK playing a clean game is also low. If Kentucky wins....which i dont think they will as much as i hate to say it......they will have to make it a slow ugly game because thats how we get 95 percent of our wins. If you think Miss St could have that type a game than maybe i give us a shot. If you guys run 75 or 80 plays you will win. If you run 70 or less than we might have a real shot. Hoping my cats prove me wrong, but i still dont see a huge difference from this team to all the other Stoops teams. They are way better tham they use to be, but it still looks like UK when i see them play. Hope i am eating crow come 1130 pm saturday.
Miami is not a better job than UK. Stoops would have success there yes, because he would get some 3 and 4 star Florida guys and run the ball and play defense. Against a mediocre ACC im sure he could win 9 or 10 games yearly,but still its to much pressure for no reason. Its still not good enough to make the playoff.
I wish i had your confidence brother. Im not feeling good about it. State has a good defense so we may not score much. Yes last year we did well but st is much better. Also i just feel like UK will not be motivated for this game because i still feel like we have some of that old UK in them. I hope im wrong because 7 and 1 sounds great. 6 and 2 sounds like season going down hill.
Yea as a Kentucky fan im not interested in him even with his 5 stars, So idk why most of these schools would think they can do a better job with a qb than Riley. I think he is just an ok qb...nothing special.
Yea im impressed with the Vols so far this season. As long as Hooker remains relatively healthy i think you guys will continue to win most of your games. Only the UGA game is un-winnable for Tenn. Prolly will lose to Bama but other than that i dont see another loss. UK should be a win and of course Vandy will be so a real shot at 4-4.
Yes.turned out it was a bunch of chads and karens lying. UK player even took a polygraph to clear his name....and passed. Once the investigation concluded the only ones who may have charges filed were the students who made a false report.
Kentucky can go 11-1 as well with a better loss in that scenario. Neither will make it with 1 loss tho. To much has to happen.
Exactly...they would rather worry about this and a team tryn to score so they can have some momentum going forward. Not all of us have 20 plus 5 stars on the team. A chance to run a play against a great defense on the road from inside the 5 may be huge for us against Miss st or Tenn. You guys should be over then moon. 7-0 5-0 with the east locked up. You're going to playoffs even with a loss to bama which wont happen anyway but even if. Just enjoy the ride and what you have to watch this year.....and dont worry about keeping track of how many points have been scored against you lol....its not all about UGA but it could be at end of the year.
Yea as a UK fan i dont want to see Daniels Saturday. Stetson could and very well may throw for 300 yds and 3 scores. However, for UK to have even a slimmer of hope they have to sell out for the run or pass. They will choose to sell out to try and stop the run against UGA. Its the only sensible thing to do. With JT in there i believe that takes that option away a bit. Stetson is money for a backup, but as an oppsing teams fan i can tell you we would rather face him. Not to mention our team has played against him and had good success. It dont matter if it was a different year with different teams. That exp is still a mental edge for some of our guys that will make them feel like they can stop this guy if they play their best.
This is the problem Levis has too kinda. Not just sticking with only 2 option on his read bit sometimes if his 1st option is covered he panics and takes off for a negative play. I really dont understand with as much man defense as we have seen why we arent just doing a quick 3 step drop and fade routes deep down the sideline. We have a qb who can throw the ball 80 yds so why not waste a couple plays during the game and try it. Worst case scenario its an interception that works the same as a punt. I feel like we just choose not to throw the deep fade eveb tho we could. We have to try it a few times this weekend because obviously you cant have sustained long drives against UGA. We prolly lead the league in plays of 20 yds or more but we still arent even attempting to hit the explosive pass play. Anyway i just want to stay healthy. Nobody is beating UGA this year. Clemson was the only one with a shot just because it was the 1st game. That ship has sailed. I just want the cats to leave it all on the field and earn UGAs respect. To me 27 to 10 is the best possible scenario for UK. If we do that and dont suffer anymore injuries its a win for us in the end I know UGA has a bunch if injuries as well but we arent Georgia. We dont have 4 and 5 star backups if starters go down. I know you guys have a lot of 3 star under the radar guys too that have developed into good/great players which says a lot about Coach Smart. Good luck this weekend.
I will take that scenario all day long. Would love to play in a new years 6 bowl. It would be the next logical step for our program. It would help recruiting and just help our reputation in the future so we dont end up ranked 11th even tho we are 6-0 in the SEC. We arent gonna come out of nowhere and go from the belk bowl to the SEC championship game. Thats all UGA thid year and i think most UK fans will agree. I would trade a loss to UGA for wins against Miss ST and Tenn to close out the year. If we win those 2 games then we finish 11-1 and there is no way they can deny us a new years 6 bowl.
I cant find any SEC team this century that was 6-0 4-0 that wasnt ranked in the top 10. Ppl say rankings dont matter but it does at UK because we need that exposure and these big games. Plus the higher you are ranked the less you fall after a loss. I gurantee after we lose to the number 1 team in the country on the road we will have the biggest drop of any top 25 team. We will have 2 loss ole miss and arkansas ranked ahead of us. I mean think about how stupid that is lol.
You cant beat a team that has all 11 starters on defense as projected nfl players. It just cant and wont happen. The stars aligned for UGA this year much like how they did for LSU 2 years ago. Both will go down as the 2 greatest teams of this century. As a kentucky fan just having 1 nfl player in the past has coincided with our best seasons. Look at Randall Cobb.....stevie johnson....trevathon....snell and allen and then bowden. Just 1 guy who is nfl caliber and sometimes 2 makes such a difference. UGA has 20 guys that would be drafted tmrw. Its just not possible to beat that. Lsu was beatable their championship year because it was their offense that carried them. Of course they didnt lose, but defense just dont slump and honestly this will prolly be the easiest natty anyone has ever won. This isnt reverse psychology or trying to put a curse on them. They are just that good.
Great. We had some nice depth on the D-line to start the season but a rash of injuries has all but erased that. Now were razor thin going into an important stretch of games.
Have Dog fans ever been less nervous going into a big game than they will be this week? Lol. I know some cat fans will hate me saying this but i feel no pressure in the UGA game. I just want us to come out of the game healthy because a loss dont really change our season. We just need to keep showing up after the UGA game and try to keep getting sec wins and this will be an amazing year as a Cat fan.
Yea im a bit confused as well. As a fellow vet with two 7 month tours in iraq from 03 to 05 I didnt understand that either. Im not sayin the guy is lying or dont wanna disrespect a vet i just hadnt heard of a rotation like that. It could be i was just never exposed to it but it did seem weird. Anyway to reply to the origional comment. No, it is not necessarily a drill that directly correlates to an in game situation. Its more of a drill to get someone confortable with contact and being hit while in pads. Once you do this for a while you become hardened and not afraid of the contact that will happen in a game. Then you can begin working on technique and game sitiuations. Whether its the best way to do this i dont not a coach.
And Kentucky is 8-0 in our last 8 games....a very quiet 8-0 that includes wins over multiple ranked opponents. Thats crazy about Mullen tho. They have played some good teams tho obviously.
Prolly be behind Virginia too lol. Obviously the Gators wont be considered a good win now that we beat them so they cant move us up much. I believe we were the only power 5 school undefeated and not ranked. We still arent very good but i mean we keep winning. Someday maybe we will learn how to throw the ball...not give it away and the offense and defense complimemt each other in the same game. Hopefully its next week against L.S.U. i dont really care about the UGA game. They have a once in a generation defense so a loss there is not really effecting our season i dont think.
Aaaannndddd here we go with the excuses. Kentucky played terrible and won lol. We played the exact way we have all year....terribly....but we won. Btw....this is 8 straight wins for Kentucky.