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Lol...i love your confidence in my cats but no way that happens....dont trust in the Vegas line man...we are way overvalued this week and should be the underdog. My heart says go Cats but if I was a betting man it say Mizzou covers and wins outright 34-10.
I'm wondering the same thing about Mizzu....did they find their offense against a bad LSU team. It's hard to believe LSU could be that bad but if they are I think the Cats have a chance. I would say you guys are the favorite in my book as of now. I love the Cats but we still have a bad offense that just won't stick to running the ball the way we should. Feels like a 31-13 type game for Mizzu.
Yea you guys def have a shot in fact I'm surprised we are favorites....the only way I could see my cats winning this game would be if LSU really is just that bad. We won't be able to drop the line backers as much since you guys can run the ball for sure. We've had some success against Mizzu lately but it's always a toss up I think.