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How many points were the dawgs up by in the fourth quarter?
Kentucky won by 3 TDs? Are you sure about that? Lol
Can somebody tell me why it would be a good idea to name a starter, versus making UM prepate for all 3. I think McElwain knows exactly what he's doing. UM wont event release their 2017 roster. Why should we have to tell them who's playing Qb?
Lol "those 1 point escapes are going to end at some point against Tennessee." "I know they're going to end soon! I just know it." Vols fans for the past 11 years.
I have a bowl prediction. Tennessee vs Georgia in the "Maybe next year bowl".
Hey V4LinPA, where does it say that he was suspended in December indefinitely? I'm not following...
Did you not read the article? It was for fighting.
Yeah and Jordan Scarlett plays for Florida.
Don't do it! Looks like something Ohio state would wear. The tide can't stoop to there level.
When Muschamp was hired he had John Brantley, a former 5* recruit. Then he had the #1 rated qb coming out of high school in Jeff Driskell. Jacoby Brissett, not to shabby either. Not to mention Driskell and Brissett did pretty good for themselves once they got away from him. I don't know if I would say it was a terrible time for qb's.
Hey rebel_landshark, I see that you copy and paste the same response on these different articles that you've been trolling. Yes, Florida State dominated us in the swamp. Just like we dominated your worthless team. The sad part is, this is our rebuilding year and it was supposed to be your teams year to win it all. Oh, wait. Your team never makes it. Ever. These "dead fish" will be in Atlanta on Saturday while yall are at home watching the team that you beat play us and STILL couldn't make it. Losers.
Is it just me or am I still bitter from the game. Is this dude is really praising Florida State while writing for a SEC site. Go home you're drunk.
Yeah, his younger brother Cavin lol. That had me confused.
How can Calvin Ridley be the number 4 impact player when he is still in High school? And he's not even committed to a program yet?