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Found the Michigan sign stealing spy what about that 30 point blow out of the little pigs last night
Shut up and take this basketball whipping to bad your cheating coach is gone
Man not a hater in sight I love beating Kentucky in basketball almost as good as beating bama in football
Our state officials will pass laws to make it legal we will be fine ncaa out the door
If the other teams best player is their center we been losing aidoo kinda soft and awaka can’t score enough
Coach Hype got 5 stars backing up 5 stars at the qb position son how many other teams doing that this day and age
Tiyon Evan’s Jimmy Calloway Wes walker Tyler Baron in the last couple years Louisville getting vol transfers like Oklahoma with Lincoln Riley
Same with Trevor Lawerence tee martins son Trevor etienne ladd mcconkey on and on
How is Corso on gameday? Oh yeah Joe Biden our president thanks Georgia
Why even look at vol articles worry bout the championship…….
Bama wasn’t missing their two best receivers this time only their running back but U guys went back to back so your an idiot if you get mad on here
Where the pup smack talkers at tonight no one does less with more than the blue state pups
This happened and the pups got beat we partying in Tennessee
I hate bama and I mean hate but if the dawgs don’t get in now…..
We might have a wwe match b4 this one’s over Tennessee boys love to throw down
It was hard to watch. No game flow Tennessee was in the bonus with 12 minutes left but Purdue had like 20 more free throws and jay bilas was giving Gary Danielson vibes. Knecht went missing.
Vols will be fine 2 best wr been out 2 linebackers been out best corner out joe gone next year but oline will be rough for Nico
Ga fans coming to Vols articles at halftime is hilarious what kind of loser has nothing else going on