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College Gameday came to Knoxville for every major sport this year and we thought ESPN hated us. Vols won big bama lost great day!!
Anybody see the Vols vs pups bball game? That was a beat down pups pushed down court after Tn quit to only get beat by 29. Not 14. Smokey had Uga by the neck shaking him
Man bama and ga been drinking that Jackson Mississippi water
What a lucky gift to get TCU for a national championship. You can only play who’s on the schedule but what a break…. Cheap one and bama would have won with their two receivers
It’s Downings fault every first down was a run except 2 and our o line was awful with no nfl caliber receivers and the injuries this year man sad sad year for the two toned blue
Man what a job he ain’t calling no plays getting that money
People were saying he was just gonna give up on football next year on the radio just not even play and we are super slim at tight end.
He thinks he’s better than MJ too enough said
I thought for sure Potter would get to kick the game winner after missing 3.
Our top three offensive players our top two defensive it would have been a good excuse but Joe says we don’t need it. Bama would have won with their top two receivers last year
Mississippi kid in Texas singing bout the greatest state in the country!
At least the cats are killing it in football transfer portal.
Beasley is awesome on tape always around the ball he’s a bit small but the huge neck collar linebacker era is over right now
He had the crazy police rant but I did way worse at that age I loved to watch this guy play linebacker and remember when he started off at running back he was a Memphis beast.
I like the dog in Uros it wasn’t anything crazy the refs had a crazy list of calls and thousands of people were talking about the job they did.
Not a State fan never met the guy but I feel robbed I loved listening to him! Long live the Pirate!
Cat Daddy’s Orange Crush nightmare turned out all right who would’ve thought Florida would be the only orange team win against the fighting roosters
LSU losing is a good thing now GA will be sleep walking.