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He fits the more traditional Alabama "game manager" QB mold.
Noon games are great when you're watching at home. My friends who tailgate at NC State hate it - aka "noon game U"
Correct me if I'm wrong but last time they lost more than 1 game in regular season was 2010. If you include postseason they lost 2 games in 2013 and 2014 seasons.
The year they play at USF on the road they get Texas at home so they are still getting the same number of home games as they usually do (since they have often played a neutral site game). Plus they get to play in an NFL stadium.
They travel to USF the same season they play Texas.
9 wins and a bowl this coming season is still very possible for them. That would not surprise me.
Maybe they can prove that wrong, but it just feels like they are going to return to the "7 wins and a bowl" that has historically been their ceiling.
Kentucky in 2019: Wins: Toledo, EMU, Arkansas, Vandy, UT-Martin, Louisville. Toss up: Missouri, Tennessee, SC. So anywhere between 6 and 9 wins. 9 wins should get them in the rankings towards the end of the season, but I can't do it pre-season.
Sounds like his plan might be to learn from the best of the best for a year or two then transfer to a Sunbelt/C-USA school to be the starter for a year or two. Can't really blame him for gaming the system though.
I think Kentucky's 15 minutes of fame are up. But they still have a good shot and winning 6 or 7 games and getting to a bowl.
They will sign an agreement with ACC and AAC but if there are no teams from those conferences available they will have to pick from other teams. in 2018 there were 4 eligible teams that did not get bowl invites (Southern Miss, Miami OH, UL Monroe, and Wyoming) so as long as there continue to be more eligible teams than bowls somebody will make new bowls.
Henry Ruggs III could go in the first couple rounds as well if he decides to leave early. I would imagine Judy will go early like Calvin Ridley did (and in the first round) but I hope Ruggs and Devonte Smith will stick around for their senior years.
Looking at the 2019 schedule I think they should win 5 to 6 games with another 2 or so as toss ups. Not bad for what should be a rebuilding year.
Saban was right about a number of players in general, really those who end up going in late rounds or undrafted. Even a 3rd rounder maybe could have improved their draft stock with another year of experience. But the other side of the argument is that they also run the risk of injury that could hurt their draft stock.
I'm not a Tenn fan at all but I don't think that should have been called. In the last minute refs need to swallow the whistle unless it's something obviously egregious. Perdue got what's known as "a Duke call."
I hope you are right, then again he could just end up being the next Anthony Grant who also was a young coach from a hot mid-major school.
Yup. 34-38 in SEC play is not going to cut it at 3 million a year.
The SEC didn't do itself any favors in the SEC tournament. If Kentucky or Tenn won it maybe either could have been a 1 seed. But it looks like Auburn was not awarded much, if anything for winning it. I feel like the tourney committee set the field before any of the tournament games were even played.
Last season Collin Sexton single handedly kept Avery off the hot seat, with wins over A&M and Auburn in the SEC tournament and a first round win in the NCAA tournament. Those helped cover up a lackluster, under-performing season. Which is what with saw again this year, sans Sexton to bail them out. Avery's teams have consistently under-performed.
I thought maybe South Carolina might get one of the last NIT at large bids. At 16-16 they had a tough schedule, but in the end 16-16 Texas got in thanks a a few high profile wins over NCAA tourney teams. SC was probably on the NIT bubble but got bumped by NIT automatic bids (teams from small conferences who were regular season champs but lost in their conference tournaments.)
The team that most got hosed was NC State. Overall non-conference was weak sure but they did beat Auburn. 22-11, 9-9 in ACC play. NET of like 30. And they aren't even a NIT 1 seed? It really hurt them that Vandy and Penn State ended up being so bad this year, hurting their non-con strength.
August 24th in central Florida... hmmm. They should move it indoors where it won't be 105 degrees and 98% humidity.
I don't have a dog in this fight but when watching the game I immediately thought "oh that's a charge" when I saw it. I mean, it wasn't even a questionable call, and by the time time coach got T'ed up the damage was already done.
2019/2020 CFB Playoffs: #4 Oklahoma defeats #1 Clemson to set up Oklahoma vs Alabama in the Natty.
I hope he picks a team that doesn't play against Alabama because I don't want to have to root against him and would like to see him succeed. He would fit will with a Pac-12 offense or a team with a departing QB like NC State.
When you play teams that bad you need to beat them all by 40 and not struggle and come from behind to beat teams like Memphis and Temple.
UCF has to join the Big XII. Along with maybe BYU or Houston or Boise State or Cincinnati or Memphis. It would been good for the Big XII to get a foothold in the state of Florida.
I agree on all these except NC State over A&M. State struggled to beat a lot of middling teams all year and don't have any signature wins. They are more like a 6-6 team except they have a few cupcakes to pad the resume (because of the hurricane they got ECU instead of WV). They will keep it close until the second half but A&M will win by at least 14.
2016 game vs Ole Miss. Down 24-3 late in the first half, ESPN's win predictor gave Ole Miss a 92.2% chance of winning at that point. I think this is the biggest comeback by points during the Saban era.