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Texas A&M got snubbed by UCF. UCF beat some CUSA also ran, A&M beat a ranked power 5 team.
Really impressive way Pruitt was able to save this season after losing to Georgia State and BYU and some of the players were wanting to quit. A lot of teams would have folded.
As of the morning of Jan. 2nd: SEC 6 and 2 with 2 games remaining. B10 4 and 4 with 1 game remaining. ACC 4 and 5 with 2 games remaining. PAC12 4 and 3 with 0 games remaining, Big XII 1 and 5 with 0 games remaining.
I agree on most these and while I want to pick Kentucky I can't because the Belk bowl is were middling SEC teams go to die
Josh Jacobs. Yeah his total yards weren't that high thanks to all the mouths that had to be fed but 15 TDs in a season is an impressive stat, plus SEC Championship Game MVP award.
He might most be remembered for his misses in the South Carolina game essentially cost Georgia a spot in the playoffs though. (debatable if an undefeated Georgia would have gotten in as a 1 loss team over Oklahoma but anyway)
Nah I fully hope he does well. Beat LSU. I think he earned enough respect when stayed all season at Alabama, came off the bench to win the SEC title, finished his degree. Would it be fun to have a "what if?" machine so we could see how the Iron Bowl would have unfolded with Hurts starting? Absolutely.
Only a matter of time before the SEC and maybe other power 5 conferences leave the NCAA and form their own association. The NCAA needs them a lot more than they need the NCAA.
Probably a couple years to soon for a power 5 to snatch up Will Healy but keep him on the radar.
Honestly at this point the most important thing is to get a lot of the younger players more practice and reps. It's not a "meaningless" game it's a live scrimmage for the players who will have bigger roles next year. Let Mac play a half then Little T play a half.
I wonder if he feels like his injury would not be fully healed and if the scouts have doubts that he might take the year off? In theory he could return to Alabama and redshirt which would allow him to train and work out and rehab while finishing his degree (which seems important to his family) then enter the draft next year?
LOL this quote from a USC fan: “Great win, but, man, are we now going to be stuck with Helton for the rest of the season?”
As an Alabama fan - no. Please, no. Tua has to be healthy at the end of the year for Alabama to have a shot at SEC title and playoffs. Also, how many games has his brother played in so far? 2? It will be interesting if they take advantage of the redshirt rule where he can play in 4 games and still redshirt.
Hoo boy, no I'm not going to take that bet. At least 4 wins. I think they will pick of UK, Miss St, or Mizzu for a 5th win but winning 2 of those 3 feels unlikely, though I think they will be very competitive games.
They wouldn't even have thrown a flag if that was Cam Newton getting hit. Enforcement when it comes to QB hits in the NFL is an absolute joke.
Visiting Southern Miss fans will be able to watch a football game AND get their monthly shower at the same time? Amazing! Wait until Miss State fans see this!
I think this is a good move for him. I had read he was frustrated they were not using him to his strengths.
I think SC is a solid middle-of-the-pack SEC team. Even with a tough schedule remaining I think they will get to a bowl game. I'd pick them against UNC if they played this weekend with Hilinski.
yeah, if TAMU drops a few more games, Clemson could easily finish the year with no wins over teams in the final polls. They have to win out to have a shot at making the playoffs. The ACC will be lucky to finish the year with more than 1 team ranked.
Boise State and UCF should schedule each other every year so the winner can be crowed "mid-major champion"
He fits the more traditional Alabama "game manager" QB mold.
Noon games are great when you're watching at home. My friends who tailgate at NC State hate it - aka "noon game U"
Correct me if I'm wrong but last time they lost more than 1 game in regular season was 2010. If you include postseason they lost 2 games in 2013 and 2014 seasons.
The year they play at USF on the road they get Texas at home so they are still getting the same number of home games as they usually do (since they have often played a neutral site game). Plus they get to play in an NFL stadium.
They travel to USF the same season they play Texas.
9 wins and a bowl this coming season is still very possible for them. That would not surprise me.
Maybe they can prove that wrong, but it just feels like they are going to return to the "7 wins and a bowl" that has historically been their ceiling.
Kentucky in 2019: Wins: Toledo, EMU, Arkansas, Vandy, UT-Martin, Louisville. Toss up: Missouri, Tennessee, SC. So anywhere between 6 and 9 wins. 9 wins should get them in the rankings towards the end of the season, but I can't do it pre-season.
Sounds like his plan might be to learn from the best of the best for a year or two then transfer to a Sunbelt/C-USA school to be the starter for a year or two. Can't really blame him for gaming the system though.