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Pope is not Hurley, a foul-mouthed jackass. Pope is not Oats, excusing players involved in first-degree murders (who by the way was a complete non-entity just four years ago). Pope is going to do something that has not been seen in a decade - try to win post-season games.
Listing Mark Pope at least shows a sense of humor from the writer. Perhaps he could list some standout high school coaches who deserve attention. The first contact from Barnhart is to Jay Wright (if Barnhart is sentient) with a contract offer that cannot be refused. There is no such thing as "Regardless of the money I am not interested". There may be other factors in a refusal - anything is possible - but the Kentucky program COULD do as I suggest.
Kentucky first must make a Brinks-truck offer and hear a "no" from Jay Wright and Brad Stevens. Lots of boobs on fan sites say those two are impossible; if they say "no" so be it, but this is the Kentucky job. It is completely unique and the prestige of the position is one of the best in sports. So before getting a coach who hemmed and hawed to explain why his best player was intimately involved in a first-degree murder, let's do first things first.
He should transfer yet again just to demonstrate the absurdity of present-day college athletics. He's no Benny Snell, and Snell is unemployed.
Bjork is the outlandish avant-garde entertainer from Iceland. Is she masquerading as an athletic director?
I suppose in the likely event Kentucky beats Vandy the win will not help Kentucky get ranked by any poll, since going 3-0 in (mostly) dominant fashion did not do it.
Remember the "Prime Prep Academy", which was a collection of alleged charter schools? The list of malefactors connected with it makes interesting reading. Sanders' inevitable collapse at Colorado cannot happen soon enough.
It may be that Saban, with his multiple titles, knows a bit more about what to do with his team than Mortician Finebaum.
Darius Miles, benchwarmer, implicated in first-degree murder: kicked off Bama's team. Brandon Miller, star player, brought firearm used in said murder to the scene of the crime at the shooter's request: Alabama cuts reporters' mics if reporters try to ask questions. You have to assume no one in Alabama is losing any sleep over this.
The game was by no means over at the time of the injury. I am no fan of Coach Stay-Puft; "what goes around comes around" as they say, and it happened in spades to him. Nevertheless it was still possible for UT to overcome an 18-point deficit with the time remaining if they had chosen to play defense.
The phrase "rapped the N-word" has no meaning and makes no sense in a civilized society.
Coach Stay-Puft scores 66 then seven days later gives up 63. As I have said, in the absence of the fluke of winning the transfer portal lottery, Tennessee will settle back to a much more reasonable range of seven or eight wins a year.
The real story of this game - never mentioned in the article, BTW - is that Vandy is a decent team whose players play for their program, not for the sake of mock drafts from "experts". Florida is a mid-tier SEC program. Kentucky has won three out of five and was the better team all five times, but Stoops managed to "prevent D" the Cats to a couple of losses. That is the reality.
Who knows how Matt defines "demoralizing", but Stoops' worst loss was the 2018 UT game. Kentucky's nemesis in football is Tennessee. Kentucky in 2018 had been, up 'til that game, demonstrably better at having the will to win. UT was historically bad, and a Kentucky win (at Neyland) in that situation would have proven Stoops was running the program at full speed. This season is more indicative of Stoops' "football mentality", i.e. play just good enough to hopefully win.
The word unique means "one-of-a-kind". Something is or is not unique. There is no such thing as "more" or "especially" unique.
This season is a one-time party for UT. There won't be 24-year-old QBs playing their sixth season ever again. Coach Stay-Puft won the portal lottery this year, but it all ends by January.
Stoops had his chances. Specifically, he had the 2018 season. There wasn't the factor of a locker-room full of injured players that had to be overcome. Granted he did not have a true QB, but he still had a highly-ranked team and had beaten Florida at Florida. He found a way to lose to A&M and was beaten by a better Georgia, but the end of the line was allowing the team to simply not show up against one of the worst Tennessee teams in one hundred years. If the team makes even an half-hearted effort for that game he could have become a "legend", but the ship has sailed.
Unlike most NFLers, he is impossible to dislike as the person he is.
"Unlocked the imaginary chains that shackled the Tigers" is a brave metaphor to make in today's times LoL.
I do not begrudge UT fans a so-far very good season. OTOH, neither the 24-year-old QB who has been playing college ball for six years nor one of the best WRs in the SEC will be on the roster next year. This year is similar to one of those good seasons N'Western had in the 1990s - lots of fun but unsustainable.
UT will be in this year's playoffs the moment their defense becomes championship-caliber, i.e., UT will certainly not be in the playoffs.
I do not believe the SDS staff knows what "bold" means. "Bold" would be Levis does not play a snap even if relatively fit. Really "bold" would be Kentucky has fewer turnovers than S.C. (or none at all). Fantastically "bold" would be UK's offensive line allows no sacks. I doubt Kentucky loses regardless, unless Rodriguez gets injured during warm-ups.
A "repost" post - Kentucky had one great, consistent player and a bunch of hot/cold ones. The h/c ones went ice cold over the last dozen games. Kentucky was actually much more of a 4-seed than a 2, but being the all-time winningest program sometimes brings benefit of the doubt come tournament time.
It is being ignored that this UK team had one great, consistent player mixed with many hot/cold ones, and during the last half-dozen games they were very cold indeed. This upset was a seeding one. UK was, in fact, more of a 4-seed than a 2. The irredeemable blot on Calipari's record is the end of the 2015 season. Of course, in today's "everyone gets a trophy" sports environment, many so-called Kentucky fans believe 2015 was great, except for that little matter of throwing away an impossible-to-match 40-0 saeson.