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My daddy was eaten by an alligator so it’s just me and Mama in our trailer. I hate Georgia Morons. Go Gators!!

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Is your name John?? All my mom’s friends are named John for some reason.
Can you imagine how badly Florida would beat both these teams? Better coach, better QB, better DC, better everything. We were robbed and should've been in the playoffs. Conspiracy!
Well I will not be watching since the ESPN led conspiracy kept my Gators out of the playoffs. Everyone knows we have the greatest coach of all time and Trask is easily the best QB in football.
Saban and the Bear were ok but if you want to see real coaching greatness it has to be Mullen. He is easily the best HC in All of Football History. Look at what he did at Mississippi St. UNBELIVEABLE!!! He is going to win at least 15 NC before he leaves Florida. The only reason he hasn't won one yet is because Bama and UGA use bagmen to keep the talent gap but that's changing! Recruits are seeing what the future looks like. By the way you are all dumb.
LSUSMC is just jealous because he knows Lord Mullen is a superior coach. My mom says LSWho fans are almost as dumb as UGA fans.
Whatever LSWho moron. Trask is the best QB in the country. The only reason we lost is because LSU and UGA is because y’all have better players. Once recruiting picks up we’ll be unstoppable. Next year is ours bet on it
The biggest reason is because they don’t have to play against an injury free Mullen coached Florida team. Greatest offensive mind in all of football.
Spreading the gospel of Lord Mullen was never meant to be funny dum dum. We’re closing the gap and ending the 3 year dynasty. Go back to Georgia articles. You shouldn’t be allowed post anywhere else. I’m going to email SDS and tattle. Moron
Who wrote this? Some Georgia Moron? Everyone who isn’t a complete idiot knows Lord Mullen is the greatest football mind the world has ever seen. If we didn’t have injuries and if Kirby Dumb didn’t use bagmen to get better players we would have 2 more NC already.
Dumb doggies let Fields get away. Bunch of Georgia Morons think Newman is going to be a good QB. He played in the ACC! Trask is easily going to be the best QB in the SEC. He is like Adonis. Carved from stone by the Great Lord Mullen’s hands. He would have 100% completion if we had UGAs talent. Although Lord Mullen is the greatest offensive mind ever he can only beat UGA once he has the same talent. Then the three year dynasty comes to an end. My butter statue is coming tomorrow. I’m so stoked. Once I bathe in his greatness my genius will be unleashed and I’ll be able to find where my mom hid my Xbox.
Tebow would be the best baseball player in history if everyone wasn’t so prejudiced against Jesus.
If only master DC Grantham had UGAs roster we’d have the best defense in the NFL
Apparently defensive coaches never count in these arguments
Right Jobigator??? These pups don’t stand a chance against superior coaching. The only reason they’ve beaten us the past 3 years is because they were better than us. I bet those dummies think that more points wins games. Less with more right friend?
Dumb puppies can’t keep their 5* QBs on campus. The transfer portal lives in Athens. You will see what a superior coach looks like next year unless we have any injuries. Less with more
Thanks Humper. I always knew you were the smartest of the Georgia Morons. This guys gonna be in big trouble stealing my SDS ID. I still don’t know how he did it being so mentally outmatched
You’ve gone too far DumbDawg78 I know it’s you. This troll is too dumb to be DumbsOfWar or Corch or any of the other Georgia Morons. When he emails my mom back I’m going to tell him about how dumb you are. Another Georgia Moron. I hope the Wi-Fi in my mama’s trailer park holds up. I want to be there when DumbDawg is taken to SDS jail. I’m really sorry guys. My usual program of telling you all how dumb you are is going to have to wait until me and my mom figure this out. I hope they don’t steal my identity. I have a Mullen butter statue coming from Amazon. I’m going to melt it and bathe in his wisdom. I bet you dummies never thought of doing that.
Probably the 2nd greatest football mind to ever live. His coaching skills are second only to Lord Mullen. Urban ran a squeaky clean program and really whipped those Georgia Morons. Sometimes I dream that him and Lord Mullen somehow had a child together. The golden child of all football. My dream is really vivid. I feel funny when I wake up and it’s hard to walk. Mama says that’s normal for a boy like me. I bet those Dumb Pups will be here any minute. They’re so obsessed with me. Probably because I’m so smart and they’re all Georgia Morons. I mean all they do is beat us and then they act like that makes them better. Less with more. Please be my friend. I’m so lonely
Once he sees how great all my posts are he’ll get rid of this troll for me. Morons
He said that I was the biggest troll on SDS!! Can you believe it? The nerve. I’m going to get my mom to email him back and really give him an earful. What would SDS be without me telling everyone how stupid they are and spreading the Gospel of Mullen?? A shiny golden god sent to put Ole Kirby Dumb in his place. He will too. We’re closing the gap. He’s such a superior coach he would’ve already done it but UGA has bagmen. Dumb Doggies. Less with more right guys?? Please like me
My mom emailed him but he said since I was such a “jerk” that I deserved it. I bet he’s a Georgia Moron too. Thanks for your help. Maybe you aren’t as dumb as I thought
You're a moron too just like the Corch, DumbsOfWar and the other Georgia Morons. LSU got lucky against my Gators. We we're clearly the better team and if we were at full strength would have sacked Burrow 10-15 times. We have the best coach in college football. Coach O is one step above Kirby Dumb.
Shut up you Georgia Moron! This is serious! They might be trying to hack my mom's credit cards next!! If they take her money we'll get kicked out of the trailer park and I'd lose my free Wi-Fi. What if they steal my identity? All I wanted was to spread the Mullen gospel and tell people the greatest coach in history is reborn in Gainesville. This isn't fair!!
Look at the Dumb doggie posting on this article. Showing again they are the most obnoxious fanbase in on SDS. Alabama’s “dynasty” has been good but they are lucky that Mullen didn’t have any chances to knock them off. He’s the greatest mind college football has ever seen. He’s going to start winning NC by the boatload as soon as we close the gap with those Georgia Morons then we’ll be the new dynasty. All the best players are going to want to play for King Dan not Kirby Not-so-Smart. Less with more!! Right guys??
No. My gators are great. We would have won if Zuniga and Grenard were healthy. Dumb doggie. My mom says I’m way smarter. Less with more!!!
Fromm was terrible. I mean if we didn’t have so many injuries we would have won every year. Dumb doggies. My mom says I’m real smart. Less with more!!!
Another pup in the portal. Sky is falling over in Athens. I was reading Dan Mullen’s autobiography but now all the pages are stuck together. Oh well. Man Georgia fans are so dumb. Less with more right guys!!! Please be my friend
Sometimes when I stay up late admiring my Dan Mullen poster I get this funny feeling. Mom says it’s normal for kids my age. He’s so amazing. He’s going to beat those stupid pups this year guaranteed!!!
You Georgia morons are so stupid. My mom was taking me to the pediatrician yesterday and she thinks so too.