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Take the last word after I post this. It'll satisfy you lmao..
Because you are superior to everyone else on this website that you don't like with all of your all knowing self.. Of course you've never posted or replied stupidly. You're simply to perfect for that aren't you.
Beat us, then I'm a real believer. Mathis seems to be a scary good QB. The defense looks good. Pickens looks good. White looks good. The O-line, not so much. I'm confident that Newman would've done worse than Mathis and Daniels. That's why when he opted out, I felt more nervous. Just my opinion.
I feel like Jones will do really well, and Saban would be making a mistake if he started Young. Jones is a safe, but scary player.
You tell me I should've stopped commenting, now you tell me to try harder? Make up your mind..
If laughter is the best medicine then your posts heal the world lmao
BT he's not an Auburn player though.. He's a Kentucky player. wde, my opinion is as valid as yours. Laugh all you want. Gatewood may not have the best development traits but he's going to be a stud. Who knows, maybe Auburn wasn't the fit for him.
'now say was wrong' buddy I admitted I was wrong fifteen posts ago.. the only reason I wasn't showing class is because obviously you weren't. you sir are the one who should have stopped replying, fifteen posts ago...
You can't even keep from responding to a post that I said I was wrong on. You can't move on. You have to have the last word. You can't say anything that's not provoking. Clown.
You're like a facts police. See something you think is "nonsense" especially if it's me, you call it out. And you can't prove what you say about the tendency of people who talk about class. You're an idiot if you really believe that foolishness.
Laugh it up. I don't care. You're a scum on this site and a joke as well.
BT he is a sophomore, and wde, it was the closest QB competition in school history.. Like do you remember nothing?? Gatewood was the one turning heads before Nix took a step and won the job.. This is the part where I tell you you're an old grump and your opinion from where I see it is wrong.
I don't wanna hear anything about my nonsense if you have no class. I'd rather post nonsense than not have class. I even admitted I was wrong. You could have just said okay or nothing at all but you backfired once again.
I'm actually not super concerned if Bo gets hurt. Grant Loy is really good actually. I think he'd do alright.
He was good vs the insanely good defenses he played last year.
Gus rarely looks past one team. Unless it's Arkansas. Lol