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If this was in any sport, Auburn's most delfating moment most definitly would've been the terrible loss
Not to beat up on Georgia but next to 2nd & 26, there's the Miracle in Jordan-Hare and the hail mary to Juan Jennings vs Tennessee in 2016
He's remembered as a hero at Auburn but he's also one of the reasons we lost that game
It did indeed hurt really bad. And the fact that Chris davis was the one covering Kelvin Benjamin on that play is even worse
Well, if I had a Mount Rushmore of Auburn athletes, it would have Cam Newton, Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, and Charles Barkley. But if it were all SEC, I'd have, Tim Tebow, Hershel Walker, Bo Jackson, and Charles Barkley
Jackson is a top recruit for both Auburn and Alabama. Hoping AU can snag him. Honestly the situation at LB is better for Jackson at Auburn.
Don't think he's worth that much money to be honest. But he's kinda the only QB that fits in Dallas sooo
Isn't the NCAA in charge of that? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Most of our best moments in Football were all in the regular season lol
My favorite three moments were... 1. Auburn Basketball's surprising Final 4 run. 2. Cam leads Tigers to a Natty. 3. Deshaun Watson to Hunter Renfrow
He should honestly wear #3 for the Falcons to match his Georgia number
This idea is actually pretty good to be honest. I'd love to watch this every 10 years. Just as long as there's still a regular Heisman winner in that year too. I think the NCAA should look at this. Here's who I think would finish top 3 in each of your ballots. 2010s - Christian McCaffrey, Deshaun Watson, and Tua Tagovailoa. I think McCaffrey would win it. 2000s - Darren McFadden, Vince Young, and Adrian Peterson. McFadden would win easy. And the only two players I know on your 1990s list are Payton Manning and Marshall Faulk and I think Manning would win.
Terrible news. Praying for his family and the WSU fan base
They obviously gave up on him. They sure did give him the boot though for someone who led them to a SB appearance and won an MVP. Keep grindin Cam
Pretty sure Team Shane would win this one.
No no no i didn't mean he's not that good. By "that" in "not that good" I meant I don't think he's good enough to be a #12 considering he's only been in the NFL for a season. I love the guy and his story is incredible. Next year he'll no doubt be a top 10 in this list. He's my favorite player to come out of UK other than Bowden. I meant no disrespect to Allen.
If Fromm went pro after his sophomore year, he'd have been a late second round pick to an early third round pick. Now he's looking at a late third round to mid fourth round
Reminds me of Auburn wide receiver turned defensive back Noah Igbinoghene
There are 7 recent articles about Tua on this site. Chill with it.