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Let's get this straight. LSU does not have Joe Burrow this year. Nor does it have Edwards-Helaire. Also missing Jefferson. And yes, Chase, Gilbert, Marshall etc are still there, but I don't think LSU's going to the playoffs again this year.
Tennessee fans, I'm giving you the opportunity to say "remember what happened last time Tennessee played Auburn" while you still can
Alabama always figures out a way to get an easy(ish) schedule.
Leonard is a good reserve. But we can manage just fin without him.
Guys have it rough who go undrafted. Unfortunately, doesn't look like Javaris will see much time on the field like his cousins, Vernon and Vontae Davis did.
Only player he wanted? Of course this is just an exaggeration, but you need more than just Henry Ruggs to get a good team going.
This really sucks for us. Wooten was the backup to Pappoe and McClain last season and was a very good tackler. Thankfully, we recruited some really good linebackers in 2020, like Wesley Steiner, who should now take Wooten's place.
You just don’t get it, Auburn is an EVERYTHING powerhouse these days. They’re an EVERYTHING school now…
Tennessee? I understand it but I can definitely not see it happening. Florida, maybe. Auburn has a decent chance no matter how bad the team is considering Bruce Pearl is the HC.
First off, it took Auburn wayyyyy too long to release its roster. It does every year. Newton and Hill moves were expected. Schwartz has switched to #1. A really cool thing is that College players are now able to wear #0. Owen Pappoe is #0 for Auburn mow, switching from #10.
Kids have been doing this lately. It's kinda weird but it is what it is.
That's big. Bateman is a great player. I just don't understand these players opting out. Don't they want to play if at all possible?
Unfortunately, he was a former IMG player, which meant there's always a chance he could do really well in college. But it's not a hit that will effect much.
Edwards at #1? I think it'd be smarter to go either Wiseman or Ball. Also, to be 100% honest, imo Okoro and Edwards are equal in talent. Edwards will go higher however, because of his recruit rank.
I'd love for Kentucky to win any game except that one.
KY over Auburn? I really like Kentucky but no. You're crazy if you think that's the end result..
Just answering the title, no. No it will not be.
I didn't know he did that @BamaTime, and if that's true, then yeah hate on him all you want
Let's hold up on the he's trash thing. Yes, he posts trash. But this is a virtual conversation in which you have no clue what he's like in real life. Unless of course you know him. While his comments would make you assume he's trash, you have no proof.
She should change her name. That's what I'd be doing lol
I know, but just knowing someone did something as stupid as that and claims it was for me, I'd feel a little awkward.
If I were Saban, I'd be embarrassed. If a guy messed up his life just to do something for me, I'd feel very embarrassed.
One decision changed this man's life for the worst. He was a bad person. But I have to feel bad for him. Consequences are consequences. He became miserable because of them.