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Thanks wde. I admit, I did post some crap lol. Let me tell you the website first. It's wareagledaily.news.blog/
Looks like he's our last hope at landing a transfer
Thank you so much LeghumperU! It's guys like you, LSUSMC, and TrophyKing80 that this site needs more of. I appreciate it bro. I know I've commented some crazy stuff on here that I regret. Like when I said Auburn develops recruits better than Georgia. (not true). But when I do post crazy stuff, it's probably because I'm not in a great mood or something. So it's not illegal to say the address of my website?
I don't exactly want to say on this site. It might seem like advertising.
If you look up my yt, you can confirm that I'm a kid. But you won't since you don't want to see that I'm actually a kid. Get lost.
Do you like, have a problem or something?? I literally apologize and then that's the reaction you give? Surely you're a better person than that right?? I'm a kid, whether you believe it or not, and honestly, you don't really have a good reason to believe me, but it's true even if you don't like it. Why can't you be like LSUSMC. The guy is nice and honest. You're the literal worst Alabama fan I've ever seen. I'd be ashamed... You say I don't know what I'm talking about but yet I have a professional website and a professional yt. Like, I was literally apologizing to you for the recent arguing. And that's how you react?? To a kid?? Gosh.
Most will remember Nick Saban as the best coach in CFB history. But the older, harder coaching coaches, such as Pat Dye, Bear Bryant, Shug Jordan, Vince Dooley, and more are the better coaches in my opinion. They've all put special things in our hearts. And their constant effort and drive is what makes them the greatest coaches of all time.
When I think of a true Auburn man, Pat Dye always comes to my mind. Selfless, loyal, and wise are a few words that describe him. Unfortunately, his time came. Dye is now with his Lord and Savior. Coach, we know you’ll be cheering on your Tigers and watching above from that orange and blue sky. Rest in paradise. War Eagle always.
That's crazy. Ross is soooo good. Hopefully he gets healthy soon.
I don't even wanna know what'll happen in the second half of the year.
Was thinking the same thing. Both amazing coaches.
Look BamaTime, I apologize for getting so heated with you lately. It's not showing class whatsoever. Forgive me?
You'll always be missed coach. Keep watching from the orange and blue sky.
No, Alabama fans, for the most part, are just that way. Y'all have a bad reputation. Thanks once again BT for the negativity. I live in the south buddy, I know what Bama fans are like... Some Bama fans are flat out awesome because they're hilarious. You, TIDEPIT77, and Hengst are not some of them
Rest in peace coach Pat Dye. We'll always miss you.
He's a top 15 DE when healthy. Hope he gets back to normal soon.
He's really turned Kentucky around. Hopefully he continues to improve recruiting. Once he actually lands a 5-star or two, then Kentucky is gonna be a really good team.
This guy is a great football player. Unfortunately, he's not been able to find a good fit. Hope everything turns out for him. Just sayin, Auburn could use some defensive linemen ;)
True. Gus failed in 2013. And in 2017, we had an amazing team. But Gus choked in the SEC Championship, then the Peach Bowl.
Some of Malzahn's play calling did wonders for Auburn in those games. For example, the formation trick play at the end of the Iron Bowl 2019. But there's always magic in the Iron Bowl. It certainly does the most.